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  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Barry: Hope the hip pain is nothing serious. I always have a dull ache in my hip for a few hours after a run - it usually comes on when I've been sitting at my desk for too long. But by the evening it's usually gone. If I run at the weekend and am home afterwards or in town there's no reaction from the hip. So I chose to ignore it image.

    AA: 70 lengths image. That's really good going.

    Nell: Good to have you back in our midst. Hope the post-VLM niggles have now disappeared.

    2Old wrote (see)

    AA- must be great being a naturally strong swimmer and being able

    3.6k swim yesterday ,2.1k swim this lunch time and 20.5 m run in a strong wind (7.53mm av) tonight. Deep sleep tonight. 

    Holy shit, 2old. That's one hell of a training sesh on a school night. Impressive image

    Excited for you, Bro!! I wish I was going too. I'm still planning on Comrades for my 50th birthday in 2018. The increase in mileage is all part of a long-term plan image.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-hope that run is the start of your return to running proper-you're fast sessions have been missed. Looks like you're swimming has gone to another level too.Good idea not to sign up for that HM just yet.

    Nell-sorry ,yes I'm feeling pretty good since London .Trained a lot but not run very much -doubt if its over a 100 miles so far but have been doing a lot up and down the pool and a bit on the bike and spinner so I'm hoping that Im not far off marathon /HM shape with 3 and a bit weeks to go.I woke up hungry image-so much for a good sleep. No twinges for you is very positive and a good pace too.Are you tapering now?

    Bro-Looking good for Comrades. Do you have a target in mind?-I've seen others talking about 8-9 hours but I really have no idea.You dont need to rely on the gods-you have it all sorted!

    Chick-my only child of school age is not at home and Mrs 2O was playing golf so what else was there to do?imageComrades is not on my bucket list and any way Ive missed my 50th as a target for it

    An hours spinning this lunchtime and planning on a swim tonight -thinking its too cold /windy for OW so will probably go to swim club

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Brol, Enjoy the taper, I think you have worked pretty hard up to it!

    Hi Chick, Thanks, yes feeling stronger this week. I am heading over you direction next week to our training centre just outside Frankfurt at Oberursel. Always enjoy running through the fields around thereimage Not very well planned as I will not be able to take advantage of the Wheat beer!

    Hi 2old, Yes you seem to have recovered pretty well after London, which is great! I was with you last night, up at about 01:00 for milkshake and nutsimage

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nell: Frankfurt is about 5hrs from where I liveimage I agree on Wheat beer though. Lovin' it, even wihtout alcohol. Most German races serve Erdinger in the finish area image

    So, my 50 miles in 4 days challenge is complete image 50.31 to be precise. Legs are trashed. Queen of Pain will have a field day sorting me out tonight image Needs must though.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-Cant be bad tapering and carb loading on German beer. Hot choc and peanut butter on toast usually gets me back to sleep

    Chick -congrats on the 50 mile challenge success-you have earnt that pain.I enjoyed my free Erdinger after the Berlin marathon and didnt even notice the absence of alcohol.Now wheat beer you can keep...

    2.1k swim last night and now off for another swim.

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Quick check in as we are leaving for the hundred this afternoon   image

    Been having a quiet week with just short runs or bike rides to keep the legs ticking over. Forecast mixed, quite warm and sunny Sat with rain and wind arriving 4.00am Sunday image

    Got some good / bad news yesterday. Apparently my lungs are in great condition, my haemoglobin levels are in the top 5% of the population prompting the consultant to ask if I trained at altitude!!! Sadly though the breathlessness is down to a heart problem (moderate) for which I am being referred to a cardiologist. Advice was generic - take it easy!! Now planning a more modest target for the weekend image

    Anyway I'll keep running slowly until told to stop I think. Another ear operation next week - so all in all I am falling apart at the seams.

    Have a good weekend everyone and I'll report back on Monday

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick, Well done on the 50 mile challenge. Hope it isn't too sore tonight!

