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  • I am anticipating a dreadful hangover tomorrow image

  • Found you! New phone, so didn't have the saved link and forgot my password for runner's world :-/

    Gross about pulling toenails off.

    Another, whose running week has been killed by work. Managed body pump and one 3 miler, off out for 10 this morning.

    Enjoy the weekend runs peeps ????
  • Not sure why my smiley came out as question marks! Retry image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- hangovers are great prep for LRs. 

    Kiwi- thought you'd gone walkabout 

    YNW today. 20.11- exactly same time as last one in Sept so fitness not so bad. 6th overall and 1st for age group. Enjoyed the run as I had a mini race with another guy who I led all the way until the final sprint. I had decided to avoid sprints until I'd seen the cardiologist. Glad I did as he vomited when he finished. Winner did it in 15.43???????

  • Hi freemers, Glad to hear you are feeling fresher now, nice to know work can assist in your recovery  image....yes foot is getting there thanks

    Hi 2old, Yes, I was good the other week down in Birmingham and resisted two 10k races ;0) Nice to hear you have a brain.. well done, good to hear you haven't lost anything on the time... vomiting isn't coolimage

    Hi AA, It does sound like you need some new trainers eh, you still growing? Nice 12 miles

    Hi Barry, Sorry to hear the swimming session wasn't too great..bad air eh, which end was that out?  image

    Hi kiwi, Unfortunately work pays the bills hopefully you get out for your 10 miles

    Out for 10 miles myself this morning at average 7:08mm. Bit up and down on the splits, due to the up and down of the terrain. Legs were feeling a bit heavy after a S&C session yesterday..

  • Nice ykw 2old image

    Nell - you're still doing speedy miles.

    Today's 10 miles was a leisurely jog thru the sunlight bridle paths, very nice. Right knee a bit sore from mile 7 onwards but have worked out which exercise at body pump was aggravating it so going to avoid that (was the wide legged squats, felt the knee pull when doing them the other day, will stick to normal ones).
  • Minni I've been taught to count in two's which helps. When swimming 400's I try & break it down into 4's. If flaws are picked out in your swimming don't let it get you down, you're doing great.

    Nell I went to school in Warwick - saw Eddie Yates there too! Good news about your foot. Well done with your runs

    2Old two years ago I couldn't swim & used to have panic attacks under water so it has taken that length of time to get to where I am now - I'm really pleased with that. Nice bargain there for Miss2Old.

    Nice one Freemers - well done.

    AA ouch for the toenails! Good running there

    Welcome back Kiwi

    Not much running from me this week as I was working in London for two days. Swam on Thursday evening and again last night - got moved up a lane which I was well chuffed with as I've worked really hard. Looked round to see Barry had been promoted as well - into my lane image He caused a little bit of mayhem with the other ladies in the lane but it all settled down. 

    Went for a one to one swim lesson this afternoon which was a timed speed session, coach very happy with my times. A few weeks ago I swam 400m in 8.54 so making progress.

    Planning to run tomorrow morning although I have a stinking cold again 3 weeks after having the flu jab.

  • 2old - Yeah connected on Garmin, I was putting a space in between.  Nice parkrun and good progressive splits.  Not sure if I set off too quick on the swim TT, I have no idea of pacing at the mo, I guess it will come with time. Good news on the scan, you are training well with no reoccurrence, so hopefully no future issues.

    Nell - Nice pacy running, is low 7's your comfortable running pace now, if so 2old could be right about the VLM target for you. If the bad air was from the other end I would be getting some much needed propulsion.image

    Kiwi - welcome back, thought we had resurrected the thread and lost you. Well done on the 10, take care with the knee.

    Swimming club Friday night, bumped up 1 lane with 2 others from my lane mainly due to a few people missing and then bumped up again,  but will be interesting if I stay in Pink's lane, for "mayhem" read a female dominated lane used to getting their own way.image

    Yesterday morning 50 mins on the exercise bike doing an Alpine route so lots of climbing.  Swimming club yesterday afternoon and all good.  Just over 10 miles run slow this morning, legs a little heavy for the first few and then OK.

