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  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    2old - brilliant PB, how on earth did your legs move that quick so soon after the marathon?!!

    Nell - hope the icing and massage does the trick.

    I went out Sunday and my legs still felt really tight - left hammy in particular and both calves.  Kept it short (3 miles) and then got on the foam roller.  Seemed to do the trick as I managed a nice 8 miles yesterday - hammy still feeling it but calves and quads fine.  Will run a couple more times this week probably, then might do the ykw on Saturday, and then have a 10 mile race Sunday. But will see how the hamstring feels - I'm not going to take any chances with anything quick if it's not quite right.

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Blimey - the weather here is bizarre! One day full rain gear, hat, gloves and buff - the next shorts and a T shirt. Mileage challenge coming along well, 75-80 miles so far with a spot of wading today mixed with paragliding in the wind (slight exaggeration). Cottage is a bit odd, but we are coping and plenty of alcohol is keeping us fuelled.

    Nell: hope the foot is improving!

  • Hi everyone

    Chick- how did it go???

    2Old- impressive parkrunning so soon after London.

    Nell- hope the foot is getting better for Edinburgh.

    Free- 10 mile race so soon... damn! Good luck with!image

    O4S- impressive mileage as always!

    CTS Pembrokeshire 35m Ultra... that was interesting to say the least. Atrocious conditions with rain and 25mph winds all the way. I was rather underdressed in my windproof jacket which got soaked within 10 minutes (note to self- invest in proper waterproof gear for these long hauls).

    I THINK the scenery was beautiful but can't say I appreciated it much... mostly just tried to see five steps ahead to make sure I don't slip or throw myself off one of the cliffs in desperation. It was grim, I mean properly grim. Was leading lady from around 10m to 29m but then the wheels came off a bit and got passed by the winner. The legs still felt fine at that point but was half frozen and lost the will to live to be honest. Still finished 2nd lady- yay!!! Got a silver medal and a couple of prices. Was very chuffed with that and much happier as soon as managed to stop uncontrollable shakes and teeth from chattering.

    Followed this with 9m on Sunday (sort of a reversed back to back) which felt fine. I seem to be recovering really well from these efforts at the moment which gives me some confidence for the Comrades. Not long to go now.... Eeek!!!


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Proper hardcore running, Bro. Well toughed out and congrats on 2nd lady image

    2old: nice parkrun PB. Does it mean you didn't try had enough at VLMimage ?

    Had a brilliant, brilliant time in Prague image

    Our team came 4th out of 18 from our company in the relays. I've no idea about my time as they don't give individual splits to relay runners and I only thought about stopping my watch in the metro on my way back to the hotel (idiot image ) but I had a blast image . Never done a marathon relay before but can thoroughly recommend it. It's brilliant to feel so good over the final 12.2 k. So you line up in different pens at the handover point and then wait for your buddy. Then you run side by side over the timing mat and take the 'baton' (a bracelet with a chip) from your buddy and then put the hammer down . I had my watch on heart rate and kept it below 87% all the way. Our Prague colleagues had special t-shirts made for us so my mission was to spot any green shirt in the distance and then move in for the kill. I took down 3 image

    The others wet were too far ahead and I didn't manage to spot another one.

    It's a well organised event and you even get a decent adidas technical finishers tee image Deffo no PB course as very undulating (I counted 11 bridges on my section that were either crossed over or run under) plus large parts are cobblestones. But brilliant as a team event.

    Back to work tomorrow image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-hope the foot is fixing-isnt that the problem you were telling me about at VLM?I dont think you need to worry about fitness for Edinburgh as  recovery is the main priority .I seem to have done a lot since London but very few miles of running really.

    Brol-fanatastic performance by you on the Pembroke coast.I think I prefer the idea of my childhood sunning myself on the beaches and playing in the sea there than your ordeal. To get a proper podium placeimage is a major achievement ,well done.Just a pity Comrades will be the complete opposite temperatureimageI bet you are wondering what you might do in road races now if you really went for it.

    O4S-normal service resumed by you and mega mileage being notched up.You're recovery after VLM is incredible..I am such a wimp in comparison; worrying about my delicate tendons ligaments and muscles.When do you finish?My eldest has moved to Bristol and is interested in ultras-any suggestions I can pass on to him(apart from therapy!)

