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  • Minni - Good news, look at the positives, get plenty of cycle miles in your legs ready for the 112.image We are all hard wired to think we are doing well enough.

    2old - Cheers was n't planning to go that quick, but first mile clicked at 7:23 so just carried on and got a little quicker. You 've got to be favourite for GFA and better, enjoy the snow.

    Happy Xmas to all and a Merry Garmin 910xt to me(thanks Pink and Cheers Minni). I'm doing well gone 8 O clock and I'm still awake.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Me too Barry! Can't wait to use it! And my son got a multigym. image

    Hope everyone had a great day. I cooked for 12 yesterday then today hosting a 'leftovers' party for friends this evening.
  • I had a boiled egg for Christmas dinner, but managed to 'cook' a frozen pizza for BA image. Not been feeling great the last couple of days.......However managed to get round the Boxing Day 4 mile run in 30 mins, slower than usual, but after the last few months I'm happy to take an average pace of 7.30mm. Weather was cold and drizzly, turning to cold and wet shortly after finishing.

    Minni: to get decent training effect on the static bike don't just try to go as far as you can as fast as you can. Don't know how fancy it is, but best way is to turn up the gears  (or increase the incline if that is how it works) and try to maintain speed or work to constant watt output.  It has definitely helped me to maintain endurance and it is also a much better simulation of 'real' cycling.   

    Off to Clacton tomorrow to visit my aunt in hospital, then 25 mile event from Stansted Mountfichet on the way home on Sunday. Next race, New Year's Day.

  • Loved your xmas cooking, O4S image. Mr. Chick and I had pancakes image. We only wanted them as a sweet afternoon treat but got the quantities wrong (well, it was an American recipe and we all know that their portions tend to be ginormousimage )

    Storm and rain have finally subsided and it has turned rather frosty, but beautiful. 12.5 cold and sunny miles today. Very enjoyable image
  • Hope everyone had a good day and are still enjoying the break, back to work for me tomorrow and Sun but then 4 days off. Have n't used the 910 yet but set it up today. 15 miles at 7:47 avg early doors this morning, woke up early with a bit of a head so decided to go out and get the run done with snow/rain forecast for later.  Head cleared by the third mile.  Takes me to 1300 miles for the year so far.

  • Hope you all had a good Christmas

    Minni Good news for you & see you have the same gift as Barry - I was worried that he wouldn't like it as he really wanted the Garmin 920.

    O4S Lovely Christmas dinner. Hope the 25 mile event went well.

    Chick nice 12 miles there

    I was given a Trisuit, entry to a Tri - for some reason I was convinced I had a place in Blenheim but that's not the case. Bike chain cleaner with a nifty gadget on to ensure the chain remains in full working order - well chuffed with that lot.

    Managed to cycle on the indoor bike for an hour the other evening & went running for 7 miles this morning. Didn't think I would make it out the door as I had a gripey tummy during the night due to drinking wine, eating Chocolates & nuts!

    Swimming training is on in the mornings this week again so I will be off to that in the morning. The start time has been moved to 7.30 so I get a bit of a lie in.

  • I was given the sum total of a large tube of smarties and some mini rolos image

    After a 5 hour drive to Cacton-on-Sea yesterday and a cheap night in the Stansted airport premier inn after visiting my 91 year old aunt in hospital, I am delighted to report that the event today made it all worthwhile. A gin clear day, frozen ground for the first 15 miles or so and then a real muddy scramble as the frost came out of the ground. Met up with some old friends I haven't seen for ages and sat around for ages at the end, drinking tea and chatting. Staying over again tonight (it really was an exceptionally cheap deal!) so we can drive back in daylight.  BA has just taken me out for dinner - at MacDonalds!!! image

  • Hi everyone and a belated merry Christmas - looks like Santa brought some nice pressies image

    Well done on the Boxing Day run O4S - my sister and bro-in-law did that race too.  Sounds like BA knows how to treat you - MacDonalds!!

