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  • Nell - Good pace on your return to running.

    2old - good news so far on your diagnosis. Target is IM before I'm 50 which is August 2016.

    AA - Nice speed repeats from you, I reckon 7:40 pace for Nice.image

    Still no running from me, plenty of swimming/biking.  Have finally succumbed to a cold but not really changing my training and I feel better after.

    I've reported the Thread to the Moderator to try and get it shown on the thread headings, if anyone else wants to do it to try and give it a bit more support.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry -complaint made . So no messing about on your part -straight to IM. Think it's a no no for me after recent blackout (not without a divorce anyway.)Enjoy the rest London training starts soon.
  • Hi Chick, Hope the cold is clearing up? My daughter has just come back from a sleepover with a cold today, so I suppose it will work around the household now.

    Hi AA, Wow 7 days until The Riviera? Keeping my fingers crossed for you. image

    Hi Barry, I guess the swimming and cycling can keep you busy. IM by Aug 2016....good luck! image

    Hi 2old, Yes I guess announcing you were going for an IM after your recent scare would go down like the Zeppelin!

    Out this morning for 10 miles at 7:03mm average. Bit of a windy morning, but it was dry. Had to push a bit harder into the wind, but I think I am getting back into things a lot better than I previously have. Not sure whether it is down to the plan or just understanding the body better (or a combination!). I did have 10 days with nothing and then have came back in running alternate days with S&C on the inbetween days which seems to be working. Plan is to try and keep a good base fitness up over the winter and then hit a 12 week plan for London.

  • Nell - you have definitely recovered well - some very quick miles there.

    AA - nice intervals. What's the weather forecast for Nice-Cannes? Sounds like a lovely place for a marathon ai go nice and steady and take in the scenery!

    A rare thing from me these days - a race report! Bungay Great East Run Half Marathon. Bit of a late decision to do it, entered on the day. The plan was not to race it, but do a decent enough pace. As I left the house I said to my OH that I was aiming for 1.40.

    The weather wasn't the best - very gusty wind, but it was still quite warm. The course has some annoying hills - only one very steep on but several others than are just long drags. I started quick on a downhill mile, with a 7.02 but then reined it back and plodded out the remainder at between 7.30 and 7.40 pace. Ended up with 1.39.55, so my prediction was pretty good! Not a great time by any means but it was what I wanted given where I think I am at the moment. And 2nd lady, 1st F45, plus beer in the goody bag....not a bad day's work!
  • The thread is back - well done Barry and 2old, your reprting worked!!
  • Freemers - sounds like a perfect half. Well done. 

    5 miles progressive for me this morning finishing with the last mile @8 min mile. Intervals tomorrow, 3 miles probably on thursday then I'm done! Weather is looking @17!degrees with afternoon rain. Keep checking variois websites to see one I like!!image

  • Alrighty all. I see the thread has risen like Lazarus image I am back in the marathon saddle. Got a ballot place for London so am currently ramping up the running to get to something reasonable at plan start. At around 30mpw at the mo. 

    Did a load of tris over summer which were great fun, but ended doing only around 15mpw while i was doing them hence the need for some base building.

    Trust all are well. chin chin

  • AA not long to go for you now

    2Old Wise decision & well done for sorting the thread

    Nell nice 10 miles there

    Great result from your HM Freemers - congratulations

    Welcome back Ant

    Had a bit of a cold last week after having the flu jab. Went to swimming group Thursday evening & ended up being timed for 400m which was great but we had to swim it 3 times. Good though that I have an idea of my time as there are a couple of tri's I would like to take part in early next year. 

    Went out on the road bike Saturday & cycled 10 miles followed by a (very) short run on Sunday. Saw Barry's physio today as I have been having trouble with my left shoulder so no swimming for me until later this week. Luckily it's nothing major just tightness of muscles & I should be ok if I do the exercises I've been given. Going to try & run tomorrow after work.

