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  • 2old - good luck with all that tomorrow. 

    o4S - i would have been miffed at all that running then missing out on the pubimage

    freemers - you sound like you're marathon training already!!

    pink - Wokingham half training starts nowimage

    looks like I've recovered ok now a few toe nails have fallen off! couple is sixes over the weekend and a trendy 5 yesterday. Will give myself a few more weeks of easy stuff. Really recommend the marathon though. Fantastic course. Not hilly. Even the climb up to Antibes wasn't much If you regularly run hills. might try and wack out a parkrun in the next few weeks, then I've got the Reading Santa Run for a laugh and a 10 miles muddy hilly gutbuster run 28th december. 

  • 2old: I'll give my verdict on the bum ( toned v conditioned) at the Green Start image

    AA: great when those toenails know when to quit!  Our usual hotel for Bramley was already fully booked a couple of weeks ago. Being beside a pub I guess it is because it is Valentine's Day.  I think BA was more upset that the reason he got so lost was because he can no longer keep up with the group. I waited for him early on, but then had to nearly kill myself to catch the others.

    Really enjoyable 5.5 miles at the club last night - beginning to realise what a good workout you get as group leader racing from the back to the front at intervals, a combined tempo and interval session image

  • Not quite marathon training yet - I'm calling it base training, but aiming to get my first 20 in next month.  But also not intending to do quite as many 20's as last time (10), so would like to be able to alternate weeks with a 20 and then a 15 or HM. Probably still get 6 or 7 20s in though which is plenty!  The real training will start in January though when I'll put more structure around the quality sessions.

    Yes, doing VLM, green start image  Speaking of which I had a dream last night where I was trying to break into the Serbian Embassy (don't ask!) and they were playing the London Marathon theme tune in idea what that was about! image

    Norwich HM on Sunday - like the last one I'm not looking for anything quick, it's just about getting a decent tempo effort in at the moment. 

  • o4s - Not sure about cutting back, the amount of training/races you complete puts most of us to shame on here.

    2old - Not quite loving the swimming yet, but loving the challenge. Busy couple of days for you, would make sense to do some exercise while wearing the ECG.

    AA - Pink reckons 13 weeks til Wokingham, a few weeks base then get on to the quicker stuff.

    Minni - I'll be at VLM next year but will be slumming it on the Blue Start.image

    Freemers - Sounds a similar plan to me regarding long runs.

    An hour in the pool this afternoon, trying to get bilateral breathing mastered and stopping my arms crossing as currently I am not swimming straight. Then 5 miles slow as the sun went down.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- I'm looking forward to your inspection ..I always worry when I see you run short distances and intervals....are planning to clean up all the bling in your races this winter ?

    Free- think your not quite marathon training is pretty serious marathon training for others. I did too many 20s for Boston though not as many as you. So nay do a couple fewer. We'll see .

    AA-thanks for your good wishes. Quite enjoyed the MRI. Some of the noises were a bit like techno rock pounding away. You recovered quickly from your marathon. Enjoy your races 

    Barry- i did a treddy 10k this evening. The ECG reading should be interesting. a Your bilateral will click. Keep at it. It can fall apart again in open water though. 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Marathon dreams already Freemers! Mind you, recently I dreamt I found myself on the start of a 10k race. I pb'd and it felt so easy I felt like I was gliding along on a bike...then I realised I was!!

    2old - I fell asleep in the MRI machine! Strangly relaxing. When do you get the ECG results?

    Barry - I'm the same, loving the challenge of swimming. I went today, between meetings, but wasn't really feeling it. A hilly run on Saturday has caused extra hip irritation. Once I get sorted I need to really tackle bilateral breathing. At the moment I struggle with the left but when I've pushed in I've ended up in pain.
  • AA your right, the training does start now. I have been looking at a training plan & may have to tweak my working hours to get some lunchtime runs in. I counted 13 weeks till race day.

    2Old I'm swimming training at the club 3 times a week now & definitely notice a difference when I run. Good luck with the ECG results.

    Minni bilateral breathing will suddenly click. I used to regularly crash into the lane ropes when I was practising it & worry if someone else was in the lane as I would be all over the place. You'll get there but as I keep saying to Barry it takes time. I never thought I would be where I am now with swimming & two years ago I couldn't swim & was scared of being under water - I'm now loving it more than I thought & have signed up to my first tri. Keep going.