    Good luck to any racers today Brol, o4s.  Anyone heard from kfc?


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Looks like 10 miles is becoming the new trendy run...nice 10s Kiwi,Nell and Barry

    Barry- impressive variety of training. Don't know about you but i find it more fun than grinding out the daily miles. Saying that I need to build a base so have to neglect the bike work. Pity. No one else here has connected yet! Garmin Express is pretty good. Now I need to make the most of it. 

    Pink- jealous of your swim progress. You have a good coach....and talent. 

    8.45miles this am. Very sluggish but to be expected after all the red I drank last night to celebrate victories for Wales and long last. Can't believe next run will be in December 

    good running /racing today all 


  • Hello folks, sorry for disappearing ... Work is a nightmare at the mo leaving me no time to breathe let alone post on here :-/ Had to work last weekend too image

    Excellent HM time, Freemers image. That is some well deserved DOMS thereimage

    Not sure I want to hear anymore stuff about pulling toenails image

    Best of luck today Bro and O4S.

    Excellent fast running from the boys, especially a great ykw from 2old. Curious about the cardiologists results, 2old.

    Mine were rather disappointing. I had hoped he'd tell me everything was fine but unfortunately it isn't image one of the valves doesn't close properly which may well be the cause of my arrhythmia and general shitness. And my EKG apparently looks like someone's with COPD. This is most likely caused by my recent chest infection and should sort itself within the next 6 to 8 weeks. Let's hope so. I have to see a valve specialist in January. In the meantime I'm on meds and not allowed to train properly. At least he said moderate exercise is better than no exercise image So I'm listening to my body and run to feel. Today I felt good and ran a little over an hour. Not sure I'll ever run a marathon again though image . Doc seemed sceptical but we'll see.
  • Don't give up hope yet Chick, it's the default position to be cautious if you are Doc (programmed in at Med School). 

    First road race, apart from short club relays, since May - so why not go for broke and do a hilly HM (why not indeed I hear you ask).  To put this in context I hold the W60 course record at 1.43.21, set last year, and this year was just trying to nudge under 2 hours. Speed and hill running are still a major issue, so this wasn't the ideal race image

    Left the garmin at home and at the lat minute took my watch off as well, deciding that I really didn't want to know if I was going to go over 2 hours! This meant I didn't know how long it took to cross the line, but probably 20 - 30 seconds. Start is a little uphill pull, then downhill and flat to nearly 2 miles. First uphill drag is between 2 and 4, but nothing too steep. Got into a steady pace, but no idea what the pace was, just that it felt slow. Route levelled off between 4 and 5 miles, then a steep down and an equally steep up before a flat section and then gradually down to the 10k marker. 

  • Cont:   I was amazed to see 51.21 on the clock at 10k, so not as slow as I thought. Sadly mile 7 is a hard uphill drag, so the pace started to slow and my breathing started to give me trouble - however this was a mere bump compared to the mile from 8 to 9, I reckon I was doing 10mm at best. After that there were 2 miles of undulations, with uphills starting to feel significant. However, to my surprise I picked up the pace in the last mile (flat) and passed a number of people finishing with a gun time of 1.50.44. I was really chuffed as it was nearly 10 minutes faster than I had hoped and I didn't feel as if I was pushing it, although the gasping breaths on the hills are still a problem.

    Anyway I'll take that and use it as a base for getting back some speed with some shorter, faster races over December.  Second in the W60 and lost the record to an old 'enemy' so all to play (run?) for next year. Fog never lifted throughout the race, but sun came out as we got back to the car.........image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Chick - boo. Running to feel is no bad think though. Go with it and see what happens? Hope you get back up to speed.

    Great running O4S. Sounds like you're on your way back. image
  • Chick - crikey, serious stuff. Sounds like running to feel is a sensible approach.

    Hi Kiwi - good to see you back image

    O4S - great result image

    14 miles yesterday - I felt it in my legs by the end, but good to get it done. Hopefully I'll have a better week this week.

