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  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Simon - love that you can flight stalk as well as marathon stalk!

    Lots of cycling this week has my legs feeling OK again.  Lots of hard manual labour planned for this weekend, but may also get in a cheeky YKW and maybe even a 10k...

    Nell - wondering if you are planning on going to this race in a few weeks - its run on one of my favourite training routes and I'm looking forward to being in town for it for once


  • O4S - I agree, got to get out on the bike .

    KFC - I'm only stalking cus they're on BA, and Chicks on her way todayimage.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Sat at Hamburg Airport now. Seems the inbound flight isn't even here yet...
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- have a safe flight. Pretty chilly here...perfect for Monday 

  • Hi All, still in the UK, flying tomorrow, actually excited about a marathon, its been awhile since i felt that. Went for a gentle  4 miles this morning and Im not marathon fit! P,us side was for the first time since December nothing hurt,so the extreme taper may have worked. 

    For the stalkers Wave 2 / corral 7 Number 15349.

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    50 miles on the bike on a gorgeous day, lunch stop, tea stop, nice and relaxed.  My legs felt OK, just a little tired on the steeper climbs.  Hill walking tomorrow may be more of a challenge.............

  • 50miler for me too, glorious warm sunny day. Perfect for a bike ride, except all the bloody touristsimage. Hopefully Chick has connected with her Boston flightimage

  • O4S - I agree, got to get out on the bike .

    KFC - I'm only stalking cus they're on BA, and Chicks on her way todayimage.

  • Not so sure why the above post is showing up again, as I posted it this morningimage. Anyway Chicks Boston flight left 7mins early, and her Hamburg flight was ok, so she should be getting stuck into the free booze as we speakimage.

  • Minni - Very well done on the GNR place sub 1:30 target?image Hope the relays went well.

    Nell - Nice quick miles, MP?

    2old - What's your race no?????

    Chick/DD - If you meet up with 2old ask him what his race no. is.image

    Jack - Take it easy with your calf, speaking from experience make sure it's fully recovered before running on it and then only slow stuff to start off with.

    Must have been bike riding day, only my usual 26 mile route for me this morning, but managed to do it in my quickest time and  yes great conditions. Long run planned for tomorrow.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    7976 guys

    DD- perfect conditions here - cold but not too cold , bit of a breeze but not too strong

    Amazing atmosphere here. City overtaken by marathon excitement mixed with emotion and sadness from last year. Just seen a very poignant exhibition of artwork commemorating last year and been given a handmade scarf in the marathon colours for runners only. Going for a test run now though it's obvious my back isn't right .Fingers crossed. Expo tomorrow ..maybe see Chick there ?
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Boston update -Back from a 6+ miler .. Back seems ok ...Achilles and knees a bit tender due to lack of impact over the last week but otherwise ok, felt as though I am carrying a few extra pounds, bit tough coping with the pace but not too bad (ranged 7.30-6.48)overall. 7.30mm average with first and last miles easy. Think that means Monday won't be a fun run unless the wheels fall off which might very well be the case

    I see it was a bike day in the UK today for TM. Just shows what can happen when I leave the country
  • 2old - good to hear the test run went well image now rest + soak up the atmosphere!

    hope Chick has arrived ok!

    safe travels D.D.

    some nice cycling today by the sounds of things.

    Minni - hope the relays went well!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Kiwi-will do- maybe a short jog on Sunday ?Think

    Chicks flight arrives same time mine did 8.30ish US time and it's 5pm now

    DD- have a good flight. See you I'm Hopkinton
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi kfc, I didn't realise you was based in Dunblane. No, I don't think I will run that one, I will be doing the Portobello to North Berwick 21 the day before, that will be my last LSR. Looks a nice one, 7.5 miles nice distance. I'll probabaly be sitting in a cold bath image

    Hi Barry, I think when the weather improves so do we, nice to  feel you are making tracks (pardon the pun)  ;0) MP, I'd like to think so image

    Hi 2old, Glad things seem ok over there and everything is holding up!

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Nell Yes Stratford is next Sunday & I'm on a bet with Barry over my finish time imageGood luck to your OH for next week.

    Minni How was the relays?

    2Old Thanks for your number. Your run sounds more positive & fingers crossed for you for Monday.

    Out for early morning swimming training yesterday. It was a great session with lots of racing - not my favourite. We were split into teams & I was worried about the team I was put on as they are speedy swimmers. Thank god I didn't let them down as we won!

