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    O4S-sorry,I'm standing on the naughty step(if thats allowed today) You need to put more effort into your training, what a lazy few days you've hadimageThink DD could be chair of the board.Im sending you positive wishes re ear.

    Nell-you guys up there are made of tough stuff.Iwould have been in ski gear for that run

    Free-you are right- in my view its lots of miles sprinkled with tempo runs that does the trick (hope so, as thats my overall plan)

    DD-what is it with you and 04S and the love of mud.Good going getting out in that stuff.Hope work doesnt interfere too much

    Chick-did any rabbits help keep you up on the ice?I didnt redo the intervals as you will have guessed. I've seen TMs that go up to and over 18kmph but wouldnt dare trying one out

    8m steady(slow) and 1mile swim yesterday.



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    I'm having really bad internet problems at home so struggling to log into RW.  I've come into my husband's office to catch up!  So, briefly about the Tri clubs. 

    Firstly, this is all about my thinkin.  I was terrified to go to the club on Monday night but knew I had to take the plunge, literally.  The way I felt afterwards was because of my head and nothing else.  The club were welcoming and friendly and couldn't have been more so.

    I live in between 2 clubs.  

    One is quite new and I know the committee well and run locally with a lot of the members. The men of the club partake in tri but the women seem to prefer just to train.  (lets call this No 1)

    The other is the tri club linked to my running club.  They are well established and very competitive. They have had a fair amount of members representing GB in all distances and both ladies and men compete regularly.  (No 2)

    Monday night I went along to No 1.  I was put in the beginners lane with 4 others - who had all been going for about a year, I think.  The coach was very nice and gave me lots of tips and got me to sit the odd length out when he could see I was tiring.  I struggled to do the drills as I'd never heard of 'long armed doggy paddle' or 'finger tip trailing'.  I had positioned myself at the back, and rightly so, but I never seemed to catch up.  Afterwards I felt pleased I'd done it but there was no buzz or real feeling of accomplishment - just relief it was over.

    I swim in No 1's pool a lot and felt I wouldn't be as confident in No 2's pool, especially as its all very techy because its used for racing a lot.

    On Tuesday I went back to the pool to practice some of what I'd learnt but struggled.  I was tired and it seemed harder on my own.

    So last night I was going to try No 2.  I was really dreading it.  I know how serious they take it and its a different pool etc but I had been invited along and said I'd go, so go I would.  At the last minute I discovered a friend had been to the beginners group a week before so we car shared and this helped.  This friend is a big outdoor type and naturally good at everything but he really struggles with swimming.  He's also good fun so I thought if nothing else we could have a bit of a laugh.

    I was made to feel really welcome and liked the coach immediately.  The group consisted of 8, including me and friend who started last week.  The other 5 were 8 weeks in having all started with basic stroke instruction and progressing from there.  Again, I positioned myself at the back but this time I felt the group were a lot better matched.  We started off by doing just 25m easy then progressing up to 25,50, 100, etc hard with easy length between and plenty of 20s rests.  Despite my worries I started to really enjoy it.  The coach gave me tips throughout and at the end I really felt a buzz.   I was invited along to the Sunday night swim club (which is technique based and one that they wouldn't allow me to join until they'd seen me swim) so this was another boost.

    So all in all, I am knackered.  I slept like dead person last night.  But I'm looking forward to going back and for the first time I'm starting to feel that I might make an IM - one day!

    I will catch up later - hubby is kicking me off his computer!

  • wow Minni - No. 2 sounds like your club then image. Well done. I'd be dreading the swim assessment though image

  • Minni -  Well done for going to the clubs, always the biggest step,definately a mental/comfort zone issue, as runners we are used to being in control.  I think you missed my nightmare swimming session in december.  Coach put in in  lane completely out of my comfort zone and I hated it, ranted for about an hour when we got home, eventually went to bed then woke up an hour later and started ranting againimage.  Don't worry about the drills they do become easier with practice.

    2old - I hope the repeats were n't meant to be at 15mph.image  Are you feeling fully fit now.

    DD - image well done on the run in naff conditions.

