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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-Ive always had doubts about orthotics after once shelling out a load for some for Mrs 2O with them doing no good whatsoever.

    Pink-you like races ,Think you do 4 for my 1.Good on you

    KFC-pull yourself togetherimage---didnt you pull a good VLM out of the bag last year?

    Barry-open water swimming is the only way to do a tri-get that wet suit on

    Free-all that spare time now-what will you do?Those 4 were nicely on pace

    Oomp-very happy with my HM time thx

    DD-nice to see you bang out a1600m swim after all this time. I wonder if I can do the same end of April after a 5 months break. Looks like your endurance will be fine for Boston so you will do well there but I wouldnt like to be you the day after when the DOMS kick in .

    Simon-you ok?

    Minni-still on track I hope?

    MLR tonight which will have to be brisk so I finish ready for the Liverpool game



  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2ol, Yes, I'm with you there on the orthotics. My brother-in-law uses them. But he was a hurdler and he is knacked! He swears by them. I just wanted to try every avenue before going that way and touch wood it is working....great report 2old, I wouldn't be able to run past that Anglican cathedral without stopping for a look, I think it is amazing!

    Hi Oompa, You can go on to the Chi running UK facebook page, the instructors are all on there and you can ask where there is a workshop near where you live. I am in Edinburgh and Nick who is based in the NE of England comes up to take the classes here. You can also try website and select the workshops, but the facebook page is probably best...

    The weather in Edinburgh has been great this week so far, cold but sunny and hardly any wind! Got a nice 10 miles in this morning with 4 at MP and it felt good. I am sure that was down to the weather ;0)

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nell - I thanked the weather for my good run on Monday too.  It freezing cold but very bright and no wind. image

    I'm still on track 2Old - although I felt very lousy yesterday.  Today I feel better so will run tonight.


  • 2Old- great report and a smoking half. Very speedy indeed.image

    Minni- glad to hear you're feeling better. Have a good one tonight.

    I'm having a rather painful return to running which is what is to be expected after 2 weeks of drinking and stuffing my face with curries so I'm trying not to get too depressed about it (for now anyway).image My two short runs yesterday felt way too hard and I had to reduce both duration and pace of my tempo run today. Rubbish!image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    It'll come back, Bro, don't worry.

    Glad you feel better minni .

    Great report, 2old. Nothing received at my end so far. I had an e mail a few weeks ago that my race pack was posted but I haven't received it yet.

    10 miles with 6x1k reps done. 3:47, 3:54, 3:57; 4:03, 4:09, 4:06. Guess you can spot where I had a tailwind and where a headwindimage reasonably happy though because I have never ever run a k split below 4 beforeimage
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-it's worth the pain after that exotic rest and you'll soon be back firing on all cylinders

    Chick- I think the race pack arrives in the post. Very fast reps in that 10 and maybe now you'll accept there's more speed in you than you think. 

    Minni- hope the run went well

    MLR out if the way,13.7 miles av 7.37mm -still very windy here too .

  • 2old - Gmf,dkememfkvldd,medmfivld,dmdmdkv,vdmndfjigrorhehwdf.........

    that's what I would of said this morning, after having a tooth out. Luckily I can speak/type normal nowimage. Still undecided about racing. I'm excited about doing it, but due to lack of training, I know there's a good chance it's going to be a long,long painful shuffle to the finish, with nothing gained, except a sore achilles. Nice mlr btw


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon -think you need a new dentist. No point doing it if it's going to make things worse. Theres  always another way- a friend of mine did London with a longest LR of 13 miles with his friend and stopped at a pub every 2-3 miles. They took 6 hours ,lots of photos and drank their way round and had a ball . No sore Achilles just sore heads .

  • Congrats on the new HM pb Pink!  You've really come on.  You WILL get under 2 hours... but for now enjoy the feeling of a new PB.  Which half have you got next?

    Great work Daren, that must have really boosted your confidence.  That damn stitch isn't giving up turning up to races is it!  Those naturally gifted people are pretty annoying, surely they can't get as much enjoyment out of it...

    2old that's a superb performance from you at the weekend, great report!

    You too Col, you must have been very happy with that performance.

    Well done on the 30km race O4S.  Sounds like a tough one, 100 steps in the middle of a long race is a bit cruel!

    Welcome back Oompa! Get that arse into gear!

    Hope you've enjoyed the break Bro, nothing like doubles to get back into it!  I hate the month or so after a marathon when it's a struggle to hit even marathon pace.  All of our hard earned speed! image  Don't fret too much, it'll come back.

