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  • Freemers -  Ouch, really tight/sore foot first thing sounds  like PF. Rest up and enjoy your holiday.

    AA - well done, good result for you all things considered and well done for toughing it out.

    Nikki -  Welcome and congrats, sub 3:30 next time.  Stick around and join in the fun/nonsense.

    Jack - Very frustrating for you, but you've experienced VLM and I'm sure you'll be back with unfinished business, definitely try and do an autumn mara. Enjoy Mexico.

    FRC -  I disagree, surely if Mo wants to get better/the best at Marathon he's got to carry on with  specific training now and race more, if he moves back to the track for Rio that's going to put him back 2 years.  Foster was intimating he should give up and go back to what he's good at FFS it was his first marathon and we all know what a beast it can be with so many factors influencing the outcome.

    2old /Chick - I know it's taper time so sending  positive vibes your way.  You've both put in big mileage and very good training, if you rest all week you will not lose any fitness.

    Swimming practice this morning, got into a lane  and one of the blokes in there said I was in the wrong lane, when I asked why he said I looked like a quick swimmer, to which I replied looks are deceptive and pootled off with my float and  leg practice.



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- I guess you have to put it down to experience...VLM is not a fast marathon if you stuck in the masses and its best to look elsewhere for PBs etc .it must be so disappointing having put in all the hard work and not been able to test it properly

    Free-that photo sums up your day good and proper.Get the injury fixed but more importantly enjoy your hols

    Barry-Im enjoying reading the diary of a novice swimmer-this time next year youll be looking back and laughing at it.

    My back is worse today than yesterday but at least I slept ok last night for the first time since Friday.Hoping I can get to see a physio.  Am wondring if Im going to need more than positive vibes. Why is getting to the start of a marathon 100% fit so difficult?

  • Mornin' All,

    After yesterday's stalking i couldn't get back on here as the OH was brandishing "the list"!!!

    O4S - imageimageimageimageimage Indeed! Fabulous result! One of these days you'll have to do it as your A race and not as a warm-up event for your 100 miler?image

    Jack - I know how frustrating it is!image VLM 2012 was my best training programme to date and i felt well capable of sub 3.15, but started in pen 5 so didn't really get into my stride until after Tower Bridge. On the bright side, you will definitely smash your pb next time!image Enjoy the sun.image

    2Old - GET TO THE PHYSIO NOW! Please don't wait to see if it eases off, as you'll run out of time and you may need more than one session, which may leave you sore for the plane journey on Thursday?  

    Free - Hope the foot heals quickly and you enjoy your holiday.image

    KFC - Great time for so little training.image Enjoy the DOMS.

    AA - Stunning time considering the PF, stitchy thing, hot weather etc...image Where's the Mo/AA selfie?

  • Just a quick check in - a big well done to everyone for yesterday, for those happy with times/new pbs & also for those race didn't go to plan - chin up, quick marathons are a challenge indeed.......  Hope post race recovery going well! Minni - hope you're ok image


    PS Fastest ykw for a while on Sat - 18.37, it was almost like the course was, say 80m, short or something image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Hi all! Sorry I didn't check in yesterday - I was mainly drunk!!!

    I will have a proper read back when I get home but a mention to:

    Ant - bloody amazing! Very well done!

    Col - likewise!

    Lisa - finished like a true champ.

    O4S - you looked like you were really enjoying the marathon when I saw you at 23 miles, which confirms you truely are a nutter!!image

    Freemers - (((((()))))) out of everyone I thought you were the one who was going to nail it. I'm gutted for you.

    Had a great catch up with Kiwi and Brol yesterday. Managed to once again drink the night away with Brol....

    For me: I almost knew it wasn't on but decided to give it a go. Even standing on the startline I didn't feel focused and ready. You need that for a marathon. Hip hurt in the first couple of miles then wore off before coming back by about 8 miles. I knew by 10 that I would pull out at 13 where I knew my family was. Stayed on the Highway to watch The elite men and Mo come through. Watched at 23 miles and saw AA & O4S go through.

