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  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Well done on the 3rd place, great news.image Yes, the weather is a bit up and down at the moment. The evenings do seem quite cold at times. You will have to switch to early morning runs? lol! Yes I am trying on the runs, especially as they are early morning and unfuelled. Recovery is not too bad, just make sure I am stretching and re-fuelling properly as soon as I get in.

    Hi Brol, Sounds as though things are going well for the Comrades run. Fingers crossed it continues....maybe you should spend a couple of weekends with o4s, she will take you on a few jogs image

    Hi o4s, lol! Yes I just put it down to men cannot multitask, so running and mental arithmetic at the same time was a challenge. 15 miles in the Peak District sounds lovely, hope BA has recovered?

    Hi Barry, Mixing it up well as usual,  What are the new shoes?

    6 miles just slightly faster than moderate pace at 7:22mm this morning. Lovely morning, sunny and no wind. Think it is soon to change!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Brol-welcome back-looks like you are doing some serious mileage...almost up to O4S's level.Not long until Comrades and VLM even sooner-whats your target for that?Have you noticed any improvements/changes in your running with all these long runs?

    Free-Im using you as my pacer on 26thimage

    O4S-nothing worse than catching up with someone whose waiting who then sets off mercilessly...BA must be mentally tough. I spent years doing that skiing.Only image12000ft-in meters it doesnt sound so bad.Nice place to travel 15 miles

    Barry-Im wondering how traffic affects a swim...I can understand it affecting a run or cycle?...traffic lights in the swim lane?image. The tri will be no problem for have done more than enough for it....tri's are fun..chill. Ive put swimming on hold for the moment as I'm still suffering with my throat and chest and my GP thinks I may have developed an allergic reaction to the chlorine...roll on open water swimming! Wonder what colour the shoes are -pics please.

    Nell-your moderate pace is my mp or thereabouts..nice one. You are right :it is a good idea to do some long runs at about the time we will race-Im thinking of doing that for my last 2.I've been more careful about nutrition this time around too especially taking in more protein...apparantly we oldies need to .I need to be more disciplined with stretching though especially as I am not swimming again until 28th April.

    Had a body smashing massage yesterday-where didnt it hurt?- and later 9 miles of 2miles warm up. 5at mp. and 2 at hmp. Plan to run a bit longer later today.





  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    shoe porn - we want pix, Baz image

    I tried some Mizuno Sayonaras the other day and fell in love. Same super light weight as Saucony Kinvaras but they fit better around my feet. I've gone off Kinvaras a bit - they seem to make them worse with each model image. I got them for about 40 quid but they are a lurid shade of magenta image. Put your sunglasses on



    Good to see you, Bro image. Wow Comrades. That's somehow still on my bucket list but I'm not sure I'll ever be fit enough ...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chicsta-those are beauties and will take some beating though I suspect Baz will do it. Are those shadows in the inner soles in the bottom left pic or sweat marks?image

  • 2old - See what you mean, normally takes 10 mins from work to pool but due to traffic took a lot longer, could have run there quicker, I had to reduce swim time before school pick up. Must be massage week, I have one more planned before VLM.

    Nell - Yeah make the most of it,  weather is meant to be naff at the weekend.

    Chick - Bargain with the shoes.

    Swim this morning then out on the bike for 27 miles, nearly got wiped out 3 times, learner driver decided to accelerate when I was overtaking, then car reverses out in to the road, then I'm turning right at roundabout and car came straight across, apart from that enjoyed it.

    I've got White Horse HM on Sunday, not going to race it but thinking about 5 mile slow before, then HM at MP, any thoughts. Talking of marathon VLM registration arrived today no. 2533 for me.

  • Free- yes I will definitely see you at the green startimage

    O4S- we must be talking about different hills in Dorset... mine were steep!image I've only done one ultra (35m in Northumberland) but 27m in Dorset took me the same time on feet... So I consider it to be ultra as well! I've done lots of back to backs running long on Saturday and Sunday.