    Free-good to see you getting back into it.Actually my legs match your description its just that they seemed to respond well to being pushed hard for a bit.Youll do well in that 10miler with all that endurance banked

    Chick-That was a fun relay marathon though you've put me off the full one in Pargue if there are all those bridges and cobbles.Always good to get a quality t shirt too.The Londonone was really good for a change.It must have been a boozy team celebration afterwards.In hindsight I probably did have a bit in the tank left after London but I didnt want to see a replay of year maybe a sh!t or bust attemptimageOomp can coach me image

    Ive continued my mixed bag training with 9.5 mile run Monday and a 3k swim yesterday-was going to do some spinning but was shattered and had reacted to the chlorine. May do a brick session at lunch time and swim club tonight...but then again I may just watch the football.

    Ive now signed up for the Warrington 10k in June so thats 3 tris and one 10k and the 2 mile swim to do over the next few months.


  • Nell - I hope your foot getting better. I had a snoop at the course profile that Carl had posted... and promptly changed my mind! I don't see the point in running something that hilly, when i'm struggling to go sub 3.15 on a flat track!image

    Chick - Nice work, especially the three smackdowns!image

    Brol - Congrats on the bling.image I don't know how you guys recover so quickly from your marathons? I ran 7 miles of hill reps last Friday, and i can still feel 'em in my legs!!image

    2Old - Still considering Liverpool, or possibly Edinburgh... Hmmmm???image

  • UPDATE... Bournemouth looks promising!

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Bro - that looks real hardcore! You certainly picked the worst possible day for it. Great silver medal image

    Chick - excellent result image

    Oompa - what about Chester? That's meant to be a good one, pretty flat. October time I think. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp-I might do Chester for fun especially if Miss2O and her boyfriend give it a go.I've failed to do it 3 times due to injury so maybe its time. Bournmouth is a long way away for me . My mind is telling me to do the Liverpool Half not the full marathon but my heart still pulls towards the latter. I have to do one or the other to get the special multi race medal the R&R organisers give out.

    An hour spinning and TM running done .

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    When is Liverpool 2old? I bet you'll do the fullimage

    Even though Prague is no PB course I'm very tempted to run the full next year.... a week after Hamburg. I.e. do an AAimage

    The guy who organised the team event is looking for a team of 4 all doing the full next year. Foolishly I said to count me in ....

    The company forked out serious dough for the event. We went to the best Italian in town the.night before for a proper gourmet pasta party accompanied by endless amounts of vino and then they reserved another really nice place for an al fresco after race party with a BBQ and free beer. My kind of eventimage
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-that is really how to do a marathon, -none of the usual self denial and austerity.It must be the way to go.2 in a week next year?..thats a challenge..'the AA challenge'...both sub 3.30 of course. I have just signed up for the HM and its on 14th June but it is possible to upgrade to the full one up to the day you never know.

  • Free & 2Old - Chester sounds great but like you with Bournemouth, it's a long way from home. 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    2Old: self denial?? Austerity?? Not in my marathon world image  Is you son into proper ultras (50+ miles) or warming up on the junior ones?  There are plenty of 30 - 40 mile events around if he has transport, fewer longer ones unless he is prepared to pay the silly money asked by the commercial companies, although to be honest the majority of those are still shorter than 50. There is a tough one next year in April - The Taith Torfaen - starts in Pontypool which is not far over the bridge. The event is something over 50 miles and mega hilly. If he would like details message me. I will probably be doing the Marshals event and helping on the main one.


  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    The iPad is only allowing short posts image

    Hearing all these plans for Autumn marathons just makes me more certain I don't want to do one image

    Mileage was put on hold today (only did around 4 miles) as on top of yesterday's wind and rain we had 7-8 hours of torrential rain today, gale force winds even at low levels and it was freezing. Just have to do 3 longer days instead of 4 moderate days - so fingers crossed the weather improves as promised. 

    Oompa: how soon would these marathons be?

    Any word on Nell's foot?????

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Freemers, well done on getting back out there. Sounds as though you are recovering ok?

    Hi Brol, Well done on the silver medal, super! That sounds a hellish race? After witnessing your marathon attire at London I couldn't possibly imagine you underdressing for the event...image

    Hi Chick, That sounds a great way of running a marathon!

    Hi 2old, Sounds as though you are lining up the races for the rest of the year... You sound firmly back in the saddle?

    Hi Oompa, Worth having a look beforehand regarding Richmond Marathon. Yes, I wouldn't think you would be getting a PB on that course...Edinburgh is flat.

