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  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Yay, 2old!!! image image

    Greetings from Hungary. There'S WiFi here but didn't have a chance to stalk everybody. Hope team Minni did well.

    I'm just soooo happy 2old buried those Boston demons.

    (((Barry))).can't believe you had to pull out image. You're next in line to bury some demonsimage

    Hungary is an amazingly beautiful country. I've eaten and drunk wayyy too much image. They will have to roll me around Prague....

    Ttfn image
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Wow can't believe I'm writing this - 3.13.43 chip time image. Suicidal pacing first half but held it together and always felt I had enough in the tank for the sub 3.15. Was grinning down the mall! Bring on the champs start for 2016 - not bad for an old bird!

    Saw 2old, O4S, Brolish, Nell and AA at the start, and Carrot who skipped past me at mile 4. Also later saw Col who used to be on here.

    And big shout from Minni at mile 22 - thanks I needed that!

    My legs hurt big time - I'll be in a world of pain tomorrow!

    Quick bit of stalking - some awesome results from the team! Can't wait to read your reports. I'll write up something longer next week. Right now off home for some dinner and vino image
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭
    Hi Guys, my watch reads 2:57:01 but my son informed me 2:57:00, I think he said that, it is all a bit of a blur to be honest. Took a bit of an unorthodox approach and luckily it paid off. I told the guys at the start I was going to stick with the sub 3 pacer, once I started I went into bagging time mode, which o know is never advisable, but it paid off today! Still in shock, feeling a bit more human after a cheese and ham toastie and a latte. My sister said I was looking pretty blue beforehand. Now off home ;0)
  • Some awesome running out there by Team Minni today, with special mention to AAafter Boston, that was amazing!

    Can't wait for the reports.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Just popping in from the pub. Amazing day. Best bit meeting the guys here. Pleased with my PB if 3.07.34 too! Beer hitting the spot . Congrats to the team and amazing results. Big hangover awaits. 25 min PB for Miss2O so she's on the way to a similar hangover. Don't want the feeling /day to end.
  • Just popping in to confirm that Freemers was rather pleased with herself at the Red Lion post-race. Storming effort. 

    Oh, and nice PB there 2old. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Red lion?? I thought that was only fir the sub3s? We were waiting for her in the sub 3:15 HQ, Chandos!image

    Well done all. Brilliant day all round. I'm on the train home now - catch up tomorrow.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- brilliant result ,cant say I'm surprised following your progress .Hope you are still celebrating,you deserve to . It was a pleasure meeting you 

    CD- many thanks

    Chick-thanks...never had demons just a pain in the leg...I love that race whatever -almost as much as london

    Free- spot on good. Delighted for you and well deserved. Sorry I didn't use you to pace me ..I lost you passing the celebs. 

    Off out again 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Wow - some great results being reported!  Freemers, 2old and sub 3 nell - just awesome!

    Totally failed to spot anyone at the start, it was nice to bump into O4S at the finish.

    A PB by a couple of minutes for me with 3.21, which is awesome, but I faded badly off 3.17ish pace over the last few miles.  Next time!  3.15 definitely feels closer now.

    BH perfectly paced his way to 3.54 (an hour PB), and most impressively my friend who ran a pb of 3.31 in brighton 2 weeks ago totally nailed her sub 3.30 with a 3.27.  

    Barry - so sorry to hear you had to defer - next time for you too!

  • BOOM BOOM BOOM, what an amazing day for the thread. Congratulations to you all. Can't wait for the race rreports. I was stood on the embankment saw Button Cracknell and most importantly Paula. And even more importantly Carrot, I was shouting like a man possessed. got a little emotional when the 3.15 pacers went past, but enjoyed the experience of watching, but just once thanks. once again very very well done to you all.
  • ... Sorry, forgot in earlier post...

