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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-welcome back and loooks like you timed your return perfectly. Good mix of stuff there and a plan for July I wish I could be confident in completing.

    First non impact session today-40k on the exercise bike. Back to wearing calf compression and praying they do their job

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭
    Quick check in guys. We have been down in Languedoc since last Monday and it is pretty warm down here. 37 today!

    Hi 2old, hope the calf and back gets better soon. Must have to remember that Regents Park run in the future then ;0)

    Hi Barry, fingers crossed you seem to be getting back on track again ;0)

    Hi chick, nice 50 for the week ....hoping things stay good.

    Hi AA, I hope you had plenty of solid currency with you in Greece?

    Well running is pretty warm here in the morning, which certainly hits your pace. Furthest I have been was today's run ant 8 miles at 7:13 mm average. Didn't bring my camelpak, doh!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- hope your hols are going well I'm ready for mine. Pretty fast run in that heat. 

    This week I have been mainly swimming and spinning. Two short runs have been a disaster. Hope to see Physio next week. 

    Good running and racing this weekend all. sadly I won't be joining  in the fun. 

  • 2old - how's the rehab going?

    is anyone racing this weekend?

    my calf is a bit dodgy still. I managed a 15 miler on Friday but stopped and stretched a lot. Ave pace @8:59!! 8x800s this morning on the tready. 3 lake swims this week including 3k in 64 mins, happy with that!!

  • 2old - Hope physio can help but rest for now.

    AA - Nice training with a dodgy calf and quick swimming.

    Nell - Good warm weather training.image

    First OW tri for me yesterday at Bowood house, lovely setting, sprint distance so 750m swim 21k bike and 5k run.  Was pretty nervous about the swim, watched the first 2 waves go off lots of mixed abilities so boosted my confidence a little, started in the water near the back and I think my wave had a lot of speedsters in by the first buoy I was the last swimmer being followed by a canoe.  Did n't panic and no stops and pretty soon I was overtaking other swimmers  Out of the water in 16:41 and  very pleased.  500m run uphill to T1 and overtook a few, bit of a mare getting wet suit off and nearly forgot to put my number belt on.  Loved the bike 7 x 3k loops bit windy but happy with 44 mins.  Run was a struggle , my lack of running really showed and was a tough undulating course giving me a 23 min 5k time. Overall time 1:31:16.   Very happy to get first OW tri completed and on to Eton Dorney next Sunday.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-look after the calf..Im really struggling here. Must be good to be a talented swimmer....good long swim . What do you advise for sciatica causing calf spasms?

    Barry-well done on an impressive first OW tri-they are fun arent they! The run is always a bit of a surprise after all thats gone before .You should be in good shape for it an Olly?

    Seeing the physio today.

  • Bazza  - well done. Nice buzz there. Have you been to dorney before? I did a relay tri there last year. The course and lake are amazing. 

    2old - how was the physio? Tennis ball in the glutes, lower back stretching,piriformis massage.. All painful but will release  

    abyone had there gfa confirmation yet? And if so how long?

    5 miles steady this morning and leg circuits. Ache everywhere at the mo!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- thanks for the suggestions. Physio confirmed it's sciatica. Getting it to release is the next task. Not got my GFA yet and I think the 14 days are up tomorrow or Weds. Those circuits sound fun...not .  

    Swim tonight including 10x50m sprints image  . Garmin went mad and says I swam 4500 metres.... I wish .

  • 2old - just chased mine up as the deadline is Friday. They approved it over the phone. 02079020200 *3. Piriformis is the target for sciatica. Now they know what it is it will help. Nice swim sesh! 

    ab session for me today. Ache everywhere image and shattered image

  • 2old - How's the recovery going? Yeah Sunday is Olympic distance I'm currently praying for a calm lake.

    AA - No first time at Eton Dorney but I've heard good things about it.  Good mixed training from you.

