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  • Quick check-in to wish all of those racing this weekend good luck.image

    Don't get crocked!

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    2old said: "KFC-pull yourself togetherimage---didnt you pull a good VLM out of the bag last year?"

    Yeah, but it really hurt and I vommed outside the chandos...  I'm just not ready to go there psychologically yet...


    JackHarris87 said: "Kfc - I'm expecting pain, and up for it"

    Wish I was...  image


    After another week off I went to parkrun this morning.  Went through halfway too fast at 20.20 pace, and hurt my way through the second half to finish in 20.59.  Meh.  Gonna get a 20 in tomorrow.


    Good to see you back in the gym oompa - you'll be ripped in no time with all that core work...

    Carrot - thats gonna be a huge PB tomorrow!  Have a great race

    O4S - a pb is a pb! Nice one

    Hold fast in the taper everyone - we know this is when everything goes wrong, but we usually pull it out of the bag on the day.  

    Good luck tomorrow racers!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Nice last LR. What time are you after on the marathon?

    Hi Barry, I am with you and DD on that one. My two 11 yr olds are far superior than me in the pool. I can just keep up with my son in a race at the moment. He will be skinning me come the summer! My daughter just glides along...Had to take my hat off to my son when he swam 100 lengths for sports relief last Sunday, I'll stay with the terra firma I think :0)

  • col.col. ✭✭✭
    Barry - I am doing London marathon this spring. Last year I raced sparingly in the run up to my spring marathon and had a bad marathon. For my autumn marathon I raced 3 weekends in most months and only did 2 runs of 20m and had a good marathon.

    Carrot - good luck in your 5m race

    It was the Omagh Half Marathon for me today. Finish time on my garmin was 1:27:40. Happy with that. Conditions were good and the course is undulating but no big hills.
  • Col: nice ½.

    kfc; good park run

    6 miles for me this morning, it was a struggle. Left groin niggling, left knee creaking, right achiles sore, im not injured as you cant run 20 miles injured or even 6 for that matter but by god im creaking! 

    Off to Belfast tomorrow night to renew passport as only place i can get a Monday appointment, expensive passport but hey ho client is paying. 

  • col - fantastic half. Well done. 

    DD - I creak continually now too!

    kfc - good luck with your 20 today. 

    Last long ones for the Boston possy this weekend then!

    hows the taper madness affecting everyone!? 

    i did 3x2k reps on Friday. Yesterday was the hangover from hell. Out early this morning for 6 miles with 7 lots of strides. Waiting for the energy to kick in. It isn't! 35 miles for the weekimage

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    col: awesome HM image

    DD: creak away image   it"s an age thing I guess. I hurt in places I never used to hurt before. Guess I ought to rethink my training. The speed work on Wednesday nearly broke me.
    2k reps - ouch. AA image

    Final 22 miler done - yay!!!!! All I can say is bring on the taper. I'm proper knackered. Did the type of long run that Gobi recommended for Doppy , the W50 who was going for sub 3 in Barca. Basically run veeery slow for 13-14 miles, then do 7 @ MP and a cooldown mile. He said I should aim for 9:15-9:30 on the slow section. I failed. I ended up nearer 9:10 but that was OK. My HR was beyond a joke and it felt odd at first to run so slow but the purpose was to simulate tired legs at the end of the marathon and boy, did the slow jog tire them out. I was mighty glad to be able to ignite the turbo and blasted 7 and a bit miles at 7:24 pace image despite running on my hilly route. It started with a quad crushing downhill section just to be followed by the steepest uphill on the route (I think it's an 8% gradient). Another short downhill and then a 2 mile slog up, up, up. Few miles of gradual ups and downs and finally a longish downhill again before one more steep bit over a bridge. I felt great though. Legs were tired but I held the pace and didn't slow. I'm a very happy chick today image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- nice 21- perfectly structured for Boston up and down hills and pace

    Can't believe its taper time even if next week is about 50miles

    AA-great reps. Looking good for London. Did my LR on Friday. 18 to finish off next week sometime

    Col- cracking HM- marathon target?

    DD- keep creaking , not long to go.

    Nell- target time? Beat last time there of 3.12 orSub 3.15 all being well.Like you I spent years by the pool side watching the kids .

    Carrot- fast ykw there. Good luck with the 20. You

    Know you live for the pain

    Warm in London this weekend-you VLMers better do some runs with an extra layer on to acclimatise just in case

    Hope to get out before the Liverpool game otherwise it may be a late run
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Kfc: sorry I missed your pain-tastic ykw there. Ouch. Still a time I'd kill for.