    O4S - Bloody amazing! Don't know how you continue to battle through and smash it!
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Hardly amazing compared to the rest of these speed monsters, but I was quietly rather pleased. It was obviously a day of fast times, nearly all the running club nailed PBs and I think(but have to wait until I'm home to check) mine was a 60+ PB.  Interestingly I was 3 minutes slower last year and came 10th, this year I was 20th - the same placing I got in 2013 with 4.08 image

    Report to tomorrow for what it's worth.

    guys - we all took head of the thread mantra DBS!!

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Fantastic day for you all at London. Congratulations image

  • What an amazing set of results for our team yesterday. So delighted for all the sub 3:15 machines and we now even have a sub 3 among us!!! 3:29 for me an I'm delighted with that after 3:26 on Monday. My legs have never ever felt so mashed after a marathon as they do right now! It was so good meeting nell and 2old yesterday too. Will clock in with a bit more gruesome details once the pain killers kick in!

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Nell - wow, what can I say? You said at the start you were going for it and boy did you deliver!

    2old - great meeting you too. and I'm glad I didn't go at your pace - fantastic PB! Hope you have a well deserved hangover today. And congrats to Miss2old as well - that's a huge chunk off her PB image

    AA - incredible strength to do that only 6 days after Boston. Just awesome!

    Carrot - you looked great when you came past me at 4 miles. I'm really pleased you got such a brilliant time.

    KFC - great PB and as you say it's getting closer. Next time image

    O4S - sub 4 with plenty to spare! Fantastic....but will you get your 5k in today?

    Interesting what you say about the positions - my overall placing was about 500 places lower than when I did 3.16. I think I scraped into the top 10% but not by much. 284th female this year compared to 248th two years ago. 28th F45 which I'm chuffed with.

    CD totally nailed his race too - continuing his string of I don't know how many sub 2.40s with a 2.38. And we'll get to go to the same start next year image
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭
    Being smug, couldn't sleep last night although slept like a log the night before the race. Walked 5k in Regents Park before breakfast and a short bike ride with BA when I get home. Saying my farewells to three toenails. Report from home when I can use the computer, phone too fiddly. Hope you speedsters are suitably stiff!!!
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    In the Mall image



  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    The Green start crew....



  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    OK race report time...

    Got to the start pretty early, around 8 I think.  A long time to hang around, and it was really cold - definitely hat and gloves weather and I think I had about 5 layers on to start with.  Eventually braved the cold to de-layer, just ended with one extra top and a bin liner which I took off 5 minutes before the start.  Some celeb spotting at the start - didn't recognise many except for Chris Evans and David Hemery.  And then we were off.

    It was the usual scrum around the first corner to get past the celebs, but I settled into a good pace. 7.22 for the first mile was great, but I then sped up a bit, including 6.43 for mile 3 (downhill) and around 7.10-7.15 for the rest of the first half.  At mile 4 I spotted a swishing blond ponytail - it was Carrot looking really good and bouncy. We had a quick chat but I knew she was too quick for me so I let her go on.  The rest of the first half was me just really getting my head down - I didn't take in any of the sites - as we went through the Cutty Sark and out again it struck me that I hadn't even noticed the ship....

    I was feeling really good to half way, which I went through in 1.34.17 (only 15 seconds off my HM PB!). It was quicker than I had said I would go, but I'm glad with hindsight that I banked some time.  I didn't see the leaders on the other side of the road this year, as we turned off before they came.  Keeping up the pace, through into docklands and things started to get tricky.  A few inclines were starting to hurt - particularly the route change where it looked like a proper hill at one point, and then the switch-back 180 degree turn which was nasty.  Slowing to 7.30-7.40 pace but I knew as long as I kept that up I'd be fine. By around 20 miles my legs were really starting to hurt - left hamstring also really tight, and I just didn't want to cramp up.  Trying not to think about the pain - miles 21 and 22 seemed to take an age back down the highway. 

