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  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Carrot/Barry, Thanks the Grid Roller did the biz image

    Hi Carrot, I have had an easier week this week after the HM last Sunday, think I needed it so not complaining image Good luck on the 10M race tomorrow...

    Hi Barry, Think you summed it up about right on your run today. After yesterday that would certainly have been a good run on tired legs, so you have probably got quite a lot from that today.

    Good luck tomorrow AA and o4s and anyone else running?

    10 miles this morning at moderate pace, came in a little quicker at 7:20mm (please don't go off me o4s!) Getting warmer now. Shorts have re-appeared this week and lost the gloves this morningimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Carrot- it's funny how at this stage we feel guilty with a drop down week and treat a MLR with a bit of contempt. Still they are needed. Good luck with your 10 miler

    Nell- it's very disconcerting the description you give to your fast paces. Good going

    Barry- very good 20 today on tired legs. Must feel happy to have it in the bag too . I guess it's largely a case of maintenance for you from now on. At least on blue you won't be distracted ????

    Another ykw today, 3 seconds slower than last week. Thought there being a 20 min pacer would help but he over cooked me in the first mile and that was it.I guess this weeks efforts have taken their toll as well ...that's my excuse.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Wow, that was a great run Barry! Well done for sticking it out.

    Nell: I wish I would have a day where 7:20 was my moderate pace image In fact as I was starting to think about possible paces for Prague I was hoping to get 7:30-7:40 .... Having said that, I have not run anything starting with a 7 for almost a year!!

    2old: rubbish pacer image I always overcook the fist mile of a short race.... I don't need a pacer to finish me offimage

    Best of luck tomorrow, AA. I hope you feel better. I think it's a great idea to run London in fancy dress. You'll have so much fun it'll hopefully make you forget how tired the legs are image

    So far I'm keeping up my March challenge. I've run every day since Feb. 26 image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick - maybe the pacer shouldn't get all the blame . Your suggested pace for Prague looks good and well done keeping the challenge going

    come on Wales 

  • O4S: Ditch the 20 for a 30, im sure there is logic in there somewhere

    Barry: a very tasty 20 when tired.

    Carrot: Good luck with the 10, i love 10 mile races, not to short and not too long. Sometimes I lose count, but amazingly given the 19M diameter my Garmin is pretty accurate and counted laps V measured distance are usually within ½ a lap. Running around a centre circle is nuts.

    Nell: moderate pace? Hmmm

    Chick: i didn't race for months and started again in Feb, realised how much i had missed it. Your on the way back!

    2Old; thats the problem with 5K races, go out to fast and your done inside 4 mins!

    7 x 800 off 90secs for me today, not very quick cos i have to change direction every 5 paces, all around the 3-30 mark but perceived effort was what it was all about, home next week and really need some long runs before Marathon on 03/05.  

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Only o4s would book a 20 followed by a 30 in the first place image

    Nice reps on the deck, DD image. Which marathon are you doing?
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Re the 20v30 this weekend. I had planned to do both, needing the speed from the 20 mile road race for VLM and the endurance from the 30 for the 100. However my legs are still feeling the effects of the 53 hilly miles two weeks ago and the hilly 20 last week, so as we are going on holiday Monday for a week of running and walking I decided that discretion might be a good idea for once.  

    My idea of a moderate pace is somewhat different to everyone else on this thread image

    Good Luck AA and Carrot - look on the bright side, you shouldn't get lost on your events whereas we almost certainly will........

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- intervals on deck ...? Can you do hills there too? Running on land will be so easy and you will be returning to Spring

    now Scotland do your stuff. 

  • Carrot - the champ start is way less intimidating than you think. Right up until they walk you up to behind the elite men! And everyone looks liked hey need a good mealimage good luck tomorrow 

    DD - when are your back? I would get so dizzy! 

    Nell - it's bloody freezing down here at the moment. I'm thinking long sleeves a a gloves for my race tomorrow. 

    baz - that's a bloody great 20 on tired legs. Hope pink is doing ok. 

    O4S - best of luck with your 30 tomorrow. You running with BA?

    chick - great achievement. Good you're bookin in races now. Well Done. 

    2old - I hate YKWs! Same pace as 10ks and half marathons for me!

    come on england!

    and Reading are playing at wembley when I'm in Boston. Mr AA is slightly upset!! Anyone know of a sports bar in Boston wher i can watch Reading in the FA cup?!!

