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    Free-well done grinding out that last LR ,it couldnt have been too bad judging by that fast 5.Welcome to taper land and have an enjoyable Cumbrian break.Weather looks perfect for you

    Nell-Those gels sound gross -I used  caffeinated cliff gel shot blocs when I got me my first two sub 15 marathons-might get some for this one.Impressive splits as ever .I noticed how it had warmed up today Im praying for a cold spell at the end of the month.

    Supposedly easy 7.4 today but it didnt feel like easy after last nights run , the strong westerly breeze and warm-15c-temp.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Always Aching wrote (see)


    Chick - you entereda marathon yet?

    not great news frim me. 16 weeks and either been ill or injured the whole time. Back on antibiotics for an ear infection now. did y last 16 mile run on friday with last 2 @ 7:45 pace and my left foot still has tendonitis. Think I need to rest now and get well and mend. 2 weeks to boston. London might be in doubt... image

    (((AA))) you certainly have a rough campaign this time around. Now rest up and try to worry not too much. You have enough fitness to carry you around Boston, no doubt. Take it easy and soak up the atmosphere image
    I'm still undecided which autumn marathon.... Bremen is less hassle-free and it's probably my first choice. It's low-key enough to sign up on the day image I'll see how my running goes over the next few months and then I'll have to commit at some point.

    Nice tempo run, Freemers. And great to have that final long one out of the way image

    O4S: wot Bazza said. Rest up, but of course we are wasting our breath image you are not serious abou BA turning to Bowling image??

    2old: we seem to have the same weather. Nasty old westerly breeze here too image

    Nell: Banoffee gels? Double-espresso gels? image  I like the sound of rasperry yoghurt more image

    Did a tempo run last night - 7 miles with 5k @ 7:10. Actually when I checked the tempo bit at about half-way my pace was 6:58. Whoops image. No wonder it felt so hard. But there was another runner somewhere in the distance that I wanted to catch imageAfter I got her I slowed down a bit image

  • 2old - I may have "youth" and a few kg on my side but you have the sub 3:15 experience. image Nice 10 miler, as long as the 6:50's come from mile 20 onwards.

    Freemers - Good consistent running, I'm hoping we all have the VLM we have trained for.  Enjoy the break.

    Nell - Good strong running.

    Chick - Nice quick running, always good to have someone to catch.

    5 miles yesterday with middle 3 quick, but legs not happy so about 20-30 secs off the pace.  Pool this morning, practising left breathing why can I breath to the right so easily but left nah.image

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Barry: if I have the VLM I've trained for I am in deep shit - I could still be out there at closing time image  Swimming AND breathing sounds aspiration all to me!

    Did a gentle 4.5 mile run yesterday and 10k this morning. Managed with assistance to get my hair washed for the first time in 5 days yesterday. Pace this morning doesn't give me much optimism for sub 4 hours, especially as I think it is likely to be hot.

    Off to the surgeon this evening and hoping I get the all clear to get back to cycling and proper running. Doubt they will have the histology results back yet unfortunately

    Take care team - no injuries please!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-That 5m session looks pretty good to me though maybe you are feeling a bit of the after effects of the tri and that impressive 15 miler.Sadly past performance is no guarantee of my future successimage.Looking back all my sub 3.15s involved positive splits so thats likely to be my plan...if you can call it a plan. Dont worry about the swimming have already made remarkable progress and the fine tuning and further improvements will come. Dont forget open water swimming is often faster as you have the help of the wet suit , you can draft which makes a big difference and there are no just have to put up with punches to the head,not being able to see the bottom,icy water,weed,fishing line etc etc etcimage

    O4S-fingers crossed the surgeon gives you good news. A sub 4 London for you  is not in doubt .

    Chick-another fast session from you...looks like some pbs are on the cards

    Another body smashing massage earlier today.Tried out my new watch lunchtime-2k swim. I still cannot get my 100m time much under 2mins.So frustrating!

    Is it too soon to start looking at the weather for the 26th?I have a feeling it is going to be warm.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Not a surprise that wasn't an easy run. I have found my body protests at runs within 24 hrs of each other... Yes, it is getting warm at the can't last, can it?? I think I may go with the torq gels, they are a nice size also..

    Hi Chick, Always helps when you are trying to run someone down. Nice tempo run. Yes, the yoghurt flavoured ones are the better option in the Torq range.

    Hi Barry, Sounds as though you are still recovering from the Tri...Move on to the next session, we are allowed a bad one, but no negative thoughts image

    Hi o4s, Good news on the 4.5 miles run, hoping for good news at the surgeon.

    Moderate six miles this morning at 7:25mm average. Glorious morning with little wind. Bit of S&C this afternoon. VLM package finally arrived this morning. My GFA number 27121 equates to a Green start according to the magazine...

