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  • AA - Good pacy tready session, I think 6:51 gets sub 1:30(just) at HM.

    First 20 of the campaign for me this morning, unfuelled and felt the fat burning really kick in from 15 but happy pace did not drop, completed in 2:32  with a 7:36 avg.

  • Hi guys, great to see the thread back to being busy. Looks like marathon training I in full swing, some proper speedy runs going on!

    Still ticking over on 3 runs, body pump and yoga. Had a cut back week this week as I.t band was very tight in last 3 miles of last week's 11 miler. Lots of stretching, foam rollering and new trainers, all ok for 9 miles today.
  • AA; speedy intervals

    Pink: you have come a long way with the swimming, keep at it.

    Chick: pace is immaterial, your back out there thats the important bit

    Barry: nice 20, how many are you planning on running before the marathon? Always liked 4+ 20 milers myself.

    16 miles this morning in 2-15, longest run in 8 months, it was OK but I was getting tired towards the end, onwards!

  • Pink it's great that your swimming is paying off, it's a tough sport to master. Glad to hear you're feeling confident about Wokingham - a bit of confidence goes a long way image

    Great session today AA, if there's anything worse than mile reps it 3 x 2M.

    Crumbs Barry that's a fast 20M from you!

    Getting back into the distance nicely DD. Onwards indeed!

    Happy with a new PB at Brass Monkey this morning. Weather was spot on for racing - cold and no wind. The only thing was some of the country lanes were very icy so there were a few swear words uttered in places! Time was 1:28:12, just over a minute off my PB from 2013. Nice start to the year! Saw Angela I and Sarah O at the end too image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- well done getting that 16 done. Easy from now on.

    Barry- carrot is right ...very fast 20. outstanding runs by this week (every week it appears) Just don't F!!k it up in the coming weeks 

    AA- impressive intervals. 

    Kiwi- good going's coming together 

    Carrot-88 min HM and a stonking pb. Great stuff 

    pink- you'll have no trouble in open water. In fact you'll love it. Nice 10 by the way

    like DD ,16 for me today but a minute a mile slower than Barry's pace for his 20. First 7.5 ran with Miss2O at about 9.15 mm and the  rest alone and faster which was ok. 51 miles for the week. 


  • Carrot: Fantastic! image  What time did Parsnip do?

  • Barry - bloody fast 20 well done. 

    DD and 2old - once you're up at 16 it deffo gets easier. 

    Kiwi - keep rolling that I t band. 

    Carrot - made up for you. That's an amazing pb. Did parsnip win it?!!

  • Wow, carrot - well done ya! What a fab HM time to kick off the year image.

    Yesterday was an enforced rest day - that sore throat was still bugging me so I thought I'd better take it easy. I think it was the right decision. Fingers crossed I get outta here on time to do a trendy evening 5 image

    AA: agree what the others said ... 2 mile intervals are my idea of hell image

    I'm 2kg closer to racing weight today imageimageimage

  • Hi gang - just back from hols and not read back yet - did see Carrot's stonking HM though - bloody brilliant!

    Managed some decent runs while away - hills were a shock to the system though.  18 yesterday when back home....was meant to be 20 but my hands were just absolutely frozen and I wimped out early image. Still, my legs felt really good so the hills might have done some good.

  • Carrot - Congrats and very well done, great start to the year.image

    Kiwi - Good news and 3 runs a week is the way to go.image

    2old - Yup that's the worry, but as I'm only running 3 times a week I can afford to push it every now and again, 40 miles for me this week and max won't be much more. Well done on the long run, you normally don't too long to get back on pace.

    DD- probably try and get 5 more 20(or more) in, one every other week fitted in around planned HMs. Well done on the 16.

    Quick 30 mins in the pool after work and then an hour at physio, mainly legs but shoulders blades tight especially left which is restricting movement during swimming, all a bit sore now but hopefully worth it.

  • Freemers - sounds like you got some hilly runs in on holiDay. 

    Trendy 5 for me tHis morning. Feeling a bit battered today. This is a well needes recovery week. Off to Budapest on wednesday for a couple of days. Promised mr AA I won't take my trainersimage

  • Hi Chick, I think the first Defence is amazing. Barry put me on to that and I find it quickly stops the cold before it starts. Good news on getting nearer the racing weight image

    Hi DD, North dorset marathon, sounds very nice. Could be a few inclines? Nice 16..

    Hi Barry, Positive thinking please, wow, fast 20 there...must have been cold?

