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  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    You are brave, kfc. It must have hurt ....
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭
    Agree with KFC, training would help! Don't know my time due to dead garmin after 22 miles and not looking at the time when I crossed the start line. BA is even more vague but was a out 10 minutes behind me. On a train to Bristol, full report later or tomorrow.

    ((( ))) to Minni and Free.

    KFC thanks for your company at the start and hope you enjoyed it

    Col and Ant: WOW, brilliant!!!
  • Really sorry that today hasn't gone to plan today Freemers and Minni. Definitely the right course of action though. I carried on from halfway two years ago when the hard & brave decision was to stop. I regretted every minute, it was horrific, and did myself no good long-term either.

    Well done Ant, 04S, kfc and AA, really impressive stuff. Looked tough out there on the tele. 

    Barry - tough couple of months for me personally. Not been injured, but not much running going on either. Can't begin to do it justice (& today isn't the day too either), but the two marathon effort next month was taken out of my hands - am in for an op on Thursday to rip all of the veins out of the back of my leg so have let things go off of the boil a bit.

  • Red - Sorry to hear things are n't going well, operation sounds horrible, are you going to be able to get back to running soon.

    kfc -  well done for giving it a go, training does helpimage similar time to me last year due to similar build up.

    Freemers - Hope it's a quick recovery for you, foot reaction due to the consistent pacy miles? Gutted for you.

    O4S - Well done to you and BA.



  • Quick check in from me in between pub visits. Did 3:20 - 5 min PB so very happy with that. Great support on the course and had to dig deep from about 18 miles! Tooth seems fine so that was a relief - I didn;t have much sleep last night. Will report back late. Chin chin all

  • col.col. ✭✭✭
    Quick check in from me. Time on garmin was 3:13:40. My time on the results is my gun time of 3:14:05. The results have me crossing the start line on 1 second which given I was in pen 2 is not right. I felt great to 20m but then dropped to 7:40 pace but pretty much held that pace to the end. I had a quick chat with Freemers on the way round. Sorry to hear your foot gave you problems. I will report back properly when I get back to Belfast tomorrow. Off for a few beer now!
  • A mixed day for team Minni then - congratulations and commiserations guys. Gutted for you Minni and Freemers. Freemers, I must have seen you just before you dropped out - I was watching at the 13.5/22-mile point at Shadwell and you went past on the far side.

    Ant - fantastic run today mate. I know several of my clubmates really struggled in the heat over the last 6 miles, so for you to pace it that well was brilliant. Felt very warm watching, so can't have been pleasant to run in at all and was glad I wasn't! Didn't see you go past - must have been going too fast!

    Col - sub-3:15! Wow! What a great performance. You must be delighted with that.

    AA - another sub-3:30! Very impressive and you would have been a few seconds quicker if you hadn't had to turn round to see who was cheering you on!

    O4S and kfc - well done. Great runs from both of you too.

    Had intended to pop into Chandos to say hello (not sure who was there?!), but had had enough of the crowds and queuing to get anywhere and needed to squeeze in a long run today too so decided to head home in the end.

    Saw Mo go past too. Not sure what to think about the Brendan Foster comments. I think, giving him the benefit of the doubt, what he was trying to say is that Mo could have ruled the world at 5k and 10k for years, rather than risking not being able to compete at the very sharp end in the marathon, but being quite a dour bloke he probably sounded more negative about it than he should have! I personally thought it was a decent debut and about what I expected (I think talk about him winning it in a field of that quality and experience was always ridiculous).

  • Ant - Brilliant, congrats on the PB, that's a very strong run especially in the last few when it gets tough. Enjoy the celebration.

    Col - even better than we thought, very well done.  Your chip was definitely playing up as we did n't start seeing you on the tracker til the later stages. Ditto ref the celebration.

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Hi Red, sorry to hear you've had a tough couple of months.

