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  • xpost Freemers: nice one image

  • Thanks Freemers and Minni, at least a couple of you on here talk sense image

    Seriously though, I'm (hopefully) nowhere near peaking yet - although I've put in a couple of big weeks, my mileage so far this year is only 450-ish, which works out at about 35 on average, and is not even in the same ballpark as some of you (Chick - how the hell do you fit all that in?!). Plan is to get that up to a consistent 50mpw for the next few months - mainly base training, apart from club sessions - and then I'll be ready for a marathon schedule to peak for the last few months. I know I run the risk of getting injured before then or something, and wasting the fitness I've got at the moment, but that's a risk I'm happy to take if it means I have more chance of running my best in October.

    Anyway, exciting times with everyone setting their targets for VLM etc. I'm going to be there watching so will cheer you as you go past and hopefully meet up for a drink after. One of my OH's mates' boyfriends is running too, so will be supporting him too. I have a feeling he might need the support...his longest run so far is 8 miles image

    Nice 5-miler btw Carrot!

  • we are only teasing, Darenimage   it's good fun. As for finding the time: just get up at stupid o'clock and it's no problem image

    A marathon off a long run of 8 miles??? image  Ouch, but he's going to ride the hurt train pretty damn hard image

  • Nell - How long have you got??? I will summarise... Both knees are buggered and had left knee patella reshaped and arthroscopy last September, and the same to the right knee in Jan with the added extra of nerve damage and a torn cartilage to be going on withimage... Well you asked!

    Minni - You'd better change your avatar... Turncoat!image I'm trying to get of something that the OH has arranged, so that i can get up to London, so hopefully will see you all in Chandos.

    Simon - No, i think they've run out of things to do! Sorry to hear the saucy carbon no. had to go back.image

    FRC - That's one hell of an ibuprofen if it lasts until now!!!image

    Free - Only a 4 minute window between A & C target?image As you state, no pressure!image

    O4S - Whassa rolavator??? Sounds like some medieval torture implement... I'm liking the bells and pink ribbons thing, but may just go the whole hog and quit running for... Morris dancing!imageimage

    Chick - What do you think? Ask me no questions and i'll tell you no lies!!imageimage

    Carrot - Nice speedy trendy five.image


  • Hi 2old, That will be the posers with the cameras then ;0) and I hear what you say about the other Liverpool guys....

    Hi Freemers, You sound in great shape, what is your target?

    Hi Oompa, Ouch, yes I did ask. That sounds painful, very painful!

  • Chick- guess your right to just go with the flow from now on

    Daren- yes only joking. Best to do it when you feel ready as its always tough when you put everything into it

    Oomp- you have been to hell and back and there again 

    looks like everyone will be at Chandos running or year!!! Without fail!

    Just completed 8.6 miles at MP and as always seemed tough and I wonder how I will be able to make it last another 17+? Very warm too ,so hope it's cooler for you London runners and us in Boston .Either way it's a good idea to do some miles in the heat to prepare. 

  • Beautiful warm day on the south coast today, and with the clocks going forward over the weekend the sun was still high in the sky when I got home from work at 4pm so I was straight out to enjoy it. The sun makes everything better!

    I'd been thinking today that I haven't timed myself over 10k since November when I injured myself, so did exactly that instead of the planned 7m w/ strides, after a bit of a warm up. My previous best was 45:18 so I was pretty pleased to clock a 43:49 on a route that is far from flat. There can't be any harm in running some hard miles while tapering can there?
  • Jack-it's when you do a training 10k and knock out a time like that you realise that marathon training actually works. Nice going.

    only 11 days to VLM I believe. Getting nervous/excited?

    Green Start:
    Minni - 28513 A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish
    Freemers - 28451 (I think, need to double check) A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB). No pressure!

    O4S - 29786  A- 3.51 [post 60 PB] B-sub 4.00, C sub GFA

    Blue Start:
    Jack - 6798 A- 3:29:59 B- 3:40 C- Finish (still a PB)
    Mr O4S  2406  A - sub 4.15, B sub 5.00 [GFA for 2016] C - survive

    2Old- 7976 wave1/8 A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under)
    Chick - 13636 wave2/5 A: as close to 3:15 as possible; B sub 3:20; C: sub 3:24:36 (PB)

  • The countdown is on! Targets are being set!  Anyone going mad yet?  Any dreams? Get stocked up on the antibacterial handwash!

    Why a reserve for the relays Minni? I'm down for those too! Parsnip isn't going to be doing London, too much training missed and not enough guarantee that his ankle will make it round 26 miles! He's gone through the grieving process and is now at acceptance image We're still going down for the weekend away.  I'm not running either!  Brave move re: clubs, but surely the right choice.  That profile picture might need updating...

