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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- I was planning to take a big bin liner to the start area to keep warm in until the race starts but am not sure if the rules allow this. What of you think.?

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    O4S - brilliant run by you on Sunday. 81% WAVA is amazing. Very well done! Like you I had a cheese and tomato pizza the night before too.

    Ant -  well done on the 5minute pb. Your race was perfectly paced. Aiming for a sub 90 half sounds like a good plan.

    AA - 3:29 is a great time. Very well done.

    kfc - great time of limited training.

    Jack - I feel your frustration. London can get very congested.

    Freemers - so sorry to hear you had to drop out. You made the right decision. Enjoy your holiday.

    Minni - likewise you made the right decision. Good luck with the relays on Friday.

    Kiwi - the run sounds like a great way to celebrate yuor wedding anniversary 

    Nell - lovely place to run

    Cooks - storming 5k

    Nicki - wecome. Well done on a great time!

    Redwood - hope things improve for you and soon

    Boston trio  - good luck guys. Hope you all have a great race. My key learn from Sunday would be not to push the pace in the first 10k when everything feels so easy. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    2old: they allow extra clothing so not sure a bin liner qualifies... it may be too wide and freak them out. Better take a tatty old jumper and some trousers. I have some old sweatpants and a fleece. It will be freezing at the start which is a bit rubbish. It was freezing in Hamburg last year and I had a bit of a shit race because I had no feeling in my feet for 10k ot so...

    Col: easier said than done especially with a downhill start :-/
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Chick/DD/2old - getting mega excited for you.  What time does the race start?  I'm sure there's tracking as I remember tracking someone last year.  We need a list of your numbers.


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Chick 13636

    Wave 2, corral 5 which is roughly a 10:30am start (US East coast time)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭



  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick, Thanks for the fb. Mine is usually fine. It always asks if I want to use indoors before scanning for satellites, but didn't this morning, maybe that had something to do with it, who knows. I will see how I get on tomorrow morning....

    Hi Ant, So that toothache came in handy in the end then image yes, we do have some sunny days....not a lot I'll grant that!

    Hi 2old,col, yes living on the south side of the city has it's advantages. Nice one 2old ;0) Hope you got out the office...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- I've got lots of old stuff but like to use a bag up to the start - I will adapt.

    Going to pm you. I'm on watsap but not sure about wifi there

    Minni- I'm wave 1 corral 8 . Start 10am but by wave 8 it will be nearer 10.15. I think there's an AT&T tracker which is probably not as good as the one for London

    I'm excited now. It's been tough resisting trying a run this week but will give one a go on Saturday after recovering from my flight

    Nell- south side? Is that like Dublin with its rivalry between the south side and north side?

    Col-good advice there thanks
  • DD - I've just Pm'd you

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Chick / 2Old / DD: Enjoy the race and have fun. Safe travels - are we able to capture Brol and hold her hostage until the team get to Boston and back safely image

  • Safe travels Chick, D.D + 2Old and good luck!! looking forward to your race reports image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, No, North/South rivalry in Edinburgh East/West (Hibs/Hearts). Although Hearts will go down this season and the way Hibs are playing they may join them! Mr Butcher is not working his magic just yet!

    2old, Chick, DD. I wish you all the best in Boston ;0)


    Wind was up again in Edinburgh this morning and to be honest my legs were feeling a bit heavy. I had a 10 mile tempo run planned, fed up of fighting the wind. Decided against it in the end and went down to the gym for some S&C seeing as I was up. May just rest today and do the run tomorrow which should have been my rest day. Coming to the end of the 11th week of the 16 week plan and feeling a bit jaded ;0(

  • Chick - Whispers very very quietly - yes I think I'm over my calf problem.image

    Wishing a safe trip, great race and weekend to Chick/DD/2old, we still need numbers off the fellas.

    Col - Race report?

    Swimming practice for me yesterday, followed by massage and picked up some new shoes, Physio is based at running shop which is handy.  11 miles this morning, 1 WU then 10 steady, avg for steady 7:16.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Nell - I've just been out with the dog and that wind is brisk, and it's cold! You'll need to give me your race No etc so I can cheer you on in Edinburgh.

    I've not run since Sunday and trying to get this cold better before the relays tomorrow. Looking forward to it - I've never run relays before, apart from long distance relays, these are the real deal though.

    And, I've just discovered I have a qualifying time for a fast club runner for GNR. image image
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    A productive morning, ridding my feet of 3 toenailsimage  BA was hiding as he gets a bit squeamish when I do them (straight rip and never mind the gore) image

    Think it must be about time for a gentle recovery run - lots of exercise planned for the weekend so need to see how much it is likely to hurt.............