    2Old- I won't be racing VLM but probably won't be allowed to just happily jog along either... I think I will aim for something like 3.35 but to be confirmed. My training really hasn't been that different from mara training with more long runs and back to backs and no MP sections in long runs. Oh and I've been doing quite a lot of s&c in the gym. I haven't noticed any major differences but what it firmly confirmed in my mind is that I feel best and improve most on high mileage. I'm done attempting the 'quality over quantity' approach, it doesn't suit me. I think I'm a lot like Chick in this respect.

    Barry- exciting stuff with the tri coming up!

    Chick- I think Sayonaras are a bit like Hitogamis? I love my hitogamisimage

    10m steady done this morning. Gym and intervals planned for tomorrow.

  • Barry- eeek glad you're ok!

  • Here they are my new Brooks Ghost, after HM PB wanted some more fast blue ones, but they are  not available, so these are my VLM shoes:






  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Brol- sounds like you've got a tough coach there but no complaints from you. 3.35 is pretty good anyway. I'm probably happier banging out the miles too but my speed ultimately reaches a plateau. I need to do intervals but fear injury

    Barry - very conservative shoes after the last pair . I'm considering getting new ones and saving my current pair- Brooks Adrenalin- for the day. You now know why Mrs 2O is reluctant to let me cycle and why an ironman is unlikely-too dangerous!!Still you got 2 thirds of an Olly done with ease today . If you're not racing the HM I'd do what you plan but add miles at the start to bring it up to 20.

    Liverpool HM for me on Sunday so I advanced my LR to today. Happy with 20 miles in just over 2.32 with the last 5 at 7.30 or less .Just tick over to Sunday.
  • Great to hear from you Bro, you've got an exciting year planned! You training must really be paying off, 1:35 on tired legs is awesome. High mileage is the way forward!

    Chick you'll love the Sayonaras, they're what I do my races and speed work in. I like the pink ones!

    Well done on the age group placing from Sunday 2Old, not bad going for a training run image Any target for this coming Sunday? Sounds like you had a good strong 20M today.

    That was an eventful ride Barry, keeps the heart rate up I guess!! That's a good plan for the half on Sunday, marathon pace is always so much easier to hit in a race than it is out on your own battling the elements.

    Decent tempo run Freemers if that's you not really feeling it!

    It can get confusing with the miles v kilometres Nell, I once ran about five reps of 0.8 miles before I realised my mistake... I was wondering why a so called 800m rep was taking over 5 minutes, I was actually running 1280m! It's all training, well done on the KM+ session.

    I've ran easy since Sunday's race. Hill reps planned tomorrow with Parsnip. My VLM stuff arrived today too, exciting!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Carrot- nice to have an easy week. Not sure when I get one, maybe two

    weeks. HM target is around 1.30 hopefully under which I've done the last 2 years but it's not in the bag by any means . Fingers crossed

    My magazine arrived too. Green start confirmed. Now very worried about my health and safetyimage
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, I need to stretch after, if I don't I seize up! I first started having massages when I experienced ITB problems. I never thought someone could inflict such pain in your glutes with an elbowimage. Nice little 9 mile mix up there....

    Hi Chick, wow! they are bright. I like  Mizuno as a brand, but have never found any running shoes I like.

    Hi Barry, That sounds more like an assault course than a cycle ride. If I was running a HM this weekend I am afraid if it was a decent course and I was feeling good, I would be running all HM pace. Maybe I am the wrong person to ask? Those running shoes are too tame...

    Hi Brol, That S&C will no doubt help you out in the latter miles.

    Hi Carrot, Sensible running after the HM, now go and trash your legs on those hills image

    Obviously being up in Edinburgh the VLM stuff has further to go, not received anything as yet. Out this morning for MP run. Weather pretty wet, so got soaked. Skipped the cold bath, I was damp and cold enough. The sun is out now of course! Out this morning, Hard one! 1.5 warm up and 2 miles cool down with 10 miles at MP, splits: 6:49, 6:45, 6:43, 6:54, 6:44, 6:48, 6:43, 6:51, 6:51, 6:42. This is by far the hardest run in the plan, especially at the end of a 6 day run. Another 2 weeks of this type and then the miles start going down, slightly.... Rest day tomorrow image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-I am hoping I can do some of those mile splits on Sunday in my HM...looks like you have sub 3 firmly in your sights. It was wet here but I swam so who cares and now its sunny but cold again like yesterday.If its too pleasant on 26th your run might suffer!