    Hi AA, Well done on the treadmill session. I didn't realise you was doing London/Boston? That makes me look quite sane doing London and Edinburgh. image

    Hi Pink, Nice 10, sounds as though things are ticking over nicely?

    Hi Kiwi, Well done on the 9 miles. I have a Grid roller which is great for the ITB and my trusty resistance bands which always bring out the stares from the grunters at the gym. Also a good excuse for some new trainers image

    Hi Carrot, Super news on the PB, well doneimage

    Hi 2old, Nice 16 and mileage for the week. Probably best you had someone to slow you down early on!

    Hi Freemers, Well done on the 18, sounds as though you had a good workout on holiday with the hills.

    5 miles yesterday at 7:30mm average, bit of ice but it was nice and bright and the wind had dropped a bit. S&C this morning at the gym, bit worried about my second toe. I have got a black toenail and the bottom of the toe is bruised. No idea how that has developed. Also with the Raynauds it doesn't help. I have a new pair of trainers in waiting so will introduce them...




  • 2KG is a lot to lose when there's not much on you Chick, well done. Is that just cutting out the extra treats?

    You could always buy some new trainers in the airport or when you get to Budapest AA, then you're technically sticking to your promise ????

    AA / O4S Parsnip didn't quite win it but ran a blinder in 1:16!

    Well done getting 18 done yesterday after a holiday Freemen, and for getting those hills tackled on holiday!

    5M recovery tonight plus a bit of S&C in the gym. Sports massage too - legs were a bit battered after yesterday but feel much better now.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Chick well done on the weight loss. I'm the heaviest I've been for a few years. Partly it doesn't bother me because I'm sure it will come off when I start training again but it does make me a bit touchy! I'm going to suss out HADD. I think it might be good for me when I get back into it.

    O4S - I like the idea of 5k per day. What a good idea.

    Carrot - awesome run at York. You must be chuffed to bits with that. Were you following a plan to target the race?

    Barry - very fast long run! For a 3:15 marathon that's about MP + 10s??? I think even Furman has them slower than that.image

    Freemers - I must get us touch with your OH about recommending some strengthening stuff.

    AA - enjoy Budapest. Great training from you recently.

    Nell - sounds like a blood blister. It is swollen under the toe nail? I'd have a needle into that. Ooh my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

    2old - does all your family run?

    I tried the first of two tri clubs last night. I'm emotionally and physically scarred. I'd tell you more about it but don't want to think about it! Tomorrow night is the other club. It's going to be hard pushing myself there.

    Nell: how squeamish are you? If not very I'll send you a photo of my feet - I'll see you bruised toe and raise you 7 imageimageimage  It is the true sign of a distance runner - although a little embarrassing to be identified by physios across Bristol as the woman with horrible feet.........image


  • Don't know what is going on - my ipad only allows me to post a few lines in any one post and as for predictive text............imageimage

    Will return for a proper chat when I get to a 'real' computer

  • Nell - my big toe nails are growing back after abingdon and Nice and seem to be growing into the skin rather than up image

    minni - intriguing about the tri clubs!

    7x1000m reps this morning @15kph and 1%. Almost stopped after 4 but pushed on. thought I might puke at the end! (Extra detail!!)

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-Im trying to get back to 2kg nearer racing weight having lost lots with the flu ...and,sadly, the strength that went with it.Im near my post Boston weight which is skeletal according to my family so I'm taking a glass of protein shake before bed everynight for the next few weeks.

    Minni-Cant wait for you to reveal all about the tri club-their members are different animals to runners. Looks like all my family do or have run -just need to get Mrs 2O back to doing the odd 5k-YKWs are the target.

    AA-Ive never lost a toe running -maybe its because I wear running shoes half a size too big? Horrible session by you today-that would see me injured pretty quickly though I need to get some speed in my legs. Have you tweaked your training plan to accomodate the gradiants of the Boston course?

    Carrot-Im not surprised your legs felt battered after that HM

    O4S-my No1 son might just trump your feet-trench foot,4 toe nails fallen off ,blood blister under big toe nail which has half disintergrated.He'd easily get the part of an Ork in Lord of The Rings

    Nell-how often do you change your trainers? im forever buying new ones and using a couple of pairs over the week.

    Barry-good idea to heed the warning signs.

    Free- you have lots of LRs in the bank and thats another good one deposited

    10k yesterday.Decided not to swim last night.


  • Carrot: Top Girl! I bet your walking on air!

    Minni: The dark side is a a scary place full of young people, but half of them are absolute rubbish and once you've trashed them on a run they accept you! Lots of chat about gear though! Oh yeah and you can always spot them in running races by the 300 gels hanging from their belt to get them around a YKW.