    Freemers - no pressure at all, trust your training. 

    O4S nothing pedestrian at all about your time, 88%?!  I did enjoy the distance, have another 5M lined up for the summer.  Man V Horse sounds right up your street image

    Chick I'm sure you've ran under 35 mins for 5 miles in a training run... wait til the taper kicks in, fresh legs make a world of difference.

    Great use of time while you were waiting for the passport DD. Much more interesting than a helideck too!

    FRC you know you shouldn't be running a marathon this weekend, even if it is slow.  Rest up a bit and look after yourself, get rid of the lurgy, come back stronger.

    Jack I like to get a 10K race in two weeks out from a marathon... nice time trial! I take it the calf was OK after that?

    2old the grunters photographs their swollen muscles in the changing rooms after a session?! Crumbs!

    Daren I agree, stick to your guns!  Your friend is in for a fun time a week on Sunday....

    Return to the track tonight with speedy friend who ran sub-20 5K at the weekend.  We did 6 x 400m followed by 6 x 200m.  HARD WORK! 




  • Gawd just going through the stuff for London and starting to feel those nerves already. Got the calculator out to try and work out some pace plans. Probably looking to divide the race into 5x5M races again with a target of 37-38 mins for them which would put me in the range of 3:14-3:19 if everything went to plan. I'm on the red start...

  • 2Old - I'm not so much nervous, very excited, and paranoid about illness/injury. The thing that's bothering me the most is that I don't know what pen I'll be in as a friend entered me without me knowing. I'm going to try to get moved up if I'm too far back.

    Carrot - Calf was fine thanks. Feeling better now than it was this morning. Just a twinge or my mind playing tricks. That's some good speed work, definitely something I need to introduce for my next marathon campaign.
  • O4S- for someone a few weeks ago doubting running it,you've set impressive VLM targets.Its cruel that the  organisers split you and Mr O4S into separate start areas 

    Carrot- speed is definately on your agenda now. 

    Ant- that's more like a target. Might try your formula for my calculations. 

  • LONDON: 
    Green Start: 
    Minni - 28513 A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish 
    Freemers - 28451 (I think, need to double check) A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB). No pressure!

    O4S - 29786  A- 3.51 [post 60 PB] B-sub 4.00, C sub GFA

    Blue Start: 
    Jack - 6798 A- 3:29:59 B- 3:40 C- Finish (still a PB) 
    Mr O4S  2406  A - sub 4.15, B sub 5.00 [GFA for 2016] C - survive

    Champ start:

    AA - 501 A-3:18 B - 3:20 C - 3:23 feel a bit of a fraud to be honest being here!!

    2Old- 7976 wave1/8 A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under) 
    Chick - 13636 wave2/5 A: as close to 3:15 as possible; B sub 3:20; C: sub 3:24:36 (PB)

  • Loada of great running and tapering going on. Loving seeing all the targets. 

    I did 7.7 miles @7:32 yesterday. It felt a bit hard. Couldn't do another 19 miles!! Really hoping the taper works magic in the next 11 days!! Think a long run of 10 miles tomorrow ...

  • 2old:  I think BA is rather thankful that we are on different starts, he is terrified of the Team Minni mob on the green start...........image  As for ther targets - don't forget that sub GFA is only 4.29.59 for me!  In fact provided both BA and I do sub 5 hours we will both be on the green start in 2016!

  • carrot: dammit, you are right image my 5 mile tempo run was 34:11. I'd totally forgotten about it because the tempo runs that followed were all shit image

    AA: why a fraud? Our targets are pretty similar image. I did two whole miles @ 7:30 (pace, not time) today and they felt hard too image. How come that 7 miles at 7:24 felt easy at the end of a long run on Sunday when just two, at a slower pace, were challenging today??

    Ant: I like the idea of breaking up the race into 5 mile chunks. That would also tie in well with my gel strategy. I usually try to have one every 5 miles. I always carry 5 but have never managed more than 4 image

  • O4S-still a tough GFA target by any reckoning

    AA-to think how you were when injured thats a tough VLm target,Nice 7.7-its going to hurt whilst mid taper

    Chick- still undecided about 5mile chunks as I work on 4x10ks plus a finishing flourishimage.5x5 is an extra interval and more mental challenges

    Bit worrying as my left achilles is now starting to tingle in an odd way which it hasnt done throughout this campaign and is similar to last year.Im hoping its just a blip but last year this symptom progressed into the fully blown condition. Rest and ice from now on


  • 2old: fingers crossed for you but im suspecting the first signs of taper madness.

