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  • Afternoon all. Sorry - hangover was Sunday. No training that day!

    nell - nice intervals. What schedule are you following?

    think I might be out of wokingham. image  Trendy 5 yesterday and today did 9x800s @15.2kph and since then my right foot has flared up massively. think it's tendonitis on top of the foot. Can barely walk now. At least it's stopped me worrying about my IT pain in my left knee. Gonna rest properly now for a few days and see how it recovers. Hate resting!!!

  • AA - no!!!!! Hope the rest works. And ice ice ice.

    Nell - those 800s are into Yasso territory so you are really knocking on the door of the 3 hour marathon - brilliant image

    Carrot - fantastic 10k time. You'll definitely be sub 40 before too long.

    16 miles at the weekend.  I almost turned round in the last mile as the sleet was blowing into my face so hard it felt like hail stones and was really hurting! OK once I turned the corner though!

    Today was the Minni Special tempo run - alternative 5 minutes MP and 5 minutes HMP on the treadmill, for 40 minutes.  Character building is what I would call that.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- those were fast intervals ,almost into Nellwarp speed. Ice and rest should fix it.I get those sort of injuries mixing fast intervals and endurance runs so try to avoid the former..

    Nell-6.18!!! Too fast. I guess that in a few weeks it will be 1600m at that speed. If you weren't blowing out of your mouth where were you? 

    O4S- need to educate that guy about the importance of pacing although some never get it .Nice way to get an extra mile or so in 

    Just under 7.5 miles today progressive up to around HM pace av overall 7.22mm .

  • Icing again and again! 2old - thanks for those words. I'm hoping that ice and rest will mend me in 5 days!

    freemers - forgot that Minni special - must get back into that (when I can!)

    2old - sounds like a fast finish progressive run!

  • Hi AA, I am following a Hansons plan. Sorry to hear about the foot that's pants,image never underestimate the healing powers of ice.

    Hi Freemers, Yes that does sound a character building run. No time for a rest on that one I would say?

     Oh I'm not too sure about knocking on the door, I am hoping these paces start feeling less painful. I will let you know when I get on to the 10 miles MP sessionsimage I am giving it a go though...

    Hi 2old, That sounds a nice run. I think you know the answer to that question. The plan has me running 10k pace up to 1200M intervals, from a mile up it is MP -10secs.

    4 miles this morning, easy to moderate pace. Ran at moderate 7:31. Then some leg strengthening later. Back to the early nights I think..

  • Chick - well done on the 60 for the week. Business as usual. image

    DD - well raced and paced on the HM.

    Carrot - Congrats on the PB, that's big mileage for a race week.

    AA - Hoping its a quick recovery for you.

    O4S - The way Pink and AA are I think my main target for Wokingham is to make the start line.image If I make it,  anything around 1;30 will be good.


  • Hi Barry, Your times recently have been good. So hopefully you will have a good race.


    MP/Tempo run this morning. I know this is the first week of a 12 week plan, but it certainly brings home the work ahead. 1.5 mile warm up, 4 miles at MP and then 2 mile cool down. I ran slightly fast on the splits, mainly due to trying to get to grips with the pace. But this was a hard run. MP Splits: 6:41,6:41,6:47,6:43. Obviously just getting into the swing of things, and hoping it gets a bit easierimage

    My motivational OH showed me this article yesterday....think I'm doomed image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-your MP is faster than my HM on a very good day.imageI'm sure you'll nail the schedule though. My OH delighted in reading that article to me several if I'm going to take any noticeimage

    Free-character building 16 there.I would only be able to do Minni's special on the TM.

    Barry-you should smash 90mins-is it on Sunday?

    AA-hope the icing is working

    Pink-fingers crossed for a quick recovery for you-I guess you can still swim with the injury?Good luck at the physio today

    Thought about doing my LR early last night but decided to watch Liverpool edge Bolton instead on TV so limited run to a hilly(for here) 9 miles at around 8mm

  • I read that article yesterday - Sunday should see me doing 3 weeks worth of exercise in one day image

  • AA: hope the recovery is going well

    Carrot: nice PB, your ½ and marathon times are way better than mine yet your 10K time is almost identical to mine, one of us isn't converting their speed into endurance events and its not you!

    Free: well done grinding it out in sleet, i would have gone home.

    Nell: thats a pretty quick MP!

    O4S; you probably do a years worth of exercise every week, i wont be at Bramley, life just got in the way.

    2Old: Is the Kangaroo bar still in full swing? 

    Monday was a trendy 5, Tuesday club tempo 6.8 miles in 49-50 pretty quick for me these days, yesterday was a steady 10 and tonight is whatever monstrosity the club coach has come up with for speed work 


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- you should have gone long ago according to that rubbish image

    DD- yes that bar is still banging together with others ensuring that my drunk skiing in the dark is second to none.  Busy and tough week for you so far. Don't fancy your weekend .