    I managed a 21.22 parkrun on Christmas day - should have been quicker but the first mile was a nightmare as there were over 400 runners and the paths are narrow in places, so a lot of slowing down and speeding up.  The second and third miles were around 6.45 pace i think which felt ok.

    I also did the first 20 miler of my VLM plan yesterday - very early days but I like to get the distance covered early.  It hurt!

    Anyway I am meant to be working today - it's very quiet thank goodness.  Will be out for a short recovery run later, and then intervals tomorrow (mile reps).  Can't get to the gym this week so for once the intervals will be done outside, for a change!

    Plans for 2015 - get to the finish line at VLM, that's about it for me.  I might think about an autumn marathon at some stage but not rushing into it.


  • To his credit, BA is comfortingly predictable image   I will only worry when I get an expensive present and dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant - so nobody hold their breath!  Running later, off road with head torches........this may not end well image

  • Freemers - Well done on the Parkrun and the first 20(fuelled or unfuelled?). Careful on the intervals tomorrow if it's anything like the last couple of days the pavements are slippy in places all day.

    O4S- Sounds like a good day including the MacDonalds. Will have to try the BA approach.image

    5 miles yesterday afternoon with middle 3 quick splits of 6:39, 6:27 and 6:15 which I was happy with given the slippery, in places,  conditions.  In the pool this morning and first time with the 910xt and very good.

  • Hi All

    Well done on the parkrun Freemers, nice to get a quick run in on Christmas day. Parkrun certainly seems popular Christmas morning. I was in charge of Christmas dinner so no way I was getting down to Cramond..

    Hi o4s, Boiled eggs, McDonalds....I hope you have managed to pull a cracker along the way over Christmas?

    Hi Barry, Nice fast splits yesterday. Have you got a time in mind this year?

    Hi Pink, Sounds like you have all the Christmas presents that make it impossible to back out of a Tri now?

    Hi Minni, Sounds as though you can be kept busy swimming, cycling and multigyming until March and hopefully will come out of it strong...

    Hi 2old, Good news on the ECG, hope the ski holiday goes well. I think they do have snow there now, it was looking a bit sparse before Christmas I think?

    Hi Kiwi, Hoping the leg is feeling ok?

    Hi Ant, Nice to see you pop in, hoping the VLM training goes well...

    I have been getting out over the Christmas period and although it has been cold over the last few days it was nice to be without the wind for a change. It has now gone milder today and the wind is back! Some S&C last night and 5 miles this morning at average 7:26 which was more or less spot on miles 2 and 5 evening out each other.... Must get a marathon plan sorted out, I am going with Hansons again and will need a plan to take me to London and then through to Edinburgh 5 weeks later. At the moment I am making London the A race, and hopefully will have someone running with me for London if he comes out of the Tokyo marathon uninjured.... Minni (or anyone else), have you run both London and Edinburgh? if so how different are they in terms of elevation?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Hi All brief pop in

    Caught in the travel chaos this weekend so spent 7hours on the plane - 1.5 hours Manchester airport, 1.5flying,1hr circling chambray, landed Lyon and spent 3hours on plane before offloaded Lost a day .Still suffering with fluso day off today. I need a holiday !!!

    Happy New Year All. Here's hoping for a happy fit healthy one for everyone especially Team Minni
  • 2old - Enjoy the break, hope you get on the slopes, if not sit in the bar and enjoy the view.

    nell - Good you are back out running, target for me will be sub 3:15( as ever) at VLM. I think Edinburgh is meant to be the quicker course(net downhill).  It is possible to get two decent marathons 5 weeks apart. In 2012 I did Abo(3:15:08) and 5 weeks later Florence(3:18:18) thought I was going to do the 3:15 at Florence but had a horrendous last 3.

    Family trip to Brecon Beacons yesterday, walked up Pen Y Fan, been up it 3 times this years and weather has been crap at the top on each occassion, yet to see the views, very cold and windy yesterday.  10 miles when we got back home including 3 x ( 1 slow 2 steady) thought the legs might be tired after the mornings efforts but all good.  Avg for the whole run 7:24 and splits for the steady 7:08,7:13,7:25,7:02,7:15,6:56.