    Started looking for Minni and thought I must have missed her - but then heard massive screaming my name and there she was image.  Gave me a lift going down into the city area.  Next point to look out for was the water station at mile 23 - my nephew was on duty there...we saw each other which was great, although I couldn't reach him to take a bottle from him.  Miles 24 and 25 were slow - 8.04 and 8.16....but looked at the pace band for the first time and knew I still had a couple of minutes in hand. Picked up the pace again in the last mile and then came round Buckingham Palace - I went under the arch bridge that says 385 yards to go at a tad over 3.12 so I knew it was in the bag - once I rounded the corner and saw the clock I was just trying to push to the line - saw the camera and they got a decent shot - I might even think about buying that one. Crossed the line and got a bit emotional I have to say. 

    Got the medal, photo and t-shirt (technical with a choice of sizes - that has to be a first for VLM!). This year the green lorries were right down the far end closest to horseguards - nightmare as I really needed to lean on the railings but was starting to shiver so had to keep moving. Took forever to put trousers on!  Eventually hobbled out onto the main road and to the Red Lion for a well needed shandy image.  The sub-3 crowd were in great spirits, with some amazing times.

    Didn't stay long though - wanted to get home for some decent food - OH cooked a rib-eye steak image - and a glass or three of wine.  And I slept like a baby...

    My legs are painful today, although I could get down the stair

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    My legs are painful today, although I could get down the stairs slowly....expect it'll be worse tomorrow though!

    Looking forward to no running for a week - probably will do something over the weekend. I have a 10  mile race the following Sunday, not really sure why I entered to be honest!

  • Great report Freemers, and huge congrats on your shiny new pb.image

    I must confess that i was tracking almost everyone (couldn't get Carrot for some reason during the race?) and thought that you'd set off too fast after seeing your's, 2Old's and Nell's halfway splits!

    Goes to show what i know!!!image

    Well done once again everyone... MORE REPORTS PLEASE!image

  • Freemers - brilliant report and very well raced. sorry did nt see you to shout. well deserved pb, be very proud.
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Freemers, Really pleased that you got the time you were after. Sounds as though you fell into the same plan as me and luckily got through unscathed image

    Hi 2old, Well done on the PB, so pleased after your problems. yes, it was good to have a natter before the start and catch up and really enjoyed meeting up with you guys before the start.

    Hi kfc, Well done on the PB, super that you managed to get that, always nice to go away with a PB

    Hi o4s, What can I say, absolutely superb. You are truly an inspiration!image

    Hi AA, Superb result, I thought contemplating Edinburgh was pushing it. But to run that time 6 days after Boston...amazing!

    Hi Oompa, You were correct, I went off way too quick. My halfway split was 1:26:21. My PB HM is 1:25:41! I suppose I chanced it and it paid off...could have been a different story. The weather was perfect though, once we got going.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Well here we go guys with my report. I am not the best but I give it a go..

    Got to Maze Hill just after 09:00 and after a a little walk around and speaking to a couple of folk, finally met up with Freemers, AA, 2old, o4s and Brolish. really good to meet you guys and have and catch up before the start and then assembled just behind the celebrities.

    My plan was to stick with the sub 3 pacer and see how things went. Once we started I kind of just went with the flow and to be honest did go off too quickly. I was getting carried away with the euphoria and the crowd, who were absolutely fantastic.

    At mile 3 I hit 6:17 so thought I better slow down, I decided to run the first 15 between 6:35-40 if I could, to give me a cushion. Then run the last 11 miles at 6:52 or as close to as I could. This was based on my MP runs usually being slightly quicker than the intended MP. At the time it seemed rational, but in hindsight it could have been suicidal!

    The miles seemed to just tick away nicely. At mile 15, there was an underpass where I lost signal and it kind of threw me off a bit. Not sure why, it just seemed a bit disorientated running through it and it threw me off a bit.

    After that mile I got back on track and  then at mile 18 developed stitch, this came on and off for about 3 miles and I just kept concentrating on my breathing, and that seemed to ease the stitch. After mile 22 things started to get a bit harder, but also I was now starting to do the mental arithmetic, and work out what I would have to do to get home under 3 hours. I kind of figured at this point if I could just keep my form and keep moving I would be ok.

