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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- if you can finish Boston you will finish the Big Texan. Enjoy

    DD-rather you than me with those hills..England or Europe for that matter. My calves won't stretch . My very very rough and ready conversion of F into C was to deduct 32 and halve what was left .....still no use if the forecasters get it wrong like last Monday. 

    Now to get ready to watch some football. 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    woke up this morning and decided to do a 9a half... image    1.38. 2nd lady.  Legs still heavy but bagged a good 13.1M MP-ish run... image  

    Nell - yep - I am definitely back in training.  Am mightily annoyed at myself for my training this year and I want to be fast again!

  • omg K.F.C you really are a dark horse, well done!!

    Barry + Pink - hope your race went well today?

    Chick - sounds like you're having a good look around over there, enjoy!

    2old - have you booked a physio for your calf?

    D.D - good to see you've run niggle free, stretch those calves. we use green pens for marking, red is considered an angry colour (hence why i save my red pen to write detentions in contact diariesimage )

    O4S - hope the move is going well.

  • 3 jogs a week seems to be agreeing with the knee, did 6 miles on the bridleways problem free today. Only wearing the garmin to measure distance as am nearly at walking pace! comtemplating a less is more schedule for Abo, could i do a marathon off 3 runs a week....?!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    KFC- nice to be able to pop out and do a decent HM like that 

    Kiwi- will ring Physio on Monday. You're return is coming along nicely 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Kiwi: 3 runs a week should be fine as long as you manage some long ones

    KFC: respect!!

    BA and I went shopping for some things we need to source for the new pad. You will need sunglasses for the kitchen imageimage

  • kfc - Very nice 9a HM.

    Kiwi -  3 runs a week for me for Abo, along with my other stuff,fed up breaking down with injury when I do 5/6 a week.

    DD - Good news on the first run.

    Chick - Your trip sounds great, enjoy your steakimage

    2old -  Yeah using the 26 miles to Abo as a warm up.image

    Stratford HM for me today,was n't sure what to expect but planned to go out at 6:50's. Bit overcast and windy at the start but the rain held off. Said goodbye to Pink  and tried to get near the frontish. Splits:

    6:47,6:45,6:43,6:42,6:50,6:45 gel taken after 6,  all good so far, 7:02,7:14 steady inclines, 6:41,6:53 back on it, 7:01,7:06 into a headwind and knew it was going to be close 6:43 and 6:02(for the last little bit).  Mad sprint at the end as saw clock ticking over 1:30, Garmin logged 1:29:59 so praying to the chip gods to be kindimage. So 6:51 avg  and happy with result.

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    KFC Congratulations

    Kiwi good that you've booked hotel for Abingdon. We live 20 miles away so not too far.

    Chick sounds like you are having a great trip - enjoy

    Well, yes today I was sh*t.  image Rubbish time for me at Stratford 2.07 although that's Garmin time. Didn't help that I threw up at 4 miles which was my own fault for taking on too much liquid travelling up. It was my last HM until Autumn when I will attempt again.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- nice 89 HM. I felt the effects of a headwind when I did my HM last month. It just shows how a sub 1.30 can slip away when the 7s start appearing. Fine effort 

    Pink- never easy running after throwing up so well done toughing it out today. Don't worry about the time ,it's another one banked. 

    More spinning today. Doesn't half get the sweat out 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    HI DD, Nice bike ride, albeit not intentionally, the best things in life come about spontaneously ;0)

    Hi 2old, Yes best visit the physio with the calf. No eyes on me please, I have a sign on my back 'Don't follow me, I'm lost too!'

    HI kfc, Nice HM, congats on the 2nd place...

    HI Barry Nice HM too, pretty consistent splits, and time...unfortunately the wind has been a right pain lately and took away quite a few seconds from us all I think, certainly scuppered my sub 1:30 at Alloa this year ;0(

    Hi Pink, Sorry to hear you had a bad day on the HM, I suppose we learn from past experiences, I am certainly still work in progress image

    HI Chick, sounds as though you are making a good trip out of Boston ;0)

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Along to the Edinburgh Bupa 10 miles today, my wife was running so went along with the kids to do the support crew bit. Chris Thompson ran and won, well he was way in front on the last mile as we ascended Queens Drive. Wife had a good run, it was only her second 10 miler, and she came in on 1:36, she was happy with that. There was actually a few inclines over the course which would have slowed a few people down. Went out for a recovery run this afternoon of 4 miles and then out for tea. Not a bad day!

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Nell Congratulations to your OH. Yep the wind wasn't that great on the course. I was glad to get to my folks for a well earned cup of sweet tea & a hot bath.