  • Hi Pink, He must have lived there then eh? Many Saturdays spent in the Globe pub when I was a kid with my folks, they served a mean sausage,chips and beans! Think it is now some kind of gastro type bar now... I thought you had been swimming for years, that is impressive Pink..Hope the cold gets better, I hear that is common after the jab?

    Hi Barry, Legs a little heavy on the run, now wonder..nice mix there image

    Hi 2old, Well done with the victories (Wales and Liverpool) and making it through the run after the red wine image

    Hi Chick, Sorry to hear the bad news. I suppose on a positive note you have the diagnosis and hopefully you can correct the problem from there.

    Hi o4s, Well done on the race, sounds like a nice kickstart for you for the other races. Not sure how I would do without a watch, I have become so reliant on it. image

    Hi freemers, Nice 14 miles, hoping the legs are back to normal now?

    Hi kiwi, Nice 10, hope the knee is ok? sometimes hard running after a gym session?

    Hi Minni, You still limiting yourself to swimming at the moment?

    Out yesterday morning for 7 miles after Saturday's 10 and ran that at 7:14mm average. Again a bit up and down due to the terrain. Then some S&C in the afternoon. I wasn't really going to, but my son wanted to go to the gym..

    To answer your question Barry, I think around 7:15mm is kind of a moderate pace at the moment for me. I have been consciously trying to see if I can up the moderate pace and hold it around there to give me a good base for the Spring training. It feels ok at that pace, although there are a few inclines around here , so I have to work a bit harder in parts to maintain pace.

    Still not sure about breaking 3 hrs in London. My average was 7:06mm pace for York to run sub 3 I would be running 6:52 in London, that seems an awful lot more! I am still contemplating running Edinburgh 5 weeks after London. Luke Humphreys at Hanson who I will get another plan from has advised to make one the A race....hard decision, Edinburgh is a flatter course, but I am going to be at my best for London I guess and I have a chance of running with someone who will probably run sub 3 at London.

    I need a good think about it and see how training goes....but for the moment, rest day today, day off work and painting! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-(((())))-I can empathise with the way you are feeling right now but I think O4S is right...doctors play it will be ok.Mrs 2O has a leaky valve and whilst she doesnt run marathons it hasnt had any real effect on her...ironically she was told to up her salt intake.The main issue is probably recovering from that pesky virus so get lots of rest and good food and let the body repair itself.Cant let Boston be the only marathon we ran together. Im only seeing the Cardiologist to convince Mrs 2O that the black out was a freak incident as was said by my 2 GPs and  the Neurologist....but then again he's the heart expert.

    Minni-how's your conversion into a triathlete going?

    Free-Another 14 banked by you which has to be good

    Nell-Interesting (anf jealous)to see your moderate pace is 7.15..mine is bang on 8mm. I guess you have to be careful having the two options doesnt result in disappointment in both.When do you think you'll decide which is your A race? Reading between the lines it looks like the second is most likely.I'd rather work than do DIY.

    O4S-another amazing performance your mental strength is incredible and your physical strength isnt so bad either. Bet you were gutted to be beaten by your rival.You will just have to train harder and ideally without broken ribs.

    14.25miles today-first 6 not very pretty but the rest were ok,7.59 mm average.Its strange how I find running under 8mm very uncomfortable. Why is this?



  • 04S - Great result on your half. Where was it?

    2old - Accumulated fatigue in your legs maybe, you have been putting a lot of miles in.  Don't worry too much, base building time of year, plenty of time to get the quicker miles in.

    Chick - Good to hear from you, hopefully now you have a diagnosis the experts can advise the best way forward.

    nell - If I was you I would make VLM the A race, you never know what might happen between the two races and if you feel in great shape at VLM but back off you would regret it.

    Hour in the pool yesterday which was n't great due to me trying to sort out my left breathing, aaaargh why is it so hardimage.  I can do it on the right but saying that I remember the days I could n't breath to the right.

    6 miles this morning, jeez that wind is cold then 30 mins s & c.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-I suppose your right,I havent done much running in the last few months and I am underestimating the effect of ramping it up. Dont worry about the swimming and breathing, relax ,it will click .I think its maybe just that your still putting all the bits together and overthinking it will be automatic soon. Have you tried swimming lengths only breathing on the left? Im yet to brave the cold so good 6 there.