    After mile 23 things started to get harder, but I just went into the zone I suppose you would say. That is what my sister said it looked like, they were cheering me at mile 24 I was well within myself and although I could hear the odd call of my name I was digging deep. I missed them unfortunately, but I wasn't expecting them there, so managed to miss them twice. But they had changed plans after my wife had updated them on my progress from the tracker.

    After mile 25 I was relaxing a bit as I knew if I could just keep going now I was in with a sub 3. I saw a guy pull up in front of me and then he came back into the run. I was running on the left hand side of the road and he pulled in front of me, obviously struggling and thinking he would get out of the way of everyone. At this point my reflexes were not as good as they would have been at the start, I tried to move out the way, but caught his upcoming foot. he expelled some expletives and I kindly reminded him that he had ran in front of me. I think mainly he was suffering and the last thing he needed was a fall. He was ok and I just ran on.

    Coming up to the last 800 metres, they were great with that count down every 200 metres. I really liked that, it got me through so easily. Through to the finish with 2:57:00, couldn't believe it! I think I talked everyone's head off at the end I was buzzing!

    Finish Time 2:57, Average pace 6:42, Halfway: 1:26:21

    Splits: 6:40, 6:29, 6:17, 6:22, 6:30, 6:32, 6:30, 6:34, 6:37, 6:37, 6:36, 6:35, 6:39, 6:37, 6:31, 6:51, 6:39, 6:47, 6:42, 6:41, 6:49, 6:53, 7:00, 7:15, 7:12, 7:09, 2:45

    Overall Place 1377

    DOMS last night in bed were pretty full on. Got up this morning and had a cold bath and legs have felt ok today, although I have worked from home and only popped out to meet a couple of guys for a coffee. Outside of my left foot was a bit aching, but that has eased off a bit. So hopefully all ok. Few days rest and then back on the plan for Edinburgh....

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭


    Nearly There!

  • Nell - Don't know what to say but you smashed it and that is very impressive running, so you went from  a 3:06? to a 2:57 amazing, Very well done to you but where next??

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Part 1.

    This was my to be my tenth marathon - were it not for injury it should have been my 13th so maybe it was a good thing it wasn't my 13th. As seems to be typical for me taper started with injury worries .This time a pain in the butt- a constant tooth ache type niggle. 750 miles ,11 long runs and lots of swims and regular massages and a 88 min HM meant I should have been in the best shape. This one mattered as my GFA for London needed renewing too but doubts had set in.
    I had a pretty good night sleep and set off from Charring Cross with my daughter to drop her off at the blue start ...she was very nervous. I was excited but pretty relaxed.Daughter deposited so off to Green start. Met up with the gang from the thread ,got settled in chatting about missing Barry , how fit everyone looked and ended up in danger of running out time to get to the end of the very long toilet queue ,getting changed and handing in my bag. Fortunately got all this done and noticed the T. Rex costume in the tent which made me smile. Respect to the idiot who was running carrying that.
    Returned to the gang and got ribbed about my split wristband I'd made myself. Met Nell for the first time at which point the girls rushed off to get the best spot on the starting line and we eventually joined them. They then proceeded to take about ten layers of clothes off instantly restocking Oxfam and there was a bit of chat about the D list celebs in front and how we may have to elbow them out of the way.
    I hadn't decided what pace to go for. All I knew was that AA's excellent Boston run had reminded me how important even pacing was. My aim was to keep around or under 7.20mm or do every 6 miles in about 44mins. Discussed the effect of the tunnels on my garmin and realised I had to be careful over relying on it. As we were virtually on the start line I decided to rely on the official timer on the mile marker bridges .
    Weather was perfect a little drizzle and cool. Vest and gloves to start .

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry, Yes I am still trying to work out how I managed that, 9 mins!

    Where next? To be honest I am not sure. I will keep going and I suppose it just gets harder to chip away now.

    But at the moment, I am a happy lad! image

    How are you doing Barry?

    How did Brolish and Carrot get on anyone?