    Good week so far from me:
    Monday 2.5k pool swim  thought it was quicker than before but it was n't no matter all good training.  
    Tuesday 10 miles at 7:47 pace
    Wednesday 1 hour easy indoor bike, new one was delivered Monday due to so many problems with first,  see how long this one lasts.
    Thursday Hour in the pool including lots of left breathing/bilateral practice
    Today 6.5 mile run alternate 1 slow 1 quickish, quickish felt hard even though 7:04,7:06,6:54, speed will come.

    Have a good weekend all.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- looks like my injury is going to get worse before it gets better. I rang about my GFA and was told they had all my info but there was a backlog. Expect your aches are  gone now 

    Barry- bit envious of your TRI tomorrow just enjoy the experience. Lots of good mixed trainng by you. Try and draft in your swim it makes an incredible difference in time and effort Good luck tomorrow anyway 

    physio checked her records and noted it was exactly a year since I last saw her. Wonder if I'll ever do over a year without injury? 

    Decided to take it easy this week so apart from a swim today and Mon day that's it. Need to start trainng soon if I'm hoping to run in Lisbon 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Sorry not been posting, but my first run since 1st June was last Monday!  That is not to say that I haven't been active, but after being referred to cardiology I decided to get the go ahead before running again.  Meantime lots of cycling and walking, especially the former since our cycle trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains was cancelled and I have had to reorganise it from scratch, which means taking the steel bikes and carrying all our own gearimage.  I now have a nice new, custom built carbon bike and BA gets his next week - 40 years of non existent anniversary presents [on both sides] sorted with one fell stroke.  My last 8 days went like this:

    Sat: 56 miles on the bike, 3,000 ft of ascent - steel bikes with full touring kit loaded up

    Sunday: 6 miles walking

    Monday: back to back spin classes, first one endurance hill session, the second pyramid hill sprints - 30 miles and GOK how much climbing. 2 x 2.5 mile runs to and from a meeting

    Tuesday: 65 mile club ride to Wales, 4,600 ft of ascent.  Steel bike no panniers

    Wednesday: 5 miles walking and another operation leaving me with 5 stitches running across my right index finger and instructions not to take part in active sports for 8 days

    Thursday: 70 mile club ride [!!] with 3,000 ft of ascent.  Carbon bike

    Friday: 10k off road race as part of the local mob match.  It really hurt after 6 weeks not running but just managed not to throw up and sneaked under 50 mins [49.30]

    Today: 68 miles on the bike in Wales with 5,500 ft of ascent [steel bike]

    Fit but not for running...............................inevitably I am now slightly below my ideal racing weight with no races to do.

    Rang VLM Wednesday about the entry and got confirmation Thursday [they had 6,000 applications, well above usual]

    Good luck with the tri Barry - I'm thinking of a few duathlons this winter

    2old:  I feel your frustration, I haven't had a great 12 months myself with the broken rib and all the ops etc.  Good news is that Cardiology have given me the go-ahead to keep doing what I'm currently doing [yes I did tell them what that entailed image and they will monitor me once a year.  got some new meds to try and reverse the problem

    AA: glad you had a good holiday, back to running pretty quick I see.

    Chick: how are things your way??

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Good to see you being completely mental as ever, O4S image did the cardiologist tell you what the problem is? Being reversible with meds is a good thing.

    Barry: great tri training and racing image

    2old: sorry to hear of your continued injury woes image sciatica is such a pain. Hope you can get rid of it. Mine only disappeared after the neurosurgeon injected cortisone into my spine image

    Still logging slow miles but plenty of them. The virus has thrown me back about 3 months and I'm still lacking a lit of strength and speed. I hope I can manage my marathon in a 3:30 ish time. Right now that seems a bit of an ask image
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Chick: moderate dysfunction of the disystolic phase of the heart pump - sucking the blood in to the heart rather than pumping it out. Not much known about it apparently as it has only been seen in recent years with the improvement of scans. Don't know what causes it but they reckon lots of people my age could have it but don't exercise at a level hard enough to notice the breathlessness. They don't know if the meds will help (but won't do any harm) so we'll just have to wait and see.

