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  • Pink - You MUST stop talking to those hills when on the bike... You'll end up being sectioned!!!image

  • Hi AA, I'll trade the cold for the wind!

    Hi o4s, Lovely workout image

    Hi Pink, Yes always a bit hairy running in unknown territory. I always used to end up running extra miles when I went down to London with work. Fingers crossed for April....

    Hi Chick, Yes the wind is becoming tiresome... 9 miles though, character building?

    Hi Barry, Sounds like you got there in the end?

    Hi Oompa, Yes, where I have heard people coming unstuck with P+D is when they start adding to the LSR as they think they are not long enough. Sometimes people think they have to run 20 miles every week. But from what I remember there are some long miles during the week. I think in some aspects P+D is similar to Hansons? Keep pushing for 6:30! image

    Went out for 5 miles this morning. No snow or ice today but a brutal wind. Running back home into the wind was pretty challenging. 7:43mm average.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I am so pleased I don't have to run in this weather - it is vile.  So, well done to those of you who are. 

    Chick - you must be pleased to be able to get back to running.  

    Barry - I don't understand swimming either but I do understand that's a bliddy fast 400m!  Pink - I get the deep water swimming now.  My pool has a shallow and a deep but the deep end is much longer in the pool that my tri is in, from about halfway, so will need to get used to that.  I find it easier in deeper water though. 

    O4S - I can't believe you do so much spinning.  It is the work on the devil!

    2Old - will your son attempt the Spine again?

    AA - getting motivated for the double?

    Oompa - I am LOVING seeing you out running again - as this gives me hope!

    I confirmed my deferred entry to GNR today - that will be my first race, all going well.  And I went swimming.  And had a walk. 


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-very pleased you are cleared to run again. I know how much of a worry all that must have been-don't give up on 3.15 either. It's still there to do 

    Minni- doubt he'll do the Spine again as he didn't enjoy all the faff of map reading and using compasses and there was too much walking. The extreme conditions weren't a problem tho. Great to see your positivity. We all come back from injury. The GNR wouldn't be the same without you

    Nell- I can't cope with the intensity of P&D though I do adapt my schedule to incorporate some of their routines. Not a pleasant 5 for you there 

    O4S- variety is the spice of life and spinning spices it up no end. I've neglected mine to up my running mileage..pity as it toughens up my ski legs too which I will need in a few weeks 

    Pink- the TRI will be a breeze for you. Just practise transitions and you will nail it . I guess you are doing tumble turns well now. That's one skill too many for me to take on at my age. 

    Barry- that's a fast 400 and you're only going to get quicker. Speedy 5 too 

    20k today av 7.43 though the last 5 miles were at MP and didn't feel too bad. The rest yesterday obviously made a difference. Must allow more rest time in my training I think. 



  • Minni: I am really missing the daily cycle to work (15 mile round trip) so spinning is an attempt to compensate until the weather gets a bit more amenable.  Just booked our summer cycle tour so need to keep the training going

    2Old: the benefit of being retired is having enough time to do both!!

    6 miles today, tired legs and a howling gale - but a new route sorted for my group next Monday.

    Great running everyone - keep up the good work.  My top speed is currently about the same as that of a geriatric, arthritic sloth.............image


  • Minni If you're planning a pool based Tri practice your turns as it can add 20 secs or more to your time.

    2Old I've tried the odd tumble turn but hit my ankle off the top of the pool before. They are not needed in a Pool Tri though. As my current 400m time is 8.47 I would like to get under that, it's achievable if I can get the turns right. Nice run there for you but no harm in having a rest day.

    Nice run O4S especially as it was quite windy yesterday & a bit miserable

    Went our for a lunchtime run yesterday & it was blowing a gale but I was determined to go. Ran 4 miles including a lovely steep incline - yes the hills were calling but I didn't speak to them this time Oompa.

    Swimming training last night consisting of 10 x 75's with pull buoy between our ankles, catch up &  practicing turns. The deep end training seems to have helped as my turns are getting better.

  • 2old - You are back running well, MP? Me and Pink trying to do tumble turns was a sight to behold.image

    O4S - Don't think so your recent WAVAs show you are a lot quicker than us younger sloths.image

    Minni - Good you are making plans for returning to racing. I'm happy with the progress I am making with the swimming but find it frustrating.

    nell - Good to see you are out in the "character building" weather.

    Is it just me or has all the text gone right justify? 

    Very happy with run this morning.  15 miles done unfuelled splits 8:11,7:53,7:36,7:25 ,7:33,7:04,7:07,7:21,7:17,7:14,7:19,7:13,7:06,6:57,7:06.  Giving an avg of 7:21.image Not sure if my legs will be happy at swim club tonight though,

  • That's a good strong run Barry! All those tempo runs are paying off.