    Nell - Nice speedy stuff, I have been in running tights for a few weeks now(I've been down south too long).

    Swim yesterday and 2000m in just over the hour including 2 x 400 at 10:16 and 10:17, schoolboy error though could n't understand why Garmin was n't uploading then realised I had n't stopped it , so an extra 50 odd minutes recorded.

    Good run this afternoon 10 miles including 3 x 2 mile repeats with 1 mile recovery splits 7:46,6:35,6:23:7:29,6:29,6:21,7:39,6:26,6:23,7:43 image

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    Minni- looks like you've found your tri club. Never done that technical swim stuff myself-probably why I'm same speed now as when 10

    Barry - cracking 10 miler. You must be struggling to contain your confidence .good swim too. Not taken long to get up to 2k. I'm struggling to keep swimming up

    with marathon training. I'm still a way off full fitness. I guess I'm trying to shock

    Myself back to where I was. It's tough

    Just under 7 miles today av 7.15mm
  • 2Old I could probably gain 2KG in a week if I set my mind to it... 5 X 1K still a great session.

    Good to see you're back into the mileage so soon DD. Yes that was a bit of a bonkers run from you!

    Yes Barry the Northern Veggies will be running VLM. That point of toenail loss where it's just hanging on by a thread is always fun! Good running from you this week.

    A short break in training won't do you any harm O4S. Hope it gets sorted.

    That's a fast TM session Nell, even the recoveries are quick! I used to always do my recovery jogs around 9kph, certainly no faster than 10kph. Just have 200m instead of 400m so it's around about the same time recovering.

    Is that the sort of thing you'll be doing for London Freemers? I've been wondering lately if the relentless weekly interval sessions take too much out of my legs. Tempo stuff is still tough but I enjoy it so much more.

    Second tri club sounds like a good match for you Minni. It'll have been worthwhile trying both of the, you might have been a bit put off after the first session was so daunting! I didn't follow any plan for the half as such - I only got a number a fortnight ago as I hadn't entered. Over the last 8 weeks I've done a lot of tempo stuff including parkruns, I've been getting some consistent mileage in (including two 20M runs) Similar to what Freemers has mentioned! One of the best sessions I did was on NEW when there was chance of a double parkrun. Warmed up, ran the first at HM pb pace, ran another 5 or 6 miles, ran the second at target HM pace, warmed down! Ended up as 15M.

    Northern XC Championships tomorrow. Have had an easy week apart from 10M at marathon pace last night. Not expecting much tomorrow, I just go to make up the numbers and get a decent training run in!
  • you're on fire Barry - awesome run!

    I treated myself to a lie-in today and just came back from a lunchtime run in bright sunshine image. Trendy 5 done. Whilst out there I saw a man and a woman taking 2 raccoons walkies image one had a green collar, the other one's was red. And no, I have NOT been drinking!! Wish I'd taken my phone with me to take a piccie.

  • Carrot - I tend to do long-ish intervals, anything from 800m to mile reps, with very slog jog recoveries.  I don't worry too much whether I need 200m recovery or 400m or even longer! My pace on the TM gets up to 15kph, sometimes a little quicker, but I just don't have the legs for 16 or 18!  Have fun at the XC champs image

    Loving the raccoons Chick image

    7 miles easy today - lovely cold, sunny day for it. My legs felt really heavy though - not quite sure why!

  • Only had chance to do a quick read back as we've had an entire week without t'internet... Thanks BT!!!image

    DD - Amazing to have gone from zero to well over 50 miles in the space of 4 weeks. I've been trying to get some endurance base since October and this week will be my first 50+ week since March 2013.

    (((O4S))) - Sorry to hear about your ear.

    Carrot - Superb and shiny new pb!image You must be super confident that the undoubted speed that you have will translate into an even shinier new mara pb. Then again, as we've said and debated many times on this forum, you ladies struggle to convert your half times to the full distance compared to us men!image

    Nell & Barry - Bloody quick intervals gents.

