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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick - nice one- the 2nd age place on a tough course says it all.... Definitely not shit! Like your prize too imageDon't expect I will get one . Any conclusions for Boston from the race?

    Minni- if you can race VLM try to do it. As you know Edinburgh can get very hot so it's not an ideal fall back race 



  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Conclusion?? Confusion is more like it image. Wish I'd chosen another race to have a ballpark for Boston but the dates didn't work. The good ones are all on April 6 which is way too late. Berlin half might have been good next week but that sold out months ago. My HR was a leeetle to high for MP but only just. Would love today's pace be my MP but no, I'm not deluded!! I was annoyed that my body wouldn't let me speed up though. I did next to nothing for a week so have no excuse really :-/.

    Only consolation is that I usually run a good marathon off a shit half and vice versaimage
  • Chick - seriously stop beating yourself up - a muddy, off road half and you placed 2nd lady and 1st in your age group, you did well! A muddy off road route is never going to be comparable to an on road half....

    And 2Old congrats on your first in age group, great to see the bling rolling in today!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    You're right, kiwi image but I like to moanimage

    It was a well organised event. The scenery was gorgeous and the cake buffet to die for. I'll definitely do it again and will build it into a long run.
  • Daren - well done , that's a v impressive time and congrats on the big PB.image

    2old -  Very well done on the age group win. Happy days.image

    Chick - 1.36 in muddy conditions sounds like a quick time to me and 2nd lady and age group win shows how good it is. Well done. Double that plus a bit on the road in better conditions means a very good time marathon time.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- kiwi is spot on. Only positive thinking from now on please. Some find their HM pace is not far off MP ,that's the way it is for me with HM pace and 10k pace. Looks like your MP is your pace today plus 5-10 seconds which looks faster than your actual target For Boston . Worth thinking about? 

    Kiwi- thanks though not sure if I get any bling ...would be nice...a family heirloom lol 


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Congratulations on your sub 1:30 HM's guys. I went out for my LSR today and it did pass my mind that it would have been a better day for the Alloa HM this week as opposed to last week when it was blowing a gale. But I suppose that is running for you ;0)

    Hi Minni, Conditions were perfect at Edinburgh last year, the year before though it was baking. Hopefully you can get sorted for London....

    Hi Chick, Free month gym membership, that is a good mornings work!

    It was a lovely sunny morning and I quite enjoyed running down to Portobello and back. I live not far from the ski slope in Edinburgh at Fairmilehead, so it is a nice easy run down to Portobello and then a harder one back up. 18.5 miles achieved and the first cold bath of the campaign when I got back image they do the job, but the first few minutes kill me!



  • Daren - a amazing time. What a PB! Looking good for a sub 3 marathon now... No pressure!

    chick - sorry, but 2nd women On an off road, muddy half in 1:36 is amazing. You should really feel confident about Boston now. It's all about the effort. 

    Nell - sounds like a lovely run. What marathon are you training for?

    2old - congrats on the cat win. Brilliant. You should get a prize for that...?

  • col.col. ✭✭✭
    Daren - fantastic time in your half. Well done on your first post injury pb. Hopefully the first of many!

    Chickadee - Kiwi is right. 1:36 is a good time on a tough off road course. Well done on the prize.

    2old - well done on your 89 half time and on winning a prize. It's amazing what pinning a number on does! We ended up with exactly the same time. My official time was 1:29:00.

    AA - great intervals

    Minni - sorry to hear of the glute pain, hopefully the massage will ease the aches. It's good you have a backup plan.

    Simon - hopefully the achilles will settle down
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Col- 1.29 seems slower than 89mins image

  • 2Old / Col / Darren; top work guys

    Chick: stop beating yourself up, 1st AG is 1st !

    2 hours on the bike, half on , half off road, a hours walk with the family and then an hour of football with kids, shattered.

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    San Domenico 30km report:
    First of all note that the distsnce was reduced to 30km due to a large sink hole appearing on the route and a section had to left out.  Actual race measured 18.75miles on most garmins.  Anyway I was in for an automatic PB since I've never raced 30k image

    As we turned into the car park the heavens opened and sleet, hail and torrential rain was blown in on a strong NW wind - not a good omen!  Knowing that the wheels were going to come off at some point I made the wise decision to simply jettison them at the start and save myself the frustration of seeing them blow off the hillside before my eyes.  This is a small, low key race, almost exclusively made up of club runners and people training for a spring marathon - although to be honest it is not ideal, a few really pokey hills and a 3-4 mile off road section which was muddy, stoney and uneven.  We started down the Taff Trail, at this point a tarmac cycle path, which gradually drops down the valley, with one evil 20%+ hill up.  At around 6.5 miles you leave the cycle way and head up on the biggest hill of the route on a minor road.  Certainly brought the pace down image, but a nice descent made up for it.

