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  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Just popping in to apologise for being awol for ages...unlike AA and her running every day in July (well done for that image) I have logged less than 50 miles this month...combination of my calf niggling (small tear in the soleus muscle), too much work, a cold and a hefty dose of the CNBA fairy image

    But I have replaced my orthotics and had several painful massages to get rid of scar tissue and will hopefully get back on it.  But I have sold my Abo place as I'm not in right frame of mind to  stuck into a proper program at the moment!

    Right - going to try and have a good read back as I have missed some pages....

  • Hi Free- welcome back!

    AA- by training you don't mean running every day for a month???image

    9 miles steady done this morning into work averaging 7.40mm.

  • Hi freemers - was thinking of you when I was running his morning. You'll come back stronger for the rest. Calf niggles are a nightmare. 

    Bro - obviously no not running everyday. Swimming and circuits count!!

    20 miles done for me today @8:22 pace. Felt really washed out afterwards though image

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Hi Everyone!  Nice to see more people popping in, although I'm not one to talk image

    After the mayhem of w/c 13th July, last week was a bit of a cut back week. 

    20 miles on the new bike Sunday, 5k run (shuffle) Monday, Tuesday on the 7.00am flight to Belfast to discuss my Mother's end of life care plan. Managed about 5 miles walking/ jogging between appointments, buses etc. Home at 11.15 pm, knackered.

    Wednesday I cycled a few miles doing jobs and walked a few more doing others - a necessary but ultimately tedious day. Got the stitches out from the latest op - it has healed well, but no results yet. Thursday back out with the cycle club, 56 miles, 3,000ft of ascent. Friday it did not stop raining from dawn to dusk and mindful of the fact that we both had to do a minimum of 5k exercise we took ourselves off to the gym to try out a virtual spin class called 'The Wretched' - say no more!  50 mins of TDF hill climbs, with a few steep descents, where we found ourselves leaning into the corners as if we were on our road bikes

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Wretched iPad only allows a short post image

    Saturday we loaded up the touring bikes and headed into Wales where we did 60 miles with over 5,000 ft off climb up and down the sides of the Wye Valley. Home, shower and changed to our commuting bikes for the 6 mile round trip to a friend's BBQ. Cycling home through the unlit gorge in the Blaise Estate with copious amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream was an interesting experience!

    Walking Sunday, 17 miles of hill sprints, time trialling and hill climbs in a spin class, plus 10k running on Monday, 7 miles walking with friends yesterday and 20 miles on the bikes this morning checking the signage on one of Bristol's cycle routes - spin tonight.

    after a period of apathy have finally started to plan the autumn, so far 3xHM, 2 x marathon (offroad) 5 x ultras plus shorter distances and XC. At least one long cycle ride a week with the club and 2 spin classes. I'll think about VLM in the New Year image

    Hope all the injuries are improving - I have a feeling this often happens to the forum over the summer. 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Note: BA is looking for a care home, or in fact anywhere that doesn't require him to do so much - wimp

    AA: thanks for asking - he is getting worse, but slowly, so still managing most things.

    Looking forward to my next rest day - 2nd January 2016image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hi all. 

    Barry- great TRI splits and post TRI trainng. What's next ? I'm doing a little and often 

    O4S-tough stuff for your mum (()). Exercising as crazily as ever. I love the Wye Valley. Many trips fishing there when a lad. 

    Bro- thatultra is insane so perfectly suited to you. Personally give me an incline  like that on skis any day.  Nice 5k and short- for you- runs 

    free - looks like we are in the same boat and same damaged muscle. I'm still hoping to get Lisbon done as I want to do it for a charity and there's a big group going. No plans to go fast though .Ive given up on my schedule. 

    AA- you are in a good place trainng wise..great swim and LR. Don't peak too soon though -  Amsterdam is on my list. 

    Chick-great mileage and good to see a bit of speed returning 

    Minni- get back here!!! Now!!!! 

    Currently cooking here. Managed a bit of exercise most days - short swims and runs. All runs on the beach which is a bit dangerous -so far I have knocked over 2 kids - and it's not that I'm running fast either which is not possible in 32c plus conditions . Going to leave LRs until I get home. Calf mending slowly but sciatica still a problem. 

    Oh yes my VMLM payment has gone through. 


  • Freemers -  Speedy recovery from the injury, were n't you planning Abo last year as well?

    Brol - Nice 5K, yeah I remember Maidenhead HM getting some strange looks saying hello to everyone I thought was you at the finish.

    O4S - Amazing training and planned races from you. Some things never change.