  • 2Old: BA's sentiments exactly (Minus according to that rubbishimage)

    Been a bit poorly this week so not doing very much, spin on Tuesday , 5 miles walking yesterday and 4 miles run today. Having no heat all day and an eccentric diet probably hasn't helped. Can't wait for the kitchen to be finished so we can get back to our usual chaos ( better the chaos you know.......).

    DD: fast tempo, we are also having doubts about Bramley due to extreme lack of fitness / training image

    Barry: I can see where you are coming from with regard to Wokingham. Weather looks OK.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Carrot - go you!  Fab 10k time there.  You've got the year off to a great start.

    AA  - is it the PF foot that's hurting?

    O4S - Hope you seen feel better. 

    Is it Wokingham this weekend?  Pink  - sorry to hear its going to be a DNS for you.

    Freemers - I can't wait to get to do that session again.  It was always my favourite. 

    Back getting some SLOW miles in.  Crickey its amazing how quickly you lose it.  But, a week ago I was struggling to get under 9 m/m and today I ran the third mile of a three mile run in 8:13. image

    Swimming like a woman possessed and not getting any faster!  But, I am very much concentrating on technique so hopefully the speed will come later.

    And today I have entered a duathlon, erm, next month! image  I wasn't really thinking about the time scale when I entered but it'll be good transition training if nothing else.  Its very short: run/bike/run: 2.5k/10k/2.5k

    And I've joined the gym.  In fact today is a non working day due to a phased return and I ran 3 miles, swam 1000m then spend 2 hours in the gym... image 

  • Nell - bloody fast MP miles there. My OH gave me that article to read. Yeah right!!! 

    2old - Liverpool left it late! You could have done your long run and watched the last 5 mins!!

    DD/O4S - no team members at Bramley?

    O4S - hope you feel better soon. 

    Minni - yay you're back on the way to recovery. Your fitness will be back soon enough!

    2 days of no running now. Lots of icing. Just hoping its tendinitis and not a stress fracture. If the next couple of days goes ok I could run Wokingham. Whether it's the right thing to do or not I don't know! Might have a test run on Saturday of a couple of miles.    Minni - yes it's the PF foot but it's the top of the foot this time. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Have a test AA and hopefully it will be ok.  Fingers crossed. 

  • AA: we certainly haven't ruled it out yet - going to see how the 30 mile event goes on Sunday. I think we are just finding everything a bit stressful with the chaos in the house, BA retiring and me under the weather - running 20 miles in a proper race seems a bit too much like hard work. Watch this space!!

    Minni: good to see you back running - try to take it steadily 

  • Great to see you back running Minni.  I remember when I was out for that long time in 2011 I could get the mileage back relatively quickly, the speed took a bit longer, but the main thing is you are running image

    Missed my run yesterday - but it was only meant to be a trendy easy 5.  Intervals today - looking for some 800 reps. 

  • Minni: yahoo, back running. In my experience it wont take long to get the miles back, as Freemers says pace is another matter

    AA: fingers crossed for you

    2Old: i once skied straight into a river in the dark whilst drunk at Soll.

    O4S: just the 30 on Sunday then.

    last night turned out to be 6 x mile repeats off 90 seconds, up and down various North Dorset hills, seem to have run them all at about 7-20 pace, Ok with that for now. Today is a trendy 5 if it ever warms up


  • Minni - Great news you are back on it. Don't worry about the swimming it does get better.

    Nell - Wow, that is a different level of running. i guess your looking at 6:48 to 6:50 to get inside 3 hours?

    AA - Hope to see you Sunday but don't take any risks, bigger picture.


  • Can you get anyone to help treat your foot AA? You fix everyone else but when it comes to you being injured it's a bit difficult to get into the injury. Be sensible about Wokingham, there'll be more races before Boston and London to do. You do want to make it to the start line of them both though!

    Was it actually the beer glasses that inured your arm 2old?! Good luck with the 10K on Sunday, you may just surprise yourself.

    You schedule must be gearing you up for a fast marathon going off the training paces Nell.

    Maybe it's my 10K that's a bad conversion, current 10K PB pace is only 10s quicker than HM. I've never really trained specifically for 10K though!

    Hope you feel better for the weekend O4S, at least it's a bit of a taper!

    Minni it's great to hear you're back running again! The pace doesn't matter it's just nice to run. All of the cross training will bring you back stronger than ever before. You do right to get the technique right with your swimming, one day it'll just click and you'll be flying.

    Good luck to Barry at Wokingham this weekend.

    Had an easy few days Monday - Wednesday this week. My IT band was sore racing on Sunday which strangely left my quad sore on Monday. The easy days seem to have helped, all was OK for 3 x 2M @ HMP last night off 3 mins recovery. Tough session but just managed to hit the right pace. 13M easy today and planning a blast around parkrun tomorrow.
  • Some good running going on.