    Minni - Never thought i'd be telling you to go for a no. 2!image

    Chick - Raccoons!!!!... You may not have been drinking, but you do realise that even if you're running, smoking MARIJUANA is still illegal??image

    So far this week i've staggered through a 5m steady/3m tempo on Tues (should have been 5 & 5 but couldn't manage it... Again!), 5m recovery Weds and 12m MLR last night with the last two @ (try's not to laugh) 7.26-MP.

    All of these have been done on the dreadie as i'm nervous of slipping over and damaging my knees.I can honestly say that i'm really not enjoying this training programme so far! I'm not sure whether it's because i'm doing Brighton rather than VLM, or whether it's because i'm a lot slower than i was?


  • Whoops... Forgot to wish Carrot good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure you'll smash it!image

  • Carrot: good luck tomorrow.

    Minni: the technical side of swimming is the good bit, drills are good fun and very usefull. Club 2 it clearly is then.

    Barry/ Nell: you boys are quick

    Oompa: enjoy it or not you are bavk out there

    O4S: hugs

    hill session with club last nightbwas a killer but pleased to say I'm moving bavk up through the group and have a couple of guys in my sights, easy 6.5 miles today

  • DD: thanks for the hugs - might be able to exchange in person as I have entered the Blackmore Vale HM and I think you said you were doing it.

    Minni: enjoy the tri club! How are things with the hip?

    Carrot: enjoy.........

    4 miles in Belfast wearing totally inappropriate clothing, but fortunately my proper trainers. 5 miles walking with BA today - yesterday was an 18 hour day from leaving home to getting back through the front door so didn't 't feel like much today. 30 miles planned for tomorrow.......

  • HI Minni, From your description it sounds like you enjoyed the 2nd club more, I think you had already decided before you went image

    Hi 2old, Nice running and swimming. I remember running on the treadmill with the guys from the football team and we used to do intervals at 21kph, I think that is the fastest treadmill I have seen, that was when I was younger and dafter...

    Hi Barry, fantastic intervals, you sound as though you are on fire already!

    Hi Carrot, Good luck tomorrow, Yes I must admit to have enjoyed the intervals on the treadmill. Thought I would hate it..

    Hi Chick, Never seen anyone walking raccoons whilst running....random. I did go out with a girl when I was a teenager who had a pet duck and she used to take it on a lead for a walk! Nice trendy 5...

    Hi freemers, Well done on the 7, them hills aren't still in your legs are they?

    Hi Oompa, Wise not to risk injury when you are coming back so well..

    Hi DD, Can't beat a good hill session...

    Hi o4s, Inappropriate clothing, the mind bogglesimage


    Went out yesterday for 5 miles, with the 3 middle miles at a Tempo pace. Nice crisp morning with no wind. 3 middle miles at 6:44,6:49,6:56 average pace for 5 miles 7:08. Gym this morning for some S&C. Wind is backimage

  • Nell: inappropriate as in dressed for visiting a care home for dementia patients - not for a pole dancing session image

  • O4S: see you a BMV ½, You could have dressed for pole dancing they all have dementia so wouldn't remember anyway.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot- good luck in the XC championship 

    Nell- 21kmph - I'd have been thrown a goalkeeper running wasn't necessary back in my day . Good tempo 

    DD- hills and pole dancing...the new duathlon ?

    O4S- rather you than me doing 30miles. Enjoy. 

    Oomp- keep going. 

    17.4 miles on the TM today after a 4 hour drive back from the Midlands ,av8.08mm bringing up this weeks total to 51 ( all on the TM) Off for some altitude training (skiing ) tomorrow so it's good that next week is a drop down (fall down??)week . Plan to do more running outside next month .

  • Hi o4s, Illusion shattered

    Hi 2old, 17.4 miles on a treadmill, how? Are you still sane after that? Well done! At my size I was only ever allowed in goal when playing 5 a side!

    Working this morning so up early for just over 4 miles. Had to take it careful as pretty icy and windy again! Ended on 7:38mm average

  • 2old - Good mileage after a long drive and excellent weekly mileage, hope the skiing trip is better than the last one.

    O4S - Hope the 30 went well.