  • Just back from visiting family in Edinburgh - hadn't seen (or contacted) the cousin I stayed with for over 40 years!! ran 6 days out of 7 up to last Friday and think I might have tried to come back too quickly, feeling exhausted after running yesterday and today even tbough at a slow 5 miles and even slower 4 miles it should have felt easy. Guess I need to be a bit more patient and build up more gradually image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    hey the rumours are true - the thread is back!


    I haven't been able to access this for ages.  AA sent me a link on my phone but when I clicked on it I wasn't logged in and when I logged in it wouldn't go back to the thread.  I gave up in the end.  I had also reported it. 

    Had a quick read back.  I know most of what's been going on from AA.

    Freemers - you're back?!

    Quick update from me.  I ran Thunder Run (can remember if the thread disappeared before or after that) but haven't done much since.  I'm trying to tick over with 3 or 4 runs a week of 3 or 4 miles in length but can do further slowly off road, if the mood suits.  I've been cycling a bit and done some 25-30m rides. And, shock horror, I've embraced the pool. image image image  This is proving a bit of a life saver and it gives me something to get my teeth into and I'm even getting slightly addicted.  I'm not very good but up to 20 lengths now.  I'm going to do a tri next year. image

    Life over the end of the summer and early Autumn was a bit turbulent with Miss Minni going to Uni and being very homesick.  I had to be all grown up for a good few weeks.  It was hard going.  All seems to be well now though, fingers crossed.  

    Surgery is in 5 weeks.  Its taking forever to come around. 

    So, who's doing what?


  • yay, working again image

    Freemers - nice one + a bit of bling, whoop!

    Minni - hope that 5 weeks goes quickly, sooner to be on the road to recovery!

    O4S - 6 out of 7 days running, no wonder you were feeling tired.

    pink hope the shoulder gets sorted.

    Ant - nice one getting a ballot place.

    Nell - fab how quickly your speed bounced back.

    A.A -crazy women, 2 marathons so close together but you will do good.

    2old - hope your health is ok.

    Barry, wow planning an IM.

    Still being sensibel

  • here, single digit runs and lots of squats etc to build the knee back up. A new gym opened round the corner from home - tried bodypump tonight, think i survived but my arms might say otherwise tmrw! all going well eyeing a local marathon start of May image

  • Thought I'd say hello, just entered Manchester and am hoping for sub 3:30 so this thread looks a great place for sharing experiences! Sub 3:30 will be a big step up for me (have made some big improvements over the summer and recently got a new PB of 3:41). My main target for spring is actually an Ultra, which I know I'll need to run slowly to finish, but want to make sure in training to go long, I don't lose the ability to go "fast" over other distances, so should be an interesting few months ahead! 

  • Morning all

    Hello to Mc Hilly. You've come to the right place to spur you onto the sub 3.30. Plus taking 11 minutes off is definitely achievable if you put your mind to it - lots of us have also taken big chucks at a time. image

    Minni - kinda back I suppose! My foot only hurts after a run now, which I'm taking as a positive thing. Not much by way of speed yet but plodding out the miles on the long runs at least, and trying to fit at least one run of some sort of quality in, with the rest just steady pace/recovery. Next up is Norwich HM at the end of this month, then just build up gradually for the spring. You are being very patient waiting for your op....have they told you anything about what the rehab will be afterwards?

    Aiming for a trendy 5 later.
  • 25 mile event on Saturday in the Peak District - forecast heavy rain all day image

    Next week 15 mile run to the pub in Bath with the club, end of Nov the Wiltshire HM. Then XC and a 20 mile off-road before Christmas and 3 races from Boxing Day to New Years Day. Need to try and start to build the speed back up, but I still have pain and breathing problems from the rib so slowly does it. Lots of spinning as well image

    What ultra are you planning McHilly?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Wow-good to see that the RW powers that be were listening and good to see so many old chums back ...and a new one..welcome McHilly. Now need to read back

  • Oh helloimageimageimage

    It's been a while... good to see the thread has been resurrected!