    Hi o4s, Yes the weather is a bit up and down here too, but nice sun and showers today...just what I need for my grass seed to grow before the pigeons eat the lot!image

    Thanks for the good wishes on the foot guys....It seemed to feel better on Monday evening, mind you that could be because it was numb after having it in ice water! Anyway popped into the gym today and ran 2 miles on the TM at 10kmh. It didn't feel too bad although I think your mind starts imaging something is wrong. Felt slightly tight at times, but there was certainly no pain after. Had a massage today and the report back was that it felt completely fine. No swelling or anything that didn't feel right. She reckons it is probably just tired and I have maybe ran too much on the edge of the foot at the final stages. Plus she said it could be the camber of the road coming into play, which would make sense. Plus I have never ran a marathon that hard before!  So I have been told to just take it day by day and see how it feels. I won't go back gung-ho, I will see how I feel in the morning....

  • Morning guys

    bro - amazing 35 miler. Well done, but you...underdressed?? Never!!

    2old - how did you do that sub 20 on Saturday?? Ps - I'm green start next year not champs  ;)

    chick - glad you had fun. Deffo do a double next year!!

    o4s - sounds like a relaxing holiday! 

    nell - glad your foot feels better. Your training for Edinburgh is done. You'll be fine. 

    Freemers - good luck for Sunday. Hope you're back well enough to do it. 

    Im still on a slow recovery. The soles of my feet have been so sore. Done a couple of 4 milers and will stick to that for a few weeks.  Having nothing entered was bothering me so I've entered amsterdamimage . Fly from Southampton on Saturday. Return Sunday. October 18th image 

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    AA - there is plenty of time for you to do a sub 90 HM and get on the champs start. Or sub 3.15 at Amsterdam image

    Haven't run for a couple of days - will definitely get out today though.

  • AA- yay on entering Amsterdam. My attire at London was perfectly suitable, no idea what you and Nell are on about.image

    Nell- good news on the foot front.

    I did 10m home from work last night and struggled in the wind- not very enjoyable. Intervals on TM tonight and rest again tomorrow. This week is a bit of a cut down week after the previous two, will then ramp it up again next week and... taper time.image


  • Bros taper involves dropping down to 80 mile weeksimage

    freemers - considering maidenhead half in September ...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    imageO4S-normally May sees an improvement in the weather in readiness for a hot Edinburgh Marathon( Nellimage) but it seems not to want to come.Dont worry GCSEs have started for youngest Miss 2O so that normally guarantees a hot spell.It must have been bad to stop you. Oh yes I remember austerity -just lots of cake. Thanks for the offer re ultras - I have asked him if he wants to know more.

    Bro-I saw definite signs of 'washboard stomach envy' at VLM from certain of the thread members there suggesting you need to cover up more imageYou are a running machine -just 10?Ramp it up?image

    AA-no surprise your feet are sore-is that all?Glad you're going to be at the Green Start again as I quite enjoyed starting from the front-I normally defer to the real runners and stand in the middle of the second pen. Mrs 2O is coming round to the idea that I haven't now done my last London MarathonimageAlways wanted to do Amsterdam-friends and family live there and their pancakes are great for carbo loading. Have you found a second one to complete 7 days later?

    Nell-good news about the foot. Never run a marathon hard?-an easy 3.06 in October for you was pretty good then.I guess that my hardest marathons were my slowest for a variety of weak excuses.Circumstances may dictate that I will miss some of the races Ive entered-hope not.

    Free-get out there and run!

    Busy day yesterday -80 min, spin and TM brick session lunch time and 2.1k swim at my club last night-thought I was going to have a heart attack.Bit annoyed as my watch didnt count the lengths and I cant count and swim. Feeling guilty as I havent done a proper run for a while.

    Chester Races tomorrow.

    I got an email last night telling me I 've won imagea raffle at the expo for a free place for the October Lisbon R&R marathon as did MisS 2O ( did everyone who entered?) I have to buy the T shirt though for 25 euros. So can I persuade Mrs 2O she needs a mini weekend there?

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Definite washboard stomach way am I running in a crop top imageimageimage

    2old - So you win a "free" place but have to buy the t-shirt? Doesn't sound quite right to me, but maybe it sounds better than pay 25 euros to enter and get a free t-shirt?

    5 miles done - hammy still troublesome but I am ignoring it for the time being!

  • 2Old - Lisbon sounds like a plan, but i bet it's still hot in October?image

    AA - What's Amsterdam like?

    Nell - I'm glad that "footgate" seems to be nothing serious.