    Nell-I agree with Barry-VLM for your A race...anyone would think we are your coachesimage

    Decided to give my legs a rest so swam 3.075k in 65 mins today instead.If I'd realised how far that was, I 'd have done a few more lengths for the 2miles.

  • Barry: the HM starts in Edington, Wiltshire. Really good event, friendly, low key and really well organised.

    Feeling wrecked today - a mad session at the club last night sprinting from the back to the front to make sure I hd everyone accounted for. Some loony kept running off the front and when I shouted to turn left he invariably turned right ( and vice versa). Began to wonder if it was me!  Spinning tonight to use some different muscles

  • Hi guys,

    Chick - hope the docs can get to the bottom of it for you!

    O4S - I'm not surprised you are feeling wrecked! Great running image

    Freemers & 2old 14 miles banked, start of those longer marathon training runs.

    Nell - are you going to use the Hanson plan again?

    Barry - how do you motivate yourself to go out on winter mornings? I struggle to get up and out in the cold.

    Knee ok, body pump Mon and did Yoga tonight. Still focussing on building strength with slow running. Have booked an off road 15 miler mid Jan, IF that goes ok with start thinking about the local marathon in May...
  • o4s - One to think about for next year, brave man not doing as he's told.image

    2old - Great swimming from you, if my calculations are right that's 31 seconds a length which is v impressive over that distance. Yeah I know I am getting better at swimming but so much to think about, thanks for the tip about doing left for whole lengths - my coach recommended the same this morning.

    Kiwi - Unless I'm on earlies most of my training is done first thing, don't really mind as always wake up early and then it's done for the day and  I do love running as  the sun comes up.

    An hour in the pool this morning including 30 mins 1 to 1 with my coach,  he picked up an  issue with my left arm crossing causing me to veer to the right, managed 50m in 54 seconds(best ever) but still lots to work on.  Then braved the cold for 27 miles out on the bike, wrapped up well so not too bad.  Average speed slower than usual, legs tired from swimming probably.

  • Hi o4s, You must have heavy duty batteries installed, was the loony just winding you up? image

    Hi kiwi, Wise move on building up the strengthening over the winter. Yes, I plan to use the Hansons plan again, after enjoying it last time. Already enquired as to whether he would pull together one to incorporate London and Edinburgh.image

    Hi Barry, I suppose the breathing is one of those things that will just suddenly come and then you wonder what the fuss was about. Out the warm bath into the cold eh?

    Hi 2old, I no doubt suspect you will be getting back into the swing of things again soon. Can't expect to come back where you left off image

    Yes, thanks for the advice Barry/2old appreciate it, even though I know Edinburgh will be the easier marathon, I am coming around to thinking I will make London my 'A' race for the very reason you state Barry.

    5 miles yesterday, was meant to be intervals but felt shattered after a crap nights sleep, ran at 7:25mm average and it was cold. First real cold run of the winter. Hands were frozen all the way around...back to that again (suffer Raynaud's). Popped into the gym for some S&C today.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2Old - stop showing off with those fast swims!  Any you Barry!

    Which is the local marathon Kiwi? How is the knee behaving these days?

    Nell - I'm also a Raynaud's sufferer but just in the last couple of years.  Its more the damp raw weather that gets me.  

    Still swimming.  I want to swim a mile before surgery on Tuesday.  I did 49 lengths last night but had to get out when the aqua natal group came in.  Next window of opportunity is Monday night!

    Barry/Pink did I see a tri is on the cards? 

  • 2Old I never thought I would be where I am with swimming. The coach is really happy with my progress. Nice running & swimming there

    Chick Sorry to hear your news but don't give up

    O4S Great result

    Nell I'm starting to feel much better thank you. Did you go to school in Warwick? I went to secondary school there - Myton. Your doing some great runs

    Kiwi nice to see you back

    Minni Two Tri's are booked. I bought one for Barry as a sort of xmas present but had to ask him as it's close to London VLM. The other is in the summer which is part of my xmas pressie from him. There are also two more being booked for during the summer.