    O4S: ambitious targets but having seen you in action over 11 miles, very doable.

    Today was a horrendous 18.5 miles for me, it was one of those days when you dont want to even make a start, felt knackered after 5K! But struggled to get around in somewhere around 3-10 including the walks! It was only when i was in the shower and realised that i had run about 63 miles in the past 7 days that it dawned! Zero to + 60 mile weeks in 4 wweks is a big ask at anytime. Dont think last nights club tempo 7 miles in 52 mins did much for my legs today either, going to taper down now.

  • LONDON: 
    Green Start: 
    Minni - 28513 A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish 
    Freemers - 28451 (I think, need to double check) A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB). No pressure!

    O4S - 29786  A- 3.51 [post 60 PB] B-sub 4.00, C sub GFA

    Blue Start: 
    Jack - 6798 A- 3:29:59 B- 3:40 C- Finish (still a PB) 
    Mr O4S  2406  A - sub 4.15, B sub 5.00 [GFA for 2016] C - survive

    2Old- 7976 wave1/8 A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under) 
    Chick - 13636 wave2/5 A: as close to 3:15 as possible; B sub 3:20; C: sub 3:24:36 (PB)

    DD: 15348 wave2/7 A sub 4, B: sub 4-30 C: Finish

  • Crikey, DD! Hardcore inverse taper!!

    2old: hope it's what DD thinks it is: taper madness. My left leg and occasionally the achilles tingle but that's due to the nerve damage in my lower back.

  • 2Old - T-A-K-E IT E-A-S-Y! Please don't have a repeat of last year... Swim, bike, kayak, cliff dive, take up Bison wrestling if you must, just don't run on it and bugger your achilles again.image

    Interesting to see the various strategies with regards to breaking up the distance. I tried the 5 mile chunks for my first one and failed miserably, so now do the "three 10's"... 10 miles... 10 miles... 10 k.

    Don't know why, but i'm getting nervous now, as the big day(s) approaches.image

  • Oompa:  I breaking up the distance into 26.2 miles and the hobble to the pub image

  • O4S - That's my fastest split and cannot possibly be factored into any strategy!image

  • Carot - well done on the 5 miler and you will get quicker.

    Daren - as always listen to all our wonderful advice and do your own thing.

    2old - no risk taking now. 

    DD - thats a lot of miles,  you've done all you can to put yourself in the best position you could have for Boston

    Minni/Chick - All good so far, calf is a little tight after running but no concern. Feel fresh on every run and enjoying mixing up my training.

    Speaking of which swimming practice yesterday followed by a blast around the countryside on my bike this afternoon. back on the running tomorrow. And we all really know the marathon is 20 miles and then a 10k when the fun really starts.

  • Can't believe the difference in the weather to Edinburgh and what seems the rest of the UK, London was a full 10 degrees warmer today!

    Went out this morning and ran 8 miles @ 7:45 m/m pace. No lovely sunrises or sun on my back, damp and 7 degrees, but no mist. I took the positive out that at least I wasn't overheating with the weather and not looking like a drowned rat like yesterday image

    Hi 2old, Hope the Achilles is ok?

  • Hold it together folks! You know how these tapers work image

    5 x 5M sounds like a nice way of breaking it down Ant!

    It always feels hard during the taper AA.  Then you get to the start line, rested, carbed up and raring to go and it feels so much... less hard! 

    See Chick I knew you'd been knocking out some fast tempo stuff! As above, marathon pace always feels hard during the taper.

    2old I really hope you mean rest and ice when you say rest and ice.  Nothing you do now training wise is going to make you any faster next week.  Take it easy!

    Tapering sounds like a good idea DD! No wonder you're feeling it.

    Marathons are broke down as a 2K warm up followed by 8 parkruns image

    5M recovery 'run' this morning.  Dark and foggy (or was it pollution / Saharan dust?)  Legs felt so much better afterwards.  Have hill reps planned for tomorrow night image image


  • FRC - Good job I googled quinsy after I'd eaten. Hope you get over it quickly. Btw if you want to do Manchester, you can have my bib nbr, as long as you don't mind people shouting Simon at youimage.


  • 2old - So you've been taking photos of the men with the big muscles in the changing rooms againimage.

  • I don't know what's up with this website, but it won't let me post multiple entries. Anyway, went out on my bike today, weather cool and windy. Another great downhill to Rivington, and maxed out at 52.7mph, but missed out on a KOM on Strava by 1sec, if only I'd known at the timeimage. So joint 3rd out of over 2000 riders for that downhill. I might shave my legs next timeimage.  Exciting taper times for everyone.

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