    No regrets and very much looking forward to the Good Friday relays on, erm, Friday! image
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Do you mean Jack? Last I remember of the VLM yesterday was sitting on the couch after my recovery run with a nice mug of coffee, tracking everyone ;0) Hope the back eases up!

    Hi Jack, I understand your frustrations, but it is a good first marathon time and you can only put it down to experience, I guess...

    Hi 04S, You are a true inspiration image

    Hi AA, Well done for battling through and getting under the 3:30!

    Hi Barry, I too am enjoying the life of a learner swimmer also, sounds like when I went to Pilates whilst my son was at his swimming lesson, I ended up the sideshow! I tend to disagree on Mo though, I feel he should really put his stamp on those shorter distances and really go down in history, I think Haile Gebrselassie has advised that also. But then Mo is a very focused guy and knows what he wants. On the other side of the coin you could say he done pretty well considering the field out there yesterday, I certainly do not think it was a failure and if he wants to take things forward I think as you say in a couple of years he will be in a very different place. I also get the feeling some of those guys out there yesterday wanted to put him in his place ;0(

    It is strange after yesterday's marathon (and previous one's) I have heard a few stories that really don't give me an appetite for London. Some of my friends say you have to do it as one of the majors....I'm not completely sold. 

  • Minni - Glad you're OK and have drowned your sorrows.  You gave it a go and that's all you could do. Hope you get some answers and a speedy recovery on the hip.

    Nell - VLM last year was my PW but one of the most enjoyable races I've done.  If you get a decent Pen there are not issues getting away and into race pace quickly.  Exactly regarding Mo,  his first one was a very good effort by anyone's standards, massive pressure on him to do well and Kipsang ripped a class field apart. If Mo carries on with his training he will be challenging for the podium next year.

  • Scary reading about the 42 year old, who died after crossing the finish line yesterday.

    Freemers - hope you are feeling better, proper gutted for you, definitely focus on getting your foot sorted.

    K.F.C - not surprised your legs are sore! Looked up the Hackney half mara - looks great but ouch £40 entry fee puts me off, that's more than the VLM fee!

    2Old - rest that back and I hope you got a physio appointment booked! Chick - how are you feeling, hope the taper madness isn't driving you crazy!

    Jack - sorry you had such a crap experience, starting in such a far back pen was a bummer. At least you've cracked 26 miles now and you know what you would do differently next time!

    Cooks - fab ykw! Mr Kiwi has been doing his parkrun weekly, he is totally converted, it's me moaning at him for the 6:45 alarm on a Saturday morning to go running, lol!

    Loved the atmosphere at the mara yesterday, proper motivation to get back out there running! 

  • Cooks - Where's your local YKW?

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Minni: glad you are OK. I can't wait to get properly smashed again. Just one minor hangover since New Year's Day image. Must have been great to see Fly-Mo image


    Sorry things didn't go to plan, Jack. But still a very good time for a first marathon.

    Nell: I put my head on the line here but IMHO VLM is vastly overrated image. I did it in 2010 and I ran a 16 min PB but there was smaller races that I liked more and so far nothing beats Berlin in my book. I feel that Boston will probably be THE race that all the others have to live up to after next week image

    Kiwi: I just want it out of the way now. I am not looking forward to the packing and even less looking forward to the journey. I just hope that overseas travel won't affect me too badly. I'm known to have fallen asleep in my soup at hubby's work-dos when I accompanied him to the US .... image

  • Minni - glad to hear that you are ok, you did the right thing tho..... defo right to give it a go!!

    Oomps - Tonbridge, its a good one, pretty flat with a loop around a lake and its only about a mile and a half from home.  Must be fairly local for you too, when you've done enough S&C of course? image  I've got the yearning for the red top - I'm on 28 now & hoping to do it by the end of the year.....

    Re Mo - I think he did ok, bit surprised by the pacing - seemed to change his mind and surge after 10k.  Think if we had gone with the lead group they would have beasted him tho. Looking fwd to his next attempt tho - will be interesting to see how he approaches the next few years esp with Rio in min.

  • Hi everyone. What a day it was... my head is hurting for which I blame Minni.image

    Minni- you made the right call and you know it so onwards and upwards is the only way. It was great to catch up as always.image Bring on the TR and some speedy stuff!