    Oompa - Keep on it, hopefully it will get easier for you.

    Swim club on Friday evening and coach tried to move me up lanes but I declined.  20k on the indoor bike yesterday morning, a lot quicker than previous I used a higher gear and tried to keep cadence at 90, followed by 30mins S&C and swim club in the afternoon.  15 miles this morning done at 7:39 avg.


  • Hi Barry, Good 15 miles there. Is that the pace you are sticking at for your LR's? Just noticed they have been somewhat pacey lately..


    10 miles this morning. Aimed at just a bit quicker than what will be my moderate pace for the schedule and came in at 7:16mm average which was pretty much throughout. Quite a funny weekend. Freezing yesterday morning and today a lot milder, but then more windy....what is taken out of one hand.... New schedule received and all drawn up now, taking me 12 weeks up to London and then 5 weeks from there to Edinburgh. Interesting that quite a few of the LR's are to be run and majority moderate pace as opposed to easy to moderate. Start that a week Monday...

  • Wow, 2old. Over 17 miles on the treadie!! That's dedication.

    Fast running as ever Barry and Nell.

    15 miles for me on melting slippery snow but enjoyable all the same. 52 miles for the week image
  • Beautiful day in the Forest of Dean for our 30 mile jaunt.  Took our time, did run/walk and had 2 tea stops.  Felt so good today that we entered the Moorland 10k off road mud fest organised at the Riding for the Disabled Centre this morning.  Started steadily and then overtook people all the way in the second half.  The mud in places was truly horrific, to the point of being laugh out loud funny at times.  Towards the end I was hurtling down a slope between 2 barbed wine fences towards a gate at the bottom.  I shouted to the young lad in front 'Beware out of control OAP heading your way' - you have never seen someone move so fast image  At times the mud was shin deep and quite a few people were seen searching under the surface for one or more shoes - they discovered in the kids fun run that velcro fasteners on shoes are not up to the mud and most of the kids finished carrying their shoesimage

    Got hosed off in the horse yard [having finished in the indoor riding arena] and collected a bottle of wine for first W60

    2Old: 17 miles on a treadmill is too much in a 12 month period, never mind in one sessionimage

    Nell: what are you aiming for in the two marathons?  If only I could do your moderate pace as a flat out sprintimage

  • Morning all. 

    O4S - still totally barking!! Well done on the wine. Nice prizeimage

    carrot - you sound like you're doing some hard core training and it's deffo paying off. 

    Oomps - your MP is still great. 

    Freemers - agree, maybe you're still feeling the affect of the hills?

    i had a good time in Budapest. Walked miles. Had 3 full days of no running and then did 16 yesterday @8:42 pace. a rubbish 36 for the week! O4S - does that in one day!

  • DD I don't mind 6am swims, We spent 10 years taking our daughter early morning training 3 times a weeks so have got used to it. Hills are good character builders which also sounds like your run along Salisbury plain!

    Minni No 2 Tri Club sounds like the one for you. I wouldn't worry at all about the drills as I'm sure you'll be ok, they always seem scary at first but then you get used to it.

    O4S Wow well done you

    Your getting in some good runs Nell

    Oompa nice to see you back

    Hope the race went well for Carrot on Saturday

    Enjoy your ski trip 2Old

    Swimming was good for me most of last week although I found the early morning training drills hard, partly because I can't eat anything beforehand as it's too early. Used the indoor bike during the evening to get some cycle miles in.

    Thursday nights swim session was good as I was moved up into one of the 'Big Dogs' lane. The lead swimmer was a length ahead of me but I really enjoyed the challenge of being in that lane. I also ran during Thursday lunchtime. Friday night swim training was good, Saturday I ran 11 miles which was part of Swindon HM route. It was like an ice rink in places & a bit tough on the inclines. Had a one to one swim lesson in the afternoon & legs were tired after the run. Swim coach is really happy where I am but I have to get tough if i'm catching someone in the lane & getting them to move.

    Went for a short run yesterday morning with the youngest daughter, blimey, she takes after her dad as it was only 2 miles but she left me huffing & puffing.