    2k swim today to stretch out my battered joints a bit. Rest tomorrow if you can call driving to a funeral in Reading and back in a day a rest.Park run at jog speed pacing a friend on Saturday and HM Sunday ,then into last big week before taper.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    I think the weather looks a bit grim for the weekend - windy and rain.  I think it might help me keep my pace down for my 21 mile race, as I need to be sensible.  Aiming for 9 @ 8.15, 6 @ 8.00 and then 6 @ MP. But if it's really windy I'll just stay off the pace and go by effort.

    Nell - those paces are amazing for MPimage

    Got my VLM mag. Not sure I like the look of the slight course changes around canary wharf - an out/back section at one point for a start. I hope it's a wide road so the turn is easy.  It also starts later, at 10.10.  More time to get nervous on the start line...

    Got out for 8 easy today. Was aiming for 10 but it was freezing cold with a cold wind so I chickened out. Intervals tomorrow, then 6 easy Saturday and then the 21 on Sunday.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Well I did my 10 today image. In the wind and rain (which were both not forecast image)

    Freemers: sensible plan for Sunday.

    Nell: It's a tricky business with shoes ... I started running in Mizunos in 2008 but have since switched to Saucony until they started messing too much with the Kinvaras. I blame them for my recent hamstring injury image
    Whoa, that is some serious marathon pace there ... it's faster than my 5k pace image

    Barry: Glad you remained intact. That was a few incidents too many image

    2Old wrote (see)

    Chicsta-those are beauties and will take some beating though I suspect Baz will do it. Are those shadows in the inner soles in the bottom left pic or sweat marks?image

    Mwahaha image. I *hope* it's shadows. I just posted a random pic off the web

    Brolish wrote (see)


    what it firmly confirmed in my mind is that I feel best and improve most on high mileage. I'm done attempting the 'quality over quantity' approach, it doesn't suit me. I think I'm a lot like Chick in this respect.

    Chick- I think Sayonaras are a bit like Hitogamis? I love my hitogamisimage


    High mileage rocks, Bro image. Your training is coming along nicely. And a 1:35 HM is not to be sniffed at.

    I've never tried hitogamis. Sayonaras are an excellent compromise of very low weight and a decent amount of cushioning and stability without feeling soft if you know what I mean. Hard to describe. But like carrot said, I love them. They feel so much better than my most recent purchase of Kinvaras.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    I think my shoes win on the colour clashing scores....



  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    23 miles in the sunshine yesterday, then woke this morning to a covering of snow, rain and sleet from above and a ferocious wind from (seemingly) everywhere. Did 10k this afternoon, when the wind was worse but the rain had stopped. Just couldn't get warm at all. Walking 20+ miles tomorrow, then 29 mile event Saturday. As Freemers said - weather not looking good. 

    My shoes are simply muddy..................

    Keep up the training everyone, it would be dreadful if you couldn't show me up properly image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- ha! So you are human- rolling over this morning and wrapping up in your duvet with BA.....normal service resumed this afternoon ....totally certifiable! As long as the 30kmph wind blows in a northerly direction at 10am on Sunday I'm happy . Think I'd rather walk 20miles tomorrow than drive 420 miles.  

  • Nell - Impressive running by you. With my history of injury I'm not going to take any chances this weekend.

    2old - Very nice 20 miles.

    Carrot - Paula Radcliffe is starting with the masses this year, so I think she may start with you.

    Freemers - 10:10 start makes me nervous for a warm day.

    Reading the VLM mag, and I know it does n't apply to many on here but the ballot for next year is going to be open for 5 days(how many applicants?) so I better get my GFA sorted.