    Minni Yes I am a DNS for Sunday. I should be ok though for Bath HM on 1st March. Keep going with the swimming technique, the speed will come.

    I will be at Wokingham Sunday but on the sidelines. Saw the physio yesterday & its mainly tightness in my Lateral Quad. I was wise to turn back when I did or it could have been worse. I can run a slow 20 minute this weekend & do short runs every couple of days until the following weekend & run maybe 6 miles. In between I am stretching & foam Rolle ring - Nell thank you so much for your advice as the stretches have worked.

    Was really miserable until I saw the physio as I didn't know if there was any serious damage particularly as years of Netball have taken their toll on my knees!

    Funny enough it hasn't affected my swimming at all & my training is going well. I thought I might have trouble with the speed work but I've been ok.

    Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!

  • It seems everyone, including myself gave that article the respect it deserved....none image

    Hi 2old, Your lot left it a bit late against Bolton I must say.

    Hi DD, Nice hill session, the weather is very confusing at the moment, although the wind has dropped. I am happy with that!

    Hi o4s, I like the George Bush quote " It will take some time to restore chaos" image

    Hi Minni, Sounds as though you are back into things, was that a non-working day? Must be good to get back to running though?image

    Hi AA, Hope the foot improves.

    Hi Freemers, Hope the 800's went well?

    Hi Carrot, Hope the IT doesn't come to anything. Sounds as though it should be ok. Yes, he has put the plan together for 3hrs. Not too sure whether I can convert to that, I will see. I think I need to work a bit smarter to get the best out my clapped out old footballers body!

    Hi Pink, Really pleased you have sorted things out... only problem is, you have to keep up the exercisesimage

    Rest day today, and for once that is what I did.

  • Morning all. 

    Carrot - hope the parkrun went well today. And the IT settles down. 

    O4S - good luck to you and BA for your 30 miles tomorrow. 

    Pink - good news image

    did my test run over 3 miles today and the foot was very sore when I started but once I picked the pace up and it warmed up it felt easier. Have iced it and am now going to see how it feels for the rest of today but am planning on running wokingham and hope it's the right decision. So see you tomorrow pink and baz. Will text when I'm there. 

  • Good luck, all ye Wokinghammers image

    But of a setback for me with a nasty cold and fever over a few days. Now trying to establish coughing world record image at least one cough every minute (that includes the night.... can't sleep). Bah.

    Minni: brilliant news!! I guess gym work is a must on your IM journey image. I'd like a phased return to work tooimage. Afraid I will have to rock up again full time on Monday tough ....
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    (((Chick))) that nasty virus seems to be going around here too. Hope it clears soon.

    Good luck tomorrow Barry and AA!

    Thanks for the Garmin advice via fb Barry. I'm up and running with it now. I don't understand the swimming data but it's exciting to see nonetheless. image

    4 miles today. Getting there.
  • Staying at Godalming before the 30 mile event - hoping that wine helps performance......image.  If not I could be in trouble image

    Good Luck to AA and Barry. Great news Minni and Chick, take care - that bug knocked BA out for a couple of weeks and he's still not quite right (although you could argue that is a permanent state) image

  • Glad your Garmin is sorted Minni

    Good luck tomorrow AA & Barry - I'll be the foghorn on the sidelines.

    Found swimming training hard with find on last night. I have done more stretching & rollering today.

    Planning a 20min run tomorrow after Wokingham following physios advice. Fingers crossed it will be ok.
  • Chick - hope you feel better soon. 

    Minni - up to 4 already. Awesome image

    O4S - I went down the wine route too! Good luck. 

    Porridge and beetroot juice (vom) see you in a bit pink and Barryimage

  • Minni - Happy to help, the important thing with the 910 when swimming is to press lap every time you stop for a rest then press lap again when you restart swimming, it then gives the time for all the intervals.

    Wokingham HM today, and very good to see AA, and thanks to Pink for the support. Perfect conditions, if a little cold at the start, and a very good race for me I smashed my PB of 1:27:25 set in April 2010.  Thought I'd set off too quick and knew I was doing well by halfway but thought it was going to slip when I had the blip at mile 11 quite a lot of incline, towards the end thought something near PB was on. Splits:

    6:21,6:31,6:21,6:29,6:21,6:37,6:32,6:30.6:35,6:34,6:52,6:33,6:26,6:06(last bit)

    So very happy,  finished with 1:25:54(wtf), I never thought I would see a 1:26 let alone 1:25 for HM I am going to be smiling all day(week)image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ah ha! I heard the news was good Barry! But that is beyond good - it's flipping marvellous! Very well done. Will be lease to heard your analysis of training/racing to get this.

    And yes I've now realised I need to press lap. I thought as I'd set it to auto pause it would stop automatically but saw it hadn't.

    Well done to AA too.

    O4S back yet?
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