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  • 2old  - Good mixed training from you, 17 on the tready - nice. image

    Chick - Well done for getting out.

    Nell -  Good running, those fast miles always feel hard in training.

    Made it to swimming Thursday night, a lot of work with fins which I don't use as i'm scared of pinging my calf, so coach said to use pull buoy when I needed.  Friday was meant to to be indoor bike but it is n't working properlyimage.  Swim club Friday evening.  Day trip to Blackpool yesterday so rest dayimage.  22 miles done this morning and a first, getting chased by a cat wtf, heard something behind my feet and thought it was a small dog  turned and saw the cat trying to catch my ankles.


    Hi Barry, I am guessing that you are feeling better now, seeing as you got in a 22 miler today? Chased by a cat, that's a new one. You didn't have Chick's tiger stripe running shoes on? Must admit I can't say I miss the absence of those longer runs on the Hansons plan...

    Hi AA, Hope everything has gone well at Bramley?

    Hi Carrot, Glad the track session went well, funny on the plan I am following. I have been advised not to run intervals on track. Not sure whether this is to prevent a repetitive injury? 10M MP is a good session too, my MP is at the sixth day on the schedule, which is interesting

    Hi Chick, Nice to see you are taking the positives out od the situation. yes, Saucony don't seem to do neutral colours anymore do they? Those Fastwitch shoes are similar to a pair of my kinvara's minus the tiger stripes

    Hi 2old, 17M on the I buy my running shoes by price, not colour. So I invariably end up with very loud running shoes!

    Well this weekend has been a total contrast to last weekends. It kind of backs up what I was thinking, I do not get enough sleep. Mind you after working last weekend that was more or less 2 weeks without a break and I was beginning to run on empty. I have had 2 good night's sleep this weekend, well as good as I get (not a good sleeper) and Sat/Sun I have had two good runs, good as I felt good! Saturday ran 6 miles at 7:15mm average which was just a bit faster than the moderate 7:30 to easy 7:48 prescribed. Today ran 12 miles at 7:10mm average which was to be run at majority moderate pace, so again a bit fast. Must control things here and not ruin the plan. But all felt good, first cold bath of the campaign, ouch!

  • Hmmm - I'm not sure why I thought a 20 mile race one week after a 30 mile romp off-road and at the end of a 60 mile week would be a good idea.  Sometimes my own stupidity amazes me [BA would like you to know that it no longer amazes him image

    Anyway we drove up for a spendid Valentines night in the Travelodge on the M4 services at Reading, having had a baked potatoe for dinner while suffering agonies watching the Ireland v France match  [It doesn't come more romantic than that after 40 years youngsters].  Woke this morning at 5.00am with the terrible realisation that I was starting another bout of IBS, something I have suffered infrequently but regularly for over 40 years.  Seeing me doubled over in pain with stomach cramps led to BA suggesting we should just go home, but I felt he needed the confidence boost of completing 20 miles now that he has entered the Stratford marathon.

    I wasn't going to run, then I thought I would just do the first 10 mile lap, but in the end decided to just start and see what happened.  Briefly saw AA looking depressingly fit at the start - it was so chaotic I am surprised we even managed that, I think the event is starting to outgrow its venue.  Had no plan and no garmin, just started well back and decided to run on feel.  The 'feel' was horrible, but the first few miles were very crowded so going slow was kind of compulsory, given where I started.  Got to 5 miles in exactly 45 minutes [PMP + 15secs] and was then at 10 miles in exactly 90 minutes, so consistency was there if nothing else.

    Stomach started to give trouble on lap 2 and when I got to 15 miles in precisely 2.15 I decided I really had to make a pit-stop.  A tempting public footpath pointed off the road, so I sloshed some distance down it through mud and puddles to some dense undergrowth.  Re-emerging on the road a while later I realised my legs had seized up and it was a struggle to get going.  3 hours had disappeared but I was happy enough to finish in 3.05ish feeling merely dreadful image  By this time I suspect AA was home, showered and on her second bottle of wine........