    Barry - more cross training sounds like a good plan.  Good luck with the swimming!

    Hope the extra days off help with your foot Freemers. The hard work is done now, you just need to get to that start line pain free.

    Minni hope you had a good run tonight.  Glad you're feeling better.  Don't be daft not running London - you have to do this one as it'll be the last time you'll get to see the celebs on the Green start image

    Those are some seriously quick 1K reps Chick!

    What is your target for Boston 2old? You've been churning out some very quick runs.

    First attempt at a bit of speedwork last night, the session was 8 x 600m, I did 4 x 600m.  That was enough, 5K pace was enough. 
    I'm supposed to be racing a flat 5M on Sunday.  It should be a PB - the last time I ran a 5M race was in 2007 or 2008 when I did 40:07.  

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Minni, Yes it has been nice the last few mornings. Alas I think the weather is about to turn image

  • Thanks again everyone for your opinions and advice.  I'm still undecided and guess I might still be on the way to London, but will enjoy the occasion whatever happens.

    Ant P - I don't know who does the calcs at McMillan, but 3:23 off a 1:36 half seems ridiculous.  7:47 from 7:24, not a whole lot of difference.

    Kfc - I'm expecting pain, and up for it


    Nice hilly tempo run for me tonight in the cold and wind.  The cold I don't mind, but I'm sick of the wind!

    3m x 8:30, 5m x 7:16, 1m warm down.  Legs felt a bit heavy before hand but felt strong on the run.


  • Morning all. Still lots of good quality stuff going on here. image

    carrot - that must be a new pb for a 5 miler coming up!

    minni - hope your run went well last night. 

    Freemers - hope the feet are ok. R&R now. 

    Pink - I think it's the first weekend in September. And yes Barry - it's open waterimage

    I had a day off yesterday taking the boy down to visit Exeter uni. i still have a real pain in my stomach where I got that stitch on Tuesday. The plan today is 14 if I can manage it but I'm not sure if that pain will stop me. If it kicks in I will walk back home. Fingers crossed 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Ouch, AA. Hope the run goes well. A bad stitch can bother you for a few days in a row image

    Just 8 easy miles this morning. Bright, cold and crisp. Loved it. But legs were a bit dead after last night. No surprise though.

    Jack: nice hilly tempo image

    Carrot: that's pretty soon after a mara for some tempo. I need at least 6 weeks before my legs would turn reasonably fast again. But yeah, I'm sure a PB is onimage

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi AA, That pain in the stomach doesn't sound good and I suppose it could be a number of things. Hope it feels better later...

    Went out for 5 miles this morning and managed another dry sunny morning with little wind. Four days on the bounce, I can't believe it! Last game of footie tonight before I give that up until after the marathon. The physio is happy about that and at least will stop nagging me ;0)

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot-think we will see a huge PB for that 5m. Are you sneeking in to VLM?Not sure re Boston-still need to get to the start line  in one piece bearing in mind last years disaster. If the weather and everything else is right I am tempted to try and beat my last Boston time of 3.11 but fear the disaster that might occur if I come off the rails. Otherwise its sub 3.15 as B target and VLM GFA, 3.20 is the C target.

    Nell-always better running when the sun shines as long as its cool too.I gave up football when I broke my toe in a kick around and  stopped me running a few months.

    Chick-perfect way to run 8.7or 8 for me today too

    AA-hope the pain passes-why not do 7x1 mile there and back runs from the house just in case?

    Jack-London is brilliant-once done you will want to keep going back. Good paced 8m there

    Very reluctantly I have just signed up to do the Windermere GN Swim in June with my friend.He has started training already and I have decided not to do so until Boston is done at the end of April (not a good idea during a taper)so my swim isnt going to be pretty.




  • Managed all 14 image not exactly pain free, the stitch pain kicked in. It not enough to make me stop. Ave pace 8:25. Think that will be the last run over 10 now. 

    Chick - nice to run in lovely conditions. 

    Nell - how funny, I had you down as a girl until you mentioned footy image sorry!

    2old - I remember well the last 3 weeks for you last year. Be careful And you should easily smash 3:15. I've not swam since December either. The pond opens the week after London so will be a regular down there after then no doubt...image

  • Good to see were all starting to swim again, summer must be coming! 