    Got to 10km in an average of slightly over 8mm but by 10 miles we were on the off road section and the average had dropped to 8.15mm - but still going well.  Then the rough ground started to make my back hurt, we turned into the head wind and then the hail started image  After finally getting off the rough section we had to negotiate about a 100 steps up the far side of the valley to rejoin the Taff Trail, try as I might I had to walk that section so clocked a 10.08mm followed by a 9.23 as the route turned into the wind for the last 6 miles and up another hill.

    Soon settled down a bit but was plodding by now as my back, glutes and hamstrings asked to be taken into care.  Finally crossed the line in 2.42, avaerage pace 8.39mm and nice bottle of wine for first F55 image

    BA wandered in just over 3 hours, so a lot slower than Bramley, but he seems OK

    So no great expectation for VLM but has given me the confidence that with sufficient Ibuprofen I should be able to make it round image

    We even walked for an hour afterwards to ease the legs out........................


  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Sounds like Team Minni have had a good day of racing - especially the guys!  Brilliant times everyone.

    Simon / Minni / KFC:  take it easy and make sure you are OK before you do too much

    Chick:  forget the time, its all about the cake with off-road races

    AA: Hope you enjoyed the intervals.....................

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Brief check in - just returned to Swindon from Warwick

    A PB for me @ Warwick Half 2.06.41

    Will read back later


  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭



  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi AA, I am training for Edinburgh, hence why my plan is so behind everyone else's. Just as I am getting into the high LSR mileage everyone is starting to taper which feels odd.... seems a shame not to run Edinburgh as it is on my doorstep and saves travelling or overnight stays etc... ;0) Although I think next year I may try another spring venue...

  • jeez daren - that is starting to verge into sub 3 marathon territory. Sub 3:15/3:10 must be pretty nailed on

    well done to all the other racers. 

    I did my last 20 today and despite yesterday's hangover it went pretty well. Did it text book P&D with the last 5 miles @ 8:15. Taper town now - yay (mind you that still seems to involve 45 miles next week)

  • nell - don't blame you!

    ant - I've gone a bit off piste with P&D in the last few weeks. Reckon ill aim for @35-40 next week! Happy taperingimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- you probably do need to cross the border sometimeimage

    Ant- disciplined 20. Daren is easily in 3.10 or lower territory IMO fwiw . 45 isn't too bad with a 17 mile LR 

    AA- like the idea of off piste P&D 

    pink- congrats on yourPB . Sub2 next time

    Last week for me before taper coming up. 62 miles this week ,maybe a few less next week and my last 20.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    2old - nice! and bling!  Daren - smashing PB.   I can only dream of going sub 90...  one day...

    Chick - does not sound shit to me.  well done

    Nice PB pink - looking forward to hearing more about the race

    O4S - nice 30k PB! Glad you and BA both got round OK

    Well done to your friend in her first HM kiwi - hope she enjoyed it!

    simon - grinding noises don't sound good...

    Thanks for the tips barry.  I've already got my next marathon booked for August (Reykjavik) which I was going to jog, but as I'm not now expecting a good race in London I think that plan will change!  For the one with BH am prob going to go for something fun and low key with friends, maybe off road rather than a fast one.  We'll see.

  • Well done on the age group wins 2Old, O4S and Chick and the PB Pinklady image

    Sorry Kiwi, didn't mean to snub you! I tend to get very much in the zone when I run, although quite a painful zone by Ongar Road! I didn't spot my own dad when I ran VLM, so I wouldn't take it personally!

    Just reading back a bit - Minni, sorry things aren't going to plan for you at the moment and hope you make the start line at VLM.

  • Thanks for all the congratulations guys and all the setting of marathon targets for me image No idea what that will be yet - there's a long way to go so I'll see where I'm at in October.

    Anyway, Brentwood HM report. Lovely event, pleasant countryside course - a bit undulating at times, but no real hills to speak of - and plenty of support along the way. A nice, cool day for it too - a bit breezy, but not too bad. So all good for a PB attempt and I must admit, I was feeling confident as training has been going well lately.

    The first couple of miles are largely downhill so my splits of 6:13 and 6:20 weren't as kamikaze as they sound! Having found a nice rhythm, I started working my way through the runners who'd started a bit too fast, picking them off one at a time. The next five miles (undulating, and a bit more up than down) were 6:27, 6:40, 6:32, 6:28 and 6:30 and I went through halfway knowing the PB was on. Btw I went through 10k on my Garmin in about 40:10!

    The next section was tough - a slight, but long uphill drag and also into the breeze too - 6:46 for mile 8 - but picked it back up with a 6:33. However, the dreaded stitch had been starting to rear its ugly head and was getting more and more painful. I decided the only option if I was going to finish without stopping was to ease off a little bit while pushing my hand into the bit that hurt and hope I could get it under control. That was my slowest mile (6:48) on a quicker bit of the course, but it seemed to do the job and the pain was easing.

