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  • Minni - Yeah but a happy muppet, who still has a 910xt. Well done on the mixed training, you are coming back well.  Regarding wetsuits, depends how buoyant you are already, don't want the legs too high in the water.  Anywhere near you can try before you buy.

    2old - I bought a Orca Enduro 3.8(long distance ambitions?) bit of a workout getting them on especially when skin is wet.  Nice long run with good pace at the end from you. Yeah I thought the same as you and got out early before wind/rain arrived, Pink is out now and it looks horrendous.

    15 miles at 7:18 avg this morning, unfuelled and tough but happy enough,  last 5 were quickest.


  • Greetings from a windswept and cloudy Club La Santa - no chance of being side tracked with sun- bathing! At noon today there were precisely 4 people sitting by the leisure pool - all wearing trackie bottoms and hoodies.

    Yesterday was a bit of a rest day - morning aerobics, 4 hours on the road bikes fighting the wind and a 10k race at 17.00. Bit of an odd time for a race and we probably had lunch a touch too late after the cycling. It was a combined 5k and 10k races so two identical laps with chip timing at half way and finish. Large field but the majority only did 5k so the second lap felt a bit lonely. Out and back twice is a bit soul destroying, but the wind dropped a bit and it could have been. Managed to sneak in under 50 minutes at 49.34, which given the rest of the day was OK. 4th lady overall, first over 50 never mind 60 and a slightly negative split: 24.58/24.37.  Not going to set the world alight but I was pleased enough

    BA did 57.32 and was over 15 years older than the next oldest competitor

  • O4S there's not many would describe the above as a 'bit of a rest day'! Great result at the 10K and top pacing for the negative split. Hope the home improvements are coming on well while you're both away image

    Hope the 20M race went well today Freemers?

    Very lucky with the Garmin Barry! Just as well Pink was around at the same time. Impressive 15M this morning, must have been some fast later miles for that average.

    Some ice on that calf and some TLC with the foam roller Chick! Calf raises off a step usually help with tight calves too. Hopefully just a bit of fatigue from previous runs.

    Hope you had a good birthday Pink! New trainers sound lovely image

    AA you're probably due a cut back week anyway after a few long races recently. Hope a few easier days helps you feel stronger again.

    Well done on the first 'proper' brick session Minni, and the fast miles! Hope the run today went well.

    Sounds like you've had a lovely holiday 2Old. Good planning getting out early today and beating the weather before the weather beats you! That's a good progressive run. Yes, I find running at a slower pace range feels more of a slog.

    If we ever go on holiday somewhere with a water park I'll have a few minutes of trying to swim into the current in the lazy river, probably the same thing as an endless pool but with the addition of a few bemused holiday makers in those inflatable doughnuts to dodge image

    The latter end of this week has consisted of hill reps on Thursday, an easy 10M Friday, another parkrun on Saturday and 23M this morning. Hard going in places, a bit of a headwind for the last 8M or so but I guess it all just adds to the challenge.
  • Lost the rest of the last post image

    BA, although slightly disappointed with his time (and positive split) took heart from the fact that we were both at least 15 years older than any of the other male/female competitors. Today really has been more or less a rest day aerobics first thing and a 5k run, a 6k walk, then I did an hour of Zumba ( never tried it before, but a good laugh) while BA did a bike maintenance workshop. When I walked back from zumba I saw an instructor looking wild-eyed as he tried to show BA how to swing a golf club image

    Not sure BA and golf is a match made in heaven - but then the same has been said about BA and O4S ( and not just by me!) image

    Duathlon at 7.45am tomorrow, fingers crossed for a drop in the wind!

  • Hi o4s, I have been in Lanzarote in February, we used to go this time of year BC. I certainly remember the pools being freezing. I do remember one Geordie who jumped straight into the pool one day commenting on his genitalia... nice to see you are relaxing! Fingers crossed for a drop in the wind.image

    Hi AA, Wise decision to cut short the run, hope the calf feels better soon and you can rid yourself of the cold.

    Hi Barry, Nice progressive run, hopefully you made the right decision with the wetsuit and bought a fast one. So which is the weaker discipline for you now swimming or cycling?

    Hi Minni, Great news, sounds as though things are going well? lol! Yes I was one of the daft ones out in the sleet and wind this morning!

    Hi 2old, The rest seems to have done you well...