    Official time is in & it's 2.08, worse image still lesson learnt for next time - not too much porridge & not to have too much to drink beforehand & my stomach won't feel so full! image

    Hardest part of the day - handing over the £10 bet to Barry as he won! But I then got it back image

  • KFC - Well done 2nd ladyimage

    Barry/ Pink - Good racing

    Kiwi - I've made a career out of running marathons on 3 a week, albeit not a very successful one image

    31m out on the bike today, glorious sunshine , windyimage, and cakeimage.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- great 10 by Mrs N. I'm trying to getMrs 2O to run again. The local park run which has just started is my target when I'm passed fit by the Physio 

    Pink- glad you got the cash back 

    Simon- I tried to get into the Rufford tea room this morning but it was full of cyclists- were you there ? hope the wind was at your back 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Great HM Barry - hope the chip gods smile on you!  I can imagine how hard you were pushing at the end!

    Oh no pink - sounds like it just wasn't your day.  Tempted to find another half soon to give it another go?

    Kiwi - great to hear the knee is happy.  I'm definitely a fan of 3 run a week marathon training - worked for me to my first sub 3.30 at vlm last year.  I found making each run session have a really specific goal (long run, tempo, speed) and using long slow aerobic cross training (biking, swimming) to build endurance worked well.  

    Well done mrs Nell!

    Speaking of OH runners, BH really is getting into his running this year - consistently getting in 4 runs a week now, up to 8 miles, and upping the pace.  Its nice to see the belly going down a little.  He used to be faster than me, need to watch my back!

  • 2old - Yes we got there about 12:30 on our way home. There were about 20 cyclists there when we arrived. It looked like a St. Helens cycling club and another. Luckily glorious sunshine, so we sat outside. How's the calf btw, and does Boston seem like a distant dream now?

  • Nice 9a HM KFC and congrats on the placing.

    Barry, hope the chip time has you dipping under 1:30! A good strong run from you.

    Sorry things didn't go to plan Pink, but lessons learnt that will hopefully help you get sub-2 next time.

    Kiwi, glad to see you're on the way back. Coming back to the club soon?

    Another encouraging long run for me this morning - an accidental 23-miler (wasn't supposed to be quite that long!). Did it before breakfast and with no fuel on the run again. First 5 @ 8:41, next 11 @ 8:10 (mostly off-road) and then last 7 @ 7:12. Overall average was exactly 8mm and completed a new highest mileage week of 61 for me.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone! Back from holiday, where we had no wifi and hardly any mobile coverage so I gave up trying to get online and missed all the excitement from Boston. It sounds like it was a really tough day - so big congrats to Chick, DD and 2old for your results image

    2old - I hope you can get some treatment for your injury, it sounded like a very painful race for you.

    Chick - enjoy your road trip!

    Kfc - excellent HM image

    Barry - fingers crossed it's officially an 89!

    Pink - having thrown up myself in a race I know it's not a great feeling, so well done for getting through that.

    I haven't read back totally yet but I hope everyone is running well and fellow VLM'ers are recovered image

    I have had 2 weeks of no running now, and am getting very itchy feet! But I can still feel some pain when walking so I'm not risking it. I have an appointment on Saturday with my podiatrist so will start there and see what she thinks, before deciding on physio. Until then lots of rolling on a golf ball and iced water bottle...and resist the urge to run!
  • Nell - Congrats to Mrs N on the 10 miler.

    Daren - Very strong finish to your long run.

    Freemers - Welcome back. Thought you, Minni, Brol, AA and Carrot had gone missing. Wise decision to wait, so easy to run and make it worse.

    kfc - always nice to have a bit of "friendly" competition in a relationship. Agree about the 3 quality runs a week, I'm currently doing a tempo, mlr(mixing in some HM and MP miles) and a long one.

    2old - Have you got a specialist spinning bike or do you use a turbo and is there a difference?  Money from bet went towards a future race entry, I'm not that generous.image

    Happy days chip time same as Garmin so sub 90 just.image,  and  v happy with position 69/1995 and age cat 12/332.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- Sub 90  confirmed and well placed-great going.image Like your style reusing the cash. I have a spinning bike -cant recall the brand but its what they use in the David Lloyd near me.. I must invest in a turbo too to do a bit more on my bike.Mrs 2O doesnt like me out on the roads on itimage

    Daren-Very controlled and confidence building LR there

    Free-good to see you enjoyed your holiday and wise to have a rest from running.I hoping to fix an appointment for this week but Bank Holidays mess things up. Boston is becoming a distant memory now

    Simon-I missed you there by 45 mins-I ended up in a cafe in a farm shop in Holmeswood-couldnt cope with all that brightly coloured lycra around meimage

    KFC-I expect to follow the 3 day plan when I can run again.Are you doing any tris in the North West or Lakes this year? Which ones?