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Well done the Irish - I have aged 10 years this afternoon / evening imageimage

    AA: yes I promised BA I would do this one with him, having abandoned him the last two weeks

  • England... so close.

    O4S: Does BA consider not be left on his won a reward or a penance? 

    AA: Back home sometime this week then off to Spain for easter and some serious mountain cycling from my Hacienda. I'm sure there will be a bar somewhere in Boston showing the FA Cup, Google usually works!

    2Old: Its not intervals in the true sense of the word but it was certainly an effort above normal plodding, One ends up running at an inward leaning angle as if on a fairground ride! 

    Think I will rest today or maybe trot / walk 5K to pass the time.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Good luck all racers today

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    My nerves are shot at after that day of rugby!

    O4S-yes your relatives deserved the win.

    AA-I'm with you -my 5,10k and HM paces are all pretty close . Hope Reading went well

    DD- can't beat a bit of Spanish

    Scrapped the 20 mile race and stayed local. 13.6 miles at 7.55 av pace followed by Ormskirk Belle View 10k (mix of road, trail and track)in unofficial 42.33. Av pace 6.53 (near HM pace).Happy with the splits-6.46,6.43,6.41,7.36,7.00,6.38,1.05. About 90secs faster than in 2010 and then there was no warm up. Only down side was not making 20 miles today but I don't suppose the 0.2 will matter .Overall 2.35mins of running.

    Hmm not looking good at Anfield
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Nice running there, 2old. I like the way you casually call 13.6 miles a warm up image

    Hope our racers got on well.

    18 for me today. Sunny, breezy and cold, so just about perfect image

    64 for the week. Da chick is back image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- back in style ...where you belong 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Yes, obviously running on tired legs yesterday...which is very understandable. Nice running today, slipping in a 10k too?

    Hi Chick, Good mileage for the week there, sounds as though you are getting back into things very nicely.image

    Hi DD, I bet you can't wait to get back home to do some decent running, do you have a TM on the rig?

    Hi AA, It makes a change for it to be warmer up here, or is it just our different interpretations of warm and cold? Plenty of Irish pubs in Boston so I imagine you should not have too much trouble finding a bar for the game..

    Out early this morning as I went down to Easter Rd to watch Hibs play Rangers with an early kick off....not good. 16 miles at moderate pace and came in on 7:21mm average. Not a bad run, trying the Torq gels out at the moment which are not too bad, some great flavours. Black Cherry and Strawberry yoghurt today....quite nice. Yes I think the paces on the Hansons plan are a bit different to other plans. there are actually 2 easy runs one for easy to moderate and then one for recovery...

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Fabulous day out in the Dorset hills - 31 miles with 5,000 feet of ascent.  Did most of it with BA, started together then I sort of got ahead, but waited for him at the 17 mile checkpoint and we finished together [although I did do a bit of waiting at the tops of climbs and let him set the pace on the downhills.  We have agreed that I try to blast the 35 mile event in 3 weeks with my sub 3 marathon friend, but do next weeks 30 miler together.

    Highlights of today were:

    A checkpoint in one of the oldest buildings in Dorset - a restored chapel in the middle of a farm in the middle of nowhere.  Walking through a flock of coal black Hebridean sheep with their very new lambs, fabulous homemade cakes and savoury flapjacks at the checkpoints, good company and lots of old friends to stop and chat to, fantastic views and brilliant sunshine - plus Ireland's ladies also won the 6 nations rugby................................

    Off to the Peak District for a week tomorrow, will check in to make sure none of you are slacking image

  • O4S: Dorset is indeed beautiful which is why I live there! Well done for staying with BA!!

    2Old: just the odd 22K warm up for the 10K then, nice. I was looking for Liverpool to beat Utd, didn't bank on Gerrard to be a fool.

    Nell: No treadmill on here, its a Dive support vessel not a rig so there's not a lot of room. Hibs must be bad if Rangers beat them

    Chick: Your the Girl, nice long run

    Leaving this heap of rust today, fly home tomorrow. Will probably have a trot in Abu Dhabi this evening. Beer and Pork on the horizon!!

  • 2old - great 10k after a long warm up!

    O4S - onky you can make that sound like a fun day out!