    O4S - I'm thinking October time, to give me more of a chance to get "right"? 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp-Amsterdam has lots of canals ,bridges,cobbles,tram lines and can be hot but its flat idea what the race is like. You have had probs for some time-when would you say you were last 'right'.I cant remember your last 100% fit marathon? I seem to work on 18 month cycles-18 months fit and 18 months injured or recovering.Touvch wood Im about 3 months into the first of the cycles.Mr Google say s temperatures between (highs) 18and 22 and (lows)12-15. About the same as Boston last year and Berlin when I did it in 2009

    Free-Tbh I havent checked if I can avoid paying for the t-shirt...I think its included in the price at the R&R Liverpool marathon.Still 25 euros isnt expensive as marathons go...the 5 star hotel(B&B) and first class flights(ferry) there and back maybeimage.Massage that hammy

    Last swim of the week done 2.15k.

  • 2Old - Good question! I've not had any real injuries this spring campaign other than an irritating left hip flexor and a sore left achilles (which i've still got).

    But you are right, the last fit marathon was London 2012, which i held back a bit on due to "doing an AA" and doing MK marathon the week after.

    Even my pb was run with a mangled right knee which promptly swelled up in Chandos... Must've been a dodgy pint! image

    So when i said "right", i meant that i just don't feel up to pace yet... But it'll come!image 

  • Oompa- I loved Amsterdam- flat, fast and the weather was perfect, sunny and crisp. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Brol- Very very well done to you, tough one and congrats on the bling.

    AA - Good to make plans might see you at Maidenhead Half.

    Chick - Well done on your marathon relay sounds a more enjoyable way to do it, but did n't a small part of you wish you had run it all.

    2old - Good to see you're back on it and making race plans for the summer, Liverpool marathon starts a bit late for a summer marathon, could be a nightmare.

    Nell - Good news on the foot, don't push too hard too hard though.

    Freemers - would n't worry about getting out running, just bask in the glory of London for a while longer.

    My rehab continues, lots of stretching and strengthening exercises, pain is reducing but can still feel it while walking and feels tight.  Lots of pull buoy swimming and I've done a couple of easy indoor bike sessions.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi AA, Not surprised your feet are still sore! You have good reason to have an extended rest. I was looking at Amsterdam and wondering if I could get away with that one. Also been looking at Frankfurt, as we have a training centre out there, so have been trying to find anything to get out there that week! Apparently it is supposed to be very well organised...

    Hi Freemer, Do you have a 10 miler this weekend, maybe careful with the hammy if you do?

    Hi Brol, You are going really strong at the moment. You must be feeling good for the comrades?

    Hi 2old, Nothing to feel guilty on the running side, just still seem to be keeping yourself busy..btw 3:06 was not an easy run. You don't have to convince us on the Lisbon trip...go for it!image

    Hi Oompa, like that 'footgate' I am not out of the woods yet..image

    Hi Barry, Glad to hear things are improving. Sounds as though it was really pretty bad?

    After the massage yesterday, got up this morning and decided to go across the fields and take it easy. Aimed at 4 miles, the plan is out of the window at the moment while I try and get back to things. Went out and the foot felt ok apart from now and again a tightness around the sticky out bone bit at the bottom of the little toe. Think you call this area the shoulder? a feeling like when you have ill fitting shoes on and they are pinching. Ended up running 3.75 miles at 7:15mm average...oops, yes maybe a bit too fast. Hell, it was sunny and a good morning to run! Today foot has been ok and just a little bit aching under the ankle so have iced this afternoon. Not there yet but some improvement. But better watch myself I know..

  • Barry - pop up the M4 for a session with me (complimentary!!)

    oomps - come on... Amsterdam it! Carrot loved it! 

    Freemers - deffo bro abs envy too!!

    Trendy 5 @38:38. All feeling like its getting there again. Will keep it short. 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    21 miles today, weather pretty good overhead but very soggy underfoot. Very impressed with the waterproof socks I bought in desperation yesterday image

    Absolutely nobody of my age should wear a crop top, even if they have good abs!! 

    I am half tempted by the Bristol to Bath marathon in October but it is only a week after my 50 mile run and I think it might be a big ask of my feet (usually lose a few toenails after Rotherham 50, especially if the ground is wet).

    Good to see everyone making plans, I can't see beyond the 100 mile event and the cycle tour, although I am running in the British Masters road relays on 16th May and a couple of other relays in June with 12/13 mile legs. 

    Off to plan the logistics of tomorrow's 20 mile linear run. Today the bus to get us back to Clitheroe never showed up and we were rescued by a random act of kindness from a total stranger, who took us back in her car. Strangely enough we had done the same for two foreign students stuck at a closed train station on our way home from a half marathon- what goes round comes round!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Do you ever stop for a breather o4s?image


    Nice 5 AA image

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