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Part 2.
    The race started and I was soon over the line and just as quickly lost sight of the gang. I had to hold back but found myself comfortable running around 7mm pace though I did think I'd pay for it later. Found the many speed bumps in that area a bit annoying but I think it was just me looking for something to complain about .
    We joined up with the blue then the red starters so it became more congested but there wasn't any significant obstruction so I slightly over cooked miles 3 and 4 a bit -6.49,6.53.The butt niggle remained just that which was positive. 10k in 44 mins approx- better than planned and I felt comfortable. I thought I'd see if I could repeat this upto 20k and take stock.
    The atmosphere at Cutty Sark was amazing and that and my first gel spurred me on.
    At the 7th mile I worried my calf would seize up like in Boston but it did not ..all good. Then I decided I needed a loo stop...Ibuprofen is unforgiving! Managed to hold on until the 11th mile but knew it was time to go and so that was my slowest split 7.40. My overall average split was still about 7.05 so no harm done by the stop .
    It was time to look forward to crossing Tower Bridge. Another gel so that and the crowds spurred me on. I looked for family who were around there but no sign of them ...never mind. 20k done in 1.28xx...on target. See how I'm getting on at 30k
    I normally struggle from 14-20 but was comfortable until18 when I seemed to be flagging a bit-7.12-so I took another another gel as planned and found an extra gear- miles 19-6.48, 20-6.48. Up until this stage my Garmin indicated a mile had passed about a quarter of mile before the official marker but now it had corrected itself - the tunnel probably did this. As I neared Tower Bridge for the second time it was time to look for my support team again but still no sign of them- they were there ! 30k done and still on target with 44mins per 10k-2.12. I wondered what 40k would look like .
    I tend to struggle with 5k to go so prepared to take my last gel for that boost to get me along to the end but I dropped it and picking it up as not an option.Thought that would be a bit of a psychological knock back but I dug in.
    By now I knew if I held on a pb was on the cards. I've run along the embankment many times but this time didn't have to avoid tourists. I missed the 40k timer so couldn't use it to confirm my progress though afterwards I saw I went through in 2.57-I had slowed down a bit -pity I missed it as I could have pushed on a bit harder.Mile 26 was my slowest -apart from mile 11- 7.16.The end seemed to come quickly unlike previous marathons and I now prepared for the final sprint to the finish which I decided wasn't going to happen until I had turned the corner. I saw the presentation to the winner on the big screen and then I saw the finish line. I knew 3.07 was on the cards .I opened myself up to hear the screaming crowds and went for it. I crossed the line at 3.07.34 -stunned ,a pb by over 2mins.
    I collected my medal and goody bag and met a girl called Vicky from Liverpool who I chatted to when I last pb'd running the Liverpool marathon ,clearly an omen .
    Pretty even halfs- 1.33.40 first half 1.33.54 second half . Overall 2648th and 43rd for my age.
    Splits --7.04,7.02,6.49,6.53,7.05,7.07,7.06,7.02,7.02,7.40,7.04,7.01,7.01,6.56,7.05,7.03,7.12,6.48,6.59,7.08,7.08,7.05,7.10,7.09,7.16,3.25. My garmin said I ran 42.61 k.
    A great day made better by my daughter finishing in 4.19 with a pb of over 30 mins and two of my other children committing to next years ballot .37 mins faster than Boston ...just shows the benefits of staying out of the medical tent.
    I followed the RW 3.15 plan but replaced the intervals with park runs ,more tempo runs and a few longer runs so that I ran about 80 miles more. It seemed to do the trick unlike previous years when I followed P&D.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free- excellent report and well done pushing through that tough period and comfortably beating 3.15. 

    KFC- nearly there. Great run. 3.15 next time .

    Nell - you make sub 3 look pretty comfortable. I wonder what target is lurking in the back if your mind for Edinburgh. 

    O4S-that was an amazing result. You knock marathons out so easily ...did it feel easy? So pleased to meet you've been a big inspiration (despite your statureimage)

    AA-still amazed how anyone could knock out 2 sub3.30 marathons in less than a week Respect !


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