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  • Finally persuaded myself to get back out running on Wednesday - not a happy experience although did two runs, a 5k in the morning and a 10k in the afternoon. Just plodding and doing some deliveries of expenses etc. Carrying 4 pints of milk in my rucksack for the last mile of the 5k wasn't the best idea.

    Last long ride before the holiday yesterday - 60 miles with 3,000 ft of ascent, so not very hilly, although legs felt tired at the end as the hills were short, steep and close together. 

    Bags more or less packed, bikes dismantled and tucked up in their travel bags ready for the off. Will pop in from time to time to see how the training is coming along.

    Good Luck in any races over the next 4/5 weeks

  • Brol - Good luck for tomorrow, go smash it.

    AA - With your all round great ability I thought you would be up there.  Nice pace on the 10 miler(snap).

    O4S - enjoy the break.

    Chick - Well done on the repeats,

    2k lake swim Wednesday evening a little bit quicker, was watched by a decent swimmer from the club who noticed that I  have a slight pause in my stroke and gave me a go with a tempo trainer which beeps at a certain rate to keep your stroke steady, seemed to help so will be investing in one.

    15 miles yesterday in the sunshine and all good at 7:41 pace.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Great running boys and girls

    My pace still sucks but I've realised that last week was my first 70+ mile week in over a year image and this one will be in the same ballpark.

    Usually my pace gets slower with increased mileage. As long as it all comes together in the autumn I mustn't grumble image

    Good luck with the 10k, Bro image
  • Chick - Good to see you back on your monster mileage, I managed 30 miles plus other stuff.

    2K swim Friday evening, had the lake to myself at one point with 3 lifeguards.  Saturday I cycled the HIM route lovely conditions and longest ride to date.   Yesterday completed 27 miles on the bike then 10 mile brick run at 7:23 avg which I was very happy with.

  • Chick- very decent mileage there! I'm like you, happiest when it's around 70mpw and that's when I tend to see improvements.

    Barry- nice brickingimage

    My 10k didn't exactly go brilliantly. 43:59 so a minute off my pb but managed to pace it relatively well and there was no meltdown so wasn't too annoyed. I feel like things are going in the right direction at the moment and maybe just need a couple of goes before I get it right. Next one on 20th August in Regent's Park.image

    Followed that with 17m steady yesterday. Knew it was going to be hot so dragged myself out of bed at 6am to get it done. Averaged 7.54mm so not too bad considering post 10k legs.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Great long run, Bro and a decent 10k. I've never broken 44 mins image

    I'm not yet at the stage where I see improvements but I take it as a positive that I really enjoy my training and my legs feel good. Pace will hopefully come as an added bonus in a few weeks time image

    Double day for me today: 7 before work, 5 at lunchtime. The second one was hot, hot, hot!

    MP run tomorrow image

    Barry: 7:23 -- that's seriously shifting coming off the bike. Well done image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Hola team!

    I know, I know and I'm sorry. Truth is I've been struggling to know where I am with everything and been really enjoying a very low key return to running.

    Still swimming and I know acknowledge I'm getting better but still a long way off thinking of switching up full time tri!

    Biking is fine - I just do what I can and I enjoy it.

    Running is contributing to improve. Ran a comeback 10k pb last week! 46:40!! 2 minutes quicker than the one the week before, so well pleased. I also ran my first 20 on Saturday , which didn't go as well as the 18 the week before but last week was also my highest mileage week so far ... a big 40 miles!

    I still feel I have to go week to week and keep assessing but I'm pleased with the progression. I'm not following any schedule or any real structure and I'm confident of making the startline of the MCM in October but wivt be looking for any amazing time. If I can renew my GFA I will be very happy.

    My thoughts are still with London 2016 and holding onto the success of Freemers in April. image
  • yay Minni is back!! Well done On the returning and your patience with recovery. 

    Bro - nice 10k time. I would be happy with that. I hate 10ks!

    chick - awesome mileage. 

    Barry -thats a great brick session. Fab pace off the bike. 

    3k swim for me on Saturday - new on of 60:02. Got the 3.8km swim next Thursday. 5k threshold Sunday and 9 yesterday. I've still not topped 40 miles image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    So impressed with your swimming AA. What's your weekly mileage?
  • Chick- good luck with the MP run. How far?

    AA- you seem to be doing quite a lot at the moment between the swimming and running. Nothing wrong with 40m

    7m easy home last night and 7 steady back into work this morning @ 7:39 with a few miles in low 7:20s which is nice to see. Threshold run combined with intervals tomorrow on a treadmill imageand then all easy in preparation for the Spitfire Scramble this weekend which we will be rocking with Minni in a team of 5.image

  • Minni - on average @37 image

    bro - would have loved to be joining you and Minni this weekend image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Yay, Minni is back image  Great to see you and glad to hear things are more or less back to normal.