    I'm so glad we are tapering, 2old. I'm so not going to do anymore speed work now. Supposedly there are 600s on Tuesday but I promised my beaten body that I would be sensible over the next few weeks if only it held up todayimage 7:24 is sub 3:15 innit? What WAS I thinkingimage ?? Good to know I can go slower on April 21 and hopefully get my sub 3:20 without to much pain.
  • Cracking HM time Col image

    Great long run Chick. Looking good for your marathon.

    Good 20-miler for me too this morning. Did the first 17.5 at just over 8mm then got bored so picked it up for the last 2.5 miles. Last two mile splits were 6:54 / 6:43. Overall average was 7:55mm

  • Col - Very Impressive Half, close to your PB? I'm liking your training plan and it works for you, most would shy away from racing a half 2 weeks before the full.

    Daren -  Very good long run, are you regretting not doing a spring mara?image

    Chick - Very strong long run, looking good for Boston.image

    kfc -  Very decent  parkrun, given your recent training, how was the 20?

    Nell - 100 lengthsimage, I need to get up to 16 and can't currently do one.image

    Another practice swimming session this afternoon lots of leg kicking, with Pink showing how it's meant to be done.

  • Barry B, 2Old - thanks, I'll try to get bumped up a pen or 2.

    Lots of top running everyone.

    Chick - sounds like a beast of a lon run.

    My first marathon taper, it's a bit strange. I felt like running yesterday but didn't, it would've made my week's mileage as high as the previous week. Just 16 miles for my long run today. 12 x 8:40ish, 4.2 x 7:55ish on my local route, which is somewhere between undulating and hilly. Legs have been feeling fairly fresh.
  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Col congratulations on your HM

    Great long runs Chick & Daren

    Tough swim session Friday eve using pull bouys & paddles. Had a lovely run along Blackpool's seafront this morning before heading home. Enjoyed the swim this afternoon as used it as a training session. Not sure Barry enjoyed it though!

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    So, 20 miles in torrential rain on Friday and a further 30 miles in sun on Saturday, with about 7,000 feet of ascent.  Just what you need on a taper after a 5 mile race image

    Weston Prom Race Report [race 7 of 9]:  Still feeling tired from the 20 mile race the previosu Sunday and with back and glutes demanding a rest - but our team is in the lead and we were a runner short, so all the rest of us had to step up to the plate.  My plan was to tuck in behind the second placed runner in my age group and then try to stay as close as possible and try to get past in the last few hundred yards.  I had won 5 of the previous 6 races, but only by a few places, so wanted to try and put the series win out of her reach.

    Gentle warm-up - feel stiff and tired, so try to find her at the start and stay just back.  Sadly the start is such a scrum [300 runners spread across the prom] that I lost her straight away and didn't know if she was behind ot in front.  Went off conservatively and hit half-way about 10 seconds slower than normal.  Going round the turn I spotted her 2 places back, no more than 10-15 yards.  Kept the pace more of less steady up the third leg and then turned back for the last run in - there she was still 10-15 yards back and obviously doing exactly what I had planned to do image 

    Knowing that I wouldn't be able to outsprint an arthritic penguin the way I was feeling, I started to wind the pace up very slightly about 0.75 miles out, then went back to previous pace - more from necessity than anything else.  About 600 yards out went again and thought I might have cracked her when I heard footsteps coming up behind.  Passed a couple of blokes and still the footsteps were coming closer, so hit the after burner and just pelted for the line like a lunatic [this is recovery run pace for the rest of you!].  I saw 36.58 on the clock and thought I might finally crack 37 minutes, but not to be.  Official time 37.01 - in fact a 5 second PB, 88% age grading and then discovered it wasn't my rival coming up behind - she was actually about 9 places back.  Then I threw up [well nearly, definite heaving]

    So a bottle of wine and two more chances to break 37 minutes...............

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Chick - well done doing that run!  I looked at it on doppy's thread but wasn't sure I could do the miles that slow at begin with.

    Haha O4S - only you can taper like that!  That 5m race was very impressive for someone who loves the ultra scene and 88% is bloody fantastic.  You need to get yourself to the Locke 20 next year - you'd win as the prize list goes on WAVA.

    DD - you're such a poser! image

    Brol - glad to see you getting back into it.