    Is BA feeling any better O4S? Yes, I think you are the only one who thinks the Spine race sounds fun image

    Hope you've survived your first week back at work Chick. Lanzarote sounds lovely! That's great news from the cardiologist. You'll get that speed back in your legs!

    Can you walk properly again yet after that speedwork and squats session Nell?!

    Don't despair with your training paces Oompa! You're back running (pain free I hope?) - which is great. The couple of times I followed P&D I found those tempo runs really tough. And I wasn't trying to hit 6:30s...

    That event your son took part in sounds brutal 2Old. Or maybe just the usual race that O4S would do.... Make sure you're fully recovered before you get back into churning the miles out.

    Sorry AA I never use a HRM. Great pace on those 800s.

    The wind seems to have died down a bit which is good as I'm racing on Sunday. I've had an easier week this week with the race in mind (half marathon) - hope it pays off. I hate tapering!

    Trendy 5 planned for tonight. I'm pleased to see they're still trendy image
  • good luck, carrot - are you doing Brass Monkey? I may do a trendy 5 tonight provided I get out of here early enough and don't get dragged into after work drinkies ...

    Excellent run, Barry image

    you are more determined than me image. When the alarm went off this morning and I heard the familiar whooosh of the gales I decided I'd had enough of this wind and went back to sleep image. It's beautiful now that I'm stuck indoors. Wind seems to have calmed down and lo and behold: the sun is out image

    Minni: are you back to walking normally or still on crutches?

    2Old wrote (see)


    20k today av 7.43 though the last 5 miles were at MP and didn't feel too bad. The rest yesterday obviously made a difference. Must allow more rest time in my training I think. 


    I think we all do need more rest as we get older ...  what was the outcome with your heart issues, btw? All cleared to run?

  • Barry: all my text did indeed shift right, but has now returned - floating voter??

    BA is still lurgied and no sign of improvement, I reckon he has coughed up/ blown out enough green gunk to camouflage a lorry (sorry if anyone was eating while they read that). Took him out for a muddy 10 mile walk over the hills this morning, but he can't run and was exhausted after 10 miles. I'll do a long run tomorrow and leave him tucked up in bed I think.

    Carrot: which HM is that? Good to find one so early in the year.  And yes the spine race had a comforting sound to it image 

    Chick: can't blame you on the wind, it has been evil round here. Like the thought of more rest, just a pity I signed up to the 365 challenge - no rest days in 2015 image

    AA: no idea on heart rates, I'm just relieved when mine is still beating at the end


  • I don't tumble turn - have never got the hang of it. And I can't remember the last time I swam in a pool. I'm a happily converted open water swimmer now image Which means Summer swimming only!

    Barry - so fast...!

    Carrot - race season is approaching - which one? sub 90 to start the year?

    Chick - no rest days???? What's all that about? If dog walking counts then I'm in but somehow I doubt it!

    Minni - I just want to survive the double alive! I need to keep regular long runs with a few 5/6 days apart.

    2old - another good run there too.

    20.5 miles done this morning. No wind or rain was an absolute treat, however came across a flooded lane from hedge to hedge at 5 miles and flagged a brave driver down who was gonna drive through it and bagged a lift across! Ave pace 8:48 image

  • Hi Minni, Good objective to are sounding positive?

    Hi 2old, Yes I tried P+D once, but never really got into it. I enjoyed the Hansons schedule better. Must be the lightweight weekend runs.... Nice run yesterday, you seem to be getting back to normal very quickly!

    Hi o4s, I dread to think what route you have sorted for that poor groupimage

    Hi Pink, I think you are getting a bit more of a challenge running outside at the moment !

    Hi Barry, Really good 15 miles there, you must be feeling good at the moment?

    Hi Carrot, Good luck with the HM, 5 miles are always trendy ;0) The only time you can't walk properly after squats is when you haven't done them for a while, so I was fine thank you image

    Hi Chick, 5 miles isn't trendy after drinkies!

    Hi AA, Wow you seem to be in form at the moment, well done on the 20.5. I hope the .5 wasn't from the bagged lift?

    Gym session today, Looking forward to February when the gym quiets down!