    AA: I think with all the swimming there's no need to do crazy mileage. You get enough fitness from those long swims. Especially in summer when I'm melting I'm regretting that I never really learned how to swim properly. I can do a bit of girly breast stroke but that's about it image And I live almost next to a gorgeous lake where Hamburg's tri scene gets their training swims done. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to alternate swim and run days...

    Weekend race sounds brill, Bro and Minni.

    I managed 10 miles @ MP today. Really struggled though. It was muggy and I clearly wasn't awake yet when I started. First 2 miles felt awful and I couldn't get them below 8mm image. Then gave my self a good kick up the backside and threw in some 7:30s for an average of 7:48. Cor, but it was hard. I guess I'm probably not really going to go below 3:30 by October unless a miracle happens.

  • AA- yes, it's a shame you couldn't make it.image

    Chick- 10m @ MP in isolation is a hard session, especially going straight into it like this first thing in the morning. If you managed to knock it out at this pace I wouldn't think sub 3.30 should be a problem!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Chick - how is your health? It certainly sounds like you're going strong?
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Minni: I feel fine and the silly extra heart beats have stopped thanks to meds. I'm very conscious about my HR keeping it below 85% of max. I. e. no more VO2 max reps a la P&D. Not that I miss them image. Threshold stuff is still hard though image

    How 's your hip? Has everything mended properly?

    Trendy 5 jogged at lunchtime today.

  • Minni - Keep at it, the swimming does get more tolerable, was going to say easier but that would be lyingimage,  the more you do.

    Chick - Plenty of time before your mara, well done on the 10.

    AA - Great swimming, I've entered Maidenhead so looking to you to pace me to a 1:30 ish.

    Brol - well done on the 10K. Is it a 10k loop this Saturday, if so plenty of practice for you.image

    Longest ow swim so far on Monday for me 3 x 850m loops, first time round felt a long way but got easier for next 2, I reckon probably about 2.6k to 2.7k swam with my wandering in just over the hour.

    5 miles run yesterday with middle 3 at pace, splits for quick 6:50,6:40,6:30 so all good.  I've entered Outlaw Half Ironman distance race next year, allegedly sold out within 5 mins.




  • Chick- threshold stuff is meant to be hard!

    Barry- super jealous of those fast splits!

    Was supposed to be doing some vomit inducing session today of threshold running combined with 3k paced reps but decided that since it's my birthday I'll swap it with tomorrow's six easy... which will be done after work and before birthday dinner.image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni - so good to see you here where you belong and even happier to see your steady recovery from injury. Hoping to get to London 2016 in one piece too .Ineed to get up to 20 soon if I going to get my Autumn marathon done. Are you planning one?Just wondering as you log those long runs ? 

    Bro- very good short stuff running though don't mention Regents Park please as that's where my calf went pear shaped 

    AA- great swimming .Your running is looking good too What is your Amsterdam target

    Chick-building up well and big mileage too. Trust the miles they'll deliver a good marathon which you deserve

    O4S - have a fab biking holiday in the US

    Barry- no IM for me ...I know those Lancs hills and wouldn't survive them on a bike .Excellent build up for your HIM. What's your planned Autumn marathon?


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    So I'm back from the Costa. Ridiculously hot and humid. Most runs in 30c plus conditions -did about 120 or so miles along the coast road or beach overall . All slow. Furthest was 11.5 miles  . Reasonably happy as injured and couldn't run 3 weeks ago . Neglected my swims but hope that discipline will fix over the next week or so. Anyway main task is to get my LR to 20 by the end of the month without injuring myself .Sadly sciatica still a bit of a problem. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Glad you're getting sorted Chick and how nice to have a valid excuse not to do those horrible reps!

    2old yep autumn marathon - Marine Corps Marsthon, Washington DC. My plan is to renew my GFA (so sub 3:45). Sciatica - this has really helped mine - lie over your foam roller on your front with your hips resting on the roller. Just lie there for 5 mins or do and raise up onto your hands if you can. It opens up the whole area and loosens everything off. It works for me!

    Last night I joined a couple of others doing a

    MP 10 miles, around 8m/m. I joined and said I'd try and do around 8:20 for 6 miles. Ended up with 9 miles @ 7:54. God it felt good! I've been sea swimming a bit and last week tried the Lake. I didn't like it very much - I'm not ready. That's helped me make my decisions for the next year. I'll stick with the odd sprint tri as it will keep me swimming but that's it. The real focus will go back to running. image

    Looking forward to Spitfire at the weekend!
  • 2old - great that you did so much running on holiday. 

    Barry - you've come on so well with your swimming this year. And great splits. 

    Bro - happy birthday for yesterday. Hope you had a nice day. I wouldn't have done the speed either!! 

