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    Barry- ahh 15 weeks that's ok then. I'll put my feet up and relax . Good sign that you've spotted how swimming is better when means all the bits you've worked on are coming together as one. 22 years?? Mere beginners.image Congrats to you and Pink .

  • Happy anniversary Barry and Pink imageimage

    Minni - a tad annoying about the MRI! And I keep forgetting to give OH your details so he can get in touch about S&C stuff.  Will definitely do that - although might be after our holiday....

    ....speaking of which, I know we've only just had Christmas but it's time for a break! We're off to the Cotswolds on Friday (via a night B&B near Oxford on Thursday). I hear gales are forecast which could be fun image 

    Running going OK - 18 Sunday and then a nice tempo on the TM today, 5 miles @ 7.15 pace or thereabouts.

  • O4S Nice run there in that fog

    Carrot The daughter was slightly grazed but ok thanks. Wokingham was cancelled last year due to flooding. Only 4 weeks to go - eeekk!image Very nice 20m for you

    Nell I was indoors on the bike watching the Sound of Music & singing along - really enjoyed it. Good running there & even more impressive that you are planning a double.

    Minni good about your recovery but ridiculous that you were not told about the other problem at the time.

    2Old hope you had a good trip despite the travel woes. I can recommend the Itlaian Alps - Sestriere I skied there once. came home with a sprained shoulder but that's another story.

    Nice running Freemers & hope you enjoy your Cotswolds break. Luckily we are not far from there & it is lovely.

    Went to the pool with Barry as he timed my 400m & I was well chuffed that I finished it in 8.47 knocking 6 seconds off my previous time.

    Thank you for the Anniversary wishes. I'm a bit disappointed as 22 years is copper so I was expecting saucepans image The bouquet of flowers are lovely. As Barry is at work I've done my own celebrating & gone out for a run, only 4 miles tonight but enjoyed it.

    Early to bed as I have early morning swim training tomorrow.




  • Pink & Barry: congratulations, amateurs! See how you feel after another 18 years. For our ruby anniversary we are planning to exchange blood blisters image

    Got back in my 'proper' group at the running club and found I was able to keep up OK, although not exactly running off the front. Tempo 6 miles, then interval hill session at spinning tonight.

    Carrot: good to hear from you again - what marathon are you doing?

    2Old: Welcome back!

    Minni: keep the faith, things will get back.

    Nell: Good luck with the double - I have my 100 mile event 4 weeks after London

    Freemers: enjoy the Cotswolds - we have man eating mud for you to enjoy image

  • Hi Minni, Blimey Sciantica now, you are not having much joy lately. Hoping there is some good news around the corner Thanks for the advise on London/Edinburgh. Looks like making London the A race was the right decision then eh?

    Hi 2old, Hope you are feeling better soon. My wife's friend had a 24 hr journey to their ski resort over Christmas!

    Hi Barry Pink, Happy Anniversary

    Well done on the swimming Barry

    Hi Freemers, Enjoy the break. Nice 18 and tempo run. Yes it looks like it will get a bit wild as the week goes on, the TM may have to be a considered option image

    Hi Pink, 4 mile run for your anniversary, different I suppose image

    Hi o4s, love the Ruby Anniversary celebration plans!

    S&C yesterday which I felt this morning on my 5 mile run. Bit wet and windy, but got in on 7:14mm average....

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free-18 miles at this stage is a nice place to be

    O4S-good to see you are posting lots not less unlike your threat before Xmas...and you are running more too

    Pink-very fast 400 there-all the hard work paying off

    Nell-I guess my trip to my resort took 36 hours. Still its history now. Good that you got out in that horrible stuff

    Now Im on antibiotics I played with the idea that I might go for a run but my body is still telling me not to. Maybe tomorrow?

  • Take it easy 2Old - BA appears to have come down with a chest infection and cold, dreadful sound effects and I can hear the spare room calling me image

    5k run today at a reasonable pace and then a tough one hour spin session featuring the dreaded pyramid track image

    Going to try my first interval session since London tomorrow at the club - suspect it won't go well image

  • Hi 2old, Listen to the body image

    Hi o4s, Taking it easy? Can't get near our spare bed, it is covered with all manner of rubbish!

    I am afraid that I relented today, and could not face an interval session in 30mph winds,  it was pretty rough this morning!

    So off I went down to the gym to use the treadmill, it wasn't actually too bad. Ran about 10k with 6 x 800metre intervals at 16kmph with 400 metre(12 kmph) recoveries with a warm up and cool down. So about 50 mins in all. I was absolutely dripping after image

  • Nell: is it an open air gym or does the roof need fixed image

  • Crikey Nell - I've never dared go near 16kph on the TM...I have to force myself to put it up to 15!  And that recovery pace is very quick too - I usually drop down to 10kph, although usually have 200 metres rather than 400 for those.

    2old - seriously, take it easy. I think the fact the doc has put you on antibiotics means something is up...a few days off won't do any harm.

