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  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Weather forecast for VLM = 20 degrees image  That's me stuffed!,

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

     O4S-whose supplying the tea and cake for you at VLM? thanks for the good news about the weather thenimage. Amazing ultimate long run there ..I only had to put up with wind and for half your distance 

    Pink- good to see you back. We missed you. Well do e with the TRI. I often can't recall where my bike is ...I think it's something to do with tiredness after the swim or my age .i also had trouble with cold hands once where I couldn't unclip my Helmet. Running us so simple in comparison. Glad the hammy is improving. What did you do for it?

    Nell- your 10/16 sessions are pretty tough so I can appreciate why you are pleased to see them out of the way. Not sure if you've run in decent weather once since Xmas 

    AA -  very excited here for you. I will do a list later sometime  fwiw. Where are you staying?

  • BUST!

    Didn't feel great at the start and legs felt heavy, despite a perfect taper (first time ever)! Felt okay until about 9 miles where you turn off the coast road into Ovingdean. Only a very slight incline but got really hot and dizzy??? You then loop back to the coast so the sea breeze helped and got going again. I knew going through halfway that my A time of sub 3.15 wasn't on as I was struggling to hold 7.26's but was hoping to hang on for a sub 3.30.

    Left hip flexor started to ache at 18 so had a quick stop and stretch and a stern talking to, but from here on in, it was a struggle! As you make your way from Hove towards the power station it gets a bit barren and exposed and I started to get hot/cold sweats where one minute I was sweating profusely, the next I had goosebumps??? Had to walk for a while but when I tried to run again, felt really giddy and promptly stumbled/slumped to the ground, thankfully right by a St Johns Ambulance station at around the 21 mark!

    10 rich tea biscuits and a hot drink later I decided to not push it and told the guy that I was pulling out. Unfortunately he called this in before revealing that I'd have to wait until the end for the drop out bus!!!

    Didn't fancy waiting in a tent for that long so walked/hobbled the 5 or so miles to the finish. So despite finishing, (thankfully) no time given.

    In summary, throughout my programme I struggled with speed endurance, and coupled with (I think) catching my son's cold from sitting next to him at the theatre on Friday, it was always going to be a struggle, but I'm actually quite pleased that I have done it, to prove to myself that I am still capable (with the right strengthening and training programme) of running marathons.

    Sorry to start the Spring marathons off with a shit one, but looking forward to some great runs from you guys in the coming weeks.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp-dont fret too much about it...I spent 20 mins in the medical tent at Boston last year and managed to scrape a finish.Marathons are never easy and if raced will find out any weaknesses we may have.After all the injuries you've had just to finish says a lot about how tough you are. Wont take much for you to be ready for another image.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi AA, How are you feeling in yourself now, have you banished the illness? Any time in mind at the moment?

    Hi o4s, Another show of strength from you, Although I am trying to work out whether that be the miles completed or the tea/cake stops. We did have sunshine yesterday, about an hour after I finished my run!image


    Hi 2old, Yes I must admit they can be tough on the back of a heavy week and I think you are correct, apart from early last week I am struggling to remember any decent weather!

    Hi Oompa, Sorry to hear things didn't go to plan, but pleased that you managed to grind it out and finish. Take the positives out of the situation....I only hope you left some biscuits for everyone else.image

    Moderate 6 miles this morning at average 7:21mm. Miles slightly trimmed this week, which helps as we will be off early to Hampden Saturday for the Semi-Final!

  • ((Oomps))) well done on finishing though. That will give you mental toughness. I heard it was a warm day with not too kuch water in cups...

    2old - Clarendon street, right by the finish. 

    O4S - end of April is always touch and go for a hot one. 

    Well, I tried to run this morning but felt my foot straight away. Disn't ease after a warm up so binned it instead. Trying not to worry about it now - cos I'm gonna run anyway. 