    Down the pool this morning warm up then 1x200, 1x 400 and 5 x 200.  10:13 for the 400( best yet) and the 200's all around 4:50 so v happy

  • HI Barry, That is promising on the marathon attempts. I suppose it will be a matter of staying focused also...Nice splits after a walk up the hillsimage....hopefully 3:15 will come to you!

    Hi 2old, Well you are there now so enjoy image


    Have a good one folks, I am doing the Portobello 4 miles tomorrow morning and found out we are on holiday the 2nd Jan for the first time ever (usually follow English holidays) so back for a day and off for 4, nice image

  • Well done on the Parkrun Freemers

    Nell There is definitely no going back but I am looking forward to the challenge

    2Old enjoy your holiday

    Attended the last one of the year swim session this morning. I have gone to all three training sessions this week. All sessions have been all about speed work but good fun as well. Legs were tired though today from the trek in a lovely windy Brecon Beacons yesterday.

    Ran 10 miles this afternoon was going to go straight from swimming but waited for the frost to clear.

    Hope you all have a great evening brining in the New Year.

    Happy New Year to you all image 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year. Let's hope 2015 brings more running and less injury all round. image

    Nell I will get back to you about double marathons when I'm less hungover....image
  • Just back from the Hangover 10k - hilly and windsweptimage (to be more precise one big hill per lap and a mile along the seafront into a gale force wind on each lap). 

    Have signed up for the 2015 365 challenge and have committed to doing a minimum of 5k running, walking, cycling or swimming every day this year. So kiss goodbye to rest days image. I was going to go for 10k, but remembered how I feel the week after the 100 miler, so decided to play safe.........

  • Happy New Year all! Here's to an injury free and fab running year in 2015 image

  • Happy New Year Guys

    Hi Pink, The miles seem to be building up for you again, you feeling in a better place now?

    Hi o4s, You are a maverick no doubt about it....good luck image

    Hi Minni, No rush, get your head together first image

    Same to you kiwi, hope things go forward for you this year!

    I ran the Portobello 4 miler this morning. Conditions not great windy and wet, although there was a slight reprieve on the rain for the run. Got in on 25:44 (unofficial). Run felt harder than it should have, and that is with no excuses for the weather. Felt good to have a good blow out though. Mrs N ran and did well considering she hasn't been running at all lately. We declined the optional dip in the Forth after!

    Round to the brother-in-laws for wine, beer and steak pie after....rounding off a nice day image

  • Happy New Year to you all, let's hope it's an injury free one with many PBs.

    Nell - Nice time on the race.

    O4S - Enjoy the challenge.

    Managed to stay up til after midnight on New Year's Eve which is good for me.image

    Rest day yesterday and just over 15 miles this afternoon at 7:31 avg.image

  • Well I am slightly less depressed than I was (everything being relative). I have now done 3 races since I broke my rib, all significantly slower than lat year, converting 3 first places into 2 seconds and a third. However today I realised a number of things

    1. First FV 55 yesterday finished in 40.34 image  Better than my lifetime best!

    2. My WAVA scores have been 81.9%, 85.6% and 83% - so perhaps I won't give up just yet - roll on the next birthday and moving up to FV 65 (6 minutes ahead of the winner in that category yesterday image)

  • Belated Happy New Year everyone! Been AWOL since May last year, that's going to take some reading back....
  • Happy New Year All

    Nell well done on the Portobello 4. Yeah I'm feeling a lot more positive about running.

    O4S Congratulations

    Welcome back Carrot

    Lovely afternoon yesterday, trained on the indoor bike while watching the Sound of Music.

    Was due to run 8 miles today and ran with one of my friends. Had a bit of a mishap when her daughter who was cycling with us fell off her bike & the pedal broke off. Luckily Barry was at home & came out to rescue us so completed 5 miles instead. Feeling happier about running & getting back into it - especially as Wokingham HM is not too far away. Nice to see that Barry has signed up to FB although I hardly saw him on New Years Day as he was glued to it.