    DD - bet you can't wait to come home for a run on dry land!

    nightmare at Reading yesterday : 1:35.11. Beaten by my 19 year old son whose done 4 training runs in Exeter! I was in a pen too high and they set them off at 5 min intervals. I always knew 1:30 was gonna be a push after the last 4 weeks of flu but I ddnt realise I was gonna find it so hard. I set off at the back of my pen and pretty much ran on my own for 4 miles until the following pen starting catching me. Then I got overtaken all the way ti the end. Didn't realise nick was so close as he was in the pen behind me. He did 1:34.48! on a bit of a downer now and need to re focus for boston which is 4 weeks today. 

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    AA - sorry it didn't go to plan, but you were really wiped out with that cold.  As you say, focus on what's coming up and ignore yesterday!

    2old - that's a great 10k after 13.6 miles warm up!

    O4S - sounds like a nice day out image

    I decided not to go full MP for the whole race yesterday - partly because I'd had more than one glass of wine watching the rugby! Ended up with 2 LSR pace, 15 MP (averaged around 7.20) and 3 LSR pace to finish. 2.31.21 finish time and first F45.  So although my legs were trashed after those 15 at MP, I'm banking on a proper taper and sensible nutrition to help me make the full 26.2!

  • Barry great work on the 20M on Saturday. Parsnip is off the FGFA again this year.

    How long are you planning on carrying on the runstreak Chicksta?

    Have a safe journey home DD, bet you can't wait to get some running in a straight line done!

    Enjoy the holiday O4S. Your endurance is staggering with all the ultras you do!

    Great long run with the 10K at the end of it 2old. That 0.2 makes no difference, if you were working in metric you be at 32kms.

    Well done on the first place Freemers, any bling? 15M at MP is bound to leave your legs tired after weeks of marathon training (and maybe the wine!) The taper always works wonders.

    The new gels sound lovely Nell, makes them go down a bit easier if they taste nice.

    AA sorry to hear the half yesterday didn't go as well as hoped, don't forget how rotten you felt only last weekend, it'll take some time to get back to normal. Write it off, onwards and upwards!

    10M race yesterday went as well as I could have hoped, finish time was 66:15. Would have like to dip under the 66 minute mark but I just couldn't hang on. Still, a 10M PB by 2.5 minutes. I've not raced 10M since last Spring but hey ho! IT band is a bit sore again from running at the very edge of the road (the roads weren't closed) Think it's time for the gridded foam roller!
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    off to google Torq gels .... image  they really sound yummy. I'm a bit sick of High5

    Well done carrot - 66:15 is bliddy fast image  I'll only do the silly challenge in March. April will be interrupted by 2 weeks of hols, some of it in the sticks of Hungary and I'm not sure there'll be safe running routes image

    Freemers: solid MP run there and bling to boot. Can't fault a bit of bling image

    AA: Wow, your boy has done good image. Don't be too despondent. That virus will have taken a lot of strength away so it was always a bit of a gamble how Reading would pan out. Now get well for Boston image  you want to have fun there.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi o4s, Well done on the 31 miler, sounds as though you had good fun.. also sounds as though you are softening (waiting for BA?) Yes, I think Irelands ladies annihilated the Scottish ladies...

    Hi DD, Yes, I think I could put up with the Dorset coastline very easily every day! Rangers are not that good, they just have pulled in a good coach in Stuart McCall and he did his homework and packed out the midfield to stop Hibs and it worked. Unfortunately Hibs were unable to deal with this...Enjoy the Pork and Beer!

    Hi AA, Don't be too hard on yourself, On the back of being ill, that was a good run. Take the positives out of it.

    Hi Freemers, Nice run with the MP 15.

    Hi Carrot, Well done on the 10M PB, fantastic! Yes get that roller on that pesky IT Band! I find the stretch using the 'pigeon pose?' works really well. Certainly uncovers the tightness

    HI Chick/Carrot, Yes there are some wonderful flavours in the Torq gels, Rhubarb and Custard next on the agenda image

    6 miles easy to moderate today at 7:37mm average. Wind back again. Massage later in the afternoon and everything seems to be ok..

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Interval session this morning. 2 mile warm up/ cool down and 5 x 1k with 400M recoveries. Forgot to adjust my watch to 1k splits beforehand and ended up running in imperial time and calculating what 1K would be in min/miles. Ended up running 50-100metres over in places, when I forgot I wasn't getting a lap beep image splits: 3:50, 3:57, 4:01, 4:01,3:58

    Too much for my brain to take in early morning!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-dont worry about the Reading time-you knew you were under the weather after all that time with flu.You have turned the corner you'll be back where you need to be in time for Boston. The miles in the bank and your experience will enable you to achieve your target of 3.30, probably even better .Bet you are proud of your lad, I would be.