    Swimming training Monday morning consisted of 12 300's or as many as you can manage so mine was 6. Rest yesterday. Run planned for tonight as have to step on it now ready for the new year.


  • Hi Minni, I am in for London, managed to get a GFA.Never seen a MRI machine, but I can't imagine sleeping in one, they look a bit scary...image

    Hi AA, Back to running already, I thought you would be having a nice rest?

    Hi o4s, nice interval session image

    Hi Freemers, Have you thought of having those dreams analysed?

    Hi 20ld, I like the way you slip in the MRI in between a run and a swim!

    Hi Barry, Your perseverence in the pool is admirable!

    Hi Pink, It is no fun waiting for it to click, I remember being on holiday years ago and my daughter tried to get from one end to the other of a monkey bar ladder of about 15. She managed 3 or 4, I applauded her and said by the end of the week she would make it to the end. I was there for 2 hours until she got it. My wife left me with her and informed me that was my gene inside her! image

    6 miles yesterday at 7:12mm average. Arch of my left foot slightly aching but getting better. I think it was down to the other weekend when i did a interval session on the Saturday followed by a 10 mile run on the Sunday. Think I pushed too hard too soon. S&C this morning.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Is this turninginto a swimming thread?image

    Minni-I was told I only hear something ,possibly after 2 weeks if there's something in the ECG that needs following up.Very satisfactory-not! I will be ringing them then for sure.Take care of that hip. When is the op?

    Nell-caution..dont injure yourself ...sub 3 expected from you in the pressure.

    Pink-do some actually swim 12, 300s? Amazing. I might try working up from 6 plus warm up/cool down to 8 .Great progress by you .Ive been swimming off and on( a lot off )since I was 5 but only recently felt that I was starting to improve .

    Was going to swim this lunchtime but think it better not to after having a flu jab earlier. 8.5 miles run yesterday

  • I'm one of those swimmers who just get in the water and swim. One pace. Never do intervals. Just lazy with it!!! I love the open water now though so rarely swim through the winter!! 

    Nell - watch that foot. Get the tennis ball out!

    2old - good to see you're doing ok. MRIs are so noisy!

    freemers - you are well into base training already! Your bar at the start of the campaign will be nice and high! Good luck on Sunday. What's the planned finish time this week? 

    Minni - how many weeks til the op?

    easy 9 miler for me this morning. Gonna try out a new parkrun on Saturday. I've got the choice of 4 all within 20 minutes from me! Me and mr AA are gonna do Newbury! 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Op is 9th December, 2 and a bit weeks.

    Swim for me today. Decided to take a more aggressive aproach and found I wasn't any more tired. 32 lengths d&d.

    Aim before surgery is to knock a minute off my off my 10 length time trial and swim a mile.
  • 2old - You are getting in some good mileage.

    AA - Newbury the quickest course then.image

    Nell - Take care with your foot, PF can be a nightmare.  Hoping to see some return for my perseverance.

    Minni - Very good swimming,  I think you 're a bit ahead of me. I do think my main problem when I swim is exhaling all the bad air out so might give your approach a try.

    Managed to get out on the bike yesterday for a 14 mile blast before the sun went .down. An hour in the pool today, went to a different pool,  which is 33m,  a bit strange at first getting used to the extra distance per length.  Our eldest was life guarding which is a bit ironic the amount of time I watched her swim training when she was younger in the same pool and now she was watching me. After warm up managed 2 x 400's which went OK. Then came home and did 40 mins slow on the tready.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-not long to go. It's good to watch the rapid improvement that occurs in the early days of training in a new discipline. 

    Barry- that was a sprint TRI yesterday and today plus a bit more by you...Nice going. Did your eldest express any views about your style? Miss 2O was very scathing about mine two years ago....then , tact was never part of her personality. I swam a 33m pool in a TRI in September made the distance seem to go much quicker .Yes i decided that as I couldn't get to the pool I'd try and make up for some of the lost miles. Did 16 on the TM tonight in 2.10 and wasn't really pushing it so I must still have some endurance  left in me. Thats 40 miles in the last 4 days so I'd better back off a bit. 

  • AA I've started my HM Training image Enjoy the Parkrun Saturday

    2Old Good mileage there. At swimming training most of the group complete the 12 300's in that particular session. I'm not one of them but I am still swimming 2300m during that time. Plus we are racing lengths after. The amount increases every week & it is all about endurance.