    My legs were getting tired by this point though and, having lost a bit of momentum due to the stitch, I just focused on keeping a nice steady pace up for the remaining few miles (6:42 - 6:39 - 6:41) and then picked it up to 6mm for the last bit as the crowd cheered us home (it was a great atmosphere at the finish!).

    Very happy with that - particularly when I think that this time last year I hadn't run for 3 months and wasn't even sure I was going to take it up again. I do think I can go a bit faster too, as I think the stitch probably lost me 20-30 seconds. Now bring on the marathon!

  • Btw the first runner home for our club today did 1:19.

    He runs twice a week - our club session and a 10-mile "long" run.

    Some people make you sick!

  • Oh and forgot to say on my report - 60th out of 2,425 image

  • Fantastic half times col, 2old, and Daren. Oh, pink too!

    2old, lots of friends struggled at Lpool in last 3-4 miles with wind so your half time in better conditions maybe 1:26-27? And some bling too. Boston looking v good.

    Daren, v speedy. Col ditto.

    Chic fab run, definitely not shit, 2nd lady and 1st in age group? That's great running for anyone. PMA please!

    Minni, sensible about VLM, no point running a race unhappy by end and risking 3-6 months+ out.

    O4S excellent 30k, VLM very much on for you.

    AA nice intervals.

    Pink, PB again! running v well, didn't realise you had a race planned.

    Training going well, intervals Thursday 8 x 0.5 miles with GB athlete, all nicely in range 2m 50s-55s, last one 2m45.

    League race Sunday, only 4.25 miles so at painful end of speed, and a big hill at 1-2 miles. Very Ouch. With all recent training, and no taper, could feel it a bit in legs but close to two club pals the whole race, and ahead of one for last mile. Race finished with a lap of a track, just pipped by 1 second by both of them with all of us sprinting 150m to go middle distance style on the bend. Found out later, first one of us got the last point for club, but still a great run.

    Another day, different target races, I know I'd have less miles in legs and 20-30 seconds up so nice to know I'm running well long stuff, and not losing much (if any) speed. 6 mile recovery run after to finish the day off.
  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    2old great result there for you congratulations image Hope you enjoyed the well deserved glass of red

    Brilliant Daren you must be so pleased image

    Chick still a good time & 2nd lady to boot well done image

    Nice one O4S

    FRC I booked a place at Warwick when Wokingham was cancelled but then found the Eton Dorney HM which I ran. Next HM is Stratford Upon Avon - Barry has now decided to run it as well

    Rest day for me today after yesterday. Happy with my time but would love to finish a HM in under the 2 hour mark. image

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Wow - super speedy HMs from the boys - well done col, 2old and Daren image

    Chick - a 1.36 on a tough course sounds pretty useful to me!

    Pink - excellent new PB - you'll be knocking on the door of sub 2 before you know it image

    O4S - well done on a new PB image

    Kfc - sorry you've been under the weather

    Minni - oh no, that's not sounding good. Good to have Edinburgh as a back up, and I agree it wouldn't be worth risking anything in London. But I really hope you can get it sorted and give yourself a fighting chance of making the start line.

    AA - smokin' intervals image

    FRC - wow, those reps were really quick, I couldn't imagine doing one at that pace let alone 8!

    19.8 miles yesterday, fighting the urge to run past the house for another 0.2! Kept the pace slow, average 8.45s and feeling good all the way. Very glad that's the last of those out of the way.
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Meant to say, devoted wife that I am, I chose a bottle off red wine as my prize despite the fact that I only drink white.  BA thinks I must be having an affair...........


  • 04S - San Domenico sounds very exoticimage, well done on the bling and a good confidence boost for VLM.

    Daren - Good report and nice 10K split, when are you racing at 10K next, sub 40 must be a given. Shame about the stitch but you coped with it well. Congrats again.

    Freemers - Very disciplined run, VLM will soon be here.

    FRC - very tasty repeats and well raced on tired legs.

    5 miles for me this morning, frosty but  the sun was out so lovely conditions.


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Excellent stuff, O4S image   I guess yesterday's course wouldn't have classified as off road in your book though. It was all woodland paths really. But if off road means great cake I may change from being a road runnerimage  Everything was home-made and truly delicious, especially the apple cake with honey-glazed pecan nuts. Yum!!

    Excellent repeats, FRC.

    Fab report, Daren. Oh yeah, that infamous mile 8 hill, I remember that one. The downhill start is great though. I love downhill starts image  Glad you managed to keep that stitch under control.

    Freemers: Nice one. Can't wait for my final 20 .... I have 2 more to go :-/

    2old: I know what you are saying. If I were to run a flat marathon like London or Hamburg I would probably give 3:15 a go because on the flat that pace feels very doable these days. But what with Boston and the hills I will be sensible and stick with sub 3:20. Given my back injury even a 3:20 would be a bit of a miracleimage

    I've also embraced yesterday's 1:36 as my post-injury HM PB image

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