    Hi Carrot, Nice running this week, I didn't have a cold bath today as a neighbour grabbed me to help remove an old fridge/freezer and get the new one in his house. American style ones! by the time I finished I was cold enough, so didn't try the cold bath with socks on....image

    Been a funny week and my legs were feeling it by today.  Saturday moderate 6 miles 7:25mm average and then today 14 miles 7:28mm average. Mainly ran at 7:15-30 but last mile was uphill and 8:25mm (legs were feeling it). So this week I really felt the cumulative fatigue, which I suppose didn't help by swapping the Friday rest day with Thursday...Interesting on the Hansons plan, a lot of the LR's are mainly to be run at a moderate pace, thankfully the longest run is 16 miles!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Nell - only a Geordie! Lol. I got caught in the sleet too but now it's 5 degrees warmer than it was when I was out this morning,

    O4S - how busy is it at the moment? Are the races arranged just for people at La Santa or can anyone join in?
  • Well I have to say the weather was just about perfect for yesterday's race.  Sunday, cold, a bit windy but nothing too bad.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my pacing strategy went out of the window as the first mile came in at 7.19 image.  I sensibly took the foot off the gas a bit and decided to go for a constant effort-type race - easy up the hills and a little quicker downhill. Averaged 7.42 for the whole thing, coming in at 2.34.20.  Quickest on that course, and it's not an easy one with some nasty long uphill drags.  So pretty happy, even though I was really feeling it in my legs towards the end.  52 miles for the week which is my biggest mileage since before VLM last year, so all good overall.

  • Hi Minni, Yes the disadvantage of running early morning is it is usually a few degrees colder at least!

    Hi Freemers, Sounds like the 20 miler went well, hopefully the legs are ok?

    Six miles this morning, pretty windy. easy to moderate pace and came in just the middle of that range 7:39mm average but for an easy run it was hard in places with the warming east coast wind! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-you were lucky recovering your watch.That was a well paced 15-you'vd done a number of them now and the pace seems to have got faster by about 10secs a mile.Is your perceived effort level about the same?At this rate by April you'll have knocked off another 10secs at least. Nice wet suit-I borrowed one of those when I started and accidentally ripped it which made me a bit unpopular.

    Free-very good 20 there -you clearly had more in the tank too even after that weeks mileage in your legs.Things looking positive for the marathon.

    Nell-7.39 seems so slow for you. What sort of mileage per week does your plan require you to do?I bet you find running faster easier than the slow easy runs.Not sure I'd have the faith to limit myself to 16 mile LRs.

    O4S-very good racing,wonder how your duathlon went?

    Carrot-that was a tough weekend by you by any reckoning.

    My schedule lets me have an easier week this week and no LR, not sure how I feel about that? Anyway today was a rest day so I have done some spinning and ran just over 4miles easy. Mulling over which events to enter after London-my pal is putting more emphasis on swimming-Dee 2k,Coniston 2miler,GNS-2m,Coniston length 5.25miles and wont be persuaded to increase his Tris to at least Olly distance. Might have to go solo I guess.



  • Duathlon this morning started in drizzle and ferocious wind. The first run was fine, but fell on the greasy paving slabs going into transition and grazed my hands ( butt well enough padded not to matter!). The outward leg of the ride was mainly uphill, but had the advantage of the wind at our backs. By the time I turned downhill into the wind the rain had got much heavier and was driving straight into your face. You had to pedal hard downhill into the wind just to keep moving image

    My hands were so cold at transition 2 that I struggled to tie my shoelaces, but was soon back out on the run with no wobbly legs as some people had. Picked off 2 people ahead and finished first lady, in an admittedly small field. A lot of non specialist cyclists were frightened off by the weather and a rash of accidents over the last few days.  No times up yet, but I felt as if the runs were pretty similar and the bike was just an endurance test.

    An hour later I was doing an hour of intervals in a spin class and then topped it off with an hour of Hip Hop/ Funk dance aerobics ( did I honestly think that would be a good idea???)

    Delighted that my 10k time gave me a WAVA score of 83.8%

    Nice 20 Freemers image


  • image

    Nell: your easy / moderate paces bring me out in a rash

    2Old: rest day??????

    Carrot: tough end to the week!

    Barry: had to do the duathlon unfuelled and the HM tomorrow will be the same. Not sure how that will play out

    Minni: Club La Santa guests only

    Another negative split on the duathlon - couldn't believe the second run was faster than the first. WAVA on the run section was 87.7% image  Less said about the bike the better, although hopefully would have been faster on my own bike. BA was comprehensively last and I did wonder if he had stopped for breakfast on the bike leg 

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    AA How is the calf now?

    Carrot I have a lovely new pair of Brooks GTS 15 in red/pink

    2Old It was amazing swimming in the endless pool, i'd love one in the garden. I was fitted with a women's Orca wetsuit. Bit of a mare getting it on & it was also the first time I wore my trisuit. Great birthday present though.

