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  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Good luck today Col

    Hope the ultra goes well tomorrow O4S

    2Old Yes I may seriously consider running Barcelona Marathon next year. Especially as we walked the equivalent of a Marathon. The relief of sitting down is on my face in that photo! image

    Managed to bag a free 14 day gym pass for myself & Barry so will make use of the pool today. Rest today as HM tomorrow

    Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend

  • Barry/pink/carrot - great photos. 

    Col/KFC - good luck in your halfs today. 

    2old/chick/pink - good luck in your halfs tomorrow. 

    Im looking forward to race reports! 

    Freemers - it's all looking very good for you. 

    DD - welcome home. 

    Didnt sleep well last night so have ditched the RR today (for now.) Time to start listening to the body again and resting when required. Legs were aching during the night!

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    first race report in from me - and its a big fat DNS!  Woke up feeling crap, I'm full of cold.  No HM for me, looks like a weekend in bed instead. Hope our other racers manage to get to the start line!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Poor you kfc image

    AA: hope the rest helps.

    2old: I tried something similar. 1k at the slower end of my HMP range and 1 at the faster. Both felt incredibly hard. Very windy too and it will be like that tomorrow as well. Bah...

    DD: welcome back on terra firma image

    Hope you have a good one col image
  • great reports + nice photos Barry + Carrot.

    Minni - has the rolkering etc helped?

    just popping in to wish all the racers good luck, Col hope your hm went well today, good luck for tmrw Pink, Daren, Chick + 2old.

    kfc hope you are feeling better soon!

  • Hi everyone. I'm back from my hols... imageA lot to catch up on.

    Carrot- excellent run in Barcelona considering the conditions. I would've died in that heat. Doesn't sound like the conditions were right for a pb but like you say you know you did everything right and it will simply take another go to break (and probably completely smash) 3.15.

    Barry- very happy to hear that the calf held up. Considering the heat and the problems you had in a run up it was always going to be a tough one so glad that you're happy with the outcome. There were some super speedy miles there...

    KFC- hope you feel better!

    Hope Col had a good one today!

    Good luck to all the racers tomorrow.

    I got back this morning. Managed to do quite a bit of running when in Thailand- some of it on the beach where even at 6.30am it felt like running with someone sitting on my chest... so not very far or fast! Some of it on a hotel treadmill in the second week. I hope it helped to limit the damage caused by all the cocktails and curries...image

    Can't wait to get back into proper training now.image


  • Bro: welcome back but suspect you'd rather still be on holiday.

    kfc: so be it.

    A laboured 6 miles this morning, didn't want to do it and no oomph, leg hurting. Lets hope tomorrow is better!

    Cheered up immensely by watching Chelsea! 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- sounds like a tough holiday. Bet you're looking forward to work 

    Chick- It was a tough session for such a short one 

    KFC- better to get over the cold - VLM is your target 

    DD-your legs will fix after a few successive days of runs . Arsenal couldn't have been any worse 

    AA-hope a bit of rest will put you back on track

    Barry- I will see after 3-4 miles if that pace is sustainable 

    weather here tomorrow looks as it's not going to be helpful - cold , wet and wind in wrong direction .... 

    Im feeling all sorts of aches pains and niggles in the mini taper 

  • col.col. ✭✭✭
    KFC - hope you get over the cold soon

    Barry - great photos

    O4S - today was the Larne Half Marathon. Good luck in your 20m race tomorrow

    I managed to achieve my sub 90 target today. My finish time on my garmin was 1:29:03. The weather wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. It was windy but being an out and back course it works both ways. At mile 12 I thought I was on for a 1:28:xx but the last mile seemed to measure long by 100m. Kept a fairly even pace throughout except on the 1m uphill section where the pace was 7:30 but the next mile was 6:03 on the downhill. I had gone into the race feeling tired after 2 weeks at about 50m so am happy with my time.

    Good luck to 2old, Chickadee, Pinklady and Daren in their halfs tomorrow.
  • col - well done, cracking time

    kfc - hope you recover soon

    Best of luck to the rest of the racers. I have mainly been suffering from the mother of all hangovers today. Does marathon training make hangovers worse?

  • Col - excellent result today. Well done. What's your aim now for the marathon?

    kfc - hope you shake it off soon. 

    O4S - sorry missed you out - good luck tomorrow too. 

    2old - mini tapers always bring out the aches and pains hey!?

    rest day today. Must. Do. Intervals. Tomorrow!


  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Hope you are feeling better soon KFC

    Bro How was Thailand?

    Great time Col - congratulations

    Been for a swim & checked weather which is looking a little bit windy for tomorrow, starting to feel nervous. 

    Here is the proof that Barry can sleep anywhere & why we missed meeting up with Carrot & Parsnip:





  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    good luck all racers tomorrow. 

    Ant- my hangovers are hangovers from hell this time of the year so maybe you're right. 

    Pink- cruel pic. Actually I am known to run with my eyes closed. Hope the wind is in the right direction for you 

    AA- nice way to spend a sunday

    off to carbo load - am I disciplined not to have a glass of red? 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Fantastic time Col.  That must make you feel great! Well done!

    KFC - lol!  Races R (Not) Us seems to be a common theme at the moment!

    Good luck to Pink and 2Old tomorrow.  Looking forward to the results and reports.

    Things not so hot here.  I've not run much this week and anything I have done has been off road.  I didn't run on Thursday because I felt yuk and decided to take Friday off too.  Today I did 5 on the road and it was uncomfortable.  It seems to be my whole glute area that aches.  Its not looking good for London because I'm not prepared to risk injury doing 26 miles unless I'm completely up for it.  I will take another couple of days off and see what happens after that.  I have a sports massage booked for Monday and the physio the following Monday.