    10 miles yesterday afternoon, had to tell the CNBA fairy to shut up but happy I went out in the wind, completed in 7:07 avg,  nice progressive run first mile 7:28 last 6:44.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- this is time the CNBA fairy tries to take control so great 10 mile there. You're right about us securing  that GFA  even though I've promised this is my last VLM image

  • Home again, having two days off as after last nights club speed session during which I felt as if I should be asleep in bed I decided I am tired and need a break. ½ M on Sunday and i will need a 3 mile warm up and cool down to get a long ine in, as no long runs for 6 weeks.

    O4S: its been cold here too, enjoy your event tomorrow.

    Barry: that CNBA fairy is a little sod welll done for sending him away

    Chick; agreed Kinvara arent what they were but havent found anything else yet.

    Brol: for my first Comrades I never ran beyond 13 miles after qualifying 4 months in advance, you will be fine. My beat Comrades came off. 3 x 35 mile training runs



  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Welcome home DD - bet running in a straight line feels odd now!

    Well done on getting the 10 miles done Barry

    Intervals D&D this morning - 6 x 0.75 miles off 0.25 mile recoveries. Paces in min/mile were 6.31, 6.27, 6.22, 6.18, 6.15, 6.10.  Good to get that done.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Great stuff, Freemers image. Agree, you totall win on the colour clashing front with those shoes. Blimey. Lime green and purple. Who comes up with such colour schemes image?

    CNBA fairy nearly got me too this morning. But hey, it's day 27 of the stooopid March challenge and I'm not giving up now image. Despite being half asleep when I left the house I dragged my sorry but around for a trendy 5. It was horrible though and never felt good despite being really slow image

    DD: try the Sayonaras. The girl version is quite narrow though but that may not be the case for the boys. I have narrow feet and always rattled around in the Kinvaras a bit.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Dubai Dave wrote (see)

    Brol: for my first Comrades I never ran beyond 13 miles after qualifying 4 months in advance, you will be fine. My beat Comrades came off. 3 x 35 mile training runs  

    You are such a minimalist image. That first Comrades must have hurt at least a little bit ...

  • Chick: of course it hurt any 56mile run hurts! But tbh it was no worse than the second Comrades I did prior to which I did several 30milers. The third and quickest of my Comrades was run off a lot more long runs, but more importantly I had learnt how to pace a ultra, even ran negative splits! 

    Who makes Sayonaras?

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Chick - purple??!!! I have you know they are RASPBERRY image  (and lime green image)

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    DD: Mizuno

    OMG, Freemers - that's even worse image

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    I know, but it was a choice of them or these....which were a little cheaper as an older model but I couldn't bring myself to do it



  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    22 miles done today in good weather. Some 'interesting' navigation and a bit of back tracking was required but we managed to get round without any major arguments image

    Weather looks foul for the event tomorrow, but there are different distances possible (20/22/27/29) so if it gets too miserable we can trade down. 

    DD: it's true that you don't really need to do too much long running for a 50, but to get a good time the pacing is the key thing. If you haven't done many ultras in the past the tendency is to go off too fast and die a long, slow and horrible death image

  • Lots of catching up. Some great speed work kicking in now too. 

    Baz/nell/2old - great quality in runs. 

    Carrot/freemers - so excited do you girls in london this year. The champ start is soooo quiet. Worth it to experience it but you know me and I like a chat and a laugh so green is more relaxing. Same fast start As we are nearer front in green. 

    Chick - nice shoes! Mine are blue and orange this yearimage

    bro - sorry I missed you. Flying run. I should have been in your pen think my run would have been easier with company. You've always loved loads of miles. I'm with you on then strength stuff this year. I've been doing circuits trying to build up body and core and I swear it's helping make me stronger and keep better form. Need to if I'm gonna do the double. And legs for Boston too. 

    Ive been back to doctors and now got some steroids to take for my chest. Hope I don't grow a moustache! Maybe they'll be illegal and push me round quicker! I've recovered fine from reading. Did 2xtrendy 5s and managed 22 miles in 3:14 on Thursday which felt great. I'm almost on my taper now. Whoop! Just wish I could stop coughing!!

    lots of races this weekend - good luck to you all. Almost cotton wool time image

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