  • O4S -  That is a lot of cycling with a hell of  lot of climbing,good news you can carry on with the madness.

    chick - keep on with your mega miles and you will OK, when/which is your marathon?

    Good day at the tri yesterday, first Olympic distance and nervous over the swim, Eton Dorney great venue:

    Swim - Started near the back, had a bit of a scare when my garmin slipped forward off the wetsuit and thought I was going to lose it,  and pretty soon was at the back but steadily overtook including one who was slowly pushing me towards the bank,out of water in 35:45(1500M) - very happy.

    Bike(40K) - Loved it 8 x 5k loops done in 1 hour 15. Overtook quite a few but saying that I was overtaken by the TT bike aero crew.

    Run(10K) - Hard to get going when and pleasantly surprised when first mile came in at 6:59, the rest of the miles were 7:23 to 6:51(last one) so getting some pace back in the legs. 44:07 total.

    Finished in 2 hours 39 and very happy, onwards.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick/O4S-thanks for the good wishes. Just got to get on with it. You are great examples of that 

    O4S- I just read your work rate in wonder.What a machine. Pleased you are pushing through your issues too. 

    Chick- you should get that sub 3.30. I'm a believer that big mileage can produce good times even if most are easy. My marathons this year didn't have any interval sessions just the odd 10k and a few  park runs. 

    Barry- brilliant....outstanding in all departments. Everything went right for you -made up for you. How were you placed overall and in each discipline for your age. You will be up there. 

    Went for a swim n the sea yesterday but too rough so gave a run a go and managed 5 miles bare foot on the beach.....last one 7.10 mm .Still stiff and sore in the calf .....possibly scar tissue to work through , fwiw ,still have run at least once every week this year except the first when I was skiing. 

    Feeling more positive. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Even more positive....VMLM GFA email just arrived. Whose going to be there next year?

  • ME!! I hope...

    2old - glad you're more positive.

    O4S - wow you have been through the mill. I don't even want to think what it will take you to rest! Keeping everything crossed you're ok. How's BA?

    Chick - well done for logging lots of miles. I haven't got over 35 in months so god knows how I will fair in October.

    Baz - awesome. Well done. Dorney is just perfect for triathlons hey. Great bike/run routes around the lake. You must be dead happy with that.

    Bit of a hold up for me after a hard week. 18 miles @8:33 pace Friday, 3k swim Saturday, 7x1000m reps Sunday, 5 miles @7:50 Monday, 6x1200 Tuesday. Pulled hammy today. Not happy! Think it was jumping lunges with weights after my run on Monday. Keeping everything crossed that I will still be able to log a decent run in the next few days.


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Hope the meds sort you out, O4S.

    AA: that's some hardcore runs there image. Ouch about the hammy. Hope it mends quickly. RICE it big time. Helped me back in Feb. I think I rested for a week and then ran with a compression sleeve for about 2 or 3 weeks. I could still feel it but it wasn't really painful and disappeared on its own after a while.

    That's a great time, Barry. A colleague at work did an Olympic Tri at the weekend and his time was 2:53, so well done image.

    How's the calf, 2old?

    Does anyone know what happened to Minni? She hasn't been on here for ages. Shame the thread has gone so quiet.

    This week is a cutback week. Very tired at the moment and still on iron pills post virus. I hope an easier week will help me to complete my first proper marathon training week next week. Gulp image

  • Chick - what date is your marathon? Sounds like you need a cut down week. 

    Hammy wasn't too bad this morning so went out and ran 20 miles. First 20 since London. Not fast @8:48 pace but all felt ok after lots of stopping and stretching in the early miles ...

  • Hi everyone!  Quiet at work today so will try to catch up on everyone's exploits properly.

    AA- nice 20! Sounds like you've had a busy week. What are you training for at the moment?

    Chick- monster mileage queenimage

    Barry- awesome effort on the Tri! You've definitely crossed to the dark side...

    2Old- 7.10mm barefoot on the beach...that's good going!

    O4S- You are simply amazing... dealing with all this and powering through but it's obviously what we all came to expect from you.

