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  • chick - great running. 

    AA & col - we're all doing 12M @ MP! Must be something in the air. Definitely better in a race image

    Minni - did you find out whether it was a DNF or not - maybe you just counted wrong and it was all fine after all?

    Couple of rest days for me this week to recover from the 20 mile race at the weekend. Am finishing off a piece of work this AM and then running into the office for a 12M MLR. Will do a parkrun this sat to work on speed and check progress.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Great running chick image

    AA - 12 @ MP is a tough one to nail, so it's good to get that done.

    Barry / Carrot - enjoy your last couple of runs before Sunday....very exciting now image

    5 x 1200m intervals this morning - couldn't face the planned 6th rep, too early in the morning really! Pace peaked at 6.29 min/mile for the last one, which is good enough!
  • Hi Folks

    Time to break radio silence, like most injured runners I was hiding in that dark cave of self pity and dispair. In short I ran Blackmoor Vale 1/2M at the begining of February with what  was a fairly serious niggle ongoing from xmas, a race pace effort turned that into a injury( same old groin problem) . I knew there was the chance that it would but it was a chance I was prepared to take, I gave it a week and only cycled, then went skiing for a week and all was getting better when I stood up on the coach back to the airport to get my son his bag from the overhead rack, the coach lurched I staggered and felt it go. Barely able to walk for the next week let alone run I came away offshore Dubai on a barge recovering a pipeline, that was three weeks ago and as far as I was concerned Boston was gone.

    The sole recreational space if one can call it that is the Heli Deck, one lap 65 metres. I started off walking for one hour, then walk, run. All the time I can feel my injury but slowly ever so slowly it has improved. Now I have reached 8 miles running at about 9-15 min/miles (its hard to tell on a 65M loop where you change direction every 9 strides) Today I realised I must be running almost pain free because I was lost in thought for ages. I will be home next week and hopefully can get at least one or two 15 mile plus runs in, so Boston is back. Its not going to be anything other than a get around attempt but who knows if I will qualify again so take the chance and go!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    DD is back!! I was quietly getting concerned coz I remembered the painful half you wrote about. Great to hear that you'll still do Boston but nightmare about the past couple of weeks. Can't have been easy image

    You know what, in a way I wish I didn't have a time in mind because Boston, especially this year's Boston, is going to be one hell of an experience. Just running it and soaking up the atmosphere will be awesome (cue shit American accent)

    Freemers: stonking intervals! 6 x 1200 is too much anyway! P&D has 5x1200 and 6x1000 in there which is enough pain, tbh.

    2old: a camera would seriously hamper my race pace effort so I think not ;-)

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD-gutted for you...and I should know what its like to be there after last year. Fingers crossed you will get there

    Free-very fast intervals and not suprised you stuck to 5

    Ant-you are in good form too .12m at MP is tough

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Chick / 2old - thanks!

    DD - sounds like you've been through a tough time with the injury. But Boston will be amazing, soak up the atmosphere and just get round image
  • DD is back! Running round a heli-deck sounds like hell! If you can do that then you can do just about anything!

    Free - smoking intervals. Are you doing another YKW before the marathon to see how your top end pace is doing?

    12 miles MLR this morning into work. Absolutely gorgeous weather out there. Going to do another 12M MLR tomorrow I think to fit in a YKW on Sat. Back to back MLR sounds like a good idea anyway image

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Ant - I'd like to but not sure if I'll get an opportunity, just because of other stuff I'm doing on Saturdays! Nice running today....back to backs sounds like a challenge though!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ouch DD you've really been in a bad way.  That heli deck sounds like some kind of torture.  Glad Boston is back on for you.

    Freemers - you are flying at the moment.

    Chick - it was similar here early morning.  The sky just before sunrise was awesome.  What time does it get light with you?

    Barry - Carrot - what's the forecast looking like for the weekend?  Its hard to believe its here already.

    I'm have a very busy week workwise and a bit knackered.  Also everyone around me is ill. image 

    Still no results issued from Sunday's run. We got an email yesterday saying it was proving a bit of a nightmare.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-dont get ill! Its not a good time as you know. Do you think the organisers realise they have dropped a ball and are wondering what to do?Maybe they will rerun it next week with you having a free entry? Im also wondering if they are thinking of a disqualificationimageAre you getting your runs done this week?That's the important question.

