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  • Looks like it's pouring everywhere today!

    o4s - enjoy the first leg of your journey! And cake!!

    2old - decent long run. 

    Barry - another fast one! Which Mara are ypu looking at?

    8x1000m reps on tready for me today. Ouch! Swim tomorrow. Last swim before the Big Dog 3.8km swim next Thursday. 

    Have fun at the spitfire this weekend girls. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Well done on banking that first long run , 2 old

    8*1000m is loads, AA. I've never done more than six. Slacker that I am image

    Enjoy the spitfire outing, Minni and Bro.

    Incredibly hot and muggy here. Moved my long run to tomorrow hoping it'll be slightly less nasty and humid then.

    9 miles with strides followed by a cool down splash in the lake.
  • Chick - looks like the threshold stuff is working. image

    2old that's was my reason for not doing the outlaw too! Hardly been on the road bike all year. No aims for a time in Amsterdam at the moment. Hopefully sub 3:30. 

    Total rest day for me. Bliss image

  • Hi guys,

    Good to see this thread is still going strong!! ????

    I saw that the girls were doing their 24 hour event and wanted to pop in and say good luck ????

    Sorry I went completely awol, had orders from the doctor to cut back on exercise so felt like a fraud and couldn't face the forum. Still just walking so nothing to contribute I'm afraid but I do often think of you all and love seeing updates on f.b especially of your well earned

    Keep enjoying running and I hope that one day I may get back into it, but will keep an eye out for your updates in the meantime ????
  • Sorry if you see a series of question marks come up, they were smilies on my phone!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    We are just over halfway and 1.5 hrs ahead of our plan. Me and Brolish have both done a set of 3 laps (just under 18m) and onto singles now. I'm waiting to go off now. It's dark! At TR there were a lot more runners so always people around. I think this maybe a lonelier run. I'm going to think of O4S and all the lonely hours she's put in at night to get me through it.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Wow, sounds tough, minni. Great to be ahead of plan image

    Hey kiwi. Good to see you.

    Enjoy that rest day, AA

    22 miles slogged out first thing in thick fog was dripping wet after the first mile!! Last 4 were supposed to be MP. Gawd, that was tough image

    Why does MP in training have to hurt that much?? Does nothing for your confidence image

    Just had a full English now feeling vaguely human again. I think I may go back to sleep nowimage
  • 2old - well done on the long run.

    Kiwi -  Hi, hope it's nothing too serious and  you're back running soon.

    Chick - Well done on the very long run.  And good you've started open water swimming. image

    Well done to Minni and Brol.

    2k in the lake Friday evening , eldest daughter came down to give it a go and enjoyed it.

    My birthday yesterday but still managed to get out on the bike early for some hill repeats.  Out on the bike again this morning 27 miles, followed by 7.5 mile brick run at 7:07 which I was happy with.  Minor problem  with bike when I was cleaning it turned into a bigger problem when I tried to fix it so off to the local bike shop tomorrow, need it for next Sunday.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni/Bro- brilliant Spitfires stuff ...well run

    Barry- another excellent set there. Hope the bike is ready for next week. Are you going to taper?

    AA- tough TM intervals. Just thinking about them makes me feel injured ...and sick 

    Kiwi- welcome home. Sorry to hear about your probs.Hope you fully recover soon 

    Chick- some big runs this weekend.I'm glad to be away from the heat and humidity.You're definately back on song. ...and looking good for your marathon ...up very early today too 

    rest yesterday and  11 today.,50 for the week. Right calf a bit tight but held out ok . Fingers crossed but I think I'm getting there. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-sorry...happy birthday..50 yet?

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Happy belated birthday, Barry image

    Mileage is up nicely, 2old. What's next race-wise?

    Another 9 miles open water swim this morning image, i. e. run in torrential rain for a change.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-looks like your Summer weather is worse than your Winter weather.Think you should move and make training easier.Well done wading those 9 miles. By the way what was your LR marathon pace? I have pencilled in a 1500m OW swim end of August,sprint tris for the  first two weekends of Sept and possibly a third the weekend after depending on whether I can also get some 20mile LRs done as well.End of Sept  taper time will have arrived again...gulp.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    7:50 but it felt like I was doing 5mm, honest image. No idea how I ever managed to run a whole marathon at that pace!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    And that's a lot of tris image

  • Well done Minni and Brol!

    Happy belated birthday Barry.

    Good to see everyone's training going strong - I shall try to pop in to keep up with your autumn marathons image
  • Chick - doing a lot of miles. Hard running in the heat. 

    2old - lots of tris and a busy racing September! made your mind up about Lisbon yet?

    barry - hope you had a good birthday. 

    How was the spitfire girls?

    Circuit training for me today. Long run tomorrow. 

  • Greeting from Harrisonburg VA, where the temperature is 96 degrees and we are melting.  image  Rode the length of the Skyline Drive in 2 days, 8,000ft of ascent and some fabulous scenery. Today was 65 miles, only 3,000ft ascent, but temperatures that were just crazy - 80 degrees in the shade at 9.00am.  Day off the bikes tomorrow to do some sightseeing - anyone for the Quilt Museum???image

    belated HBTY Barry and welcome back Kiwi - I'm more or less a non runner at the moment but hoping to get some enthusiasm back when we get home.

    Get up the training team and I'll just keep consuming the calories........image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-good MP in those conditions . I know what you mean about finding another gear's all about trusting the training.Don't forget if it's pencilled in ,it's easily rubbed out which I've done a lot of this year. 