    BA also got round in 3.16ish and was quite pleased.  His condition makes it very hard for him to get started and the first 3-5 miles are always very slow, so I think he was secretly proud to have kept going.  Back home and reunited with my meds I feel almost human - just need a glass of something cold and white to complete the recovery.  Bit of work to do before London, but in the end not as bad as I feared.  Next planned 20 mile race is a week after a 50 mile off-road event - what was I saying about stupidity...................................

  • And now I've woken up with Team Minni cold image

  • O4S - so glad I pushed my way the wrong way through the throng of bodies to say hello. And delighted you and BA managed the 20. Made of strong stuff!!

    my plans for bramley went out the window once the first mile was done in 7:45 image so I decided to try and do the whole lot at "faster than race pace for some strange reason. I finished in 2:36 @7:49 pace feeling strong and was really pleased. I've run bramley quicker in the past on progressive runs but builds a false sense of what you can achieve. My plan is to run boson @3:30 and habe a little left in the legs for london. Quads feel nicely mashed today!

    well done 2old Barry and nell for some quality runs. 

  • Nice results at Bramley Team O4S and AA image 

    A Travelodge on the M4 servcies - can't get more romantic on Valentine's than that image

    I'm still coughing and full of snot but I'm starting to feel normal again. That leaden feeling seems to have gone and for the first time in ages I woke up before the alarm, feeling well rested. All of last week I slept for 10+ hours and still felt like death when the alarm went image

  • Good results from Bramley - O4S and AA image

    Chick - glad you're feeling a bit better.  Sounds like you've been wiped out by that cold.

    Some good running Nell, Barry and 2old

    Another weekend when I had to fit in intervals and my LSR.  So Saturday was 8 x 0.5 mile @ 6.31 and then progressively quicker with each rep down to to 6.15 pace for the last one.  So a tick in the Yasso box I guess.  Yesterday was 17.5 miles nice and easy. And then did 5 recovery miles this morning.  I have the Tarpley 20 on Sunday, looking for a progressive pace - although if the first mile is quicker than planned and it feels OK I may do the same as AA and try for a good pace throughout. 

  • An hour of interval training with 'Death Vader' at a spin class was not really what my legs wanted at 9.30 this morning image

    Leading at the running club tonight, just hope they don't want to go too fast!

    I'll say 'Good Luck' for Tadley now Freemers as we are heading off for some warm weather training at Club La Santa on Thursday image

    Glad to hear the cold is on its way out Chick, don't think mine is anywhere near as bad as yours sounded

  • Hi o4s, I take my hat off to you for getting through yesterday, sounds a tough gig? Nice to see you are taking it easy today image

    Hi AA, Well done yesterday. Interesting that you are making London your priority. I don't think I have that restraint so I am going for it at London and then just seeing what state I am left for Edinburgh image

    Hi Chick, Glad to hear you are getting back to normal...image

    Hi Freemers, Great reps followed by a good 17.5 LR, I bet the legs felt it on the recovery run today. That is some going...

    Popped into the gym for some S&C yesterday afternoon whilst my son was at swimming club (must admit I was tempted by the cafe!) and moderate 6 miles @ 7:33mm this morning.

  • Minni Well done on breathing every 7th stroke, you soon get used to it. I find it handy especially when doing speed work with fins on. Look after your cold

    Chick Hope you feel better soon

    I like your new shoes Nell. I pick mine for the colour & then gulp at the price. Some good running there

    2Old nice 17 on the treadmill

    O4S Ireland vs France was a good game but Ireland need to work harder. I missed he second half due to traveling back from Blackpool. Nice romantic valentines on the M4. Well done to you & BA.

    Free good 17 miles there

    Nice Bramley 20 result AA

    Spent most of last week doing stretching exercises (thanks Nell) & being attached to he foam roller. Swimming training has been going well although we did a timed 400m during training. There was a bit of confusion with me miscounting so I finished with 2 lengths to go. Coach calculated that my 400m time is now around 8.30. Well chuffed with that.

    Ran on Sunday morning, & thought that I would just take it easy but had no pain so carried for 6 miles. Should be ok for Bath HM. Seeing the physio this week as well which should help.

    Myself & Barry are off to the Bristol Triathlon shop to swim in an endless pool for a wetsuit fitting later in the week - mine's a birthday pressie.image

    Went for a swim this morning & planning a short run after work tomorrow.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- solid LR there. Still going (very)well. 