    Ant-it was pretty good outside here this lunchtime though there was a cool breeze which made it a lot colder than the sunny outlook suggested.Great 12 and cant blame you for wanting another tomorrow

    Barry/Carrot-if its Spain its bound to be scorchio...maybe notimage

    Free-there's a lot of atmosphere at Boston to soak up

    Trip no 2 this week to Manchester soon, no3 tomorrow. Rather not image

    7 miles done 7.27mm av .Bit worried by a twinge in the back of my right thigh (hamstring?)that developed in mile 6 as I pushed to maintain the pace up a long hill

  • Nice running on those 1200s Freemers. 5 of them is definitely enough, best to do 5 great reps than 6 OK ones.

    Laps of the heli deck sounds a bit grim DD.  Great that you can still run Boston though, you can't miss out on that one.

    Minni it's forecast to get up to 17C by 1pm but with an 8:30am start we should hopefully be finished by then! Get that First Defence cracked out, now isn't the time for picking up the lurgy.

    Foam roller on that hamstring 2old!

    Rest tonight, would have loved to get out for a run on such a lovely evening! 

  • Freemers - Nice quick repeats.

    DD - Bad news with the injury but well done getting back to running so you can run Boston.

    2old -  Don't push too hard with a twinge, you are in very good shape, a few days rest won't harm.

    Forecast for Barcelona was looking hot/sunny but is now showing a little cooler, still  warm for my liking .  8 miles done yesterday, first and last 2 slow with middle 4 a little quicker and calf OK,  so  will be on the start line Sunday but still undecided regarding pace.

  • Barry - that's really good news. 

    Can the Barca 2 post numbers for tracking?!?

    DD - poor you but at least Boston is on and you can enjoy the experience without worrying about a race time. 

    2old - watch that niggle. You know you're made of glass when we move to within 4 weeks to go....

    rest day for me yesterday and a 20 miler planned this morning. plan is to run it all slow but if I feel good I might pick it up for the last few. 

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    DD sorry to hear about the injury

    AA Good look with 20 miler.

    2old look after the twinge not long to go for you.

    Nearly finished packing ready for tomorrow. Taking my running kit as joining in the breakfast run on Saturday if I get a bib as there are 2000 available. I have to push on with my training plan as well with just over a week to my next HM.

    Not bothering with downloading the tracking app to my phone as it didn't work in either Berlin or Florence. Our two daughters were tracking here via the laptop & rang or text me where Barry was which seemed to work much better.

    We have a pool at the hotel so I am also taking my swimming kit to get some training in.

    Went back to work yesterday where I was left surprised when my boss told me I was an inspiration because of the way that I have continued with running/training & not given up.

    Going out this morning again once it gets light.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Oh wow, very excited for the Barca lot image. Hope the calf is behaving, Barry.

    Minni: same here - people dropping like flies with heavy colds/flu and gastric infections ...  I'm all Echinacea'd up and hope for the best.

    Another beautiful morning but just an easy 6.5 miles run today. Took some pics but it was misty today, so not such a specatular sunrise as it was yesterday.

















  • Barry / Carrot enjoy Barca

    No running today the weather has got up and were rolling do i would probably fall of the Heli Deck. If you think treadmill running is boring try 65M laps of a heli deck, plus running on steel is not kind to the joints.

  • Chick - that looks beautiful. 

    DD - couldn't do it! When are you back?

    pink/Barry - safe journey. 

    Carrot - when are you off? Is parsnip doing London?

    20.6 miles today in 2:57 @8:38 pace. Hilly run and was nice being able to run where I wanted without flooded lanes. Didnt do any mp work. Had a bit of a bad spell @15 miles then came back into the game again image 

  • Quiet on here today!  Nice photos Chick looks  a great place to run.