    Well done KFC, O4S & BA imageimage 

    brilliant run Col image

    Congratulations on the PB Ant image

    Is Minni ok?

    Strange comments from Foster!

  • Congrats Ant, Col, A.A, K.F.C, O4S + B.A on great runs, it was warm out there today! A fab day spectating + nice to catch up with some of you at the pub image

  • p.s Red sorry to hear you've had a rough time recently, hope your recovery from the op goes smoothly so you can get back to running soon image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Very well done today Ant,Col,KFC,O4S and BA. Outstanding...

    Col- smashed 3.15

    Ant- briilliant PB

    KFC- another fine race based on little mileage pain and guts

    O4S- the best Performance of the day? BA- great support act

    free- don't beat yourself up ..injury happens and you had  to test yourself. It will be easier as each day passes

    Minni- hope all is well. 

    Red- best wishes for your op Recovery. We need you back 



  • Hi everyone,

    commiseration's freemers  and Minnie, I've lurked on this forum for the last 16 weeks, never contributing because that would mean officially putting it out there that I was after sub 3:30.

    today I ran 3:31.52 which I am happy with given the weather, but I want to thank all on this forum because your chat contains vital advice to those who are embarking on am uncertain event.

    my ignorance, without this forum, would have cost me at least another 5 minutes (putting me out of boston marathon qualifying) so whilst I didn't achieve sub3.30, I want to say thank you to all the regulars who unknowingly have provided nuggets of help and advicE.


  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    imageimage  B target achieved - have just found my time at 3.57.17

    imageimageimage  10th in my age category

    imageimageimageimage  81.3% age graded.

    thinking I might not give up just yet.......image

    Report tomorrow - need to burst a couple of blood blisters image

  • Red sorry to hear about the op.

    Col, great time, will that come down, or did chip fail to register on the mat?

    Ant, excellent 5 minutes.

    KFC, tough race, good grind to finish though.

    Nicki now you've unlurked, you can post and help others now.

    Lots of my club pals all struggled second half, what was the temperature like?

    2old, lfc. ..what a result todayimage

    I understand where Brendan is coming from, Mo has a lot to learn. Best to do 5&10k whilst he can, then move up. Those guys today, probably had 4 years marathon experience and had between won tons of majors. All had done a sub 60 half too I think. Mo would need 2 years plus to catch up.
  • Just seen. Wow o4s amazing time.
  • O4S you dark horse!! that is simply fantastic, you truly are an inspiration image

    welcome Nicki, stay around and chat - this forum has a wealth of experience image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    FRC- imageYes!!!

    o4S- hope you had that cold glass of white stuff...awesome

    nicki- well done. Now stop lurking and join in the fun . Boston next year? You'll love it ...different to London but special in it's own way 


  • Just popping in again to say...

    Nice one O4S.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Outstanding o4s

  • that took ages to read and catch up on!! I'm lying in bed with a bit if a thick head on my phone so will do a proper write up later. 

    Atmosphere was great. my stitch/stomach pain kicked in @17 miles and i could hardly breath. Wanted to stop and cry. 3:29:52 is official time.  and yes, it felt bloody hot!

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Nikki Welcome & well done

    AA Considering you were in pain & the conditions that's still a good time - a great achievement. Well done image Have a good rest.

    The hills are calling today - lunchtime training image Still only a 4 day working week this week.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Got out of bed this morning and ouch!

    CD - I think I started chipper and got less chipper as the afternoon went on! Was beating myself up about it on the train! But it's one of those things and nothing I can do about it now, so will move on.

    I might re-think my plans for the autumn though. Clearly I can't get away without getting the foot fixed, which I've been doing up to now. So that's my top priority, and then I might stick with shorter distances for the rest of the year.

    Scratch that - my absolute top priority is our holiday as we're off on Thursday up to Cumbria....ideally would be doing lots of walking but I'll have to see about that now! Good excuse to find some nice pubs to while away the hours...