    O4S- excellent 20 miler by you and BA. Despite everything you toughed it out really well. 

    AA- bet you're pleased with that 20 race too. Maybe you're being a bit conservative for Boston. You've done London lots of times and maybe it can take more of a back seat...just fun run it? You'll understand why I think that when you get hit by the Boston atmosphere 

    pink- wow that's a fast 400m. Not running has had it's advantages But hopefully you're now back on track there too 

    Nell- I often squeeze a run in too when the family are otherwise engaged 

    free- the dreaded Yasso. Well done. After that your LR must have felt easy ...ready for the coming 20

    rested all weekend...52 mile week....Achilles grumbling.,! Not pleased .Today 1600m swim,9.5 mile exercise bike, 10k TM .Getting some sun this week. 



  • Pink - great to see you've recovered so well. And nice swimming. I can't imagine an endless pool?!

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not prioritising london, I just want to finish it! But if I mash myself up in boston i wont even be able to start london. Saying that, as I've proved, I can't hold myself back!!!

  • O4S/BA - well done to you both on your Bramley adventure.

    AA - Well done on Bramley, as much self control as I have  when it comes to racing then.image

    2old - Take it easy with your achilles. Treadmill causing an issue, you are doing a lot of tready miles, same constant impact?

    Nell - Good to hear you are back on it with plenty of rest, nice pacy miles. I'm with you re cold baths, not sure what was tougher last sunday - the long run or getting in the cold bath.

    Freemers - Great running by you, I would find it very difficult to set off at intentionally slow pace in a race.

    Swimming yesterday 20 x 100m in just over an hour.  Business as usual this morning, 5 with the middle 3 quick, splits for the effort miles 6:25,6:21,6:06 image



  • I've no idea about swim times but I think it'd easily take me 8:30 to swim 100m, pink image - so covering 400m in that time is darn quick. Enjoy the wetsuit shopping. What's an endless pool, btw? image

    Blimey, Barry - those were seriously fast miles. Are they sort of 5k pace?

    Hope the achilles settles, 2old. Do heel raises, lots of them. It sorted my probs in the summer within a few weeks.

    Trendy 5 this morning - cold, but no wind and just beautiful. I wish my breathing was getting any easier. This has been going on for too long now - I'm fed up. But I reckon since I was benched for 10 days it'll probably take another 10 to clear completely. Yawn image

  • Chick do you think a few days of rest from running would help shake off the lurgy? Your fastwiches sound fabulous :

    17M on the treadmill sounds grim 2old, needs must I guess!

    Nell lack of sleep really affects me, need to get at least 7 hours and prefer 8! Oh the ice baths are horrible, the last one I had my poor feet were aching with the cold afterwards. Maybe should try leaving my socks on but can't see that making much of a difference?

    Well done getting the 20 done after stomach issues O4S. Great work from BA too!.

    AA that's a strong 20M banked.

    Great going on the 400m time Pink@

    Nice Yasso session Free, that's always a tough one to do. Even more so running progressive reps.

    Another speedy tempo run Barry! Are you all niggle free? All of the swimming seems to be keeping you strong.

    I'm having an easier week this week, less miles and less sessions. Last weekend was a relay race on Saturday (only 2.2M per leg, but 2.2M of hard effort!) Swapped my run planned for this Sunday to the Sunday just gone as the weather was perfect and the forecast for this weekend is windy. So 20M done with 8 @ marathon pace. Hilly run for this Sunday so not too fussed if it's blowing a gale (she says...)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭


    Bit awol due to busyness. image  

    Hope O4S enjoys the Lanzarote sun (and more so the training camp).

    2Old - still niggling? image

    Pink - I'm interested to see what wetsuit you're recommended.  I was looking the other day and was recommended an Ocra beginner suit and they have more buoyancy on the legs.   image

    An endless pool is the water equivalent to a treadmill I think, Chick.  image

  • Carrot - I know what you mean about the weather...I think my 20 mile race will be very windy which will put paid to a decent pace.  Mind you that might not be a bad thing if it forces me to take it steady.