    AA - Very impressive swimming and well done on the 20, think I was a maybe for Maidenhead best get my entry in.  The way my current speed is think I'll be trailling you and Brol home.

    2old - Good you are training, hopefully we will both make VLM next year. Half Iron distance tri is next for me 23 Aug which will soon be here. Minni is on FB and is doing well swimming, cycling and getting back on it running.

    Chick - Well done on the 11 and returning speed.

    Brick session went well Sunday.  5 mile run yesterday with middle 3 meant to be quick but were a real struggle where's all my speed gone. Off to the lake tonight



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- gulp ...half IM already! No messing about by you. Is the cycle flat?Should be a breeze for you . I will be at London. That 3 looked pretty quick to me.  

    9.5 miles on the beach this pm. Getting stronger mentally and physically. 

  • 2Old- where are you holidaying? Beach running is hard core, I remember attempting in in Thailand and it completely knackered me after a mile or so.image

    O4S- living in a fast lane as always I see.image

    AA- nice 20 miler. Are you following a schedule this time?

    An hour of S&C in the gym for me this morning and will go back after work for some vomit inducing hill reps.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nice ykw, Bro. Enjoy the gym image

    AA: great 20 miler and nice pace too.

    O4S: good to see you. Blimey, but you've been crazily busy!! Sorry to hear about your mum image

    Freemers: sorry to hear about the calf. Hope it sorts itself out.

    I did 6 x 1k reps all in the region of 6:57 yesterday image and then plodded 10 miles today. So far the hard/easy principle seems to work. Strangely enough I'm really really tired but my legs feel fresh. Don't quite understand image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-hard core? That's a real compliment coming from hard core you thanks. Marbs ...and remember no carbs allowed too! Apart from what comes in a bottle. No hills on this beach .

    chick- nice reps. Maybe you're a bit dehydrated....

    Sea too rough today for a decent swim. More sand in the toes.instead ...later 



  • 2old- This year is all about getting experience and giving it a go but 6 hours ish does sound a long time racing/completing, There's one hill on the bike course which you do twice. mmm not sure about a breeze, think pacing/nutrition will be my issue. Well done on the 9.

    Chick - Nice pacey reps.

    Brol -  enjoy the hill reps.

    2k in the lake yesterday and a good run this afternoon in the sunshiiine, might have lost some top end speed but steady pace seems OK, just over 11 miles at 7:19 avg. image

  • 2old - enjoy your holiday. 

    Bro - no schedule for me. Long run, threshold and intervals are the base!

    chick - iron levels?

    o4s - you've got a lot going on. glad BA isn't too bad. 

    Baz - in for a penny in for a pound. Doesn't look like you've lost much speed. When's the HIM?

    9x800s for me this morning. 31 days on the trot done. 21 runs (171 miles), 5 lake swims and 14 circuit sessions!

  • Chick- nice 1k reps!image

    Barry- very nice steady pace indeed!

    AA- you've been busy! Still doing your intervals on a treadmill?

    Hill intervals went ok, was supposed to do 7m easy today and rest tomorrow but felt sleep deprived and knackered this morning so taking my rest day today instead. So 7m easy planned for tomorrow and 16 steady on Sunday. 


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- good thinking getting them done for experience....full IM next year I get. Nice training brace there. Interested to see how your efforts reflect in a marathon. Anything pencilled in later this year? Can't see any slowing there either 

    AA- great month of training .your base is like a thick crust pizza with dough balls compared with my thin crust pizza. like efforts. 

    Brol- you are probably still recovering from Comrades. Rest ready for your 10k 

    first off beach run today - 7 and a bit bringing up 37 for the week so far. Did a sea swim earlier and was battered by the waves. Who said the Med is flat calm? 

  • AA - Very well done on the mixed training month, HIM is 23 Aug at Cotswold water park.

    2old-  That is the plan, IM before I'm 50 which is Aug 2016, will get the HIM out of the way and find an autumn mara, hopefully my 3 quality runs a week plus swimming/cycling will get me back where I was in the spring. Well done for braving the waves, I still struggle when the lake is choppy.

    48 miles on the bike yesterday, lovely morning for it. 27 miles on the bike this morning followed by 7.5 mile run.



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-exciting plans. I'm thinkng about a HIM next year .Which IM? Outlaw?You will be pretty close to your Spring fitness this Autumn after a few LRs. Sea was good for surfing today which  limited my swim to about 1k . Great weekend sessions. LoOking good 

    today another sea  swim and 6m run in the heat with a weekly total of 48. 