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Lovely morning again here, out for 10 MP miles with 1.5 mile warm up and cool down. Splits: 6:37, 6:38, 6:29, 6:49, 6:34, 6:43, 6:46, 6:42, 6:50, 6:35. Again a little too fast and I am not saying that it was easy in any way at all, the S&C from yesterday afternoon reminded me of the effects on the run image. Glad that is the long MP runs finished with for this schedule. Down to 6 miles MP next week. Cold bath  for 10 minutes, been getting the cold bath's in this week they have been needed!

    I have been considering to run the marathon with either the Saucony Kinvara's or the Type A6. I have always used the Kinvara's and they have done me good, but I am seriously considering the Type A6 this time round.

    I have a pair a new pair of each ready, but I think these guys may get in .....



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-well done getting that last long mp run done...dont blame you for using the cold bath.Very pretty new shoes there.I'm sticking with my old worn in ones..but as there are two pairs on the go,I'm not sure which.Glad to see you will be there at the Green Start to help even up numbers

    Another swim today-only 1.25k -run in the sun later

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    day-glo yellow shows - lovely image

    Must try the A6 at some point as Kinvaras are a complete no-no since release no. 4 image. I just tried mine again for my recent tempo run and I swear they set off my hamstring niggle again. Into the bin they go ...

    12 miles nice 'n easy this morning. No wind for once which was nice.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    forgot to say: mega fast splits again Nell image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- I'm of the opinion that if my running shoes don't injure me I stick with them . Pity as I'd quite like to have some brightly coloured ones. Only problem is that the manufacturers change them too often. Good to see you continuing to accumulate the mileage. Nice and warm here too...too warm for running really 

    7 miles done ,1 warm up 7.43,then 7.10,7.09,6.58,6.50,6.48,6.52.strangely the first 4 were the toughest. Maybe a bit sluggish from the swim earlier. 

    Now to work out how to put my watch on average pace rather than actual pace....not easy for a technophobe 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    So now I have to spread my 'favours' between two of you at the green start - no fighting boys image    Actually the ladies contingent is rather depleted this year with Carrot on the champs start and Miini injured. Just hope AA makes it! 

    Reasonably good news last night from the surgeon. Running is fine but not cycling unless I can adapt my helmet  so that is doesn't touch the ear. The graft seems to be taking and the donor site is healing well. Have to go back next week for further check and to get the histology results.

    23 miles walked today with 4,000 ft of ascent. Couldn't run as BA has a knee problem and looks like having to bin the Stratford Marathon image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi o4s, Favours? Good news on the ear, but not so good on BA image

    Hi Chick, Nice 12, sounds like the weather! you take what colour is on offer when they are reduced... Thanks, glad those splits are over! The Type A6 are a very lighter shoe than the Kinvara. There is not as much cushioning as in the Kinvara either. At the moment they are just feeling the better shoe, I may regret the decision on mile 24 with aching feet image

    Hi 2old, Nice splits, I have just stuck with the forerunner 110 and keep things simpleimage...yes I have been running the two at the same time and will break in the new pair over the next couple of weeks.,Incidently Chick, I have started the current kinvara/A6 shoes a couple of weeks or so before the start of this 12 week plan up to London and the Kinvara 4's are fraying at the side already image 

  • 2old - Looking forward to OW, yeah my swimming is coming on and I have made progress.  Great swimming and running from you, takes me a few miles to warm up, somtimes on my longer runs only starts to feel good from mile 5. Which watch have you? Me and Minni had a FB chat a few weeks ago when she was trying to set up her 910xt, I love mine.

    Nell - Good running and great looking shoes.  Getting close to the big day for us all, sorted your planned pace yet?

    O4S - Good news on the running.

    10.5 miles yesterday at 7:33 avg and an hour in the pool this morning, used pull buoy,give the legs a rest,  and practised left breathing for a bit then just kept going at a steady pace, 2.5k in the hour.


  • Quick check-in to wish everyone who's racing tomorrow good luck.

    Having been absent for some while, i think most are VLM'ing, so i trust that taper madness is doing it's thing!

    I'm in "sh*t or bust" mode for Brighton tomorrow, so who knows?

    Chin chin!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp- nice of you to pop in and start off the marathon season excitement. Have a good one. Tradition is for us to say don't be sh*t ..but that leaves you with bust. What is your target? Look forward to your race report 

    O4S-when you cross the line on 26th,you'll wonder what we are all fussing about. Your post op recovery is looking good. Poor BA ,no doubt you are being very sympathetic. 

    Nell- no wonder your shoes are worn already, the pace you go at .Ive gone for a multi-sport watch ready for the swims and tris orherwise I'd stick with what I've got 

    Barry- big swim yesterday after another solid 10...well done. I've got the 920xt and am starting to get used to it. I'm just struggling to get the run screen to display average pace,distance and time. It shows actual pace instead of time. 