    AA- great result considering everything you've been through. I'm glad I managed to spot you and hope didn't embarass you too much with my mad shouting.image

    Free- I was looking out for you and thought I must've missed you. Sorry to hear about the foot but you made the right decision. Get it sorted and I'm sure the next time you will absolutely smash it.

    Ant- yupppeeee! Congrats on a new shiny pb. Very well done.

    O4S- brilliantimageimageimage

    Col- sub 3.15 well and truely smashed to pieces!image

    KFC- hope the legs don't take too long to recover. It was nice to catch up yesterday.

    Jack- sounds like a very frustrating experience.

    Had loads of fun spectating yesterday... what a day for it!

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    VLM 2014:  A tale of 2 halves

    Amazingly I  slept like a log [do logs actually sleep??] for 8 hours on Saturday night  after a boring, but stomach safe meal of cheese and tomato pizza followed by banana custard.  Standard breakfast of wholemeal roll and jam, then a silky smooth journey by DLR to Greenich [8 minute journey from the station opposite the hotel] and a longish walk up past the red start to the blue start.  BA then felt compelled to trek across to the green start with me, although I suspect this was displacement activity.  Staked out an area near the entrance and soon met up with Freemers.  She was looking really good so I was gutted to hear she had to drop out.  Minni eventually joined us and then KFC.

    Bags on the buses and our two speedsters went to 'pen up' while KFC and I whiled away an enjoyable 15 minutes or so before wandering over to ours.  It was during these 15 mins that I made a beginners mistake.  I can't stomach gels at all and as a result tend to run out of fuel in the second half of a marathon.  At the Expo I had bought some Power Gel Shots - lemon sweets a bit like soft fruit gums - that said 4 of them was equivalent to 1 gel.  I had 6 in the pocket of my shorts in case of need later and with three spare decided to take a couple before the start as I realised I was starting to feel a bit hungry.  [I had tried them before but not during a run]

    Quite chilly at the start and my hip was hurting so not feeling very optimistic, but managed not to make my usual classic mistake of going off too fast and weaving around the slower runners ahead.  Started out at around 8.20mm and felt comfortable but after about 3 miles my stomach started to feel distended and  sore.  I wondered if I should have had a final wee before starting but decided I would dehydrate soon enough so carried on.  Kept up a steady sort of pace but my stomach just got worse so at about 7 miles decided to empty my bladder and see if that helped - sadly there was nothing to empty, so I lost a minute and my rhythm for no result.  I have to think it was the gels, although the feeling is still slightly present today so perhaps it was just bad luck


  • O4S: magic as always

    Col: very impressive.

    Ant: you've come a long way, well done

    AA: well toughed out

    Jack: good effort

    kfc: lack of training will find me out on Monday as well but Im expecting it!

    Minni: hope the alcohol deadened the pain.

    Free: theres always the next one, shit happens.

    Mo: I'm not all surprised by his result , the marathon is a race which few race well the first time around.

    2Old: take it easy pal

    Chick: I have taken the no change to time zone approach, fly in Saturday night and i will stay on UK time.

    my club mate amazed me yesterday, he ran 3-02 at Manchester then told me he was going for a PB at London to which i suggested no way, he ran 2-53 which begs the question how quick can he be if he actually concentrates on one race. 

    in an effort to allow my groin / knee to have the best chance of survival I have been running every second day, with some cycling thrown in, tomorrow will be my last run and then it will be cycling only. On last Thursdays intervals several club mates noted i was limping and there was me thinking I was OK! Two hours on the bike this morning 2,500 feet of climbing and a lot of fun. 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Cont: Over Tower Bridge and my back and hips were starting to grumble, but not nearly as badly as they have on other runs.  Got to halfway in almost bang on 8.30mm plus one minute abortive break and was feeling if not strong, at least OK.  At 15 miles I was with the 3.45 pacer and tried to stay with the group but it was getting hot and, as so often before, mile 16 took me out.  In one mile I went from 8.36 to 9.15 and could feel my energy drain away.  Back started to ache a bit more and the ball of my left foot was bad.  This is exactly where it all went horribly wrong last year so I told myself that no matter what happened I was not going to walk and set myself mini targets - the next Macmillan cheer point [luckily every two or three miles in the second half] the hotel we had stayed in, the 20 mile point etc.