    Got out for 8 easy yesterday and then a tempo run today - 6 @ somewhere between MP and HMP

  • Chick - well done for getting out, it will come back. Yeah probably about 5K pace, but it was early morning off night shift with icy pavement so would hope for a tad quicker if racing. Endless pool is a tank with the water flowing so you swim but stay in the same place, yeah what Minni said.

    carrot - Yeah pretty much niggle free, apart from the normal associated with an"old" man trying to do lots of exercise.

    Nearly a major crisis this morning and very lucky.  Turned up at swimming and coud n't find my 910xt, really thought I'd packed it(joys of nightshift) Thought nothing of it until saw Pink at home later who said " I found a Garmin like yours in the Gym car park on the way out of swimming this morning and handed it in" , my first reaction was not great, a "little" tired. Why did you not come and see me in the pool and see if it was mine? - Sorry.  Anyway all good and Garmin retrieved.   Also managed to leave my swim shorts in the spinny machine - see what I mean about nights/getting old. 

    Swimming went well , managed to swim 16 lengths straight off(previous best 6)image. Shame I did n't have my Garmin to record it.image


  • We are off tomorrow, leaving home at 6.30am.  The last three days have been mad, living in one room of the house as the builders multiply both in numbers and in mess.  2 spin classes and a walk to the hospital and back for my consultants appointment at the lung clinic.  I don't think she was over-impressed with my breathlessness when she heard I had run 20 miles on Sunday image, although I did point out that previously I would have been able rto run it somewhat faster.  Given my heavy cold the tests were a bit misleading.......................

    Anyway I have to go back for a CT scan, an electrocardiogram and a lung function test.  I had full bloods taken to add to the ECG [12 lead], chest X-ray and spirometry test already done.  She didn't say, but sort of implied, that she thought I was just old and should get over myself.  I didn't actually mention that on my week's holiday I plan to do a 10k race, a HM, a duathlon and 2 triathlons as well as loads of cycling, kayaking and running plus gym classes - didn't want her to get the wrong impression!! image

    When we get back the kitchen should be finished, the new floor laid throughout the ground floor and the decorating half-way through.  I predict 6 months to find everything again as a minimum image

    Keep up the training everyone, had a glass too many of wine at the pub to make any sensible comments except swimming is for fish, my triathlons will be worth a laugh if nothing else - not many people drown in triathlons, but there always has to be one.............................

    Might be able to get internet access, but if not see you next week

  • Minni wrote (see)

    An endless pool is the water equivalent to a treadmill I think, Chick.  image

    Ugh - my idea of hell ...   as I'm the worst swimmer on Earth, this thing would probably blow me into one corner where I'd be stuck image

    old4speed wrote (see)

     I didn't actually mention that on my week's holiday I plan to do a 10k race, a HM, a duathlon and 2 triathlons as well as loads of cycling, kayaking and running plus gym classes - didn't want her to get the wrong impression!! image

    Haha, priceless, O4S image  Enjoy Lanza. I can't wait to go back there ...

    Did a 10 miler this morning. It was slippery and icy again and at about mile 8 my left calf started to niggle. It's still a bit sore. I put it down to doing strides yesterday, then S&C last night and awkward running form in order to stay upright image. I reckon tomorrow is an enforced rest day image

  • Wow thats a lot of mileage 2Old. I'm getting there with running. Enjoy the sun

    AA you'll be fine for Boston

    Chick Minni is right the endless pool is the swimming eqivilant to a dreadmill. I'm looking forward to it.

    Carrot enjoy your run

    O4S enjoy your break although it sounds adventurous

    Swimming training good yesterday morning although I had a one to one lesson after. The coach got me to do a bit of land training before I swam which was really good fun & made a difference in the pool.

    Ran 4 miles this morning, thought I would get them in as its my birthday today so its been busy. Saw the physio and there has been a massive improvement to my leg although my hamstring was slightly tight. 

    Have a new pair of Brooks GTS 15 which are a sort of red pink colour. Well pleased with them. I have swim training tonight although coach has said I could have the night off. Looking forward to the Chinese meal beforehand as its also the start of the Chinese New Year.

    So myself & Barry are off to the trishop tomorrow which I am really looking forward to.



  • Pink - happy birthday for yesterday...hope you had a great meal out and productive tri-shopping today image

    O4S - enjoy the holiday/running/cycling/everything image

    Chick - take it easy on the ice.