    AA: enjoy the break and buy some trainers at the airport, nice intervals

    Nell: Yes NDVM has some hills but nothing horrendous or that could just be bravado because I rung and cycle on various parts of the course every day.

    Barry: 5 x 20+ should crack it

    2Old: I go through a pair of trainers every 3 months on average and have two or three on the go at once.

    5 Miles easy yesterday, club tempo run tonight if I don't chicken out and run with the medium group. Somehow managed 53 miles last week, up from 0 four weeks ago, living proof that you can come back fast if your body has had a lifetime of abuse!




  • DD - love that last quote!

    2old/chick/DD - I've been reading about boston and apparently the downhills trash your legs before the uphills. Is that right? Trying to do the 2 in 6 days means I'm trying to get a few more 20s than normal. Already done 2 This year. And I am doing regular squats and lunges to build the legs up which I never normally do. Fortunately I live at the top of the kennet valley so always have a long climb back home at the end of every run. 

  • AA: yep, that proved 100% true for me, despite doing lots of hill training image. I think by about 6 miles my quads were fried and I had to adopt a run-walk strategyimage
    I remember screaming out in pain when there was another downhill section after Heartbreak hill. I honestly thought I couldn't run or walk another step downhill ...Boy, did I swear at that bloody CitCo sign image
    The lunges are probably a good idea. Nice reps, btw.

    Freemers: sounds like a great holiday. well done on the long run.

    Minni: tell us more about those scary tri people ... I thought clubs were sort of inclusive and welcoming. I'm probably a little naive image

    Carrot: amazing run from parsnip there. As for the weight loss: Sadly there's a lot more on me than when you last saw me image

    DD: great build-up!

    Shuffled 11 miles this morning. It was a lovely morning - cold, no wind. Asthma is playing up big time but I still enjoyed being out there. 

  • DD -  Great weekly mileage.

    Carrot - V impressive time by Parsnip, are you both running VLM?

    Minni - Yeah I suppose my "plan" is similar to Furman, 3 runs a week with x training but I'm not doing any crazy paced intervals.  Tell us about the tri club(please).

    Nell - I always lose toenails during marathon training, usually the second toe as they ae longer than my big toe, but after Barcelona I lost my big toe nail but it took 3 months to come off, at one point I could pull it up to 90 degrees, my kids thought it was very gross.

    O4S - Always good to be remembered for something.image

    2old - was it you who had the shock wave treatment on your achilles, if so did you think it worked and was it expensive?

    AA - Enjoy your break.

    5 miles steady for me this afternoon breaking in new shoes followed by 30 mins S&C.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- yes I had shock wave therapy. I was lucky it was paid for by BUPA but believe it is costly and not everyone is convinced it actually works . It worked for me in both Achilles as far as I can tell .I think AA had it for a different injury. FWIW in my view often Achilles problems arise due to other muscles from the back down being too tight and ,the Achilles being a weak spot gives way. Then the problem there is made worse by doing eccentric heel drops before the initial injury has fixed. Hope your not seeing a return of AT symptoms 

    AA- it's absolutely essential to do lots of down hill runs for Boston. More important than uphill. If you can't do them get a friend to hit your thighs with a baseball bat. 

    Chick- well done with the shuffle 

    Carrot- Parsnips time was awesome 

    DD- big mileage. Are you having a few weeks off ? 

    20k on the TM today including  5x1k at15kmph . Thought I'd done well until I reread my schedule afterwards and they should have been miles. 

  • Carrot Congratulations on your PB image & congrats to Parsnip as well.

    DD Nice 16 miles

    2Old blimey good mileage there for the week & nice 20k on the dreadmill

    Nell I don't like feet - really funny about them. Hope the toenail is ok

    Minni I emailed my local tri club on the recommendation of a friend & i'm yet to receive a reply. I've more or less given up as that was a few weeks ago. Will be interesting to see how you got on.

    AA Enjoy your break

    I did an hours training on the indoor bike on Sunday which was mainly hills. Ran 4 miles on Monday lunchtime with some work colleagues which was good as the run pushed me. Had a rest day today & off to bed early for 6am swimming training tomorrow morning. Also taking the running kit to work for a lunchtime run tomorrow & hopefully I will stay awake the rest of the afternoon at work.




  • Hi Minni, Show me a needle and I'll hit the deck..afraid I am terribleimage....hang in there

    Hi o4s, I can only imagine that photo and I am sure you would trump me with no problem image

    Hi AA, I seem to have opened Pandora's box here ;0) Well done on the intervals. I think I was with you there today!