    O4S Enjoy La Santa

    Well done on the race Freemers

    Swimming has been going well. Went out for a 7 mile run in new trainers yesterday. Big mistake, not only was it wet & windy I was in terrible pain. Hobbled home 2 miles as hamstring was tight & also the pain in my knee returned. Getting worried as I am supposed to be running Bath HM on Sunday. Physio advice for me is to rest & do stretching exercises until Thursday & then go for a run - will probably switch back to my other trainers which I was wearing for the HM. Not too happy at the mo.

  • 2old - The 15 miler felt tough on Sunday, set off at a decent pace, felt worse around 8, 9 miles, then last 5 felt better.  Hopefully I will be doing olympic distance tri  this summer.

    O4S -  sounds like your having a great time, apart from the weather.  Impressive WAVA and  if we are indulging in WAVA waving my recent HM PB is probably my best at 76.97.

    Freemers - Well raced 20, a good confidence boost for VLM.

    nell - if you were n't feeling the fatigue it would n't be a marathon plan.image  Probably still swimming my weakest out of the 3, but I have been neglecting the cycling.

    Swimming went OK yesterday, 5 x 400m, first one was straight off without a warm up at 10:30 then the other 4 were low 9:50's so happy with that.

    First bad run for a while this morning, my usual 5 with middle 3 quick, splits for "quick" 6:48,6:34,6:29, first one was into the wind but no excuse for last 2.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-impressive results on your "holiday"Your wava's should be in the 90s though so are you trying hard enoughimageMaybe a few rest days will helpyou peakimage

    Pink-thats a bummer about the injury.Hope the physio is right.When you changed your shoes were they a different brand?Maybe they are responsible.Try the next run in your old ones.Stay positive

    Pink/Barry-2 Orcas? That makes you a pod...sorry

    Barry-I wouldnt worry about the 5 today which to me looks pretty decent anyway, that was a tough swim yesterday(good times too) on top of a draining pacey15 miler. Your splits are about my 5k,10k and HM paces on a good day.Some runs should be easy you knowimageI AM going to do do at least one Olly this Summer,

    Booked Wimslow sprint tri for May as I need to look beyond April for my sanity.My mate has already signed up and put 7.39 as his 400m swim time.This made me realise I'm neglecting my swims (I'm not injured! touch wood) and am going to be left behind so did 2k at lunchtime concentrating on 100m sprints.


  • 2Old: I was under the impression that your sanity jumped ship some time ago  image

    Up at 7.10am, HM started at 7.50am - that's what I call good preparation (not). The weather was cloudy but mercifully dry, with a wind that could have blown you off your feet. The route was 3 identical laps, all out and back - the out with the wind behind you and the return (obviously) into the teeth of the gale. Moore than half the people who started ducked out after one or two laps, so it got progressively more lonely. Ran 'naked' and managed each lap faster than the previous. The first out leg was required to get the duathlon out of my legs and the last back was a real struggle. Overall time 1.49.20, third lady overall and splits 37.55/36.58/34.28.

    Followed that up with an hour of Zumba and an hour of spinning plus an hour of stretching which has made me ache in places I didn't know existed. Sadly the wind makes road biking a miserable experience and kayaking a bit risky, so have had to cut back a bit.

    Barry: I'll swop your bad run for one of my good ones!

    Pink: hope the injury is temporary and good luck for Bath!

    AA: any word on the calf???

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    quiet here!

    O4S- yes my sanity is in someone else hereimage Very good HM but did you try hard enough if you could do all that other stuff. image Keep up the good work. 

    Tues 12miles ,7.21 pace , Weds 7miles easy, yesterday 2k swim. Longish run today maybe YKW tomorrow.  

  • All very quiet on here....

    Well my schedule called for a cut-back week this week, which is just as well as I have been struck by a nasty stomach bug that has completely wiped me out for the last 48 hours. No running and hardly any food since Tuesday evening.  Feeling a little better today but definitely not going to run until Sunday at least - I need to get back some energy for a start.  I know a rest is a good thing but I'd rather it not be accompanied by...well, let's not go there imageimageimage

  • Apologies for absence. Been struck down by the worst flu type bug I've had in years  had to cancel work all week and not run. Starting to panic about all the training being wasted! Still knocking on deaths door. Least calf is ok now!!!

    Freemers - great run on Sunday. My sympathies with your bug this week too. 

    Pink - made your mind up about bath?

    o4s - call this a holiday?! You're doing great out there. 

  • AA - not you as well!  Don't panic - the training is all there still, just thing of it as a bit of a rest period.

  • Sorry to hear about the lurgy, AA and Freemers. It's the time of year image

    Great 20 miler, Freemers image

    Take your time with recovery, AA. Those viruses are nasty and have to be taken seriously.

    Doesn't sound much of a holiday, O4Simage. Well done on another excellent age graded result image. Sounds very cold for Lanza!! I guess we were lucky in January. It's always really windy there but at least we could use the pool and brave the sea.