    Finally made it out the door for a long run, 20 miles in 3-05, given that 3 miles of that was across ploughed fields I would guess im in about 4 hour marathon shape. Surprising as in the past 8 weeks ive had 3 weeks out injured, 4 weeks ruuning around a heli deck and a longest run of 9 miles. If i get two more long runs in i will be reasonabky confident of a 4 hour Boston which as i was prepared to not go 4 werks ago is progress.

    2Old/ Chick : got a long email from Boston today. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-once Ive got my LR out of the way this week its cotton wool time. Glad the 14went ok. Dont worry about the niggles you nailed a half IM in far worse shape

    DD-thats a pretty impressive 20 there . Boston should go fine. What LRs are you planning and how near to the race. hmm no Boston email for me yet

    8 miles easy-ish done-The supposedly easy runs never seem easy do they?


  • Nell - Thanks for the info. I'll have a gander when i get a minute.

    AA - Lay off the Desperados, that'll cure it... Or possibly have more???image

    Carrot - How do you, Brol etc do speedwork so soon after a marathon?image I'd still be in bits until at least Christmas!image 

    Finally dragged my sorry arse to the gym last night and immediately embarrassed myself by holding up two eighty year old women whilst i shuffled up the two flights of stairs! One even had the audacity to ask if i wanted some help ffs!!!!image

    Anyhoo, managed 4 x sets of presses, hammy doo daa's and general quad strengthening thingummyjigs (oh yeah... I know all the jargon). Followed this up with 20 mins on the spin bike and then tried to emulate Spoons with 45 hours of planking and core (epic fail)!image 

    Having declined the offer of a piggy back back down the stairs from my Great Grandma, i now wished i had as my legs are shredded!image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    DD: that's pretty decent going. Goes to show that class is permanentimage

    I got a Boston E-Mail too. But no race pack yet :-/   They wrote to me on March 4, surely the post should have arrived by now?

    Oh dear Oomps ...  but hey, it's a start. BTW, does anyone know what happened to Spoons? He's vanished image

  • Chick - ... but it felt like THE END!!!imageimage

  • Oomps you do make me laugh! Can just picture that!

    spoons is preparing for an enslaught on Brighton marathon next weekend!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    PML, Oomps image

    AA: why has Spoons abandoned us? Have we offended him? Was it something I said while drunk when we were in Oxford :-/ ??

  • Chick: cant imagine its possible to offend Spoons and if you were drunk chances are that he was to!

    Oompa; the only way is up?

    2Old: will try another 20 early next week and a 18 two weeks out, shame that i have to go to the D R Congo on Wednesday for 3 days but work is work

  • DD - ... Or Essex? I wonder if a pejazzle would do the trick for your ongoing groin injury???image

  • Hmm - just had a total snow, hail and rain cloud burst. Luckily I wasn't running at the time. Very odd weather.

    Anyway I have a question to the thread. I am running the club handicap (5K) this weekend. Would any of you also race a parkrun next week as a final test or is racing 2x5Ks on the 2 weekends before the London marathon unwise. On the plus side is sharpness and speed test - on the negative side is tiredness and injury risk I suppose. 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Yes I know football and running really don't mix well, but I have been slowly weaning myself away over the years. Most of my spectacular injuries have been self induced :0)

    Hi AA, lol! no offence taken, I have been called similar but with the use of much stronger words on the pitch! Glad to hear your run went ok ;0)

    Hi Oompa, No worries, I haven't been on the facebook page for a while, but they are similarly to the folk here, nice and friendly.....

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Ant - I don't think a couple of 5ks will do any harm. After all, one of the golden rules of the taper is to cut the mileage but not necessarily the intensity of the sessions. I might be tempted not to quite go flat out, but a good fast tempo pace would be fine.

    AA - don't girls play footie too?image

    DD - good to get the 20 in, looking on for that sub-4 image

    Chick - I saw spoons at a race a few weeks ago, he's doing well, just a bit forumed-out I think!

    Have been in Leeds today, so no chance of a run. I'm meant to be doing intervals tomorrow but might only manage a short easy run due to lack of time, but I can get them done Saturday if need be.
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Oompa:  I will not have you talk about me like that image

    5 mile race tonight image.  Back, hips and hammies still feeling grim from Sunday, but someone has dropped out from our club team, we are in the lead and need 4 runners to finish - so I will be there.  Unlike Carrot, it won't be a PB............

    AA:  how did you like Exeter??  Holland Hall comes recommended...........

  • O4S - Had it been you, you'd have told me to HTFU!! image 5 miles... That's not even a warm-up for you is it? Good luck.

    Ant - As Free said, there's no harm in short fast stuff but just back off at the slightest sign of a twinge.

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