    I think there will be tracking on Sunday, 08:30 start time, no. 1424 for me.  Early start tomorrow due to early flight and looks like lots of fog. Carrot  if I don't see you before I'll be starting from the back of our pen, white vest, black shorts and calf guards. I'll try and get on web to report result if not we are back in uk on Tuesday.

    x post - AA Well done on the long run.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- have a great race - you can do it!-and enjoy your stay ,Barcelona is brilliant

    pink- enjoy the Saturday race...a taster for a future marathon for you

    AA- great LR, first on the thread to do one this week so you can relax and enjoy the weekend 

    DD- you'd go mad doing a LR there. 

    Chick- no wonder you run long so often with views like that. There are some nice views on the Boston route so no excuses take your camera image

    Did as told by Carrot Barry and AA said ...rested today 

  • Lovely pictures Chick, I love this time of year image

    Parsnip is planning to do London AA but he is currently sidelined with an injury! He's been off running for two weeks... still not sure if it's a tendon injury or a stress fracture.  Time is running out image Always nice when you get a second wind!

    Enjoy the breakfast run Pink!

    Fly out of Newcastle tomorrow morning.  Run number 1252.  I will probably head towards the back of the pen too Barry - I'm presuming we're both in the red pen? Yellow club vest, black shorts, swishy blonde ponytail image

    Last run done today, 4M easy in the midday sunshine for a last minute attempt at acclimatisation! Will be back Monday night so expect a lengthy race report thenimage Oh I do hope it's a positive one.  This is it, what all the hard work had been for.

  • Carrot - im so excited for you! I just know you will smash it!! Poor parsnip. Is he still doing London?

    2old - love a rest dayimage


  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Lovely photo's Chick

    Good that you rested today 2old

    Nice long run there AA

    We are flying out from Gatwick tomorrow morning. The fog is really bad here so we are leaving a bit earlier. So wishing both Carrot & Barry a brilliant Marathon on Sunday.

    Flying back Tuesday which means celebrating St Patrick's Day in Barcelona. And of course there are some important rugby matches being played Sat so will have to try & find somewhere that is showing all 3 games!

    Will see you there Carrot

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Good luck Carrot and Barry! Exciting days ahead!

    Carrot - poor parsnip. When did this come on?

    Chick - beautiful, beautiful photos.

    1.5m reps (x3) for me tonight. Wasn't sure how it was going to go as I've had a banging headache the past couple of days and felt very sluggish yesterday. However managed 6:46, 6:48, 6:43 pace. That's another one ticked off.
  • I hope everyone's niggles lay low, and weather is perfect for this w/end.

    Chick - Nice photos from yesterday.

    Here's mine



    I had  a great day cycling up in The Lakes with a mate yesterday. Glorious weather, and just 36m, but 1312meters of killer hills. Hardknott, Wyrnoss and 3 others, all between 20-30%, and yes, we had to get off and walk, but even that was hard workimage


  • Looks lovely Simon.

    And chic, definitely can understand why you run so much with views like that.

    Good luck Carrot, and Barry. Since Mr Z isn't around....


  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    FRC - love it image

    Carrot / Barry - have a great race on Sunday, really looking forward to how you get on image

    Pink - hope you enjoy watching the race too...and then sign yourself up for next yearimage

    Minni - excellent reps!

    AA - well done on the long run...I'm always a bit jealous you get it out of the way on a Friday and can put your feet up over the weekendimage

    I have a tempo run later. Haven't decided exactly what I'll do, but probably something with 5-ish at MP or quicker.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- fast reps...did you ever hear about your 20 mile race result ?

    Simon- only????36of some very tough hill work there but worth it for the views. 

    Free-it's nice when you feel you can make up the session to suit yourself even if you end up deciding on a hard tempo 

    FRC- I'm looking forward to my taper too

    pink- Guinness and rugby in Barcelona followed by a marathon to watch. A perfect weekend. 

    Carrot - stay off your feet  now ,don't be tempted to go sight seeing ( unless you are on a bus) 

    foggy here 

  • Simon: Looks great, can't wait to get home and ride my bike in the sun.

    AA: Home next Friday, have been away working or on holiday for all bar 8 days since January 20th! Want to go home

    Mini: Nice reps

    9 miles around the helideck, 10 laps one way, 10 laps the other way, Mind boggling boring but hey ho needs must.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD-hell of a way to train for a marathon-mental toughness guaranteed

  • Just popping in to say best of luck to Carrot and Barry in Barcelona!

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