  • Nell - for the first time in months I feel healthy!! Just the foot issue now. Top of left foot, metertarsAl pain, hoping it isn't a stress fracture. Would rather not know right now!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    (((Ooomps))) sounds a bit like my Boston experience ... I only stayed away from the medical tent as so many people around me looked so much worse than me and I figured they needed the assistance more. Spring marathons are tricky - you are used to cold weaher training and BAM hit a hot day that throws your whole system out of balance.

    That's the spirit AA! You'll have a fab time in Boston. One thing you need to do is the Duck tour. It's sightseeing in a W.W.II style amphibious landing vehicle. Brilliant fun. They drive you around the sights but they also go into the water so you can see the city from the Charles river. Gives you a great overview of the various highlights and you save your legs and feet for marathon day. We joined by the Prudential Center but I think there are various stops around town.

    I also really liked Newbury Street. Charming little road with restaurants, cafe and cute shops.

    O4S: only 35.5 miles? Slackerimage  seriously, 12mm sounds like fairly decent clip to me. Not sure I could hold that oer 26.2 at the mo, let alone 35.5 going up and down mountains!!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi AA, I have broken the metatarsal on my big toe before. That is very painful. Hopefully you will be ok image 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-still  a few days more to recover...all should be well. Looks like you wont need to do a lot of walking where you are staying.I second Chicks suggestion of the duck tour-they used to do one in Liverpool to until it sank.image. Places to eat-Atlantic Fish close to where you are staying,Legal Seafoods, for steaks-Smith & Wollensky,Ruth Chris Steak House, pasta in an authentic Italian in the Italian District.Its busy so may be worth booking.Rather than breakfast in your hotel ask the concierge to recommend a traditional local diner. Try and get tickets to the Blue Man Group or watch a ball game-baseball-the Red Sox,basketball -the Celtics or ice hockey -The Bruins. Im not really into any of those sports but they makethe games /the occasion entertaining.You might try whale watching too though we didnt see any.Then there are the historic tours where you learn all about the origins of the War Of Independence even most of the stories are made up exagerrated or happened elsewhere.The Isabella Gardner Museum is well worth a visit too for its eclectic collection of works of art and the spaces left on the wall from where a dozen were stolen.

    For the race you cant take a bag other than a small one so remember to take lots of old stuff to keep warm and chuck away.Have something insulated to sit on(cardboard,newspaper etc) as there is a long wait after getting to Hopkinton to the start and you will end up sat on the floor. Plan what you take there carefully as you have to take everything or leave it.Dont go off  too fast at the start -the first 6 or so are mainly down hill and can play havoc on week calves or other injured areas as I found out.Check out the hills in advance from the web siteso that they dont come as a suprise-Heartbreak Hill is not the only one and they arent as bad as legend suggests.

    Buy a souvenir jacket-a bit of a cliche but you'll regret it if you dont.

  • Chick -  Congrats and very well raced through the chaos.

    Oompa -  Unlucky, it is a tough sport we take part in, any issues and you will be found out, you were obviously suffering, and where you were with injuries last year very well done for making it around.

    O4S - Very well done on your last long run, while most mortals are cutting back.image Please don't start regarding the weather, I have memories of Stratford 2010 v hot and the heat is one of my biggest concerns for the day.

    Nell - As you told me you are allowed one "bad" run.

    2old - v well done on the national and the Parkrun and decent long one. 920 looks v nice, think it's similar to the 910 but will get better as third parties can write apps for it. blue or red?

    AA - Go and enjoy, I'm sure you will.

    20k on the indoor bike sat morning followed by swim club  afternoon.  11 miles at 7:25 avg yesterday morning.  Taper madness set in early, sniffles yesterday zapped with first defence and OK today.  Rest day today, kind of coping.


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Nice run Baz. Hope you nipped the cold in the bud.

    AA: re. the commemorative clothing: deffo buy the hoodie. It's one of the best items I've bought in years. I wear mine almost daily image hideously overpriced but hey, you only run in Boston once image
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Oompa: (((( )))). Hard decision, but better not to do any lasting damage.