    Yes, the unfortunate thing is the timing of the trip. With Edinburgh on the Sunday I cannot really go mad on the Wheat Beer sampling..

    Hi 2old, We are creatures of habit and have our own little rituals. Problem I have is that once I start eating a packet of mixed nuts I cannot stop!

    I must admit, a beer is the last thing on my mind at the end of a marathon.image Well done on the 2.1km swim...

    Hi o4s, For someone falling apart at the seams you seem to be doing pretty well (at running, not falling apart)...just wondering what a modest target is in your book?image

    Up this morning for MP run. 1.5 miles warm up and cool down and 6 miles at MP. I went out a bit faster than I should have, but wanted to see how the foot was coping. Went out in the Saucony Type A6 for the first time since London. I had gone back to the Kinvaras's for a bit more support. It was good to go back to them, you should try them out Chick.... Splits: 6:32, 6:23, 6:34, 6:37, 6:29, 6:39, felt good after and the ITB and foot have been ok today. I know it isn't 26 miles but I am taking away the positives...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-enjoy the 100,if enjoy is the right word. Good news /bad news- if it's not one thing it's another. At least they didn't tell you to stay at home. Looking forward to hearing all about your big run/trecki

    Nell- you havent list any of your speed I see. Now to keep it up for 26 as you say. 

    Bit of a Chick week for me...not likely to do much until Tuesday so have to squeeze in a lot -not by Chicks standards-yesterday swam 2k and later ran 16 miles 7.43 mm av and today ground out 4miles easy. Total 40 miles run about 6 miles swam and and an hour spinning plus my TRI on Sunday last. Need a rest. 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    2Old: I didn't tell them what I was doing or they might have image

  • O4S - Hope the madness is going well.

    Nell -  speedy stuff.

    Chick - well done on the 50.

    2old -  Good you are hitting the swim hard, are you doing any long swim races this year.

    Same same for me, I've done a couple more 3 mile runs and I think it's getting better but still same ache after .  Good training day yesterday managed 1200m continuous in the lake not quick by any standards but very happy with it, then 26 miles on the bike and swim club in the afternoon. Meant to be doing 2nd sprint pool tri next weekend but will decide later this week.


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry. Glad you are slowly getting back to it. Fine coming from me, but be careful and don't be tempted to go too strong too soon.

    Hi o4s, Hope all went well this weekend?

    Ho 2old, Yes, take it easy. You haven't stopped since London!

    Out this weekend, Saturday 6 miles at 7:02mm average and Sunday 12.5 miles at 7:15mm average. Bit windy today so was a bit testing. But the weather today looks like what is forecast for next Sunday, hoping it is wrong! Foot a bit achy this afternoon, but not too bad now. Massage planned for Tuesday and mainly shorter lighter runs this week....

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Back home today image

    Our surprise weekend was spent in the lovely Rhine valley in a posh castle hotel complete with candlelight dinner and the works. Loved it.

    They have a fancy endless pool so when we arrived (we took the convertible and drove topless on beautiful little country roads) our first mission was a bit of swimming image

    On Saturday we went on a longish hike through vineyards (it's steep and hilly there) and came back by boat and yesterday I even managed a little joggette for 20 minutes image

    O4S: Blimey!! Hopefully the cardiologist can help. How did the 100 go?

    2old: that's a lot of training. Hope you're niggle-free.

    Nell: great pace. Hope the foot settles. As for the Kinvaras/A6 I think I'm done with Saucony after my recent problems and niggles.

    Have another appointment with my Queen of Pain on Thursday. She worked wonders already and ironed out some serious kinks but my pelvis is still a bit tilted and needs more work.

    Weather has returned to typical bank holiday standards (i.e. shite) image. I may do a 10 miler later in the wind and rain. Hooray....
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭


    Barry- great to see the progress continue. I managed a sprint TRI as I recovered from AT a year ago and  calf probs last year- go for it just  don't push the run too hard. I've got the Windermere Great North Swim 2miles booked for 12th June and Liverpool HM or marathon on 14th June image

    Chick -that was a nice break. You have a full 7 days to go 50 plus this week- easy image.Generally niggle free except big toe  bruised after wearing my new running shoes and finding out the hard way I need a half size bigger. Pain is good. 