    The really hard bit was coming back down the Highway.  There was absolutely no shelter from the sun, physically I hurt a lot and mentally I thought I was starting to crumble.  The only ray of hope was the fact that i got to 20 miles about 3.56, so I reckoned I could drop the pace a bit  further and still get sub 4 [and I had yet to be passed by anyone in a bizzarre costume].  I had moved in to the middle of the road by the barrier at around 22+ miles when I stepped on a water bottle [again image and went over on my ankle.  I walked a few steps to let the pain ease off and that could have been my downfall except I heard a big yell from the side of the road - 'There she is' - and I glanced across to see the family Minni waving from the barrier.  In a highly dubious action I dived across to see them and stopped for a brief word since Minni had obviously dropped out.  Although this was my slowest mile at 10.16mm due to the walk and the chat, this was the single most important factor in my sub 4 time.  I was so cheered up by seeing them that I actually picked up the pace and when my garmin died a short distance after 23 miles I simply looked at the clock time and thought it I can get to the end sub 4 on the clock I will be fine.

    No dramatic sprints on the Embankment or Birdcage Walk, clench teeth and just do it - so I did image.  Didn't really look at the time except to make sure there was a 3 at the startimage.  Picked up the kit with no bother and headed off to the club meeting point.  The fast ones had gone to the Pub and the slower ones weren't in so only a couple there.  As soon as I stopped moving I felt faint and had to sit down on the spot.  Then carried on to Macmillan and practically collapsed on the massage table.  Fantastic massage, quite a long one as it only got busy later and my legs feel brilliant today

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Cont:  As I was lying chatting to the masseur there was a bit of a commotion and BA was brough over to occupy a table nearby - we have done it so often for Macmillan that we both get heroes' welcomes and they let him bump the queue to be near me [so they obviously don't know us that wellimage.  Having checked that his masseur wasn't a gorgeous leggy blonde I left him to it.  As I got off the couch my hip went into spasm and I couldn't move but luckily the guy was able to stretch it out for me and there have been no further issue.

    Some food and drink got rid of the dizziness but we both felt queasy all day, possibly due to the sun.  We wandered off to Charing Cross but couldn't get in to the tube station for the crowds, so we walked up to Chandos, where I couldn't find anyone, then on to Leicester Square and eventually home by 8.00pm - where neither of us could face alcohol or even much to eat.  Needless to say we couldn't sleep last night!!

    Anyway I was thinking this would be my last marathon, as was BA, but he now has a GFA for 2016 and obviously so do I, so it would be rude not to do at least one more image  I don't know what the rest of you thought, but I felt that yesterday was the most congested London I have done - plus it was a bit too hot for me.  The crowds however were magnificent and I have never heard my name shouted so often by so many people, it really does spur you on.

    Looking forward to veteran road relays, some shorter races, cycling and of course the 100 miler.  Have meetings all evening so the alcohol will have to wait until tomorrow night.................................

    Jack:  I suppose the moral of your tale is don't let a mate enter for you unless they are fully briefed.  I have to do BAs ballot entry for next year........??????

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Great report, O4S image

    I love this one - I wonder if they have it there every year?



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-I dont remember it from when I did it but then again my eyes were looking for the brow of the hill and no higher

    DD-looks like we will be limping along Boston together.Hell of a double by your mate-is he a youngster like us?

    Bro- good to see you supporting a fellow thread member drowning her sorrows-who supported you or did you just fall over?