    2Old: I was discussing the cake issue with my fast marathon friend. Like me he has concentrated on ultras and done even less road racing than me - he reckons his body will demand cake every 5/6 miles image

    Spinning this morning, followed by a massage, a few miles walking and now off to the running club. Out of the house at 5.15am tomorrow for a (long) day trip to Belfast. Have to fit in a minimum of 5k at some point - 103 days in to the 365 day challenge!  Or as we say in NI - 'No Surrender'

  • O4S - don't think surrender is in your language!

    bazza - good to see taper madness kicking in for you  Shake the cold off this week and be fighting fit for when it counts. 

    chick/2old - thank you so much for all your advice. 2old - great race day stuff too. Currently making a list and keep thinkin of stuff I need! Will research the duck tour. I was thinking open top bus or something for the Sunday. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-forgot to mention that it's worth going to the memorial to the bombing victims in the old library near the finish line...I assume it's still there ....very moving. 

    O4S- seriously what fuelling do you use for road  marathons or are they too short to bother?No way I could do the challenge you've taken on 

    Barry- I'm stumbling along with the watch. Swam today and messed up so didn't record it all. How did I ever manage without it? Great work this weekend. Any long runs left for you ? Embraced the taper today so didn't run. Now I'm developing a sore throat and temperature...or is it just that Ishould switch the heating off again? 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    2Old: I drink water on a marathon (and every other race below 30 miles). No gels, no sports drinks. Don't forget that all the stuff people swear by now didn't exist when I started running in 1977!  For longer runs, cake is always good as are bacon sandwiches, crumble and custard (plus chocolate of course) image  Motto: if it doesn't taste good and isn't deemed to be unhealthy by the 'food police' it ain't worth eating on an event..........You do of course realise that by now I am 5ft square rather than 5 ft tall! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-yum...looks like ultras for me from now on....not sure how I'd get custard in my pocket though. Note to self : look down at the Green Start 

  • O4S - love that!

    My morning has started with a pint of vitamin c, an anti histamine, a beetroot tablet, a sudafed, an anti inflammatory and a bag of ice on my foot. Can't blame a girl for trying image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry, It wasn't so much a bad run, just miserable.image Nice run. That First Defence is super stuff!

    Hi o4s, Yes that is a suitable statement for you, I don't think you ever surrender...loving the fuelling tips image

    Hi 2old, Hope the sore throat doesn't develop into anything serious, our heating has remained on!

    Hi AA, Nice little cocktail to start the day!image

    Intervals this morning, the wind was pretty brutal in places. 1.5 mile warm up and cool down. 5 x 1k with 400M recoveries. Splits: 3:42 (I was actually blown down the road on that one!), 3:57, 3:56, 4:19 (could call that a headwind or a gale!), 3:59. On the fourth split I was coming up to a blind corner, which I always give a wide berth in case of pedestrians. Only to be nearly taken off my feet by a cyclist who was moving. There are road works so I guess he decided to jump up on the pavement and avoid a long wait. He was all apologies and I think myself as pretty easy going. But after running into a gale on that split I was not impressed, so gave him a shove and carried on, he was holding me back and time was ticking!image

  • As always, thanks for the wise/kind words guys.image

    Nell - I think i ate about half the packet!

    AA - Have you tried nitrous oxide? According to the papers, it's apparently the way forward for performance athletes!image

    O4S - Sickly sweet, sticky, vomit inducing gels or crumble, custard, chocolate and cake... Hmmmimage!

    Apart from head cold, i feel fine today! Gonna break some long standing shorter distance pb's this Summer, so as not to have wasted 5 months of training!image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp-Glad you are feeling didnt waste the still got the medal to add to your collection and then there's the Autumn marathon...or maybe one sooner...the R&R liverpool Marathon in June? That nitrous oxide stuff is allegedly popular with certain Premier League strikers from our area too.

    Nell-no sore throat now ..just back ache. Left the heating on?..hought you guys north of the border were toughimageNever easy doing intervals on the road and nto headwinds so good going getting them done.