    I'm back to proper training following the York mara and gearing myself for the Comrades next year. A few races planned before then including the Dorset Coastal Trail mara in December and VLM but all done as training runs rather than raced all out.

    Welcome McHilly. I


  • Nell - Nice 10 miler, cheers for the plan.

    2old - All depends how well I cope with the open water swimming next year, me and Pink have got our first tri(sprint) in April, then hopefully ramp the distance up through the year.

    kiwi - Good news, plenty of time to ramp the mileage up through spring.

    Freemers -  Yeah you're definately back, that's a good return to racing and congrats.

    Ant - Will see you on the blue start at VLM.

    Brol - welcome back, I read on another thread that York went well for you.

    Minni - Good to have you back, 20 lengths sounds good to me, let's both hope 2016 is a good year for going long.image

    O4S - Business as usual ,a nice quiet Christmas for you and BA. image

    McHilly - welcome, how close is your ultra to VLM, will be interesting to see how the longer runs for your ultra work out for VLM. O4S is the thread font of knowledge for ultra running. The rest of us think 26.2 is far enough.image

    AA - The south of France is a good place to be at the weekend, the weather looks pretty rubbish here.

    Swimming yesterday and after warm up did 2 x 400m timed swims, came out at 10.54 and 10.46 which I know is not very fast but is nearly a minute quicker than a time trial I did in September so progress is being made. Still 2 minutes slower than Pink so need to put some more work in.image   20k on the the exercise bike after nights this morning,  bike is now fixed after visit from engineer this morning  and pivots the right way to simulate the incline/decline.

  • Barry - yes see you at the start - I think I put sub 3:15 down, but am currently not in that shape. Here's hoping Jack Daniels will do the trick (book not drink variety). And glancing back you're planning an Ironman! Jolly good if you fancy a whole day's worth of hell image

    Free - still a painful foot, curses. I was going to do the Norwich half, but am building up slowly instead. I have signed up for the Brentwood half in Spring if anyone else is doing it. Kiwi? Daren?

    2old - how's your achilles?

  • Ant - Check a couple of pages back, Daren had a health scare so had to ditch his autumn marathon plans so don't think he will  be racing in the near future. 3:15 for me too, as always, think I was in pen 2 last time.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    McHilly-welcome again.Looks like you've got some tough challenges ahead but after your last Marathon PB, surely sub 3.30 will be there for the taking.What schedule will you be following?

    Bro-good to see you again.How did you do in York? If the next two are training runs what is the A marathon race?

    Minni-considering your ongoing injury you've kept ticking over nicely and with that swimming Ironman beckonsimage. Hope you'll stay around now

    Ant-all those tris will give you a good base for your marathon training. Looks like a big crowd from here are going to be at London.My achilles is fine now-regular professional massages did the trick. Shame about my other issues though. If you read back you will see Daren has quit after a bit of a scare.

    Nell-yes a Zeppelin or lead balloon whichever best sums it up.Im struggling to get her to let me do any training at the mo.Looks like youve recovered very well and quickly from York ...maybe you didnt try hard enough thereimage

    Pink-Swimming caused me shoulder pains too so a recent break probably did me some good as it will you.Keep trying  to get out running as much as you can

    AA-cant believe you are doing another in a few days.

    O4S-dont think you are any more measured in returning to running than I am.Your schedule of coming races is pretty intimidating to say the least

    Free-very respectable HM there and congrats on your placing and bling.You've collected a few of those this year. Great confidence builder for VLM

    Kiwi-good to see you planning a marathon again.Its taken some time but you look just about ready .

    Barry-good swim tests-cant say Id be much quicker after my absences from swim club. Think you are going to put in a lot of miles on that bike.

    Despite my drama and enforced rest last month still managed 109 miles of running ,9 miles of swimming and a paltry 25 miles on the bike. Doubt  I will do much more this month .21k run today.