    Might swim today

  • 2old - Sounds like you might of been in Homestead farm, which has a nice restaurant too. Mrs 2old will have you out shopping more ,now you can't run or cycle ! You need to get fit soon lol .
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-Yes thats the place.More shopping? my worst nightmare. Better get fixed quick

    Swam 60 lengths(slow) -first swim since November .Clearly this thing called muscle memory works. Unfortunately I then locked my key in my car and had to get a taxi to and back from home with for spare expensive swim


  • Kfc; nice 9a half

    Barry: very nice 89

    Pink: we all have bad days

    2old: didnt drown then, cant beat grown men in lycra.

    Simon: are you training for anything on the bike?

    Free: hope you get all clear for foot

    mrs Nell: well done

    will run an easy 5 whilst monsters at scouts.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD-ah those were the days ...a quick 5/6 miles whilst the young ones were at swimming rugby music drama scouts guides tutors easy to sneak those extra miles in....still it's much cheaper now.  Some of those men should be beaten for wearing some of that stuff 

  • DD - Nothing specific, will probably do some sportives during the summer. How's the training going for LEJOG, or is it JOGLE ?
  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Barry - well done on the 89.

    Pinklady - sorry you had a bad day. Well done for toughing it out.

    kfc - congrats on 2nd lady in the HM especially the day after a parkrun. My parkrun time was 19:50. Better than I was expecting but slower than i was was pre London.

    Nell - well done to Mrs Nell. A good 21m run from you. How many more longs before Edinburgh?

    O4S - 83% age grading on tired legs! Fantastic!

    DD - it's great to hear you are running pain free. Good miles on the bike.

    Kiwi - I find consistency the key, and if you can run 3 times a week consistently then you will do well.

    Darren - that's a great long run. Very fast last 7 miles.

    Chickadee - sounds like an enjoyable holiday

  • Barry - fab h.m result and yay the chip confirmed the sub 90!

    Pink - put it down to a bad day at the office, we all have those - well done for continuing after throwing up, as others have said it's all miles banked.

    Well done to Mrs Nell on her 10 miler. Good to see the other halves are getting into their running too! I'm contemplating buying Mr Kiwi his own garmin so he stops nicking mine!

    Simon - sounds like you had a great cycle ride!

    Daren - wow an impressive 23 miler there, you are on such a roll, bring on that autumn marathon! Not going to come back to club just yet, my minute miling is snail pace, don't think they'd have a slow enough group for me! Want to get some confidence back first.

    Hope you had a nice holiday Freemers - sounds like the right thing to rest your foot until the podiatrist has looked at it.

    Thanks for the feedback on the 3 runs a week, usually do 5-6 in marathon training but think I need to approach Abingdon differently - it is going to be about arriving at the start line uninjured and finishing not pbing, so if 3 runs a week does the trick then so be it! Like others am thinking along the lines of intervals, mlr with tempo, and lsr.....

  • Kiwi: since the very start of this thread i have always said that the three core sessions in any week are, intervals, tempo and LSR. if you want to stick the tempo into your MLR. Then I reckon that will work fine, would suggest that you cross train as well, either cycling or swimming on the mo run days. I ran all my PB's off Tri training and so did many others.

    Simon: its LEJOG in September so have only just started cycling again in earnest but have done some cycling throughout the winter so its no biggy.

    2Old: trouble is though that my kids still live at home and will do for ages, yours have flown. The joys of being an older dad! At least I daren't get unfit as as I have to keep up! 

    My easy / trendy five weren't nearly as niggle free as yesterdays or Boston, clearly my body doesn't like consecutive days running at present so its back to Tri training and running. 3 or 4 times per week. 

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    2Old I used to do spinning, found it hard especially when the trainer would say put the gears  to 15 - I would be struggling on 7! That was at David Lloyd here. Used to be a member.

    KFC I had intended to concentrate on shorter distances through the summer as I have a couple of races booked & then run a HM in September. Now there is a HM in July so thinking about giving it a shot. Glad BA is doing well with his running.

    Kiwi Your right but I think I need to push myself more in races. Surprised though as I was slowing at 12m & a lady behind me told me to keep going as she had been following me the whole way round & I had kept her going. I hadn't noticed her until then.

    Free good luck with your appointment & hope you had a good holiday?

    After yesterday I was at the pool for 6am today as I had been invited to try an early morning swimming session. Thought it would help the legs & it did so that's me now early morning swimming once a week as well as a Friday session. I thought I would start feeling really tired mid afternoon but surprisingly stayed awake. Strange though as myself & Barry spent 10 years taking our daughter early morning swimming which I didn't enjoy.

  • Kiwi - 3 a week and x-training will keep you in good shape.

    DD - So this is the uphill oneimage. What will it be, 9x100mile days approx

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