    O4S- hope the 100 was a breeze and the cake was plentiful 

    Nell- looks like you're ready for Edinburgh. That was an easy schedule this time image

    4 days enforced no training for me- Friday flat hunting in London with Miss2O (shocking),Saturday school speech day in the midlands ,yesterday Monaco grand prix, today on the Mersey watching the 3Queens cruise ships sail in and out to celebrate 175 years ofCunard. Normal service resumes tomorrow. 

    By coincidence youngest Miss20 's best friend's dad is doing the Lisbon marathon too (he's a serial marathoner approx 90 around 4hours)so it looks like I'm now part of a group doing it ...and she will do the5k fun run the day before. Looking forward to it. 



  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    I never, ever want to eat another cheesy crumpet!! 100 miles complete, report to follow tomorrow.  BA had to be rescued from the fells after about 60 miles, leaning over and starting to stagger - known in ultra circles as 'Pisa Syndrome'. 

    503 starters. 41st overall, 6th lady, first over 60 of either gender and now only 3 people in the country have done more of these events than I have, with over 3,000 individuals having done at least one. Anyone want to join me in Dorset next year????

  • Chick - Sounds like a lovely weekend away.

    2old -  The rest will do you good after your excellent training.

    O4S - Very well done to you massive achievement, and thanks for the invite but no thanks.

    Nell - Good couple of runs over the weekend, "enjoy" the massage.

    In the lake again last night, 2 landmarks, 1 mile completed and I saw my first fish.


  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Glad you survived O4S!

    Chick - sounds like a great weekend away image

    Nell - take care with the final week

    Not a lot of running last week - only managed to get out on Friday for a nice 7 miles and then another ykw on Saturday. I chose a different one - Fritton Lake which is out towards Great Yarmouth. Never been there before - looks like a great place for tri training as they have an open water swim centre.  The ykw was a tricky course, lots of little ups and downs, mainly on grass and woodland track. But really nice - a small field of about 80 runners. I'd told myself I wasn't racing this one as I wanted to see what it was like, so set off comfortably and paced it very evenly at between 6.50 and 6.55 mile pace.  I ended up finishing 1st lady in 21.25 which I was very happy with - it's definitely slower course than Norwich but more enjoyable and I'll definitely do it again.

    The only downside was as I started walking back to my car my right calf had got very tight, like a cramp that was knotted.  I did some stretching and rolling when I got home and thought it was OK - in fact I did a lovely gentle 15 miles on Sunday with no issues. But since then it's cramped up again so I'm going to leave off running for this week and do some cross training.  I've had this before although not for a few years - usually it just means about a week with no running and then staying away from any speed work for a month or so, which I can live with! 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick, Sounds a very nice short break. Out of interest, what have you moved to from the Saucony's, and are they similar in the differential toe to heel?

    Hi 2old, Nothing like an enforced rest. yes saw some photos of the Mersey activities on FB from my pal who used to work on the tugs. He actually found one of the tugs he worked on at the Mersey, now moored in Crete!

    Sounds as though you are getting a little party along to Lisbon?

    Yes, a strange interlude between marathons.

    Hi o4s, Well done on the 100 miler and look forward to the report. Poor BA, hopefully you gave him a cheese crumpet to console him?image

    Hi Barry, Multi tasking on the swimming now, you'll be taking a net with you next..image

    Hi Freemers, Very well done on the 1st place, not so good on the calf. Hopefully the week rest and some rolling will do the job.