    I can still get a GFA for Edinburgh, which is 9 weeks today, so that is an option too.

    I will still be in London spectating if not running.

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Col: fantastic time, well done!  Larne was a regular departure point in my youth for the Stranraer Ferry - in fact that was about all anyone knew about Larne!

    Good luck racers one and all and hope you feel better soon KFC.

    Keep your fingers crossed that we both manage to get round the 20 miles unscathed, VLM depends on this!

    Brol: welcome back, we organised the weather specially for you to make up for all that heat image

  • Well done on a great run today Col! Good luck all tomorrow's other racers. Been feeling a tiny bit under the weather today so hoping I'll be 100% in the morning.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Sorry Daren - good luck to you too!
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Very nice HM there Col 

    Ant - perhaps it does if it means you neglect your drinking training?

    Enjoy your intervals AA!

    Great pic pink!

    Not good minni.  Definitely sounds sensible not to risk a full on marathon if you dont think your body is up to it on the day.  Some time still to go though (thats what I'm banking on at least...) Perhaps you could run London as a half to prepare you for the elite race next year? image 


    BH has decided to defer VLM.  After his calf injury he's slowly built back up to doing 4 short runs a week, but hasn't been able to build up any long run mileage.  He's got round a marathon before like that so he could do it, but it wasn't pretty last time (he stopped for a sit down for an hour and I had the emergency team looking for him before he finally hobbled in after 7+ hours...) and as he's never going to get a London place again he wants to enjoy at least some of it...  Amazingly he's decided to do an autumn marathon this year to keep him in training - so I've spent some time today looking at race options!

  • Col - Great sub 90 half in windy conditionsimage.

    Minni - A wise decision, and I hope you get it sorted.

    kfc - No point getting out of bed if you're not 100%.

    Forecast for the whole w/end is pretty bad, so went out this afternoon. 39.37m in 2:39:16 On the bike. Very wet, windy and cold. I had planned to then dump the bike in the garage and head out for an hours run, but I could feel the Achilles still wasn't 100%, so didn't run atall. Still undecided if I race or not. Oh, and the collarbone could need looking at, as it's making some grinding noises under load. Seeing the physio a week on Monday. Ok for running and cycling most of the time thou.

    Good luck for the races in the morning.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon - your weather forecast was right ..I'm  sat watching the hail hammering down wondering whether to go back to bed . You're injuries are being very stubborn for you. I guess the collar bone will have residual issues for a while yet but sensible seeing the Physio ....maybe ask him about the Achilles too ?

    Col- setting the standard ..excellent HM in a nasty wind. 

    Minni- I suspect having a sudden break from running will bring out all the aches and pains...try to be positive and don't write things off yet. 

  • Col - Well done on the sub 90.

    Brol -  Welcome back.

    kfc -  Speedy recovery, Abingdon is full, but there is a reserve list and you can usually pick up a place off the forum Jun/July time. Not done it but I hear good things about Chester

    Minni - Sounds like you are in the same place I was a few weeks ago, don't give up hope yet for VLM, hopefully rest and the massage will solve the problem.

    Simon - Best to rest the achilles, but with 2 weeks to go before Manchester maybe a few more days rest then a longish test run towards the end of this week.


    Good luck to all racers today.

    4 slow miles for me yesterday afternoon and off for a bike ride this morning.



  • Daren - sorry I forgot you too. Good luck!!

    (((minni)))) i really hope the rest kicks in and all comes good in the next week. Remember it went quickly last time it happened? 

    Kfc - hope you feel better today.

    Simon - it's a tough decision to make. No point running if it's gonna make your Achilles worse though.

    O4S - keeping everything crossed for you and BA to get round unscathed today. 

    Intervals done. Tick. 8x800s @15kph (6:26 pace) felt a bit sick at the end as I haven't done too many interval sessions. I am sooo ready to taper now. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Quick check in. Very windy last four and a half miles so happy with garmin time of 89.02
  • 2old - Well done on a sub90 time, esp considering the windimage.

    I thought the same thing, re getting the physio to check my achilles out toimage.

  • 2old -  Well done, very good result for you.

    AA -  Nice quick repeats.

    Simon - Has your achilles thickened/notchy, when I was having Achilles problems my physio use to break down the scar tissue -  not a great experience but it helped.


  • 2old - yay!! Congratulations image

  • 2Old, well done on a sub 90 in windy conditions!

    I'm feeling pretty pleased with my first PB since my injury lay-off this time last year and took more than a minute off - 86:37 image

  • YAY to 2old, Col + Daren for the sub 90s!! Daren you clearly were either in the zone or had no idea who the hell i was, saw you at both start and going strong up Ongar road.

    my friend finished in 2:03, so proud of her, she'd never run further than 10miles prior!  really itching to get back out there now!

    Minni - sorry to hear about ur injury woes, hope you come righht for Edinnurgh

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Daren- wow you are on fire. Brilliant HM performance .You've got a very fast marathon coming 

    AA- nice intervals 

    Barry enjoy the bike ride. 

    Official time 89mins. First in age group so now very happy imageinstead of just happy. Maybe the glasses of red last night did the trick or maybe caused my time not being  88.xx?image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    I woz shit image didn't have it in me today and jogged round in 1:36. Course was completely off road and very muddy with lots of twists and turns. I knew it was no PB course but had underestimated its difficulty. still, 2nd lady and first in age group. Won a month free gym membership image

    Congrats boys, you all did awesome image

    Confusingly, my HR never rose to a little over MP territory .....

    Minn I: hope you get to the bottom of everything. Edinburgh sounds sensible.
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