    I missed my run yesterday, yet again just couldn't get out of work to do it.  Hopefully today. Then off later for our holiday.  I will run most days while I'm away - good place for some hill sessions which I normally avoid in Suffolk! Won't be doing anything longer than 10 miles though until I'm back home. 

  • Nell - Very quick stuff on the tready.

    Freemers - Well done on the 18 and tempo, enjoy your break.

    O4S -  Keep clear of the lurgied ones, even loved ones. Good mixed training from you.

    2old - running today?

    10 miles for me yesterday morning, 4 slow, 5 at HMP and 1 slow, was n't expecting too much as working long late shifts this week but effort miles came out at 6:58.6:44,6:48,6:44,6:37.
    School boy error this morning as Garmin not charged but probably for the best as an hour in the pool mainly left breathing practice and it was n't pretty.



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- never thought I'd see you on a TM. Welcome to the club 

    free- nice to have an unenforced break 

    O4S- poor BA. Still you don't want to catch it too. 

    Barry-snap my Garmin wasn't charged . Good splits yesterday and left sided breathing  today 

    took the risk and ran 11.6 miles very slow today. Hope there are no after effects but at least I've kicked the year off. London seems a very long way away 

  • Hi o4s, lol! like that, yes you could have been forgiven for thinking that image

    Hi Freemers, I do like running on holiday. The the main reason I get out early morning for my runs so that it doesn't get hampered by work. Can't say it always goes down great in the household with Mrs N! Enjoy the carefree holiday runs imageYes, I must admit I did feel that interval session later on yesterday.

    Hi Barry Nice splits on the HMP, nice when sometimes you think it won't happen and it just does...

    Hi 2old, Yes I think if I would have went outside yesterday I would have ended up in Holland! 

    I see you are resting? Plenty of time till London...

    Back outside today, legs a bit heavy after yesterday's session. 5 miles average 7:26mm.

  • First proper interval session for over 8 months - it hurt, a lot image.  My luck was out when it turned out we were doing 45 minutes of hill reps on a steep hill, nearly had to bail out on the last set, but managed to hang in.

    Given the weather forecast perhaps we should all try running with lead weights round our ankles

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- hope you are right about plenty of time. No wonder your legs were heavy today - that TM session yesterday was mental. May have to rest tomorrow if my legs don't feel better 

    O4S- Keep on with intervals and your WAVA will be nearer 100 %. My legs are heavy enough so no need for weights. My eldest is doing the Pennine Spine Race from Saturday over 226miles. Apart from recommending he see a psychiatrist any advice I can pass onto him. This is his second ultra after a 200km race in Nepal in November?

    If I run tomorrow it willbe on my TM 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - is he doing the whole thing?  It finishes in my hills - are you supporting?  I remember the final night last year and it was so wet and cold and a lot of people failed to finish I think.  We've not had the rain this year but the Cheviots are very peaty so it doesn't take much to make it boggy

    Freemers - enjoy your hols. Yes I definitely want some tips from P at some point, thanks.

    O4S- I hope BA recovers soon - for your sakeimage

    Nell - hope you survived the storm.  In the reports from my daughter it sounds like a wild night up there. Not sure how you survived that TM session...!

    Pink - Barry - congratulations. 25 years for us this year.  Where did that time go?

    First dip in the pool this morning. Some lengths with the pull buoy and a couple of lengths unaided.  I'll check there's no knock on effect and then hopefully start going back regularly.


  • 2Old: tell him (her?) to only think as far as the next checkpoint. I presume they are doing it unsupported, so teaming up with someone around the same speed usually helps, just to pass the time. At least the navigation should be simple And the daily distances aren't too horrendous.

    image We have had to cancel our first ultra of 2015, which was to be this Sunday. BA is actually quite poorly and it would have involved an overnight stay and a long day in potentially cold conditions (if the current forecast proves correct). He told me to go on my own, but I am actually concerned enough not to want to leave him overnight by himself.  I must be going soft.........

    6 miles dog walking with a friend today, legs didn't want to run after last night image

  • Hi o4s Think the lead weights may be a good idea... you going soft o4s??

    Hi 2old, Wouldn't fancy running up there this weekend!

    Hi Minni, Yes your daughter was right, it was brutal last night. Not much sleep had. At one point I thought the windown was coming in! Well done on the pool session, hope you are feeling good?

    Rest day for me today...

  • Just under 11 miles this morning at 7:25mm average. Legs a bit heavy this morning, probably due to working late last night. Bit windy again, but tried to dodge the wind best I could, which meant more inclines... job done though. image Away to Easter Road this afternoon to see if Hibs can continue the good form !

  • 13 miles in the wind and mud this morning with a group from the running club. Good fun, but very hilly and my legs hadn't really recovered from the hill reps on Thursday. Best bit was the cafe visit for tea and cakes at the end

  • Hi all. Happy new year! 