    Yesterday 6 miles at 7:26mm average and today 1.5 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down with 2 x 2 miles at MP with 800M recovery. Phew, that wasn't that easy today. Splits: 6:40, 6:32 & 6:46, 6:34. Going to take your advice Freemers, I have 6 miles scheduled for tomorrow, but may just drop that down to 4 miles and have 4 miles scheduled for Thursday. Massage later and meeting up with my pal tomorrow who I am to run with Sunday. I think on discussing strategy, mine will be make it round the course!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-looking forward to hearing all about the 100. Hope BA is ok. Up there with the best as usual.Dorset next year? Hmm?image

    Barry- another very good swim by you . Are you in a group or solo?OW is fun once you're in the water .Any further thoughts about the tri? Which one is it ?

    Free- that was a very respectable YKW in  the circumstances and a well deserved first place . I need to do one soon as I found they are a great way of speed training as part of a distance schedule .i just can't get a free Saturday morning!Do them regularly and you'll notice the difference .Hope the calf is ok -wise to back off a bit . That 15 was pretty good too 

    Nell- good sharpening runs for Sunday. I suppose you're  pretty much done for it now. Are you going to pace each other?

    back to it today - very slow 3.5k swim lunchtime and 11.5 m about 7.53mm av run tonight. Very cool and windy for mid May.....not bad for running though the local cyclists were toiling in the wind .






  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Quiet here at the moment unless I've pressed 'ignore ' for all. 

    Two more days of run/swim doubles done and a rest day today. Hoping to get a LR  done on Sunday. Back aching a lot 

    Chick- another 50+ this week? 

    Nell- all ready for Edinburgh?

    Barry- is it your TRI this weekend. Hope the recovery is on track 

    O4S- expect you have recovered from your 100 and have something similar on this weekend. 

    Bro- when is Comrades? Can't be long 


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭
    Hi 2old, nice swim and run. Yes, met my running buddy for a coffee on Wednesday before I headed off for Frankfurt and he seems intent on going for 2:55. We can hopefully keep pacing each other throughout. Although I have already warned him that it might be a case of me just going as far as I can with him until I burn out!

    Easy 4 Wednesday and Thursday. The guy I am over here with insisted on walking the 5 miles back to the hotel last night from our office. which to be honest is pleasant through the fields. Limited my consumption of Wheat Beer , which was very hard... Think I am ready for Sunday, but can feel that my body is still recovering from London. We will see what happens I guess.
  • Morning all. 

    Soebt the weekend in Dublin doing what's expected and spent all week paying fr it!!

    o4S - total legend. 

    Nell - good luck. Pace well. 

    Freemers - hope it's not too bad. 

    15.2 miles @8:48 pace yesterday and about to venture to the pond for the first time this year ...

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Nell: good luck tomorrow - I trust that you are planning to do one fast circuit followed by 3 slower ones image

    All: sorry I've been AWOL all week, my report will appear this weekend. Since returning I have been running my friend's business while she is on holiday, marking 150 exam scripts for the University and having another operation on my fast diminishing ear - plus keeping up my 5k a day challenge. Just sorry i can't work out how to post photos on this forum - the before and after foot shots are interesting image

  • 2old- Wootten Bassett tri but not going to risk it, leg is still not right and with all the will power in the world I doubt I would be able to take the run steady. Swim solo, know a few there but they are all much quicker than me. 

    Nell - Good luck for Edinburgh, how's the weather looking? You've got nothing to proove after your top performance at London.

    O4S - Busier than ever in retirement.image

    Ventured in to the lake Wednesday and it was windy, water was choppy but I thought how bad can it be -  yeah bit of a learning experience had to stop a couple of times to calm down but after one lap and changing breathing action a little all good.

    Tried running again Thursday and same out come, can feel it and ache after.  Been doing lots of stretching/core and strength work.  Down the lake again this morning 2000m done and then 20 miles on the bike with newly fitted tri bars.


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Sorry been awol too ... Bit of a drama with dad in and out of hospital. Surgery next week. Just hope it all goes well. He's 80 ....