    Intervals today - decided to do longer reps so did 3 x 2k off 500m recoveries. Paces were 6.51, 6.45, 6.34, all felt pretty good really. I'm half tempted by the parkrun tomorrow as I feel my speed is better than it's been for a while, but I think there is a lot of wind forecast which will never make for a good time.  Plus I have the 20 mile race on Sunday so it may be better to stick to my scheduled trendy 5 tomorrow.

    I think pink is definitely the season's colour for running shoes. I've just ordered a new pair of Asics Nimbus and they are also pink - well, officially they are "raspberry" image

  • Happy belated birthday, pink image

    Nice speedy reps, Freemers. I guess 2k reps, parkrun and a 20 miler is probably a bit much and may call for trouble...

    Enforced rest for me. Calf still sore. I'm foam rollering like there's no tomorrow and hope I'll roller it into submission for the weekend image

  • Hi Barry, I know what is the tougher out of the LR and the bath...the bath! Nice fast splits the other day. Your crisis morning sounds like an everyday occurrence for me and I don't work nightshifts!

    Hi Carrot, I like your style picking the 20M on a nice day, certainly makes it more! I like that idea with the socks, I may just trying wearing my socks in the cold bath this Sunday and let you know the outcome!

    Hi o4s, If only that doctor knew what you get up to...enjoy the sun.

    Hi Freemers, Nice fast intervals..

    Hi Pink, Hope the birthday went well?

    Hi Chick, Hope the calf improves..

    We were off visiting family down south this week so up early Tuesday before the off for intervals 1.5 mile warm up/ 2 mile cool down and 4 x 1k intervals with 400m recoveries. Splits: 4:42,4:33,4:40, 4:36. Intervals at 6am are not funny! Wed easy 4 miles and moved my rest day from Friday to Thursday so ran 1.5 mile warm up/cool down today and aimed to run 5 miles at MP, but ended up the 6th mile just below so that can go in as 6! Splits: 6:37, 6:46, 6:57, 6:54, 6:45, 7:01. I didn't really get too worked up over this session today as I was not really up for it, but it was not too bad in the end.

  • Arrived here to rain and ferocious winds - we are now down to just the ferocious winds. Proper holiday this - today we did some warm-up aerobics 15 minutes after getting out of bed, followed by a 5k run, 4 hours road biking (quite scary at times in the wind), an 'Ab Attack' class, an hour of spinning and a gentle walk to ease everything off. Tomorrow we'll start some real exercise image

    Currently getting down to business with a bottle of paint stripper masquerading as wine. 10k race at 17.00 tomorrow after another day of full on exercise image   Suspect we won't be seeing any PBs........

    BTW: the pools here are So cold they act as ice baths. For the swimmers among you, there are three 8 lane 50m outdoor pools here, so no excuses. Apparently the weather has been unseasonably cold for the whole of Feb and the opening hours of the pools have been reduced ( presumably to give them time to break the ice.

    I am joining a track session on Tuesday so I'll be able to record a real live interval session.

    What is going on with all these pink shoes???? I will have to dissociate myself from the lot of you........ Good Luck anyone racing this weekend

  • O4S - sounds like ther perfect holiday for you!!! Looking forward to hearing about it!

    pink - happy birthday!

    nell - Id be happy with those splits! Hope you had a Nice holiday. 

    Freemers - you are flying at the moment. Good idea bunking off the YKW - save yourself for tomorrow. Good luck. 

    Chick - hope your calf is feeling better today. Sympathise bigtime. 

    Bit of a shocking week for me. Did my 8x1000m reps on Wednesday @15kph but on Thursday my calf felt really tight. Tried to run 16 yesterday and bailed after 6, just didn't want to push it and wasnt feeling the love at all. And I've woken up today with the Team Minni cold. Thanks for sharing! Feel achey and crap so have totally written this week off as officially rubbish! Hopefully the cold won't hang around too much and I can train again soon image

  • O4S - Enjoy your relaxing break.image

    AA - At least you know why your run was so poor, speedy recovery and rest the calf -  red wine?

    Chick - Hope the calf is not too serious, mine went tight after last weekend's long one, but has recovered OK with stretching/icing.