    AA-dont poison missed the imodium

    I have resisted swimming today but have a 6m run tonight . ...good thing as Im feeling battered after my massage this am.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nell: I like your style image well done for shoving the guy out of the way

    Oomps: good idea, don't let that training go to waste. Is the knee fully recovered then?

    Always Aching wrote (see)

    O4S - love that!

    My morning has started with a pint of vitamin c, an anti histamine, a beetroot tablet, a sudafed, an anti inflammatory and a bag of ice on my foot. Can't blame a girl for trying image

    There are beetroot tablets image?

    O4S: ultras sound the way to go. I can't stand gels and each time I'm running a marathon I'm thinking I really should run without them. Of course I then chicken out for fear of hitting the wall but yuck, after the first two it becomes a matter of sheer willpower to chuck down another one and another one (never managed more than 4) image

  • Nell - bloody cyclists!!! Nice intervals..again!!

    oomps - I'm off to get some, can't believe i haven't heard of that until this morning!

    chice - as a beetroot hater I'm trying them for the first time this week. Will let you knowimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-I love beetroot but hate the juice but knowing it's benefits I have bought 4 bottles ready for next week. Don't think I will look in the loo after themimage

    Chick- it's better to fuel than not. After all that's what cake is ?

    A sunny but windy 10k done.Maybe a bit faster that I should have - 7.03mm av . Won't be much more at that pace before week Sunday and very little of it then 

  • Nell - quick stuff in the conditions and liking the attitude.image

    2old - the plan was 10 thursday, 12 sunday and 5 tuesday then 3 the day before VLM with a bit of swimming thrown in but see below.

    Yeah well took a rest day yesterday and decided to do my last quick running today before the big day, comfortable quick 5 miles in 33:28, but about 5 mins after stopping my right glute/hip started to tighten and I am now struggling to put weight on it and walk, no pain when stretching.  Doing all the usual stuff but ffs wtf is going on. Will see what a few days rest brings. image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Oompa, I suppose once you have one biscuit it leads to another. Marathon or not... Glad the mojo is still there.

    Hi 2old, fast splits, nice don't look after 4 bottles of beetroot juice!

    Hi AA, Beetroot seems to be the thing at the moment. Are those supplements quite expensive... I do like a nice cheese and Beetroot sandwich to be honest!

    Hi Barry, bad news, get stretching.

    On-call this week so I am currently stuck onsite and starving. Trying to be good and keeping away from the vending machine. Only had one trip....Stuck on a Lync conference with India and America...image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- crap,don't let it go pear shaped now ....Physio/ massage ASAP if it's still troubling you in the morning. I've had soreness in the left glute for a month or so but am hoping it will fix over the taper .Strangely the tightness from the glute also affects my hamstring into the left calf which knotted in Boston....wonder if that is the root cause?  Must try not over internalise 

    Nell- I struggle to resist the vending machines which was ok when I was doing the miles. Now it's hell so good luck fighting the craving. 

    Wonder if anyone will pop back in to tell us they are running manchester on Sunday?


  • Morning all. 

    Baz - take it easy. Massage it by rolling it on a tennis ball. 

    Nell - Amazon ;7 for 50 3500mg mega dose. twice a day. Will take this week and next. Worth a go. 

    Back on ice and cocktail of drugs again today. Foot is feeling a bit better. still not risking a run. Been watching youtube videos of Boston marathon. hmm. 5 hills in Newton from 16-21 miles...? Packing today - flying tomorrow. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-dont worry about the hills the crowds are big and will shout you up them with..'looking good'..'awesome'...good job'..etc. What's your number?Looks like Baz and I will both be using that tennis ball.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    You'll welcome the hills .... I did coz the downhill totally mashed my legs. I cried when the Newton hills were over as it was downhill AGAIN and my quads couldn't take it anymore image

    Blimey, boys - what have you done to your glutes image?? Hope it's just taper madness.

    Managed a sluggish 10k this morning. Legs were having none of it. I did 13 yesterday and I guess the combination of something slightly quicker on Sunday plus a long run yesterday was just a bit much.

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