  • Penultimate long training ride before our Blue Ridge Mountain tour - 65 miles with 5,500ft of ascent to mirror our hardest day over there. This followed 55 miles with 3,500 ft of ascent on Thursday. Not sure how spin will go tomorrow. Are any of these IM or HIM decent hilly courses or are they basically flat (I always wonder at the bike times if they have a few thousand feet of climb)

  • Brol/Chick: in an earlier post you said the Transvulcania had 8,000m of ascent. A few of my ultra friends have done it and said there was about 4,500m of ascent. Have they introduced a longer version with more ascent (they did about 73k / 45 miles)? If so it sounds more interesting!!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    O4S: I think I read it on the event's website but I can't get it to work on my mobile at the mo ... Crazy bike plans image

    Good holiday mileage, 2old.

    I like your IM plans, Barry image

    As I ran loads last week yesterday was a bike day. 25 miles nice and gentle. Very enjoyable. Today was 10 miles with 6@ HMP image I managed 7:29s which is miles away from previous HMPs but it's a start.
  • O4S - fantastic cycling. When are you off?

    chick - those HMP sessions are the worst. 

    2old - nice mileage on holiday. 

    1500m lake swim for me yesterday. New pb of 29:53. Threshold run for me this morning. Horrid and I'm very tired today. 

  • AA: we fly on Sunday, send a couple of days in Washington, then get the bikes on a train to virginia. But them back together, then 2 weeks cycle touring, rent a car, drive to South Carolina and spend a week in a small apartment on the beach, sea swimming and cycling. I have arranged and booked everything so keeping all possible body parts crossed that it all works. BA's contribution so far has been to worry a lot image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Great swimming, AA image. Yep, threshold running is horrible but once it's done it's time to feel smug. I have 3 x 3k reps @ 10k pace lined up for tomorrow. So not looking forward to that image

    O4S: I found the sentence on the Transvulcania website "Transvulcania is one of the toughest trail running races of the world, with a distance of 74.6 kilometers and 8086 meters of elevation accumulated". I figured that meant 8086m of ascent but I guess it means ascent as well as descent ... sounds like a totally brilliant holiday. Enjoy!!

  • O4S- it's 'only' 4500m of ascent, it's a bit misleading how they put it on their website.

    AA- threshold runs are the worstimage. Well done!

    Chick- 6m @ HMP sounds eeek!

    10k/ 5k paced intervals done on a treadmill this morning- ouch. Going back now for some S&C.

  • AA - Impressive swimming, why are'nt you doing some tri's and pushing for podium places?

    Chick - Progress on your HM pace so that's all we can hope for when coming back.

    O4S -  enjoy the trip. Like most running races the IM courses vary, the official IMUK is Bolton and has a couple of climbs and IM Wales is worse but Outlaw is flat.

    2old - I'm going to try for IMUK the remaining places go on offer 1 Sep, care to join the fun?

    I have n't done any intervals for a very long time, can't fit them in to my 3 runs a week schedule and think the tempo/threshold runs with a longer time at pace are more relevant to distance running.

    Some core and strength work yesterday followed by a 2k ow swim, thought I was "flying" but slower than last couple of times. 5 miles run this afternoon with middle 3 quicker, splits for the quicker ones 6:54,6:46,6:20 happy to see some pace returning.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nice pace, Barry image  I'm miles away from anything starting with a 6. Managed those nasty 3 x 3k reps today. Boy, but 3k is a loooong way. The first one felt ok but the second half of the middle one and of course all of the last one were hard work. Middle one had a small incline and last one was against the wind. Times were 13:38, 13:42 and 13:45. About half-way through the last rep pace had slipped to 7:50 image so I had to put the hammer down big time to get it back to 7:20 average image.

  • Barry - no tris for me this year as I'm away the weekend of Reading. But last year I won the female over 40s Olympic image. Got my 3.8km open water swim in 2 weeks though! Your pace is coming back great now. 

    chick - well done on your 3k reps. Vom!

    As I've been knackered this week I decided to not do a long run and ran 10 miles @7:40 pace yesterday and a trendy 5 today And circuit training. 

  • Yes, Chick, 3k can seem like a very long way! image Well done for knuckling it down and getting the pace down on the last one!

    Barry- nice splits there, I agree re longer reps. For me it's trying to get some speed back at the moment before launching myself into mara training again so shorter reps have their place.

    Steady 6m for me yesterday @ 7.37 and rest today before Battersea 10k tomorrow... ouch. I feel I've been going well those last couple of weeks and my last 5k indicates that I'm around my pb shape so feeling positive and will give it a good go... but you never now with me and 10ks...image

  • AA- xpost. Nice pace on that 10 miler!image

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