    Barry: (whispering) Fingers crossed!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Phew, glad Bro is locked awayimage

    Barry: excellent news image

    Min: GNR wouldn't be the same without you. That's great news image sub 1:30 beckons

    Trendy 5 with 2@MP done. Warm and windy and it felt like too much hard work image
  • Chick/ 2Old/DD- safe travelsimage I can confirm I'm not going anywhere near airports this weekend. Have a great time and smash it!

  • Best of luck to the Boston trio!

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Nell Picture was lovely. Your lucky running & having a view like that

    Chick, DD & 2Old - have a safe journey & good luck image. Excited for you all.

    Minni good luck with the relays tomorrow

    Went out this morning for a run which was lovely as the weather was just right. 

    Got to remember to get up early tomorrow for swimming training  instead of tomorrow evening.


  • A massive good luck to da Boston 3 - hope it all goes well, it should be a good one especially with some poignant moments following last year.  I'm jealous - one that I have wanted to do for a while.... image

    Happy running/Easter to everyone else too - may there be a good mix of miles & chocolate!  I've got an eleven mile training run with one of the other dads from our ante natal class - its been a while since we've run together but it always ended up competively & he has been 'practising' image


  • Good luck to our Boston trio.

    I've got Chick's no. but need 2Old DD's so that i can continue my new found love of stalking!image

    Minni - Congrats on the GNR place...Well deserved.

    O4S - imageimageimage


    It always amazes me how quickly you guys get back to the quicker running so soon after a marathon.image I'm wrecked for weeks afterwards and when i do get back, it feels like all the marathon fitness has ebbed away???image

    Been to my running shop this morning to have gait reanalysed and the shoes that i've used for the last 5 years (Adrenalines) feel awful!  image 

    First run with the club tonight.image

  • Good luck you Boston lot. I grabbed a copy of RW in the airport for my flight and it sounds like it's going to be a special atmosphere, even more so than usual.

    Probably a bit sad popping on here when on holiday - but you know what ladies are like for getting ready... and this is only for breakfast! Legs finally loosened up yesterday after a bit of swimming every day, but the calf is no good. Not as bad as last time, but I'm fairly sure it's torn. Plan of action when I'm home (I think) is:

    - Physio

    - see someone new for gait analysis and pick new running shoes

    - hit the gym, lose a stone, keep CV ticking over

    - pick an autumn marathon

    - introduce proper core work, cross train once a week, join a club
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Ta for the good wishes guys. Enjoying a glass before boarding. My last until Monday

    Chick- good to see you keeping up the traditional taper - see you in the US of A

    Barry- I remember running 10miles near that pace when I used to run

    Oomp- no wonder you were wrecked after a marathon : you lined to run them injured

    Bro- I feel happy getting on the plane now

    O4S- that's gross. Taking your advice to have fun

    Minni- time for a proper rest and recovery ? Congrats on GNR

    Jack- not good about the calf. Don't make it worse

    Nell-hang on in there you'll soon be tapering

    Back still troubling me. Will run a trendy one tomorrow or Saturday to help me decide what to do on Monday - fun run or give it a go ???

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Everything crossed for you 2Old. Enjoy the drinks!
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    I just had a few glasses of white.... Well, the bottle was open and I didn't want to let it go to waste image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Back feels relaxed now
  • 2old's flight has finally departed, 59mins late. They were probably having probs getting him away from the free bar in the loungeimage

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Situation has returned to normal in the O4S household.  BA offered to do the ironing this evening (actually I told him to get on with it and stop prevaricating) but asked where the stuff was as everything is tidied away for house viewings.  I told him it was in the tumble dryer so he proceeded to take all the dirty washing out of the washing machine and iron it before I noticed what he was up to image.  He is now doing the clean clothes!!

    After working our way through 6 hours of marathon coverage we finally spotted BA turning into the Mall - 15 minutes before the end of the programme image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Minni, Yes I took the kids down to the swimming pool at Dunbar yesterday (no pool in Edinburgh with flumes!) idea was to take a walk after. The wind was that brutal, we just back into the car and headed home!

    Are you up to Edinburgh with someone for the marathon Minni? I have my number 1219, no colour code as yet. Will be nice to see a different face in the crowd, thanks ;o)

    Hi Barry, Physio based at the running shop, hmm nice and convenient eh?image

    Hi Pink, Do you have Stratford next week, I was hoping to get down for that, but my wife is running the Edinburgh 10 miler next week so support is required up here..

    Hi 04S, I think I would have been hiding with BA on the toenail front....ouchimage

    Hi Jack, Nice plan of action, I think it best to file it and kick back for nowimage

    Glad I left the run yesterday and ran this morning, perfect morning. Sunny, slightly cool at 7am with hardly any wind. Got in 9 miles at 7:15 and just under in places and then half a mile cool down.


  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    The sun is shining and two wheels are calling image

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