  • Minni - Don't ever give up hope. If i can offer one crumb of useful advice, it is to come back S-L-O-W-L-Y. I've lost count of the times that i've had to start all over again due to trying to rush back. Just keep doing what you're doing and keep swimming and strengthening etc...image

    Barry - Bloody fast 15 sir! image

    AA - Call yourself a proper runner???image

    Was plotting pre-Brighton races with a club mate last night who's also doing Brighton and realised that Bramley 20 is the week before Tunbridge Wells half, so unfortunately i won't be doing it.image 

  • AA: it was me, not Chick, with no rest days. I have committed to doing 5k of continuous exercise every day in 2015 - but walking counts! I will also accept 20k on the bike as an alternative, otherwise it would never be possible. Love the lift - must consider that on my long run this weekend, maybe for about 10 miles!image

  • O4S - I do apologise - and to be perfectly frank I should have known better!!! Mad!

    oomps - nice excuse. Wokingham is the week before so im not expecting much from bramley but as usual there's a few doing the 10 as a pre reading So I'll just be selfish and make them wait for meimage

    nell - I'm a runner - i stopped my garminimage

  • Busy here again

    Chick: ive been awat too long, didnt realise you had health issues, good to see you back running

    2old: i definately need more easy days now

    O4S: usual mad challenge then, i need rest days!

    Minni: you will be back

    Oompa: your definately getting there

    Barry; good to see the swimming coming on, i once managed 400M in 7-32 mainly thanks to Seth the Sadist screaming at me, i do remember it hurt like hell, dont miss swimming.

    AA; ive never tumble turned either, why bother i dont do pool tri's. Good running

    So Wednesday was 13.5 miles in 1-55 my longest run since May! Last night was club night, 15 mins at tempo, then 4 x 620M all around 2-30 which equates to about 3-15 800's so not as unfit as I thought then a further 15 mins at tempo whic was quite a bit quicker than the first set, its coming back slowly. Today was a trendy 5 very easy.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    O4S - where's the latest adventure taking you?

    AA - I've never really understood HR training but it's something Might do for my big comeback! Have you done it before? It's the Max test that scares me.

    Pink - I'd rather lose the 20s than tumble turn. I'm already convinced I'm going to drown without making it more complicated!

    Carrot - are you down at Brass Monkey on Sunday?

    Chick - no crutches now. I've walked 3 miles the past two days. image

    I'm going to try two tri clubs next week - unsure which one to join.
  • Mini: Blue Ridge mountains and Shenandoah national park, followed by a week in Myrtle Beach with swimming, surfing, cycling and running (plus eating, drinking etc). Hope to have my carbon bike by then image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    O4S - please will you and BA adopt me and take me with you?! Sounds fantastic!
  • O4S - you need to take me and Minni!

    minni - nope never trained by HR. Haven't a clue what it's about  I'm More fascinated my the total lack of calories i am burning to what I thought I was burning! Now I know I overeat!! 

    3 miles recovery today. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- count me in for your trip please. 30% finished the Spine race. Imagine that statistic applied to VLM. 

    AA/Minni/DD-tumble turns usually result in a stomach full of water for me . Anyway many pool tris ban them for safety reasons 

    DD- building your weekly runs up nicely 

    Nell- I always smile when the gyms empty in Feb. They fill up again in May ready for the Sumner hols. 

    AA- jealous here of your impressive LRs. 20 seems a long way off but I guess it's only in my mind 

    Barry- cant be bad doing 15mikes faster than MP this early. 

    5.5 miles today including a YKW. 21.14 , a minute slower than the last one In Nov. looks like I've got a lot of work to do. 

  • It was about 50% finished on a couple of my hundred mile events - the longer the event the more time you have to realise how stupid you were to enter image

    12 slow and painful miles for me today - don't see how I will ever get round Bramley 20 unless they are using a calendar to do the timing

  • Hi AA, lol! I never doubted you image...nice recovery run, I partially live in ignorance on the HR and fuel consumption. Try and keep everything in moderation and it seems to work.

    HI Minni, Good news on getting off the crutches, could just do with a bit of better weather so you can go out in confidence!

    Hi o4s, Sounds a fantastic trip image

    Hi 2old, yes funny how the trends go in the gym. Sounds as though you are getting there?

    Hi DD, Always good to see the miles going up, have you got a marathon planned?

    Hi Oompa, Yes, slowly is the order of the day, but I also know from my own previous experience that we are impatient bleeders image

    Ended up sleeping in this morning, alarm went off, but it received a bash so only had an hour as Mrs N was taking our son swimming and she wanted a run at the gym. So just over 8.5 miles at 7:19mm average. Wind had dropped a bit, just a bit of snow around, but most of the paths were gritted, I broke out over the fields for the last few miles again. Which was fine as the ground was solid ....

  • AA: deffo not me with the no rest days. Only a complete nutter who thinks marathons are short runs not really worth getting changed for would do such a thingimage

    Nice 20 image. Love the lift through the puddle.

    Minni: must be great to walk unaided again.

    Nell: nice fast running there again. AA isn't doing just one marathon but London AND Boston one week apart (scary face) ...talking of nuttersimage

    O4S: Blue ridge mountains sound amazing!! I want to come too ...