    O4S-Very picturesque run again this weekend and very thoughtful imageof you to wait for BA. How long did you give him to recover when he caught up before you charged off again?Like the idea of someone blasting 35 miles. You seem to be at home on the hills

    DD-Think Gerrard needs to reduce his protein intakeimage. Must be a relief for you to get off that prison

    Nell-the paces you do are now so common that Im thinking you arent trying very quickly do you recover? Pity about Hibs. Good time to work out your fueling..not long to go

    Free-very controlled 20 and well done coming first.Dont want to tempt fate but you must be quietly confident

    Carrot-that was a fast 10 and a big pb.Must feel good consistently knocking out those results

    Looks like I came 3rd for my age group on Sunday which is unexpected. 8 miles progressive last night.It was colder than I thought ,so much so that I struggled to get the key in the lock to get in my house.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Nell - I know what you mean....I run on a TM in kph but tend to think about things in mile terms so also have to do a conversion!

    Tempo run for me this morning - not really feeling it to be honest but got 5 miles in @ 7.10 pace or thereabouts.

    Carrot - wow, brilliant 10 mile PBimage. I've said it before but I'm really excited to see what you do in London. In fact I think I am more looking forward to your result than my own (no pressure....but it would be great to have one of the ladies really smash it image)

  • Hi everyone! Quick check in...

    AA- sorry I missed you in Reading (Mr Brol said he saw you) and sorry it didn't go to plan but as others have said no surprise after having been so sick. Forget it and move on. You must be getting excited for Boston.

    Carrot- OMG you are flying girl!!!image I'm with Free- super excited about what you are going to pull out of the hat in London.

    Free- I'm excited for you as well, you're going great-  what's the target for London?

    2Old- congrats on the podium! Speedy as always.

    DD- safe travels bet you will be glad to be home!

    Nell- very speedy moderate running indeed.

    Chick- knocking out some good mileage there I see!image

    O4S- Dorset hills are fab (ouch).image

    My comrades training has all been going to plan. Ran 1:35 in Reading on Sunday which is what I hoped for with all the miles in the legs and no taper. I always seem to forget that there are a few hills in Reading, not sure why as I've done it quite a few times so should know better!

    Now it's back to slow running until the big day. I have Exmoore Mara booked in on 11th April, then London (not raced all out) and Pembrokeshire 35m ultra on 2nd May... and that's that. It's getting closer now!image



  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Hi Bro - great to see you on here!  Good to see your comrades campaign is all on track.  My target is sub second under will do just fine.  See you on the Green start?

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    15 miles today in the Peak District, accompanied by sun, hail, sleet and rain in no particular order (BA was also in tow, muttering darkly about tired legs). Some 'interesting' hills and I'm starting to feel quite relaxed about the relatively small amount of climb on this year's 100 - only 12,000 ft compared to around 17,000 last year.

    AA: sorry to hear you are still a bit under the weather, but congratulations to Nick. Just don't try to cram in too much training before Boston.  

    Brol: at least Dorset hills aren't really steep - just long.  Didn't feel anything as bad as the Wye Valley hills. How many ultras have you done in the run up to Comrades?

    Freemers: you'll be back in Norwich before I finish in London image

    2Old: I waited didn't I, what more does he need??? Perhaps sensibly he kept a tight grip on the map today, we were off-road on some obscure paths and he wanted to make sure I didn't disappear leaving him totally lost.

    Nell:  thinking is generally found to be a mistake in my book image

  • 2old - It's going to be hard for you to get your race head on at the Green start with all the attention you're going to get. Impressive running by you.  Well done on the podium place.

    O4S - If you think you'd struggle with our moderate pace, we would not even complete some of the races you do.

    Chick - Well done on the 18 and big mileage.

    nell - Impressive 16 miles and pacy stuff.

    DD - Enjoy abu dhabi , you certainly deserve it.

    AA - Put Reading behind you, you've had a rough time so not going to be at your best. Concentrate on getting fit/well for Boston/VLM.

    Freemers -  That's a very good run and congrats on the podium.

    Carrot - that's a big PB over 10 miles, very well done - you are flying.

    brol - you are running very well and looking good for the big one.

    A short swim yesterday, due to traffic, followed by hour at the physio, all good.  5 miles steady this morning to break new shoes in followed by a swim this afternoon. Received race details today for Good Friday Tri - suddenly getting very real.image


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