    Well done again to yesterday's racers image
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Shit, Freemers image  I feel for ya. Hope you can get the foot fixed and hopefully you can do some walking if you rest the foot for a few days. It was the right decision though. Who knows how many more injuries you could have picked up by overcompensating. Still, it's not easy to pull out of the key race image

    ((AA))   Ouch, I can feel your pain. That was a brave mind-over-matter marathon and can't have been pleasnt image

    O4S: you absolute superstar!!!!  I would have to run a 3:08 marathon to get an 81.3% age grading. No-one comes close to your times ... Wow!!!!!  Really happy for you.

    Ant: that's a massive PB. Huge well dones. You paced it really sensibly too. Those final hot miles must have hurt.

    Welcome Nicki image  Stick around. We all like some more company on here. Well done on your run yesterday. I can hopefully tell you loads about Boston in a week's time image. Right now I'm shitting bricks ....

    col: congrats on smashing sub 3:15 image

    Minni: hope you are ok.

  • Cracking time O4S, Ant, and well done everyone else.

    Unlucky Freemers, but wise to pull up rather than go through another half in pain.

    3:46:55 for me. Most frustrating run of my life. I started right at the front of pen 7, along with the 9:40 pacers, I don't think I've run a 9:40 mile in my life! I didn't manage an 8 minute mile until mile 16, and I never once strung together back-to-back 8 min miles due to the traffic. I wasted loads of energy with overtaking all the way round but it was that or get stuck at sub 9 min mileing all the way round. That was never an option. It was ridiculous in places, barriers confining us to one side of a road when both ways were closed all day anyway, spectators spilling off the pavements and into the road and the stewards doing nothing about it. We even ground to a complete stop at one water station on about 17 miles. I felt great through 22 miles, then my left calf went on 23 which meant my last 3 miles was a limp. I got a hideous stitch where I had to run really flat footed on that side to try to protect my calf. It feels like another tear unfortunately so I'll have a few weeks of getting over that.

    It was a great experinence to see the sights and complete my first marathon but I really didn't enjoy the run. I witnessed some shocking running etiquette throughout and could never run at a steady pace which completely killed my race. Bit gutted really to have to switch to plan C. Nice bit of sunburn and a vest shaped white bit on my chest. Anyway, I'm in the airport now and off to Mexico to put my feet up for a couple of weeks. While I'm away I'll put in for the ballot for VLM2015 and decide whether to run an autumn marathon or wait until next spring.

    My main feeling isn't of achievement, but just wondering how quick I can go with an injury-free 18 week training program and a clear bit of road to run on. Next time.
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    OWWWWWW!!!!  new legs please!

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    kfc - ha ha! One good thing about pulling out early is I can at least walk down the stairs without my quads screaming at me!!

    Jack - tough luck, sounds like you had a much better time in you. Nail it next time!

    Nicki - sorry, meant to say hi, and well done on your race. Stick around....loads of us have taken huge chunks off our PBs since joining this thread, it's definitely a good place to be image
  • Can't edit my post on my phone for some reason. When I said about getting stuck at 'sub 9 min miles', obviously I meant slower than 9 min miles. Haven't slept much the last couple of nights and I'm pretty hung over!
  • Bad luck Jack, although still a decent time considering. Yeah, I found VLM quite stressful when I did it because of the amount of people and I started in pen 4 or 5, so 7 must have been a nightmare. At least you know you'll smash that time next time.

    O4S - amazing age graded time! I'd probably have to run 2.30 or something to match that.

    Welcome Nicki and congrats on your time.

    Ow, sorry about the foot Freemers. Makes me wonder if I should get my foot problem sorted - been troubled by it on and off since last summer. Probably should. And well done for toughing it out AA - makes your time even more impressive.

    Where's Minni? Hope you're ok.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Some photos are already up on the official site - only one of me so far, and although it's not a bad one of me, the guy next to me is blowing a snot rocket right in my direction. Kinda sums up my day!
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