    AA- All being well I will run Lisbon rather than be a tourist .Hopefully the tris plus a few  LRs will get me through it .I always hate circuits .Enjoy the LR

    an hours spinning earlier today and 2k swim tonight 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    We survived and we won!  Lol!  We won our category of mixed team of 3 - 5 by 29 miles.  That makes it sound as if it was easy but it was tough in places.  A brilliant event.  The course was very runnable and each lap was a smidgen under 6 miles.  Both Brolish and I ran 3 laps in one go and then did a further 3 x 1 laps.  My fastest was at 3am.  I think the fear factor played a part in this!

    For me, it has given me loads of confidence in my running again, something I've definitely been lacking.  

    Nice OW running Chick! 

    Belated Happy Birthday Barry. image

    2old - I have a sprint tri in a couple of weeks too.  With run races (3 in total) the weekends either side of it. image

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Hello everyone image

    Minni - sounds like you and Bro had a brilliant time, and that is mega mileage! Really good to hear you sounding positive about your running.

    kiwi - good to see you image

    AA / Barry / 2old / Chick - some good sessions I see, great to read those....image

    O4S - enjoy the US trip image

    Well I have done some running, although it feels like I shouldn't call it that.  Nothing faster than 8m/m, and all feeling hard.  Also very tired - lots going on at work means my weekday alarm is now set permanently at 4.50am image. I'm also in late stages of interview process for a new job, which will be fantastic if I get it but also it's a stressful process.  Anyway, I am glad I have killed the Abo idea, just trying to get out and enjoy some plodding. 

    Minni - P and I are coming up to Northumberland in a couple of weeks - actually less than that, we arrive the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend.  It would be great to catch up, maybe do a run - nothing too long though and definitely nothing too fast!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Definitely Freemers! I have a 10 mile race on the Sunday and a fell race on the Monday - don't ask... I'm chasing Grand Prix points! Would either of those appeal to you? Let's do dinner if nothing else?
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Minni - the Sunday is my birthday and we're planning lunch out somewhere, so I'll probably not be the most popular if I try and sneak a race in!  And definitely not a fell race (you know me and hills!).  But we're there for a fortnight, so maybe a run the following weekend...and I might go to Druridge Bay for the parkrun on the Saturday.  But yes, definitely dinner....I'll text you at some point when we are there and we can sort something out image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Good to see you, Freemers. Fingers crossed on the job front. 4:50 to get up for a run is OK, but to get up for work this early is just not on. Poor you.

  • Hi freemers. Have a nice holiday. nice early running!

    minni - lots of hard racing for you  all great for confidence!

    15.5 hilly miles for me yesterday. Ave pace 8.0 min mile So that was ok. Tomorrow night is my big 3.8km open water swim. Dreading the mass deep water start. Hate all the kicking and punchingimage. Once the first 500m are done I will feel ok. Hoping for around 1h17. Intervals first thing though. Not gonna do too many image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free- good to see you back and'll soon be back where you were Before your injury. I should know. Happy need them after those early starts 

    AA- no taper for you before the swim then? Go smash it 

    Minni- congrats on your team win. Good to see you've got your mojo back. Lots of races there..careful.

    2k swim and 11miles at 7.28mm av yesterday and 10.5k easyish today. 


  • AA - Good luck for the swim. I've not got involved in the chaos of an ow start yet, I hang around at the back.

    2old - Very good training from you.  I'm 50 next year, hence the mid life crisis quote last year "IM before I'm 50".  Not really followed a plan for the HIM an only just getting consistent weeks of training in so not sure how to taper for it apart from resting Saturday.

    Freemers -  Good you are back running and good luck for the job, welcome to the world of early starts but I guess your job is a long day as well, at least I finish just gone 2 on earlies.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.  Bike is repaired.  Pool swim on  Monday.  5 mile run at 6:44 avg on Tuesday and pool swim again yesterday.



  • 2old - your pace has come back so quickly. I'm jealous!

    barry - is it your HIM this weekend? Which one are you doing? You've put in some great mixed training this summer. And no way will I keep up with you at Maidenhead if you're knocking out 5 milers at that pace for funimage

  • Hi Free- good to see you here. Enjoy your hols and don't let Pauline make you do any crazy fell races!image

    AA- good luck with the swim today, I'm sure you will be fab.

    Barry- damn you're fast. What are you aiming for in Maindenhead?

    Nice pace on your 11 miler 2Old.

    Yes, the Spitfire was lots of fun and very happy with the win. We didn't just beat all mixed teams in our category but all male teams as well by quite a distance. Into proper marathon training now starting with a 10k race tonight- eeeek!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-your diy HIM plan is tougher than I've seen in TRI mags so you should do very well. I wouldn't do too much from now on but then again you're still a youngster. 

    Brol- good luck with your 10k. Which one is it .Hope there's still a bit of spring left in the legs after Spitfire. 

    AA- don't think I can go much faster than that though. Use your fists and elbows tonight .Best of luck 

    brick session in the gym today 2x 13k on the exercise bike with 3.5k on the TM I between and afterwards. Sweaty way to spend 70 odd minutes. Celebrating youngest Miss2Os GCSE results tonight. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Hope you survived the swim, AA.

    I'm off to the Bavarian Alps on Monday for 2 weeks of mountain biking, climbing and hiking. Doubt I'll get much running in but it won't be a lazy holiday so the other activities will hopefully qualify as cross training image I'm running a local half marathon there on the 29th but that will be just a nice run with some company because
    a) it's PROPER hilly
    b) it starts at 2:30pm and the forecast is 25 degrees image

    If I feel good I'll throw some MP miles in.

    Before we go I have to do another 22 miler though image  I'm a bit tired at the mo image

    13 miles jogged this morning - gorgeous day. Sunny but not hot. Loved it.

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