    Went on the new treadmill at homeyesterday fell off as I was unsteady on it - I'm not great on them. I'll save a trip to A&E by running outside as I'm safer.

    Out for a LR of 11 miles this morning.

  • All the best for tomorrow guys. Looking forward to reading the reports.

    13.5 for me last night with 9.5 @ 7:01. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy running those long tempos as I hadn't done one for a while. Felt remarkably comfortable image

    I'm thinking of my next couple of possible races - probably Spring 10k in Regents Park next month and then Southend HM the month after that. They fit in nicely with my planned cycle of three weeks hard, one week easy with a race at the end of it.

  • Good luck Chick, DD & 2old. Looking forward to hearing how you all go, imagine it's going to be emotional irrespective of what happens.

    Loved reading the race reports from London, everyone's stories are so unique which is what makes them so enjoyable.

    Lots of cycling going on - think I might have to join the club. Had my op on Thursday & am in complete agony. Managed to shuffle 600 metres around the park in 20 minutes yesterday to try and get the circulation moving, and went twice as far this morning but running seems a long way off. Especially as I went to the outpatients this morning - the back of my leg resembled a slasher movie when they removed the bandages! They told me I have to wear a compression stocking for my whole leg for the next 6 weeks, morning, noon and night. Not sure I'm going to be able to last that long without doing anything or I'll go insane. But equally, running in one fetching brown tight probably isn't going to happen, well not in daylight anyway!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Morning all-two days to go. Chick arrived last night knackered. Hoping to meet at the expo but not certain. I want to get it done.Monday still seems a long way off. Miss2O arrives today .

    Red- nasty op there. Don't forget to work on the upper body during your rehab .. You'll soon be back.

    Pink- some quality training going on by you. Did Barry video the TM disaster?
  • Sat at Heathrow ready to roll, having last Cider before Monday. New shoes arrived with 90 mins to spare!

  • 2old - Good news on the run. Yeah sometimes it's harder arriving a few days early and then having to wait for the race. Did n't video it but it was funny to watch.

    red - Hope its a speedy recovery for you , just say the one brown tight is a new training idea and everyone will be doing it.image

    Strange run for me this morning, just under 21 miles at just over 8's but a real struggle from 16, lack of energy even though I had 2 gels. Maybe still tired from yesterday's bike or last night's stir fry(not many carbs) was n't the right meal choice for a long run.  Got home and felt out of it,  some flat coke, peanut butter on toast, pancakes, some biscuits and a short nap and all good.image

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Redwood - I hope you have speedy recovery

    Barry - that's 2 very good long runs from you in recent weeks. Are you planning another marathon soon?

    2old, DD, Chickadee - massive good luck to you all on Monday

    Today was my first run since London, a parkrun in just over 24 minutes. Legs are still a bit sore, so I think I will do a bit of cycling next week and only a few short runs.

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    I know it's a bit late but here are my thoughts on VMLM 2014.

    Training started 15 weeks before the race, with weekly mileage peaking at 52. I ran 4 runs of 20m, and raced 3 half marathons. On race day I started from the blue start pen 2. I was over the line in about 26s and quickly found myself in a nice pace where everything felt very easy. First mile went by in 7:19. My mile splits are my garmin autosplits so not 100% accurate as my garmin measured 26.56m. The next 3m were all sub 7 and again felt very easy and I kept trying to slow down, but obviously not hard enough! At about 3m I spotted Freemers and we had a quick chat. At this stage it was already quite warm and I was concerned about how the heat would effect me later. The next few miles passed by and my pace seemed to settle at about 7:10. I went through 8m in exactly 57 minutes so still too fast. I then made a very conscious effort to slow down and got to half way in just over 1:34. I was still feeling good and my aim at this stage was to try to keep pace in the 7:15 to 7:20 range up the 30k point. I managed to see the 2 leaders just as I turned off the highway at about 14m, but unfortunately I didn't get to see Mo. The next few miles were all steady and I was still feeling good. We then came to Canary Wharf which is my least favourite part of the course. There's a bit of hill leading up to it and then there are so many twists and turns. Sure enough my pace dropped to 7:24 for this mile, but then the next mile I was back to 7:14. I was now starting to feel the heat and my pace dropped from 7:15 in mile 20 to 7:33 in mile 21 and then to 7:48 in mile 22. At mile 20 I was still on for my A target of 3:12 but by mile 22 I knew this had gone so it was a case of keeping pace to get a 3:13:xx. Thankfully my pace didn't drop below 7:49 and I maintained this pace to the end. I eventually finished in 3:13:40 on my garmin. The official results has my time at 3:14:05 but they have me crossing the start line in 1s rather than the 26s it actually took.