  • 2Old- I ran 3:19 in York which I was very happy with as I'd bombed in every race in the run up so it could've gone either wayimageimage

    The Comrades is the next A race. I will try to get a couple of fast halves/ 10ks somewhere along the way but I don't think I'll be putting a lot of pressure on myself over shorter stuff until after the comrades.

  • Ant - shame you won't make Norwich. Not sure I can do Brentwood - I've got some 20 mile races around the same time and may not want to do a half as well, plus I hate the drive down the A12 as it goes on forever!. I'm doing one in February near Colchester (Great Bentley), a bit closer to home.

    Bro - Comrades got a bit more tempting when I listed to the interview with Tom Williams and his Dad on Marathon Talk a few weeks ago. But then my legs got tired at 15 miles on my last long run and I decided marathon distance is definitely my limit!
  • Hi freemers, Nice HM and very expertly predicted and a good place, certainly not a bad shift. Hope the trendy 5 went well image

    Hi AA, Fingers crossed for you, hope you feel ok? I always find the Weather Channel gives me the best French Forecast.  image

    Hi Ant, Sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy. Hopefully the mix has kept you in good shape..

    Hi Pink, Sounds like you need to loosen up with some good running ;0)

    Hi o4s, You should have said I would have come for a run with you in Edinburgh. We are on the south side, Fairmilehead...

    Hi Minni, Nice to hear from you. That sounds a healthy addiction ;0)

    Hi kiwi, It will be tomorrow that you really ache!

    Hi Mc Hilly, Manchester is a good course I hear so hopefully you will meet your target.. will Manchester be a training run for the ultra?

    Hi Brol, I enjoyed York. Weather was pretty much perfect....can't say I enjoyed the hill at the end. Someone with a wicked sense of humour I guess.

    Hi Barry, You are welcome, hope it helps. You running again yet?

    Hi 2old, lol! Yes maybe I didn't! Well done you and Barry for getting the page was getting quiet ;0)

    6 miles this morning at av 7:10mm. getting colder in the mornings now, but can't complain it is November!

  • 4x600s done today @15.4kph. Same session I did the Tuesday before Abo. Legs felt ok. Just wish I can shake this cold. I actually feel worse today than yesterday. image

  • Nell: no chance of keeping up with you image

    5 mile run this morning, 2 hours dog walking to help out a friend plus an hour long spin class.  

     Freemers:  is Great Bentley anywhere near Clacton?

    AA: are you doing Bramley again next year and do you know the date?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    AA - still loads of time to recover from your cold.image

    Nell - what time did you do in York? I wish is know you'd be there and I would have cheered you on. I had the weekend there with Brol and a few others. It was hard work running around to get to as many spectating places as possible...!

    2old - image. Maybe me and Barry will have an IM smack down!

    Will be in London supporting as I doubt I'll be able to run.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- I will be in London supporting too if I can't make it-Miss 2O has a place. Like the idea of you and Barry in the IM washing machine together .

    AA-paracetamol ,fluids ,and sleep. Need to be 100% 

    Bro- Great Result-same time as Barry at Abo. Comrades... ?Rather you than me .By shorter stuff I assume you mean mere marathon distance image

    Nell- a Scot- you are aren't you?- complaining about the cold?? What's going on?

    better performance by Liverpool tonight but still lostimage


  • Thanks for all the Welcomes, looks like a great active thread so looking forward to following and contributing. I haven't yet figured out what my training plan is, as my main target is Comrades. For marathons I've previously used the RW schedules, so thinking of using the sub 3:30 as a base, making sure I do what it says, but adding in some additional long runs on Saturdays, increasing the length of some of the Sunday runs. have entered a few CTS marathons over the winter, they should give me some practice for walking uphills image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    MC - brolish is doing comrades too so see what she says. My mate who from the sub 3:15 thread who did comrades last year would say its a bad idea to try and pb at marathon in the comrades build up. By the time you take the taper and recovery you've missed a month of training at a crucial point.
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