    AA - nice drinking! image

    KFC - I can't remember the Vom outside Chandos!

    Today was a make or break, do or die, kill or cure, shit or bust run for me.  The plan was 2:40 whatever distance that turned out to be.  I got psyched up for it but made the route one that I could cut it short if things weren't working out.  This particular route includes a couple of stretches on a cycle track, which also means 4 gates to go through.  I didn't want any excuse to stop so opted for the hillier road on these sections.

    I set the garmin to show time only so I had no idea of pace or miles until I got home.  Ended up on 2:37 and 19.2 miles.  The last 4 were all sub 7:50 and I felt better than I have done in a month.  I've recovered well after and so long as there's no knock on effect on my hip it looks like VLM will be on.  I felt my hip/hamstring all the way but it didn't get any worse and if anything got better as I upped the pace.


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    HI Chick, Nice LSR, I like the thinking behind that. Running that slow is really hard isn't it? I find it makes you feel sluggish and I can understand then trying to kick into the higher speed. Bet it felt good on those faster miles ;0)

    Great run Daren and a right blast at the end!

    Hi Barry, lol! Yes I suppose the kids have been attending swimming lessons since they were 6 months old so I hold that against them image

    Hi 2old, I will look forward to hearing how you get on..

    Great report old4speed, love the line 'so hit the after burner and just pelted for the line like a lunatic' superb!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    We had friends round last night and with the clocks going forward it kind of knocked things out this morning. Wife announced that we were due round her mothers at 13:00, this was 9:30 before I had fuelled and hydrated for my 20 miler. So playing catch up before I had started! 

    Revised run of 18 miles with 5 miles at around MP. Ran slightly faster than intended and it was a quick turnaround when back home and out again. Ended up running 18.5 miles in 2:25 and missed a proper stretch and foam rollering . Did it when we got back home, so fingers crossed I will avoid the aching later! Run was ok, and enjoyed the MP section. Pretty misty and damp in Edinburgh so it was really a case of getting this one out the way and the 2 mile stretch of hills on the way home didn't feel half as bad as last week image....

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry- don't worry you'll soon be knocking out 100 lengths of the pool .

    O4S- love your tapering 7000ft !!!and race strategy particularly outpacing your imaginary rival .

    Nell- nice LR- it's coming together for you

    Minni- so pleased LR went well for you. You're going to have the best ever London.

    Jack- enjoy your first taper. You've earnt it

    Daren- why not do a cheeky marathon soon? Liverpool on 25th May? I think. You're ready

    Chick - I've got 800s on Tuesday but will probably do some MP instead . I'm not going to injure myself now

    Still have to do today's run.
  • Chick/Nell/Minni/Daren - Nice lsr's.

    O4S - Great taper race reportimage.

    2old - Hope the lsr is going ok, spurred on by Liverpool top of the league againimage.

    So as may have gathered, the fact I've been lying low, Manchester Marathon next w/end is going to be a DNS. The achilles has been limiting my running, so I'm nowhere near race ready. This is the one time I wish they had been a HM run at the same time, as I could of just about managed that. I've been drowning my sorrows out on my bike. Another nice 31m ride today, in warm, hazy conditions and hit 44.9mph on one of the downhills. So no lingering psychological scars from my collarbone injuryimage.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear that simon, but sounds sensible for the achilles.  Biking at 45mph sounds a great way to drown the marathon sorrows.

    Great half Col - looking good for VLM for you.

    Likewise chick - thats a great last long run to have in the bag. Is that 11 20+'s? image

    Sheesh Daren!

    O4S - you just get faster everytime you run that race.  Nice one.

    Fast stuff Nell - hope you avoid the DOMS

    Glad you had a good run minni - guess as long as you go fast VLM will be fine!  Yep, I didnt feel good in the chandos last year.  Hope that gutter doesnt remember me this year...


    20 done.  I find it so hard getting out the door to do these.  7 weeks since my last long run so I just wanted get in the 20 without having too much to recover from.  Hot day here in east London so went nice and slow, and took a route with lots of water fountains.  Ran first 7.5M with BH at 9.45's, then ran the rest gradually going from 8.45 - 8.15's, and made 5 stops for water and stretching.  So its done, body feels OK, but am starting to doubt the sense in my plan of going out at 3.20 pace for VLM when I'm clearly not in that shape.  