    Another YKW today. Getting slower 20.32 although came 9th and 1st for age. I blame the strong easterly wind,the hangover from Ladies Day at Aintree yesterday and post race curry and I can't run fast . Last LR tomorrow.image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Best of luck for tomorrow Oomps. Good to see you on here againimage

    O4S: good to hear your op was successful.

    2old: Nice parkrun. It's mega windy here too and forecast to get even worse for tomorrow. Typical image I hope there are a few beefcakes to shelter behind tomorrow

    I unearthed my old Fastwitches again. They felt good during today's test run and I think they deserve an outing tomorrow image

    Strangely excited about racing again. Picked up my number yesterday and it gave me a real boost to hear loads of folk talking shoe porn and about forthcoming marathons image
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry, Nice 10.5 at a good pace, probably wise to use the pull buoy. Just looking into the pace strategy at the moment actually. Looking at York last year. I usually go out a bit faster and bag some miles as at my standard I don't really go for the negative split theory, it is always going to be a positive one as far as I am concerned...image

    Hi Oompa, Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well? Fingers crossed for you tomorrow. I think it has gone a bit cooler this weekend, so that might be a blessing. Hopefully the wind is not too bad...

    Hi 2old, Nice run this morning, if the wind was like up here you did well.

    Hi Chick, If you like the fastwitch then definitely have a look at the Type A6.image

    Out this morning for 10 miles. Starting my week on standby last night. had to swap as I was due to start on the 25th April... walked straight into a nice one and onsite from 17:00-01:00. Having my tea at 01:15 and out for my run at 10:00, not the best combination. image Strangely the run went ok and I ran average 7:22mm (will probably hit me tomorrow morning!). Wind was pretty brutal in places and at one point I thought I might end up in Holland!

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Managed to cycle yesterday after a slight adaptation to my helmet - nice spin to give the legs a change. Today we walked about 4 miles and then went running for about an hour with a friend - no idea of pace or distance, just a good leg stretch.  Tomorrow will be a hilly 35 with my fast marathon friend image

    oompa: good to see you, if only briefly. Go storm Brighton!

    Chick: enjoy the racing - what distance?

    All: watch for potholes / dogs / other hazards. NO INJURIES!!!!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-there's nothing like pinning a number on a vest to get the adrenaline flowing. What race is it? Have a good one 

    Nell-any more 10s for you before the26th? Know what you mean about the wind and we got it directly off the west coast here. I'm like you way will I ever negative split unless I'm taking it easy. 

    O4S- somehow I expected you to resolve your bike hat situation ...can't believe you're planning 35 hilly ones tomorrow. ...then again it is you imageEnjoy your day 

    Celebrating getting the National winner here...been two successful days at the bookies. This could become addictive. 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭
    Hi o4s, I wondered how long it would be until you got back to the bike. Enjoy the hills tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too windy...

    Hi 2old, at the point in the plan where I am getting to the last of certain schedules including the last Saturday 10 miler. Well done on the National winner ;0)/
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Anyone tracking Oompa? Looks like he's nailing Brighton at the halfway mark! image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Anyone tacking Oompa at Brighton? He's nailing it at the halfway mark! image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- sounds good about Oomp 

    18.3 at 7.52mm. Last LR done. Taper proper beginsimage

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Nice one 2old.

    Sounds good about oomps image

    So, race report - I ran a quarter marathon todayimage main event was the half but 600 odd runners took part in the quarter. There was also a 5k and a kiddie race. The 5k race was just finished when I turned up at the venue.

    Came 1st old biddy (W45) image and 5th lady overall (out of 257)

    Time of 50:19 for 10.67k on my Garmin of course very slow compared to you fast folk but I ran by HR and keep that at 88% of max. once I got going. Now the get going bit was the interesting part image

    Like I said, the 5k event was just over meaning hundreds of runners and their supporters were trying to get off the track where us quarter marathoners were trying to get on. Mayhem followed. Expletives were exchanged image The poor marshals had no clue what to do. Apparently there was another path towards the start but it was either not signposted or the wind had blown the signs away. It was gusting 50-60mph in parts (at least that's what the race director told us over the tannoy) image Eventually one marshal took heart and moved a few barriers so we could get to the start where the countdown for the gun had already begun.