    Hi 2old, Yes I run two pairs at the same time too. Well done on the 10K and 20k.

    Hi DD, Good mileage for the week there!

    Hi Chick, Well done on the 11 miles

    Hi Barry, Taking it easy today? I don't usually have much problems with the toenails running. I have usually just had the black toenails with football.

    Hi Pink, still a nice mix going on there, great stuff. image

    I went down to the gym again for an interval session today. It was on the way to a customer so worked out well. When I was running, looking outside I probably would have been ok on the road for the session. But this morning by me early on it was icy...anyway got in 4 x 800M @ 16KMH with 400M @ 12KMH recoveries and then 3 x 300M @ 18KMH...felt it today for some reason.

  • 2Old wrote (see)

    20k on the TM today including  5x1k at15kmph . Thought I'd done well until I reread my schedule afterwards and they should have been miles. 

    That means you have to do the reps again tonight image

    6 and a bit Bambi on ice miles this morning. We had freezing fog and it was really slippery out there. Afterwards my feet hurt. Never experienced that before. I guess running with no traction does weird things to your feet ...

    Nell: stunning pace! I've never been on a tready that would go up to 18kmh ... just as well, as I would certainly have fallen off!!

  • AA: I didn't find the Boston hills much of a worry, but then I wasn't very fit and so was running well within myself. But certainly it was no worse than an average run around the North Dorset lanes. 

    2Old: I'm with Chick, do the reps again today! Not planning on resting anytime soon but as always work may throw a spanner in that idea.

    Nell: Thats moving 

    Pink: I don't miss those 0600 swims, mind you they make you feel smug all day

    Last nights tempo run was a bit pathetic, just wasn't up for it and struggled along in 2.5C, horizontal rain and a wind which could cut through steel, it felt a very long way from Dubai. Anyway struggled on and got it done if not as quick as usual.

    Today for reasons which I have yet to fathom I decided to run on the trails up over the Salisbury plain to Alfreds Tower on Stourhead estate, so 11 miles of ankle sucking mud and torrential rain mixed with sleet later I staggered back through the door, man that was tough.... would like to say it was character building but the truth is that it was just a bloody stupid idea.

  • Some of the interval paces you lot are doing really puts me to shame.  But I was listening to a MT interview today with Lorraine Moller (NZ elite marathoner from the 80s) who is an advocate of the Lydiard training regime - basically loads of aerobic stuff and hardly any intervals which suits me down to the ground image

    Minni - I sent you a text with OH's email address so you can contact him about the S&C stuff.  Tri club sounds scary image

    Tempo this morning - never feels great first thing but good to get it done.

  • The miserable 12 mile run on Saturday was followed by a glorious [if very muddy] 12 mile outing with BA on Sunday, 7 miles tempo at the club on Monday, 5k and 14 miles of hill intervals at the spin class yesterday and 5 miles tempo plus 14 miles of high intensity spinning with the mad tri instructor.

    Speed is still rubbish and a way to go on the endurance, but at least things are better than before Christmas.  Bit of a set-back today when I went to see my consultant and as I feared I have another tumour on the ear which has already had about 8 operations and 2 skin grafts.  There is so little of the original ear left that the only way to remove the tumour is yet another skin graft, so I can see an interruption to the training coming up.  At least I managed nearly two years clear.

    DD:  I am CEO of 'Stupid Ideas are us'.  We are actively considering your application for a Board position image

    Freemers:  the only intervals I am managing at the moment are on the bike image.  Glad you enjoyed the hills down this way

    Pink:  if you don't like feet, steer clear of me in a changing room!  I am actually embarrassed if I ever go swimming in a public pool in case small children run screaming from the area

    2Old: you are worse than my ex-students.  'Read the question!'  image

    AA: hope you have / are having fun

    Up at 5.00am tomorrow for my regular day trip to Belfast to see my Mum.  At least I should get my 5k in doing the walk to her care home

  • Hi Chick, Should have seen me after image

    Hi DD, Yes a long way from Dubai I guess. Todays run does sound a bloody stupid idea....but from previous experience, usually a good one at the time image

    Hi Freemers, I agree I struggle in the morning on a Temp session..

    Hi o4s, Sorry to hear about the ear, although I doubt it will hold you back image


    6 miles this morning at 7:31 mm average. Very cold this morning minus cold! First outing for the running tights this morning. I think my hands were just warming up when I got home...

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