    Minni - that must be a real confidence booster  your pace is coming back quickly now  

    20 miles for me yesterday. 3rd 20 of the campaign At a sedate 8:42 pace. I didn't load very well and as a result struggled with my post run recovery. Silly me!!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Brilliant stuff, Minni image  Very excited we haven't completely lost you to the dark side. That's a cracking pace image

    Happy belated birthday, Bro image no way one should do speedwork on one's birthday image

    AA: could have been me ... after so many years of running I still haven't got the fuelling right and pay for it with horrible runs image  Good to have banked another long one though.

    2old: 120 miles on hols image  how long were you gone for? 6 weeks??? That's plenty of running.

    Barry B wrote (see)


     I've entered Outlaw Half Ironman distance race next year, allegedly sold out within 5 mins.


    Good luck with that. You're proper hardcore image. DD would probably have some good advice for you. Hope he's lurking out there somewhere and might come back on here to share his wisdom.

    11 miles for me with 4 x 2k at threshold. Very very happy I managed them all between 7:14 and 7:10 pace with the last rep the quickest. Now 7:10 was my HMP in 2013 after which it all went a bit tits up image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-Outlaw will be warm up for IM then? Yes as Chick says -hardcore

    Chick-23 days in the sun and there was a lot of that.It was nice to come home o some too.I see that speed you were missing is returning as it should.

    AA-3 x20 already? Should be a fast marathon especially as you only have the one this time image

    Minni-That will be an exciting and typically American ,emotional marathon.Lots to see there .Thanks for the sciatica advice -I will try it. The swimming-particularly OW stuff with lots of others around you can take time to adjust to but stick with it -you'l get there.

    Just over 2k pool swim last night with the club. Tough after my break but still managed to get my 100m intervals under 2mins so pleased. Any suggestions why I was quicker doing them with a pull bouy than without...though I guess there will be leg drag that surely would have been balanced by my having a strong leg kick?

    Back to running today.

    Oh decided not to do Outlaw-too near London and I know I just wont get on a bike enough.



  • Chick - looks like the threshold stuff is working. image

    2old that's was my reason for not doing the outlaw too! Hardly been on the road bike all year. No aims for a time in Amsterdam at the moment. Hopefully sub 3:30. 

    Total rest day for me. Bliss image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- you should go sub 3.30 no probs. I've had too many rest days the last six weeks 

    65mins spinning at lunchtime and a 45min 10k this evening which was very reassuring 

  • Greetings from hot, sunny Virginia! After a couple of days sight-seeing in DC we brought the bikes via Amtrak to Charlottesville, where we rebuilt them yesterday. 20 mile ride today trying to find a sensible route out for tomorrow, when we will be fully loaded up and not wanting to be doubling back every time we get lost. Had enough of culture etc - time to hit the hills!  This is obviously a good town for cyclists, dedicated bike lanes on most of the major roads and priority at traffic lights.

    We are fully armed with pepper spray - so bring on the bears........

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4/S-it's a small world - Miss 2O went to law school at UVA there for a year ..very pleasant town. Don't forget to visit Montecello. 

    Heavy rain here..hmmm what shall I do 

  • O4S- I read beers for bears and thought you were off to some dodgy part of town with your pepper spray.image

    2old - Go for a run, I got piss wet through on my 15miler this morning.  How is Nottingham too close to London?imageimage I'm no expert but you need to be a very efficient/powerful kick swimmer to be quicker than with legs supported by pull buoy. Good quick 100 splits and good effort on the 10K. Yeah 1 Sep is when they release the rest of IMUK places if not I'll look elsewhere. Going to get next weekend's race out of the way and then find an autumn mara.

    Chick - Nice pace on your 2ks you are coming back well.

    AA - Put that 20 down as a unfuelled run.

    Minni - Good pace on your run. Good luck to you, Brol and the rest of the Team for the weekend.

    2k lake swim on Wednesday evening all good, but then tried 200m skins and think I've been spending too much time in wetsuit as did n't feel comfortable. Day trip to Blackpool yesterday so kind of rest day.  15 miles unfuelled in the rain this morning at 7:37 avg.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    2old I was always quicker with a pull buoy and thought this meant I was destined to be a great swimmer but I google search told me that if your form isn't so good you'll be faster with it but if your form is good then slower. I'm about the same now - but still slow!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- looks like you're ready for your HIM ..much longer and you'll go stale or overtrain. I've not done much wet suit swimming this year mainly CNBA itis but also as I'm swimming less I'm concentrating on faster sessions at my club. Not sure what my TRI plans are next year apart from doing them just for fun and as cross training for running . A day off is good . You were right a run in the rain was a good choice 

    Minni- yes I'm a crap swimmer...simple as that. I'm faster than this time last year but clearly technically rubbish. 

    Great running in the rain when there is no wind and it's warm. So much easier than last week. First LR done - 17 miles av 8.15mm . Longest run since Liverpool marathon mid June 

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