    Off we go. Well, WALK. You have to do one lap on the track which is a bit of a rubbish idea really when there's 600odd runners ... Everyone was urged to keep to the inside so the fast ones who were soon to lap the crowd could get past. Utter chaos image

    To cut a long story short: my first k was 6:01!!! More shuffling off the track and onto a narrow cycle path - it took forever for the field to spread. There was an uphill section crossing a bridge going over the railway lines. After the bridge the path mercifully widened. 2nd k: 4:59 image

    Now put the foot down and keep the HR in check. No more than 161bpm was the plan and I stuck to it. The wind was awful but I managed to find people to shelter behind image

    The beauty about starting at the very back of the field is that you keep overtaking lots of people. That distracted me from the wind. I picked a target (a group or another female image ) and slowly reeled them in. I think apart from one bloke who must have started even further back, nobody passed me image

    The next splits were 4:37, 4:29, 4:33, 4:34, 4:35, 4:39; 4:27, 4:26 and 2:50 for the final 670m (it was supposed to be 550 but either the measurement out my Garmin were wrong image )

    Managed to outkick one guy on the home straight image

    The faster splits were either downhill or wind-assisted. HR did not budge over those faster ks and I felt strong and in control. It was more of a tempo run feeling with none of the slightly image that's usually part for the course on a short race.

    With only 6 weeks of slow base training and just two tempo-ish workouts done last week I'm pretty pleased with the outcome image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- great report and really well done with the podium imageand overall placing. Time doesn't was a race after all . You are definitely back in style 

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Hello All,

    Apologies for being AWOL for a while - difficult time but i'm out the other side.

    Some good running going on & like the pictures of new trainers.

    Not long until London for some of you now.

    Good to see you back Oompa & I hope Brighton went well for you today.

    Well done Chick

    AA sorry to hear you haven't been well. Boston is very close for you now. I'm sure you'll be ok.

    Managed to get my focus back onto training for my first Triathlon on Good Friday. The swim went well but I tapped the woman in front to move she didn't & 3 of us got out of the pool like a train. It was a really good swim although I didn't achieve the time I wanted but I wasn't disappointed. The bike wasn't too bad although I forgot where I put it when I came out from the swim. It also chucked it down & I came off it back into transition, just missing the spectators. The run was ok & it was the first time my hamstring didn't play up. Overall really enjoyed it & finished 4th in my age group out of 10 so really happy with that.

    I have been out for mainly short runs at the moment & will continue training, especially brick sessions which is something I didn't practice. I have another pool tri at the end of May. Went out on the bike this morning, getting used to the gear changes & unclipping now.

    2Old I also had a winner & 3rd place for the National yesterday - a bet for that race just has to be done.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Minni, How are things?

    Hi 2old, Well done on the 18.3 miles, nice to get the last LR out of the way?

    Hi Chick, Congrats on the race and the 1st place. That sounds more like British organisation than from your parts! image

    Hi Pink, Well done in the Tri and glad to hear you are getting on ok..

    16 miles this morning, it was not one of my better runs. Wet and cold, I am sure it was trying to sleet at one point! Last 10/16 miler weekend, another milestone in the plan. Ran down to Portobello and back which meant a decent first half and then uphill the second half working my way home...Ran at 7:30mm average so job done. I body swerved the cold bath today as I was still cold when I got back in!

  • Evening all. It's a pain posting from my phone as it keeps losing the text so managed to kick the remaining child off the iPad so I can post! 

    Chick - you're back! Whoop! Well done. Sounds a tough run. 

    Oomps - nice to see you back  Hope all went ok today. I had a few clients doing it and none of them hit their targets. It was a warm and windy day here so I hope it wasn't too bad on the coast. 

    O4S - well done on yesterday. Hope BA is ok. I am still planning on being at London at the moment.  positive positive and all that image

    taper madness is well and truly kicking in for everyone now then. I fly out to Boston on Thursday. Getting really excited. Haven't done a longish run this weekend as I don't want to stress my foot anymore than I need to so being doing a few intervals instead. I am keeping everything crossed that the taper will mend me and get me well. 

    Any last minute tips and advice from previous boston runners? 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Well that was the ultimate Long [35.5 miles] Slow [12mm average] Run.  Overall pace took into account 5 tea and cake stops image, a load of hills [most of which I managed to run] image rough ground and a ferocious wind - got blown off balance a couple of times running along the Wansdyke with a howling cross wind.  Overall quite pleased as I was able to speed up on the last section when the hills were more or less behind us.  The stiles got progressively harder as the run continued!! Glorious sun and views, but the wind was lethal and kept things cool at best and freezing at worst.  I love this stuff just so much more than road running image

    Good company all the way round and not so tired / breathless that I wasn't able to keep talking image

    AA:  will be thinking of you on Thursday and hoping for a trouble free trip.  Positive is always the way forward

    Pink: nice to see you back - being able to change gear on a bike is an essential skill if there are hills! image

    Nell: can't believe you had sleet while we had glorious sun - although temp and wind sound about the same.

    2Old: Man up - tapering is for  wimps image

    And Chick is back in the room!!!! imageimage  Never heard of a quarter marathon - given they had a 5k race you would think they would just do a 10k one as well

    Spinning and running club tomorrow plus a sports massage.

    Oompa: don't leave us in suspense...............................

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