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- pity about Manchester but as a fellow Achilles sufferer I can understand why you've made the decision to DNS. Plenty of time for marathons ,it's more important to recover. At last you can cycle and keep your fitness and get your thrills flying down the hills. Frighteningly fast! Getting nervous about Liverpool now. Great result today . 

    KFC- you know you can do the marathon now so it's just a matter of surviving the pain. It was very warm in London today  Hope it's not like that in two weeks. 

    back from London late so only just completed a 10k av 7.35 mm to bring up 61 miles for the week. 

    Opened the post to find a nice little cup for my M55 victory at Liverpool HM last week and £25 of vouchers.  Nice way to finish the week end. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    (((Simon))) - right decision though. Bigger picture and all that. I think you have recovered amazingly well from that brutal bike crash and have managed some decent running, basically starting from scratch. Time to let the achilles settle and then build up for an autumn marathon. Do you know what triggered it? Was it just an accumulation of high mileage or maybe a shoe/gait issue? 44.9 mph image?? I'm never brave enough on the downhills to see such numbers image

    Minni: I'm glad you had a good one. Let's hope that whatever bug you had in the system has hit the road. I'm sure the hip will settle during the taper.

    2old: nice surprise from the postie there. Cotton wool time for us now, right? I will do more MP work too. The way I felt after those 1k reps last week scared me. I just about avoided disaster methinks. Rest day today image

    O4S: top racing! Especially running away from your imaginary rivalimage Here's a tip for sub 37, a very simple one: just don't do a 20 and 30 miler with 7000 ft of ascent a few days prior image

    Excellent running, Daren. I also think you could do a cheeky spring mara in May ...

    Nell: nice running image. Running so slow felt strange at first but after a few miles I settled into a rhythm and let my low HR entertain meimage

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    SImon - that's such a shame image But sensible decision.

    kfc - that's still a pretty quick YKW! Only another 7 and a bit of those and you'll have the marathon doneimage

    Minni - glad your hip stood up to the run. Now cotton wool time!

    O4S - another barnstorming performance image

    Col - great HM image

    Chick - very strong 22 there...lots of confidence for the Boston Hills

    Nice running Nell and Jack

    AA - well done with the 2k reps....they hurt!

    15 miles for me yesterday - gorgeous weather, just enough of a breeze to stop it feeling over warm. 6 easy this morning. 210 miles in March, a little down on the same month last year but I knew that would be the case.
  • Simon - sorry to hear about the DNS - but you don't want to aggravate the achilles.

    Minni - good to hear that you are feeling more positive.

    And fine running from just about everyone!

    Did 14 miles on Sunday with a nasty hangover to bring up the grand total of 227 for March, which I think is a record for me image Didn't do the race because I was worried about my foot niggle - I have been icing it  diligently and it seems to have hopefully sorted it out.



  • Yes, I could do a spring marathon, but no, I'm not going to! I can't see how it could do anything but harm my chances of a good time in October.

    Minni, great to hear you're back on track and looking promising for VLM.

    Shame to hear you've had to pull out though Simon, but sounds a sensible decision.

    Nice mileage Ant and great racing again O4S.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-too right..cottonwool from now on. 

    Ant- longish runs work wonders for hangovers. Looks like you'll be 100% for London now the foot seems to be fixed 

    free- nice longish run and March total. A few miles here or there won't matter. It was the few extra that did me in last year .



  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    300.52 miles for me image   I bet Bro did more thoughimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick -gulp-epic-think the prize is yours-how many since Jan 1st? I havent finished the month yet but wont be anywhere near

    Whats the view about adjusting the diet during the taper?Should I go for the small fries with my quarter pounder now?


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    837.7 image   maybe I should go for a 2.3 mile jog tonight to make it 840??

    Yeah, the small fries sound sensibleimage

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Chickadee - great 22m run by you. You held the marathon pace well on a tough hilly section

    2old / AA - I am thinking 3:12 as a target for VLM. Try to go thtough half way in about 1:35 and hope not to fade too much in the 2nd half.

    kfc -  nice parkrun and well done on getting the 20m run in

    Daren - very fast last few miles in your 20.

    Barry - I have gone slightly faster in a half marathon but my garmin only measured 13.05m then even though the course was certified as being accurately measured. Saturday's measured 13.21 so I am taking that as a honest pb.

    Jack - good long run

    O4S - well done on the PB

    Minni -  that is great news!

    Nell - excellent 18m run from you. I was a keen a footballer a few years back. I still miss it!

    Simon - sorry to hear that, but it does sound like the right decision     

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