    Freemers - Nice quick repeats, you're right to ditch the parkrun, too much quick stuff leads to higher injury risk. If I was doing a Parkrun that would be my speedwork for the week.  Enjoy the 20 tomorrow.

    nell - Those intervals look about 3:15 pace? We have no bath for a week, so maybe cold shower tomorrow.image

    15 miles progressive  for me on Thursday at 7:30 avg.  Trip to the Tri shop in Bristol yesterday was fun. Good to try the wetsuits on and try them in the pool,but made the fatal mistake of trying 2  and liking them both, which lead to 45 minutes(while Pink was having her turn) deciding which to have. Managed to get out on the bike for the first time this year this morning, enjoyed it but where have my bike legs gone?


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Freemers - good luck today.  See you're back to the speedy reps. 

    AA - oh no. image  My cold is still lingering.

    Chick - my calf grumbled after my first proper road run the other day. 

    Barry - yeah shame you didn't have your garmin to record that.  You Muppet! 

    Pink - belated happy birthday.  I was looked at wetsuits last week and was advised to get an Ocra beginners and it has more buoyancy on the legs.  I need to go and try on. 

    O4S - old? Never!  Looking forward to hearing more about your training camp. 

    Nell - Hope you're ready for the blizzards coming in today?! 

    Things continuing to progress in the right direction here.  Wednesday was 5.5 on road, rested an achy calf (!!!) on Thursday, did a brick of 14 mile bike/2 mile run on Friday then 22 on the bike yesterday.  Going for an off road run this morning and will decide on how far once I'm out. 

    Previously any 'brick' sessions I did involved preparing dinner, hanging washing out etc in the transition so this was the first proper one I've done.  Everyone says its hard to get going on the run and I found this too.  It was like running through treacle and I chose an off road path, which is slightly harder too.  However, I was please to see the fastest two miles recorder post op.  I'm thinking that as well as the tri training this might be a good way to introduce some speed into the running.  A good bike warm up followed by a short faster run. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Ola all. Back from sunny tenerife and what a contrast in weather! Too much laziness by me so rearing to go now ....not 

    Minni- minor niggles that's all at the mo and to be expected for an old crock like me. Great to see you rehabilitating TRI style. It worked wonders for me on more than one occasion and my best marathon time resulted from mixing TRI and running (Barry we are expecting big things) . It also helped me with speed tpo. Talking of bricks ,I swim like one .Careful not to overdo it. Wet suits are lots of entertainment in the early days taking them off and putting them on. Long nails aren't a good idea too 

    Barry- bet the TRI exhibition was like taking a child to a toy shop. Which wet suit did you go for ? More high quality stuff from you again this week too. 

    Free- hope the 20 went well and you finished before the cr@p weather arrived 

    AA- hope the cold goes quickly. Guess your immune system will be low after your recent races. 

    Pink- HB to you .Whitch wet suit are you getting. Are female wet suits different? Should be some interesting responses to this imageHope you had a good Chinese meal. Mine last night played havoc in my run today . Glad to see the hammy is improving too. I gave the GTS 14s , discounted now you are buying the 15s 

    O4S- get in the pool and stop complaining especially as you must have about 15 mins when your not otherwise engaged training. Spain does some nice wine these days wonder what they are palming off to you ? Enjoy the hectic ? holiday. Maybe a day sunbathing could be squeezed it inactive recovery 

    Nell - you seem a bit under the weather. Keep going. Only 9 weeks until London 

    Chick- it's tough for you at the mo. You need some sun to recover in. In the meantime keep rollering

    Carrot- 20 with 8 at MP is a tough session. Good going. You're running has gone up a few notches. Impressive 


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Didn't overdo it on my hols ,30 miles running some at MP and some at HM pace ,couple of miles swimming ,Pilates ?,spinning.  Emphasis was on sun ,rest and wine. 

    Saw that aweful weather would arrive here about 10am so got out for my LR at just after 7am. Chilly but very pleasant. Sort of progressive run ending with 3 miles at 7.20,7.25 and 7.20 .22.4 miles at 8.01 av pace. I have to say I preferred running at the faster pace. My body hates the 9-8.20 mm range...odd?. 52 for the week. 

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