    O4S-Im saving reading your report for later



  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Brilliant report O4S. Your result was so well deserved, and I'm really pleased BA got his time too image

    I agree it did feel more congested than last year. Also the celebs were a lot harder to get past at the start - it seemed as the gun went off there was an immediate wall of them doing about 12 minute miling or something like that, so quite a lot of dodging in the first mile. I then got bumped quite a few times right up until the time I stopped. Thankfully no incidents with bottles or anything like you had there.
  • O4S - fab report, you so deserved that sub 4 and great that Family Minni gave you that much needed boost just at the required time image ver cool that both you and B.A have g.f.a for next year, no getting out of it nowimage

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    My very good running friend, Jon, who only runs two or three times a week max and never gets injured, won the M65-69 in 3.13.xx yesterday image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Holy shit!!!
  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Very frustrating for you Jack but not a bad time considering. Don't let it put you off going for the ballot. Adios Amigo -, have a great time in Mexico - we love it there image

    2old & Nell - the swimming lessons will turn out to be the best xmas pressie I have bought Barry. It won't be long & he'll be invited along to my club night. He is better than he thinks he is.

    Congratulations on YKW Cooks

    Minni glad you're ok but a wise decision there

    Love your race report O4S & congrats to you & BA on the GFA next year

    My 3 miles of hills at lunchtime turned into 4 as I ran with a colleague who gave me the push I needed to keep going.




  • O4S - brilliant report and well done for a fantastic time. I was delighted when you text me yesterday.

    ((Freemers)) I was so shocked when I heard you didn't finish. I had you down for a stonking time. Absolutely the right thing to do to stop. After I did my HIM with PF I couldn't walk again for weeks and couldn't run again until November as you know. I would definitely recommend shockwave therapy on it though. Asap.

    Minni - I hated leaving you outside the green start yesterday, Just didn't seem right not starting with you and being with all the girls on the green. I saw you just before the first mile where blue and green merge but you were going much too quick for me to catch you. Always the right thing to do if you know you're not right. When I saw you @22 miles I was glad you seemed ok.

    KFC - that's a great time considering you haven't been able to do much in the last few weeks.

    Jack - that must have been frustrating for you. I hope you were able to take in the atmosphere.

    So, I left Minni at the green start and walked round to my start. The championship start was slightly intimidating and I felt obese!! Lots of very skinny men and women!! There were loads of loos. I joined a queue with 3 people in front of me haha! There is one baggage lorry and just before the start we were walked to right behind the elite men. I was about 12 seconds over the start. I did feel like I was going backwards pretty much the entire race!
    My plan was to stick to 3:20 pace. I saw my family and friends just before Tower Bridge which gave me a boost. I was still on target then. Seeing the elite men on the Highway was great, but I was gutted Mo was so far off the leaders. It started to get tough @16 miles. The pain in my stomach kicked in and I got a really bad stitch. I ran with this for @8 miles and my pace dropped dramatically. It really took my breath away. I wanted to stop and cry. My boy rang me @18 miles to tell me where they were waiting and I almost cried!
    I was glad to get back onto the highway and start to head back. I was now @8:30/8:40 pace. I knew 3:25 was slipping away now too. I saw Daren @ 21 miles which was brilliant, then a few minutes later I saw Minni and her family, shouted over Are you OK? Next up was 23.5 miles and seeing my lot. I stopped, gave Mr AA a kiss (23 years married yesterday!) had a little cry as I was hurting so much and pushed on. I heard Bro and Mr Bro shouting at me @25 miles. Was lovely to see them. Round the corner by the palace and 3:29 showing on the clock so put in an extra push to get under 3:30 by 8 seconds!

    Today, there is nothing that doesn't ache. Can't walk downstairs, get in and out of chairs...all the usual fun! Think my shoulders ache because that bloody medal weighed a tonimage

  • OMG I forgot Ant! Sorry Ant. Was lovely to see you at the finish and you totally got what you deserve. Perfect training all the way through and bang on target with a lovely pb! Love that photo of you on FB!

  • Thanks for the very kind welcome everyone!

    good luck to those doing boston, can't wait to hear about it . . . . 


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry/Chick, Yes I hear what you say. Funny someone I know who broke 3 hrs at Edinburgh last year ran 3:05 yesterday, so it just seems a bit of a mixed bag doesn't it?

    Hi Pink, Yes I think Barry is better than he makes out ;0)

    Emotional run AA, lovely report...

    Hi Freemers/Minni, Hoping you are feeling better in yourselves today?