    Can't believe you're sticking to the challenge, O4S. That's dedication image

    Dublin must have been fun, AA

    Nell: my new shoes are Mizuno Sayonaras. They have an 8mm heel to toe drop as opposed to 4mm in the Kinvaras so they may not suit you. I loved then from the word go. They have a narrow fit and feel nice and firm around my feet whereas I was short of swishing around in the most recent Kinvara release image. Best of luck for you

    2old: I think Comrades must be this weekend. I'm jealous .....

    I've covered 50 miles since Monday image hope to get a 20 in tomorrow to break 70 for the weekimage all nice and easy of course.

    Interesting bit of information from my physio: she advises those who are injury prone to up their vitamin d3 (the sunlight vitamin). Lots of people are deficient without knowing as deficiency doesn't make you ill as such. But it compromises your immune system and affects your body's recovery powers. We all spend too much time indoors and when we soak up some rays it's usually covered up in sunblock. Food for thought ... I've been taking supplements for a while now and feel great. So far no ill-effects caused by a substantial increase in mileage.

    That sub 3:15 may not be quite so out of reach as I thought 6 months ago....
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick,  I think I will stick with the lower toe to heel differential... I have not had the problems you had, so for the moment will stick with the Saucony. Interesting on the vit D


    Hi Barry, Not good news on the running image


    Hi o4s, Taking it easy as usual??


    Hi AA, Well done on the 15..


    Hi 2old, You having a rest this weekend?



    Thanks for the good wishes guys, weather not looking too good. 40mph forecast for 1300. If ever that was an incentive to get a move on I don't know what is!


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- have a good one tomorrow. Respect for going for it full on again so soon after London. Embrace the least it's not a heat wave. Maybe you'll have some of that wind behind you for a while.  Rested yesterday  with an overnight trip to London. 

    Chick- 70!!! Definitely back on form. Any double sessions in there? Add some speed work and 3.15 is in the bag

    Barry- shame about missing the TRI but I wouldn't be able to hold back either.  Did the TRI bars give you some extra speed ? Good OW swim too. Try to get into a group swim with similar ability....youll notice the difference 

    O4S-busy as ever. Good work keeping up the 5k routine 

    AA-can't beat a boozy Dublin weekend but it didn't spoil your LR.Enjoy the pond 

    friends of mine did the River Dee 2k swim today -cold-10c.One in a wet suit no prob, one not in a wet suit had to be rescued by paramedics...he's ok now. 

    Back from London with a bit of a hangover but managed a 46min 10k just before the cup final.  Planned a LR for early tomorrow but not liking the weather forecast


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nell - good luck tomorrow.  I hope the forecast is wrong.  What is your number?  I'm up watching the half and if the weather is not too bad I will hang around for the marathon. 

    O4S ((( )))  boo about the heart.  Will you take it easy....?



  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Minni: on past record I would say probably not image  However I will get a consultant's appointment and see what they say.

    5 miles walked while delivering 'Save Our Library' leaflets yesterday then 20 miles on the bike.  My legs still feel a bit trashed image

    Chick: given my skin problems its probably as well I'm not injury prone!!

    AA: no place more worthy of an epic hamgover - hope the pond was warm enough!

    Finally - my report follows below

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Red Rose 100: Prudence distated I went on the walkers / joggers start at 10.00am rather than the runners start at 2.00pm - a decision that paid off as I was faster than the vast majority of the late starters.  The reason runners don't like the early start is that you have to moderate your pace on the first day to avoid being held at checkpoints by arriving too early.  This stops me going off too fast and blowing up on the first day, leaving a long slow plod to the finish.

    First section went straight up Rivington Pike with about 1300 ft of ascent, which broke the field up nicely.  I  set off with Jeff and Tim - as a trio we have completed a number of events - with me navigating and the two of them contributing cheerful banter.  Good conditions, dry and sunny but not too warm.  Safely through CP1 and then a relatively easy section through to CP2.  This is where the first nasty section started as the route attempted to find a decent route round Blackburn, using little used paths and strange cut-throughs.  As somebody remarked 'no surprise they are little used given the state they are in'.  Rough fileds, endless rickety stiles and long wet grass [it had rained overnight] made for a long 11 mile haul, which included trying to cross a golf course while a competition was taking place.  We were glad to get to CP3 in Whalley!