    Nell look after your foot

    Minni Not long until your op. Good swimming there. I like your approach which I think will help.

    Ran 4 miles during my lunchbreak yesterday & followed my old route - the hills which I really enjoyed. Swimming training last night which is very similar to the session Barry attends on a Saturday. Lots of pull buoy work & racing. Usual Friday night swimming club tonight.

    I've started putting a plan together to up my running mileage. I also need to get going on the bike as I don't want to be beaten in that Tri by my OH image

  • Hi 2old, Sub 3? Not sure about that at London! Back to the running now I see, with a vengeance?

    Hi AA, Yes Golf ball at the desk at work today, brought out a few odd looks ;0) Careful on the parkrun, don't want to push too hard too soon after the marathon...been there image

    Hi Barry, Still mixing it well.

    Hi Minni, Interesting on the swimming theory, I bet you can't wait to get the surgery out of the way?

    Hi Pink, What you will lose in the bike to your OH I am sure you will make up on the swim image

    5 miles yesterday at 7:13 mm average. Foot seemed to loosen up on the second half. I am keeping off the intervals and not gone back to playing football. So I will be patient and see how things go. Will try a run in the morning and just see how things go...

  • 2old - Excellent mileage from you and ramping the distance up well. Have you planned any races before VLM.  Eldest said my swimming was a getting better, which would not be too hard.image

    Nell - Good news on the foot.

    Nell Blue wrote (see)

    Hi Pink, What you will lose in the bike to your OH I am sure you will make up on the swim image

    Yeah hoping to not lose too much time on the swim, we already have a side bet sorted.

    Swimming training at the club session went well on Friday evening but knew it was too good to be true as yesterday afternoon's session was a bit crap.  Brick session this morning, 50 minutes on the bike followed by a 7.5 mile slow run. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- that's some swimming that in an hour too?  Yes build up the runs. Time to think about a marathon image

    Barry- I'm interested to see where all the TRI stuff takes you in VLM next year.  What are you doing a day on average 1.5 hrs?  And no injury or niggles ...touch wood. I have a half booked for December if Mrs 2Old lets me otherwise it's a 10k in Feb and a half in March as usual.  

    Nell- good to see you can still play football. I gave up at 40 when I got injured every game. Now I get injured every month or so running image

    Did an hours spinning yesterday and will try and get out later today. 

    My eldest did his first marathon the other day took 7.5 hours! it was part of the Mansalu trail race in Nepal and was over 200k and which he did in about 7 days. The marathon involved over 3000 metres of ascent. Wouldn't mind but he just said he was going trecking.On the way he got to make friends with Lizzie Hawker who it appears is a top world class ultra runner. Maybe I should jack my job in too like him. image

  • Pink/Barry: BA did the swim, the cycle and the run all faster than me when we last did a tri together. I still beat him image   I am prepared to sell the secret to the highest bidder image  He still hasn't forgiven me........................

    20 miles off road yesterday and a gentle 4/5 today. Still struggling to run fast or uphill with the aftermath of the broken rib. Have been told to wait for the 3 month milestone and then ask if there is anything wrong image

  • 2old - Current daily training avg is 80 mins which will increase as my running/cycling distance increases.  I'm going to stick with the 3 runs a week plus cycling/swimming for VLM as it served me well for Abingdon especially with the 5 weeks running missed. I've heard of Lizzie Hawker, sounds like your son is having a great experience.

    o4s -  Good distance even if you are struggling a little.  Did BA get lost in transition.image

  • Hi Barry, Yes as 2old said I too will be interested to see how you get on next year with the training regime. As you say it stood you well for Abingdon.

    Hi o4s, Nice miles off road, How does the rib feel at the moment?

    Hi 2old, Lizzie Hawker eh? Hard-core woman there! Some race to start off with... Yes, unfortunately my footballing companions keep reminding me, as my running gets better, my football suffers. They put it in more colourful words though image

    Out yesterday for 10 miles at 7:07mm average and out for 6 miles this morning at 7:14mm average. Foot was ok, just a bit of an ache just up to 2 miles and then loosened up and felt not too bad. I have a visit to the physio tomorrow so will get her to have a look....