  • Welcome back Carrot, how's the running been?

    O4S - Impressive WAVA. take it you back to using the garmin again.image

    Swim club yesterday and an hour in the pool this morning.  Out this afternoon for 5 with middle 3 quick, splits for quick 6:31, 6:22, 6:13. image


    Barry: no the garmin is not coming out again in the foreseeable future - I am running better and enjoying it more than if I had been wearing it.  20 very muddy miles in the Cotswolds today, really cold as the fog didn't lift all day image

  • You did Wokingham last year didn't you Pink? Sounds like you had an eventful run today, hope she was OK after the fall.

    The running has been good thanks Barry! No PBs at any distance from 10M and over last year but the shorter race times have come down a bit. Injury free so can't complain! Welcome to the dark side of FB, another channel of procrastination image You're still knocking out those quick tempo runs.

    I did 20M today too O4S, although no mud or fog. Clear skies up North, felt a bit overdressed out of the shade.
  • Hi Barry, Nice 15 and speedy 3 miles today.

    Hi Carrot, Nice to see you back, any plans for this year?

    Hi o4s, Don't wish your life away looking forward image

    Hi Pink, When you say lovely afternoon, I hope you are not referring to the weather and you were stuck inside on the bike? image

    8.5 miles yesterday at 7:14 and 7 miles this morning at average 7:22mm. Lovely morning, nice and cold and a bit breezy so decide to break out across the fields as the ground would be harder. Quite enjoyed it!

    Sent off for my Hansons plan yesterday. 12 weeks up to London, week rest and then 4 weeks to Edinburgh. London being the A race..


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Morning All!

    O4S - definitely don't give up!  You just get better and better!

    Carrot - started the London build up?  We have been very lucky with the weather up North so far. 

    Nell - I have done the double (London and Edinburgh) twice and both with the same outcome!  First time was quite a few years ago and I ran something like 3:31 at London and thought I had the fitness to carry that through to sub 3:30 in Edinburgh.  It was the classic hot day when they ran out of water, not that it affected me, and I ran 3:43.  I could have blamed the hot weather but the truth was I still had London in my legs.  Next time I tried it was a couple of years ago when I ran 3:20 at London.  Again, I felt I had the fitness to carry it off and started at MP but by 8 miles I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant.  Again, another hot day (isn't it always in Edinburgh) but still I couldn't blame the weather. I finished that in 3:43 too!

    So, even though I am more suited to endurance running unless I was to run the first very slow I wouldn't attempt them so close together again.  But that is just me.   AA had more success with it last year. 

    Recovery going well-ish.  Unfortunately, the persistent pain has returned and my GP told me yesterday that it is most probably sciatica as my MRI in JULY showed a bulging disc in the sciatic area.  Why is this the first I know of it??????!!!!!!!! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hi all. Happy New Year. 

    Another nightmare trip home.3 hour delay . Should be called JetNOT 2 and Shambles not Chambray . Maybe it's time to give up travelling to the Alps 

    Still suffering with flu ,now on antibiotics and still off work. Wondering if I will ever recover. 

    Good to see some great trainng- Barry ,Nell,Pink  going on and racing - excellent stuff O4S.Welcome back Carrot .

    minni- hang on in there. You'll be back soon. 

    Nell- 12 weeks to London- gulp- I know I'm going to miss the first with this ....fingers crossed for next week. 

  • Carrot/O4S - Well done on the 20's, I'm loving FB.

    Nell - Good strong running from you.

    Minni - Good news on your recovery, but like you say why did n't they let you know about the other problem.

    2old-  Welcome back and speedy recovery from the lurgy. Don't panic London is 15 weeks this Sunday.

    Down the pool yesterday doing lots of 100's and avg 2:23ish for each, I then tried to relax and not fight the water, funnily enough felt easier and time was exactly the same. Change of plan this morning, had to wait in for a delivery so today's run has been moved to tomorrow, on the plus side my new phone has arrived and ieven did some S&C.

    Congratulations to Pink for putting up with me for 22 years.image Happy Anniversary to us.imageimage

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