    The section just completed had 1200ft of ascent and the next was over 1500ft.  We were nearly at the 30 mile point as we set off on this section, which took in Nick O' Pendle and the attendant 'permabogs' on the top.  I was extremely glad to be wearing my new waterproof socks and was amazed to arrive at CP4 with dry feet.  However this section was very messy, both underfoot and navigationally, so we slowed up quite a bit, although tellingly nobody passed us.  At this point Tim was starting to feel queasy and had to be firmly told that throwing up was only permitted at the back of the group image

    Compulsory kit check at Barley [CP4 36 miles] before re-ascending Pendle Hill to find the witch in full regalia at the top clipping our cards [there were a few surprised tourists].  The bulk of the walk did this section in darkness so we were pleased to get over, down the tricky descent and into CP5 with plenty of time to spare.  The route then changed completely for a couple of sections - fields, stiles, long grass, rough ground etc but not much in the way of ascent.  We made it to CP6 before needing to get our torches out and then a couple of reasonably good section to get us to the breakfast point at 56.7 miles in Slaidburn.

    Tim dropped out here leaving Jeff and I to complete a change of clothes, shoes and socks plus eat breakfast in under half an hour [ a record for Jeff who I normally have to drag out of checkpoints before he puts down roots].  We were both still feeling as good as anyone can feel at 2.00am having completed 56.7 miles, but the next section was quite a test trying to cross featureless moorland on a compass bearing in the pitch black.  I was pretty pleased with how I managed, although the wet, slippery descent off the fell was a nightmare - then it started to rain..........

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    CONT:  Got to the 63 mile CP and immediately got into waterproofs as the forecast was pretty hideous [it turned out as bad as expected but for a shorter period].  The next section had a lot of ascent was 7 miles long and took in a long stretch of exposed and featureless moorland / bog.  Eyes glued to the compass we managed to make our way across without an error and were even ablt to limbo dance under the trees that the forestry people had kindly felled across the path image

    Finally descended into Chipping, 70 miles, daylight and torrential rain.  Hot drinks and [yet more] cheesy crumpets set us up for the worst climb of the day which came after a series of soaking wet fields with broken down and crumbling stiles.  It was nearly vertical and by now so wet that you couldn't get any traction so you were sliding back down as fast as you were going up.  At least the rain stopped, allowing the mist to come down on Longridge Fell, so more careful navigation.  Finally made it to the 77 mile checkpoint for [you've guessed it] plus jelly and custard.  The next section was always going to be the worst - 8.5 miles of wet, muddy, slippery fields plus more stiles than you could shake a stick at - some of them were so hign I could barely get over them. On the way I heard a text arrive on my phone, so I knew BA had dropped out somewhere, which didn't add to the enjoyment [or lack of it].

    The 85 mile checkpoint was a milestone - 3 relatively easy sections to the finish, loads of daylight to complete and my feet had finally given up and started hurting image.  Usually I only get to around 70 miles before they pack up [often earlier] so this was a real result.  No blisters as such, just very sore on the ball of the foot.  We made good time to 90 miles, both had a bad dip from 90 to 94, then the last 6 miles we decided to really go for it and stop worrying about whay was hurting etc.  As a result we passed quite a few people and ran down to the finish looking [though I say it myself] not bad for 2 oldies who had just completed 100 miles.  We were met by BA, feeling fed-up but otherwise OK.

    Back to the hotel for a shower and then a huge curry with a side order of chips and a large glass of wine - I slept well!!!!!  We went back to the finish the following morning to see the last walkers come in - the final guy in was on our committee last year and was 4 hours behind me at 85 miles - he finished 16 hours after me!!image

    So 41st, 6th lady and first OAP - 33 completions and the circus moves on to Dorset next year.  I have to do the Marshals walk which is 6 days after VLM, so I will have to consider my options carefully.............................

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