  • Barry: it was certainly in transition that the deed took place. All I am prepared to say at this stage is 'socks'

    Nell: deep breaths still create a sharp pain in the rib area - hence the problem with hills and speed. Beginning to wonder if the break hasn't healed cleanly image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-sounds like you hid his socks. Tut tut. You keep knocking out the miles pain or no pain. 

    Nell- so you know who she is .?  I miss the team banter. Not a bad weekend running by you.  

    Barry- another whose heard of her! I need to read a bit more. He's having a ball. Off the Singapore and Hong Kong next to find work (I hope) . Good training plan. Don't forget to build rest in  as it's high intensity stuff. 

    8miles tonight- refreshingly cold -bringing up about 50 for the week. Won't be doing that much again for a while I expect. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I've had a drink with Lizzy (y not ie) Hawker and two others in my local pub. Beat that!image
  • 2old: how dare you, BA is more than capable of sabotaging himself image

    The socks were exactly where he left them, but in the whole history of recorded time I doubt if anyone, anywhere in the world has ever taken so long to put on a pair of socks and shoes image. Transition 2 was little better - who would have thought that taking off a cycle helmet could be so complicatedimage

  • Hi 2old, Funny you mention her, I was on a training course at work recently and one of my French colleagues is a trail runner and he had seen her mentioned her from the Mont Blanc races, I think she has won a few? I think I read about her also in RW not so long ago.... 50 miles this week 2old? Wowza, talk about coming back strong image

    Sorry Minni, I once had a drink with the guy that played Benny in Crossroads image

    That sounds painful o4s, from your stories, I think laughing might cause a bit of pain too? image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    My husband's great uncle wrote for crossroads!! Lol

    I wonder how Freemers got on today?
  • Thanks for asking Minni - here goes!

    Norwich Half Marathon race report

    As some of you know this race starts and finishes at the Norfolk Show Ground. On the whole this is good as it brings out lots of spectators and the facilities are pretty good (OK so the changing room is a cow shed but they do muck it out ????). But as it had been raining since the early hours of the morning, by the time I got there it was already a quagmire.

    I huddled in the shed for a bit before dropping off my bag and finding a stretch of path to warm up on. I'd gone with just shorts and t-shirt and it was absolutely freezing in the rain but anything more would have just got saturated and heavy. I lined up mid way between the 1.30 and 1.45 markers and off we went.

    The first section is in the show ground, including a bit across some muddy grass so it was muddy from the start. And the rain was just relentless throughout. I never got warm in the slightest and couldn't feel my hands but I was running well.

    Once we were out onto the road I got into a pack of runners and we started churning out some decent miles around 7.10 pace. From about mile 4 to 5.5 there are a couple of downhill sections so I pushed the pace a bit there with two sub 7 miles. Then the course changed from previous years with a nasty steep hill for half a mile, so mile 6 was 7.30. Once at the top we entered the show ground again - over another muddy grassy section and then back out for the second lap.

    I felt good all the way really until we hit the hill the second time. My last couple of miles were around 7.50 pace but I was really pleased to cross the line just over 1.35 on the gun time and 1.34.47 chip time. That's my 2nd fastest ever HM and given how bad the weather was I have to be made up with that. 14th lady and 1st F45 - not bad in a field of 3000 runners. I might have won some cash but wasn't hanging around to find out as I just needed to get warm and then home for a hot bath!
  • Freemers, great report, and congrats on your placing!

  • Free- great racing in those conditions you really should be made up! A long run yesterday was enough for me in that rain, can't imagine racing...

    Another xc for me on Saturday- total mud fest as expected. 10k planned for this Saturday and Dorset mara next week. I'm a bit apprehensive about that one...not sure I quite understand what I'm getting myself intoimage. But I'm sure it will be fine...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free-sounds like a pretty brutal experience so you did especially well,congrats on your place too. Im convinced mud is for hippos only

    O4S-sure you didnt sew his socks together? I had hat trouble in a tri I did in May.I took my helmet off before I had racked my bike so I was ordered to put it back on and clip it.After racking the bike my very cold hands couldnt unclip the strap on my helmet and I floundred there for what seemed a lifetime.I can empathase with BA.

    Minni/Nell-I have to get out more -Im the only one here who hasnt met her it seemsimageMaybe my eldest can engineer an introduction now?

    Nell-Im trying to build a bit of a base before the New Year

    Bro-Dorset should go well with all the experience you have

    8 miles today in just over an hour 

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