  • Chick - you're getting your mileage back up there again, nicely done image

    2old - well done on the long treadmill run....I only resort to that sort of distance if the snow is too bad to run. Fingers crossed that won't happen this year.

    O4S - well done on the prize image

    So after my 7 on Friday where my legs felt awful I through caution to the wind and did my intervals on Saturday. 4 x 1 mile with 0.25mile recoveries. Paces were 6.57, 6.48, 6.39, 6.31...well actually that last one would have been quicker as I increased the pace gradually over the last half mile, finishing at 6.00 pace....never seen that before on the treadmill, and it was only for about 200m or so, that was enough! But overall I felt OK.  Then 20 yesterday at 8.20 pace on average.  Legs started to feel heavy again at about 10 miles so it was tough going at the end, but lovely day for it and nice to get another 20 in the bag.


  • Nice mile reps & 20, Freemers image

    O4S: the things you do for a bottle of vino ... image   well done on first W60

    AA: Good to see you back. We are going to Budapest in April. Any recommendation for  good restaurants or things to see/avoid are highly appreciated. Never been there before but looking forward to it.

  • Hi o4s, Yes I would have loved to have seen the look on thsat guys face, well done on the first W60...hosed off in the courtyard? image
    After getting 3:06 at York I would like to improve on that, whether at London or Edinburgh. To be honest could have done with Edinburgh before London as that may be the easier. That's life eh?

    Hi Chick, Great mileage for the week, you seem to be getting back there...great stuff!

    Hi AA, 36 for the week and 3 days off, that's not bad!

    Hi Pink, Good news on the swimming and getting in the runs too. Sounds like speed demons in your house then?

    Hi Freemers, Sounds like a good 20 there.

    Gym this morning for some S&C. Son has now joined a swimming club, At the moment lessons are Sunday afternoon and evenings. I think the early mornings start sometime in the future....I envisage my early morning runs based around Portobello, could be worse I guess!

  • 2Old: nuts, 17 miles on a tready, enjoy the skiing.

    O4S; well done on the 30.

    Pink: your very busy!

    Freemers: Nice intervals

    Chick: building back up Nicely

    19 miles in 2-50 so nicely sub 9's, was fine up to 16 then struggled home, boring on my own though! Somehow have run a 56 mile week (for strange historical reasons my week ends on a Monday!), almost feel fit 

  • Nell - Yeah you are right all long runs seem to be coming in about 7:40 avg.  Not intentionally aiming for that pace, setting off slow for first couple and then running comfortably and increasing the pace over the last few.  Nice 10 from you.

    DD - Well done on the long one, 56 miles a week is fit.

    Freemers - Excellent mixed running from you, but hang on one post you are extolling the virtues of long slow running then smashing it with some 6.xx minute milesimage. Woman's perogative I guess.image

    O4S - Very well done on the win, sounds fun.image

    Chick - well done on the mileage, are you ramping up to your previous levels?

    1 hour in the pool yesterday, was meant to be left breathing practice but lane was too busy and it would have been messy. So gave the legs a rest and used the pull bouy and just kept going, 2175m in just under the hour and one set of 1550m(should have kept going for 2 more lengthsimage) in 36 mins so v happy.

    5 miles with middle 3 quick this morning, effort mile splits 6:37,6:21,6:08


  • nice almost 20 miler, DD image

    And fast splits, Barry. I'm just trying to build back into something resembling a decent pace and the only way for me is miles, miles and more miles. So yes, I'm trying to build towards regular 60 mile weeks. See how that goes. If I get any better I may sign up for an autumn marathon. At the moment I seem to be getting slower still image

    12 miles this morning on tired legs. Did S&C last night and boy do my legs feel it today. This dieting lark is no help either - my energy levels are approaching sub-zero.

  • Hi DD, Good total for the week

    Hi Barry, Fast 3 miles there. Are they on the road ?

    Hi Chick, With you on the tired legs after S&C although I didn't go out for 12 miles, good going...image

    A moderate 5 miles today. Legs a bit achy after S&C yesterday...but I expected that.

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