    Things getting back to normal here post Comrades. Took me a few weeks to get the legs turning at anything faster than MP but seem to be getting back to it now. Entered San Seb mara in November and will try to get my 10k/ half mara time down to something decent in the next couple of months. If it doesn't work I swear I'm giving up and switching to ultras for good!

    Other than that have also entered Transvulcania Ultra (May next year) and they've accepted Exmoor CTS mara as a qualifier so I guess I'm in! It's been on my bucket list for a couple of years. It looks rather insane on paper but also amazing and I'm sooo excited!image




  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    AA: 4th October image

    Great to see your Bro. Your Comrades run was amazing. You're clearly very talented at ultras. I wouldn't be surprised if this translates into a fast HM time image

    Hot and humid here at the mo. 6 miles run and sweated like a pig.
  • 2old - I'll be there everything crossed, I was 85 male out of 151 and 27 out of 54 for old blokes, goes without saying my position got better from swim to bike to run. Happy enough with first race a that distance.  See you're getting some warm weather training in.

    AA - Well done on the 20, I know you're doing Maidenhead HM, you've either not said or i've forgotten what autumn mara are you doing. Yeah loved Eton dorney great venue.

    Brol - Saw a tv show on the Transvulcania, island near the Canaries? Looks amazing but very tough.

    Good training week for me, Tues  5 mile run,, Wed 2.5k pool swim,Thurs 10 miles run, Friday 1 hour indoor bike, this morning 2k ow swim and 20 mile bike, 30 mile bike followed by run planned for tomorrow.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Holy shit. I've just googled the Transvulcania ultra image

    I know the island of La Palma but had no idea they did a race like that. Over 8000m of ascent. That'slike running up bliddy Mt. Everest!! Rather you than me, Broimage
  • Hey Bro - good to see you on here. Still going well. Are you doing Maidenhead this year too?

    baz - great week for you. Well done. I'm in Amsterdam  oct 18th...

    I did a 3k lake swim Saturday in 62 mins. new pb!! And 6 miles this morning with 5@hmp and a god awful hangover to boot after being at a local festival all day yesterday. 

    Off to have a look at this ultra now did bro!!

  • Chick- yes, it does look a tad hilly but I mean how hard can it be?image Which mara is it you're doing? Not sure about my ultra talents translating into fast anything... but hey I'm not giving up!

    AA- yes, doing Maidenhead, will be good to catch up. Amsterdam is great, I would love to do it again sometime. Nice lake swimming pb!

    Barry- busy week for you and I can see on strava there was some bricking happening yesterday as well.image

    Steady 15m for me on Saturday which went quite well and 3m recovery yesterday before Battersea Park 5k tonight. Sigh. At least it will be over before I know it... or so I'm telling myself.image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    I'm sure they do, Bro - look at Steve Way image  Have fun at the ykw tonight image. Always surprises me how much pain they inflict ...

    AA: great swim, wowzers. One of my mates from work just did an Olympic Tri 2 weeks ago and needed 36 mins for 1.5k. He's well jel of your speed image

    11.5 miles with 10 much quicker than of late and felt surprisingly OK despite wind and rain.

  • Bro - I've never done Maidenhead. Be great to see you there. Barry's in too. 

    Chick - good to see you getting back again. 

    trendy 5 yesterday and another trendy 5 planned this morningimage

  • AA- I've done it twice. It's a good flat course although for some reason I never ran well there... hopefully will put it right this time.image I think I was meant to meet up with Barry there a couple of years ago but we never found each other.

    Chick- nice 11 miler against the elements.

    Battersea Park 5k done last night in 21:17 which is bang on my pb so very happy with that. The splits were 6:45, 6:47, 7:00 and the last bit at 6:38 so a bit of a fade n the last mile but not too bad. Next stop 10k also at Battersea Park on 8th August.image


    Bro - nice 5k and good to see all that ultra stuff hasn't killed your speed image

    long run planned for me this morning. My July challenge of train every day is nearly done. My body is aching and tired but I feel like my fitness is coming back. 

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