    I was sulking quietly in the corner... my calf pain of Thursday last week turned into a hamstring strain at the weekend image I did zero running until today, RICEd it and used anti inflams for 5 days (thanks Dr. Google). Today I managed 6 miles on grass ok. I'm wearing one of these compression sleeves around my thigh and that seems to do the trick. Fingers crossed its healing ok.
  • Freemers / AA:  ((( ))) hope you both feel better soon. I was lucky that the thread cold didn't survive the flight to Lanzarote.

    Back home now to chaos, but more sunshine than we saw all holiday ( and a lot less wind). My blushes were spared on the triathlon as the winds were too dangerous for the bike leg to take place (35 mph average and gusts up to 47mph), the whole island was put on alert. I refuse to do an aquathlon, as it became, due to the fact that better swimmers have finished the run while I am still lumbering up and down the pool image

    We spent our last day doing 10k off road, an hour of salsa robics (???) an hour of Padel tennis, which I had never heard of before, an hour of squash and then an hour of torture with foam rollers and tennis balls trying to ease out various muscles - quite amusing as all the rollers and mats kept flying across the place if not weighted down. 

    5k at 7.00am yesterday plus some aerobics, then a relatively trouble free journey home

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA/Free- lots of positive vibes from me to you both ....a few days off recovering won't hurt with all you have both banked. 

    Chick- well done getting that run in after your niggle. Let's hope you can put in a decent spell of running. 

    O4S- I'm exhausted reading about all you've done on your hols. Don't suppose youll be less busy from now on either. 

    17.4 miles today ,7.45 mm average. Still very windy which made some of the run tougher and was also energy draining. Can't believe it's the last day of Feb tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to March -it's always a tough month for me both physically and mentally . Got a massage booked for Monday and may have to see my GP too as I've been coughing up green stuff for a couple of weeks. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Minni -so is malcs aiming sub3 or just following the sub3 fellas training schedule set by coach steve.
  • 2Old I wear Brooks shoes, the new ones are GTS 15. I switched back to the Trance ones for yesterdays run. Hope you get the yukky cough sorted.

    Chick well done on the run

    Went out for a 5 mile run yesterday & was in pain around my hamstring at 4 miles. Decision has been to bin Bath HM tomorrow. Not feeling it anyway as I have also had a bereavement so taking a breather at the moment.

  • (((Pink))) sorry to hear image
  • ((Pink)) best decision.

    Day 8 of flu. Went to doctors last night. Chest infection and inflamed sinuses    Got antibiotics now. 

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    ((AA)) - hope the ABs can clear it up.

    Pink - sorry to hear of your troubles. Take care.

    Back to training over the weekend - taking it slowly pace wise - 8 very slow on Saturday and 15 even slower on Sunday.  6 steady yesterday, and then a pretty poor tempo session this morning.  Tomorrow I will be doing that rare thing in my schedule - a MLR.  I am working at home so will find the time for around 12 miles or so.

    Abingdon entries open today if anyone is interested. I've entered, although my record of actually getting to the start line of an autumn marathon after doing one in the Spring is non-existent!  But you never know, and they allow transfers so I won't lose anything if it doesn't happen.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-hope you are making a fast recovery now you are on antibiotics.Are you getting the odd run in?

    Pink-sorry to hear about the loss. Hope the injury sorts out soon too.Guess you will still be swimming

    Free-good to see you back up and running.Wont take long for you to get back up to speed.Some good mileage anyway.Im wondering about Abbo, though like you Ive signed up before(twice) and not got to the start.

    Chick-how are you doing?

    O4S-recovered from your holiday?

    Miss2O back on track for VLM after a 16 mile LR on Friday -so we may yet still run it at the same time.

    Anyone got any races coming up? Liverpool HM on 28th for me if I dont squeeze something else(10k?, 20m?) in in the meantime.

    Didnt do the YKW on Saturday and went to Windermere instead for the night. Sunday 9.4 miles with 6 at mp. Yesterday, a very tough steady 9 miles in gale force wind plus swim club last night.Quite pleased with the latter-Im not much behind the gang who go 3 times a week.8 or so miles with hill reps today my schedule tells me.




  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Good to see you back on the roads, Freemers. That stomach bug will have taken a bit of strength away but I'm sure it'll come back.

    AA: feeling any better?

    2old: nice swim progress. Hill reps image. Enjoy.

    Hammie is definitely on the mend. Managed 10 on Sunday with no ill-effects and I even did a short 4 miler yesterday without the compression thingie. I'd basically forgotten to take it to work but it seemed OK. I would still wear it on longer runs though. Just in case ... hoping for 6 tonight but weather is foul image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- enjoy your foul 6 miler. I'm going to cheat and run uphill with a 20mph wind on my back. 

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