    Swimming training Monday morning & thank god the 300's had stopped & it was all about speed. Had a team meeting Tuesday at a very nice hotel & took advantage of the early finish & went out for a 5 mile run when I came home. Lovely to receive a surprise that Barry had booked a place for me (and him) in a local summer tri. Although on checking the form he's put the wrong birthday down for me - luckily it's the month & not the year that's wrong image  

    Love running in the winter it is so refreshing. Had a rest day yesterday & have swimming training this evening.

  • Loving the fact you are buying tri events as xmas presents Pink!  I've bought my OH a rice cooker which doesn't sound quite as exciting image

    So this week has again been a write off on the running front - only one measly (but trendy) 5 completed so far.  Today/tomorrow are also not going to happen, so I will just have to get something done over the weekend. I'm just glad to have banked some good running in and long runs in the last month or two.  Hopefully next week will be better (but I think I said that last week too!)


  • Minni - Impressive distance on your swim, where we are both hopefully going I would rather be going long than short/fast. Yeah 2 pool sprint tri's booked for early season next year, then planning an OW sprint for July then OW standard in August.

    10 miles this morning at 7:43 avg.

  • Barry nice 10 miles.


    Freemers - isn't it a damn pain when work interferes?! I got out of work late tonight to find the A12 closed, so had to piss about taking the back roads in the fog/rain so no run for me today either :-/

    Pink - funny you've got Barry a tri as part of his Christmas present. Mr Kiwi has discovered a love of Obstacle racing and has requested that I buy him an annual pass to the his obstacle events. I was like, ok, if you're getting fit I'm happy to pay for it!

    Minni - is your op this coming Tuesday? Good luck, hope it all goes well! Knee is okish on shorter runs, having to be patient. Mr Kiwi and I are doing the local Rudolph 5 mile race next Sunday, sticking to short stuff at the moment.

    Nell - good plan to use the Hanson plan again, certainly seemed to work for you last time image


    Nearly the weekend, thank goodness for that!

  • Forgot to say - Minni the marathon is Halstead - so small you can enter on the day. Not till May 10th so gives me time to see how things go without shelling out £40 odd quid and then d.n.sing!

  • Hi Minni, Hope you get that mile in on Monday, great effort Unfortunately my Raynaud's has no preference. I walked from the warmth of the car to the gym this morning and it kicked in. I tend to get it all year around, but obviously worse in the winter. I am used to just being that freaky looking guy with white hands! I have had it since my teens so I am used to it...image

    Hi Pink, No I always lived in the Sheldon/Solihull area, but we always drove out to Warwick, Kenilworth, Stratford etc, on the the Sat/Sun... not bad places to spend your weekend. swimming and running coming on nice for you, you seem to be back in the swing of things....

    Hi Freemers, You old romantic, a rice cooker for a Christmas present. I hope your OH likes rice?? Hopefully you can get some trendy miles in on the weekend image

    Nice 10 Barry

    Hi kiwi, Hopefully you too can get in some miles over the weekend. Couple of races lined up now image

    6 miles from me yesterday at average 7:12mm, felt harder than it should have but have been playing catch up this week after a bad nights sleep Monday and then I was over Glasgow to see Roddy Frame Tues night. Yes, self inflicted late night Tues, but worth it! Gym session for some S&C today...


    Painful 10 miles today, at least the weather was good - clear and cold. 

    20 miles hill walking planned for tomorrow.  Hope everyone is getting those runs in before Christmas!  

    Minni: I never had a problem swimming a mile, provided the pool stayed open long enough for me to finish image

    For those of you who do spinning, here is a good interval session (helps the running as well).  Start on Gear 15 (or the heaviest gear you can ride seated for 1 min) and do one minute at 85rpm, decrease to 14 for 1min at 90 rpm, 13 for 1min at 95, 12 for 1 min at 100, then 1 min on 11 at 110rpm and one minute on gear 10 at 120 rpm.  Then you start going back up but the minute sessions on gears 13, 14 and 15 are all done at 100 rpm. This is done after 30 minutes of hills and speed intervals - Enjoy!!! image

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