    I was at the physio today and one of her other clients Nicola Duncan runs for Portobello in Edinburgh, she finished in 2:33 and was first place in our mere mortal category. She runs 70 hours a week..... yes 70, amazing!

    I came away with a clean bill of health and that lovely smooth feeling in my legs, all to be destroyed on the hill reps tomorrow morning!

  • Minni - Glad to hear you've just been drowning your sorrowsimage.

    Free - You want to try the Masons Arms in Strawberry Bank, south lakes. A gastropub with B &B , voted Pub of the year 2012. Normally you have to wait to eat, and being Easter it could be busier, but very good. 

    O4S- Another brilliant WAVA score, and report.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    just read back yesterday - exciting to relive it all over again!

    O4S - Bloody marvellous, and great report. I'd need to run 2.51 to get your age grading image   (My age grade was 62% image).  I was expecting to see you sail by me on the embankment - I think the leading ladies in your category did - it was like a slightly slower elite race in the crowd, they were all keenly marking each other!  Well done too for BA for getting his GFA.

    Col - what a run!  Very very well done.  How does it feel to be in the sub 3.15 club?

    Ant - brilliant!  Well deserved PB - especially given I think I remember you weren't even going to do a spring marathon this year!

    AA - great run, looks like you had to dig deep to just nudge under 3.30.  Champs start sounds cool!

    Freemers - so disappointing, you were going so well. Next time.  Have a great holiday.

    Minni - sorry it wasnt your day - I got a shock seeing you stopped, but you picked a great place to watch the elites from!

    Jack - sorry to hear you had such a frustrating day - sounds like you need to find a smaller race to test yourself properly

    Redwood - good to hear from you - that op sounds brutal, hope you are OK

    Nicki - welcome, and a great run from you yesterday. 

    Very fast ykw cooks!

    kiwi - I agree on the price, wouldnt usually go anywhere near it for that, but its a fast flat half on my doorstep - whats not to like!

    FRC - conditions were similar to last year, and hot (for me) by the finish.  Lots of people getting medical attention and I'd have found it tough if I'd still been racing.

    Nell - I love VLM, but its easy for me cos its my local and I'm lucky enough to get a guaranteed place at the front.  Can't beat it for support, but I've run from the ballot twice and understand why it doesn't work for everyone.


    over to you DD, chick and 2old!

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    An odd one this year for me.  After starting well in January, Feb and March were a write off.  It was the first time I've raced a marathon without a realistic expectation of a PB.  Definitely didn't feel the same excitement and motivation that comes with that.  I've got more speed this year than last, but not the running endurance and I knew my legs wouldn't last the distance.  Plan was to set off at 3.25 pace and see how long I lasted.  

    Answer - 16 miles!  I managed to get to there on 3.23 pace and felt good and easy.  I'd expected my decline to be gradual, but it was amazing how quickly my legs got heavy and full of lactic.  Probably a hefty bit of psychology going on there - but once I'd felt my quads stiffen I couldn't get them back.  I've been in this position before in 2010 and pushed my dead legs as hard as I could for the last 10 miles.  While it wasn't much fun it got me a PB and my first GFA.  However this time there was no way I was going to get a PB, so I decided to slow right down, listen to the music and enjoy the atmosphere.  

    Just after making this decision I heard my name, looked round and unexpectedly saw some friends in the crowd - I gave them a wave and ran by, then thought better of it, went back and surprised them with a big sweaty hug image.  It was lovely to stop and say hello, glad I did.

    The rest of the race, I was shameless.  I danced, I sang, I fist-pumped, I conducted the crowd.  My legs bloody hurt, but I had so much fun.  The 3.30 pace groups stormed by me, I cheered them on.  The chicken I'd passed earlier went back by me, I cursed my poor buggered legs and watched him disappear into the distance.  I enjoyed running/shuffling along the embankment for the first time ever.

    I finished in 3.42 - the same time I did in 2010 before I joined this forum, learned about the benefits of long runs and took nearly 20mins off that PB.  I think I need to learn some of those lessons again!

    [please everyone - my next marathon is in 19 weeks.  Make me do my training!]

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