    DD: good solid come back there.

    Just 6 miles for me today. Woke up with a sore throat :-/ immediately took some First Defence and felt good enough to brave a short afternoon bimble. Would have been a shame to let a sunny day go to waste.
  • Hope you enjoyed your long run today O4S. Best off leaving BA in bed by the sounds of him! 365 day challenge sounds good... even better if walking counts! Your latest challenge sounds fabulous!

    Lovely morning for a long run AA, how nice of the driver to escort you across the flood!

    Nell the gyms are always pandemonium during the January rush! Maybe the squats after a layoff are the reason everyone disappears during February - it's been too long since they last did them and they can't actually get back to the gym, or indeed out of a seat? Nice run today, nothing like a time deadline to make you get a decent run in.

    Any logic behind the 620m reps DD? Sounds like a tough tempo sandwich session. I like the sound of that one...

    Well done on the YKW 2Old, they're cracking training runs.

    Hope you find a good tri club Minni. You'll be glad to be rid of those crutches. Bring on the comeback!

    Chick / O4S / Minni it's Brass Monkey tomorrow, and yes AA sub-90 to start the year is the plan image

    I was 30 minute pacer at parkrun this morning, got home slightly quick in 29:19.
  • Minni: in theory you run at a constant HR of about 60% MHR even though this will make you run ridiculously slowly, you continue doing this for ages and nothing else. Eventually you should start to get faster at the same HR. Never met anyone who stuck it out. Of course you can use different HR zones to determing tempo pace, easy, MP etc. its a big subject.

    O4S: sounds like a great trip, presuming im not working we can stagger around Bramley together.

    2Old: can safely say i couldnt run a 5K in that time at present

    Nell: i will make my annual journey around North Dorset Village marathon which is very close to home.

    Carrot: it just happens to be 620M around the loop where we train! Good luck at Brass Monkey.

    rest day today


  • Carrot - Good luck for tomorrow -  go smash it.

    AA - Nothing wrong with 20 at that pace, very good time on feet run.

    Chick - First defence has saved me many a time, hope you've caught it in time.

    Nell - Good pacy stuff as ever.

    DD - Good running and v impressive 400m time.

    2old - You're just coming back so not a bad YKW, anyway main target is a bit furtherimage

    Minni - Pick the club with the best looking kit.image

    Nell/2old - Yeah I am feeling very good the mo, still got 14 weeks to F*** it up mind.

    Good to see the thread busy again. image

  • AA Nice running there & great that you managed to hitch a lift. Thank's for your advice I'm a bit more confident about Wokingham now.

    Nell your right the gym does start to get quieter as people start giving up those New Year Resolutions

    good time for your YKW 2Old

    Good Luck for today Carrot

    Swimming training was ok Friday night & i'm getting used to being my new lane. I do have good & bad sessions sometimes but that's all part of it. I'm better than I was 2 years ago as I couldn't swim at all so have come along way but it has been hard, it's only in the past few months that suddenly it has all clicked in place for me & the hard work has started paying off.

    The next big challenge for me will be swimming in a lake as I don't know how I will cope with being out of my depth & hopefully the panic attacks I used to have in water won't return.

    I've tried tumble turning a couple of times but my body goes off to the side & once I hit my ankle off the edge of the pool which hurt. In pool Tri's tumble turning is not allowed &  it's a touch turn which I am still trying to master. I've even hit my head off the wall trying to suss it out!

    10 miles ran yesterday with one of my friends & we ran part of the Swindon HM route, snow going out & beautiful sunshine coming back. & yes it included hills. I'm feeling a bit more confident about Wokingham.

    Cycle training planned for today on the indoor bike.

  • I get panic attacks even in the pool, pink ... Which is why I don't' swimimage

    Go, carrot image

    DD/minni: I've never run at 60%.... that would reduce me to crawling I think. HADD (which I've been doing on and off) makes you run a lot at 70-75% of max. and even that is sloooow when you return to running. I'm doing that right now and all I can manage is 9:30mm image. I'm not planning another PB anytime soon so it's fine by me image but if I were building up to some race or other I'd be incredibly frustrated.
  • Carrot - good luck and go smash it!

    Chick - it must just be nice to be able to get back out there.

    Pink - 3 weeks to go and with a 10 miler under your belt you will be fine. Lets hope the weather is kind (however, it never is at Wokingham!)

    Barry - agree, good to see most of the gang back!

    3 x 2 miles done on the treadmill. First 2 sets at 6;48 pace to keep heart rate in right zone and last set @6:54 pace. Feel pleased to have that session done as I was a bit nervous. However thinking about Carrot knocking out 13 miles at that pace spurred me on!

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