  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    20 miles in the Welsh hills today, but it was mainly walking and chatting - just a good leg loosener after the cycling yesterday.  A bit worried about racing on Thursday.

    Enjoy those Easter Eggs tomorrow - BA has admitted that he has forgotten to get me one (so no change there then!). Luckily I had anticipated this and bought one for myself when I bought his - only mine is twice as big image

    Hope DD is safely in the air............

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Overall I am happy with my time. I wish I had been a bit more disciplined with my pace over the first 10k, but it is hard to keep the pace under control in the early stages of a marathon. My final 20m run was 4 weeks before race day. In hindsight this was maybe a mistake and next time I will stick with the usual 3 week rule.

    The plan now is to recover from the marathon and then work on trying to knock a few seconds of my 10k and half marathon times.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Thanks Pink, she is aiming for a HM at the moment all is going well so far ;0)

    Hi Daren, I am intrigued to see how you get on when you tackle your marathon in the autumn. Your training runs always seem astonishingly pacey...

    Hi Barry, I have been there on a LSR on the back of a stir fry. It was dismal on the last 5 miles.

    Hi col, Sounds as though you had a very controlled race overall and a good time. A lot of people seem to have had a bad year at London so this is one of the good stories ;0)

    Hi 04S, You have just reminded me about the eggs....I'm in trouble unless I perform a mercy dash in the morningimage

    4 miles for me before tea, and I am running with a friend tomorrow who is aiming for 3:30 at Edinburgh. So we will be running at 8:30 for the LSR tomorrow. Will make a nice change....

  • Chick / 2old / DD - best of luck. 

    Great news about GNR Minni!  See they did know who you are all along. Hope you enjoyed the relays yesterday image

    It's always nice when you plan the runs well around the weather Nell! Hope tomorrow's long run goes well.  The miles always fly by with company.

    Enjoy the 11M race Cooks image

    Oompa who said anything about recovered?! I still feel like I'm a bit S&S. 

    Good to hear BA is up to his usual antics O4S.  But what is this ironing you speak of?

    Strong tempo running Daren! I enjoy them too, once you're settled into the pace after a mile or so it's nice to just cruise along.  Have you had any more bother with the stitch? 

    21M Barry?! Another marathon in the pipeline?

    Great report Col. You've run a strong race there - well done hanging on. Strange that your chip time is faster than you thought it would be? 

    Good Friday relays (2.2M per leg) done yesterday caught up with Minni, ran as hard as I could, was coughing like a 40-a-day smoker for the rest of the day so I must have run hard enough image  Did 10M this morning with my local parkrun in the middle.  Next race is now Sunderland HM on 4th May. 

  • No bother with the stitch since the Brentwood HM Carrot, although it never does trouble me during training, however hard I run, only during races.

    Nice report Col. Well done hanging on at the end for a great time.

    I'm currently toying over whether to follow a plan for my marathon. At the moment I'm just doing my own thing, which is pretty structured anyway, but I'm considering the P&D 18-week one. At the moment I'm doing about 55 miles a week, so the

  • No bother with the stitch since the Brentwood HM Carrot, although it never does trouble me during training, however hard I run, only during races.

    Nice report Col. Well done hanging on at the end for a great time.

    I'm currently toying over whether to follow a plan for my marathon. At the moment I'm just doing my own thing, which is pretty structured anyway, but I'm considering the P&D 18-week one. At the moment I'm doing about 55 miles a week, so the up to 55 one would seem like a drop back, particularly in the early stages, so will probably modify the  up to 70 plan and maybe lose one of the GA or recovery runs so it's 5 days a week and peaking at more like 60-65 mpw.

    I have two other concerns with it: 1. There is very little interval work, particularly early on, and I want to carry on going to my club at least once a fortnight so I'll need to work those sessions in somehow. 2. It doesn't seem to taper quite enough for my liking, but I suppose I can just adjust that depending on how I feel as the race approaches.

    I know some of you use P&D or have done? Would you recommend it? What are the pro and cons?

  • DD - New shoes??!!image Not for tomorrow surely?

    Col - Good report and congrats again on a fantastic time.image

    Red - Sorry to hear you've had to go under the knife too.image Hope you have a speedier recovery than me. Bit miffed that I didn't get the brown tight/stocking!image

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