    Looks like some great training going On. Quick read back. All starts our training plans now?!!

    first real week back for me. 5x1200s, a muddy 20 along the canal and a few 8 milers. Been struggling a bit with my knee but squatting daily to try and strengthen it up. 

    Nell - welcome to the treadmill club!! 

    O4S - hope BA is better soon. 

    Pink - 4 weeks....? Sh1t!

    minni - good to see you back in the pool  


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S/Minni-he's doing the race unsupported. Might try and see him tomorrow as he's in Lancashire .He doesn't expect to finish though appears to have done ok so far today. He started at 11.35 and is still going. Rather him than me

    O4S- nice tough 13 there 

    Nell- solid running as ever

    AA- HNY- looks like you're  well placed for your spring marathon 

    second run of the year today 10k on the TM. Steady 8mm. Antibiotics run out tomorrow so normal service resumes then ...fingers crossed. I m 60 miles behind where I was this time last year. Must keep my nerve 

  • O4S well done on sticking out the interval session. Hope BA feels better soon

    2Old Impressive that your son is taking part in the Pennine Spine race, good luck to him. Some nice runs there from you on the TM. Brave, I just don't like TM.

    Nell Nice running

    Minni The time has flown by. Maybe it helped that myself & Barry didn't see each other very much the first two years due to postings. Good that your back in the pool.

    AA Welcome back. Yes it will soon be here. I see that we should be receiving our race packs by the end of this week. I'm apprehensive about it now.

    Been out for a couple of runs this week & due to go out again today. Swimming going well with 3 club sessions this week. Went to a local pool this morning with Barry to swim in a deep end pool which was a first for me. Swam just over a mile in total. Felt a bit disorientated after the first length as the pool is 33m long but was ok after that. Our daughter was the lifeguard but luckily she didn't need to help us!

  • Happy New Year Folks

    good to see your all still here and running,

    2Old: impressed with anyone doing the Pennine way at this time of year, I walked it in 12 days in the summer!

    i'm three weeks into my comeback after three months of illness, injury and work which limited me to very intermittent running, hit 45 miles this week and back up to 12 miles on my long run, a long way to go.

  • A very belated Happy New Year, all.

    Great to see DD, AA and carrot back. What happened to Ant and Oompa??

    Just back from a lovely week in Lanzarote with too much food and wine image. I just love it there. Managed a 50 mile week, all running by the sea. Weather was perfect, around 20 degrees and sunny albeit windy, but that's to be expected on an island.

    Too bad the weather back home is a nightmare. Gale force winds, rain, sleet and even hail image.

    Back into work tomorrow image
  • AA/DD/Chick - Welcome back and happy new year.

    2old - Kudos to your boy for even attempting it.  Good you are back running, don't worry plenty of time, I usually peak at 12 weeks then it starts going wrong.

    Minni - Good news on your return to the pool.

    Nell - Strong pace on the 11.

    5 miles slow for me Friday morning followed by swim club in the evening,  Saturday an easy 30 mins on the indoor bike, to test repair and ease legs, then swim club in the afternoon.  Had to get some new shoes Saturday morning, only 300 miles in my lovely black ghost but started breaking through the upper, had to get some blue ones unfortunately but they are growing on me.

    Aquathon?? for me this morning. 4 mile run to the pool, then an hour in the pool with Pink( who brought my kit) then 4 mile run home.


  • 2old - don't panic - remember you got injured last year. Maybe less is moreimage

    barry - nice way of breaking up an 8 miler. 

    Pink - you'll be fine. 

    Chick - lots if miles on holiday! What's your spring marathon?

    6 miles on the treadmill for me today with 2x2.5 miles @14kph and 1%. Thought j might chunder at the end...image

  • 14.5 miles today and after 13 (hilly and muddy) miles yesterday it felt tough. Managed not to give in and walk either of the two big hills, but was glad to stop. At least I have more or less covered the same mileage as if I had done the ultra and we have a 30 mile jaunt planned for next weekend to replace it. 

    Chick: where were you based in Lanzarote? We have a week at Club La Santa in February - using our timeshare again after quite a few years, so should be good warm weather training, complete with 10k, HM, duathlon, triathlon and aquathlon if I can be bothered to do a spot of swimming beforehand.

    DD: welcomto back to training, I am just a few weeks ahead of you and finding it tough enough.

    AA: I assume you are doing Bramley 20? I am just about to enter us both.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Hey great to see you back DD. What are your plans for 2016?

    Chick - how's things with you? I bet you enjoyed that warm weather weather training?

    O4S - I'm definitely going to go to La Santa sometime, I always thinks it sounds great.

    AA - into marathon training now?

    Nice bricking Barry!

    Pink - what do you mean by deep end swimming?
  • O4S - yes doing Bramley 20 again. Look forward to seeing you there. 

    Minni - think ive been marathon training for the entire last 12 months! 46 miles for the week. Dont think I will do much more than this even in march image

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