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    Chick-looking good for your marathon. Hope you don't suffer too much taper madness. Thought someone would admonish me for those two runs image

    Barry- thought you'd stick to it...if it's not broken etc as they say. Fast splits 

    day off today. MLR and maybe a swim tomorrow 

  • Chick - nice pacy repeats.

    10 miles for me yesterday 3 x (1 slow 2 steady) 1 wd,  steady came out between 7:12 and 7:22. Swim club last night, bit of a blur/rush before night shift but trying to get in any many sessions as possible S&C this morning and will swim again tonight.  Just entered Wokingham HM, AA or anyone else entering?

  • 9 with strides today - planning a final long run for the weekend and then it's serious taper time image

    Best of luck for Sunday, DD

  • Chick; think i need more than luck, some training would have been good but not bothered its mostly trail and just for fun

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    Barry-Wockingham is a bit far for me but maybe I'll do Warrington (English) HM . Steady sounds fast to me. Keep on cramming 

    DD- never thought of 26.2 on trails as fun. 

    Chick - won't be long til AA and I officially taper...don't go too crazy 

    11mile MLR last night av 7.30mm with 6 around MP after a 2k interval swim session. Feeling very tired. 

  • Taaaaapeeeeer image

    Last long run logged. Exhausted from another frantic week at work.. sooo glad I'm done with the tough runs.

    Raining here image
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    Chick-enjoy the taper...cotton wool time. 

    Ykw this morning 1sec off my pb with 19.53. I planned to follow the 21min pacer and take it steady  but he did the first mile in 6.20 so I decided to see what would happen. Might do a HM tomorrow if my back is ok .....MP or race it . ? 

    Good running all this weekend 

  • When's your marathon? 3 weeks out I'd say race it but don't go flat out and leave your best on the road. 2 weeks out MP. Closer to race day, just walk itimage

    Nice ykw, crap pacer image
  • 2old - Nice YKW, good luck for today, bit late but I would have done a long warm up then MP.

    Chick - All the hard work done, try and enjoy the taper.

    Swam friday evening, was meant to bike yesterday morning but other stuff got in the way, swam yesterday afternoon(heavy kick sessionimage).  20 miles done this morning at 7:52, legs a bit heavy to start and a nice blood blister on my big toe but other than that all good.

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    Barry-nice 20 there. Keep working on the swim

    just back from Warrington.  Happy with 88.08. Could have been under that if I hadn't had my now normal toilet stop.More on the race later. 

  • 2old - that's a great half after your ykw yesterday! Good weekend all round I would say. !! Well done  

    Chick - happy tapering! is it 3 weeks for you?

    DD - how was it? Really hope it wasn't too painful for you and you found it fun!!

    barry - yep I will be doing Wokingham as only 20 mins from me. Well done on your 20. Bloody quick!! 

    Well ive had a pretty decent week this week for a change. 7 miles with 8x800s on Tuesday, 21 miles Thursday, 5 miles mp yesterday and 6 miles with 4 fast 6:47,6:42,6:39,6.38 this morning. few recovery runs and 51 miles for the week. 10k next week. No pressure as reining champion image 

  • Not so bad, plenty of steps, puddles..tunnels and nearer 27.5 than 26.2. Ran out of oomph at 16 miles. No great surprise after a longest run in training of 8 miles! but I can run a long way when knackered at 6-15 min/k. Finished in 4-24, happy enough with that. i think that is 46 marathons,retiring once I reach 50.  Good course, happy marshals, recommended.

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    AA-good week there, coming together nicely.I dont know how you can do those painful.Fast 4 too.Do us proud please and retain that title

    DD-thats how to do a marathon-experience ,natural fitness and strength , blood mindedness and a touch of stupidity. .The Iron man in you does the job. Well done. I will never get to 25 marathons let alone 46/50 unless I do one a month for a couple of years.


  • DD - Well done on the long mara off little training.

    2old -  you're running/racing  very well, impressive time for the half.

    AA - Quick miles and an impressive training week.

    Was meant to go swimming this morning but body said rest so stretching and roller instead.

  • DD: my sort of training and racing!

    Glad to see the rest of you hard at it - I have fallen out of love with running, at least temporarily, so mixing things up a bit. Did manage 9 on Saturday and 13 on Sunday, but no idea of pace - enjoyed Sat with the club, bored to death yesterday on my own image

    Think I am probably going to bin VLM next year and do more ultras with friends,plus shorter races for the club. I'll pop in from time to time to follow your progress........

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-doesnt hurt to listen to your body and rest..did the same myself today

    O4S-dont give up on running...just being out there is enough, although doing ultras would finish me off....then again maybe not---cake! Please dont leave it too long,I rely on your inspiration to keep going...maybe one more VLMimage


  • AA: 2 weeks. Well, actually 13 days imageimageimage  Wow, that was some serious pace there. Going for a 10k PB?

    DD: you nutter! But well done. I believe the retirement when I see it ... image but yeah 50 is loads. I'm running my 10th - not sure I'll ever see 20 ...

    VLM without O4S wouldn't be a proper VLM image

    Just 5 miles plodded here. Actually, quite nice to have a bit of a lie in image 

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    Enjoyed my weekend running .After the YKW (7th overall, 1st for age splits6.21,6.28,6.21,0.44) I had thought I had left everything I had there and thought about doing the HM at mp. However as soon as I have a number on the idea of not pushing it disappears especially when I line up near the front at the start of the race.

    My aim was sub 1.30 especially as my last attempt at this race ended 8 seconds short off that target a few years ago. Its a strange course 2-3 miles from the centre of the tired looking town into the beautiful Cheshire country and then back to the finish in the centre via a short visit into Warrington Wolves RL stadium. The country section essentially was a climb up about 75meters for about five miles and then down hill .This is reflected in my splits(as is my comfort break).My aim was to stay on target up and see what I could do going down.


    So all in all it went pretty well.93rd overall and 5th for my age group which I think started at 50.

    That concluded a 57 mile week for me the most I will do in this campaign. Think I will start a four week taper as of today as I was too tired to do anything. Hopefully one more LR to go.

  • 2Old: Your clearly running well

    AA: Speedy Intervals

    Chick: Have just checked that was 45, 5 more to go!

    O4S: Running for fun is so much more preferable to racing for results!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- I do tris for fun and one day I will run only for fun ....probably sooner than I think 

  • DD - totally mad but well done. Hope you're not too broken now!!

    chick - omg coming round quick!! What's the forecast? It's warming up here now...

    2old - there's plenty of life in you yet! Great running. I'm with you on a 4 week taper!

    o4s - ypi love your ultras hey and are an excellent example how age is no barrier - selfishly I hope you're still there at Bramley and london next year!

    amsterdam will be number 24 for me! 6x1000m reps this morning  the local 10k on Sunday is hilly and the only one I do each year  - reading roadrunners organise it so there's normally a good turn out. I do feel pressure on me as the village knows I run! I did 41:42 last year and that's a pb. 


  • 2old - Very well raced/paced and speedy comfort stop. Congrats on the placing,

    o4s  - Fallen out of love with running but still 20 miles over the weekend.image Think we all go through phases of not enjoying, hopefully you'll be at VLM.

    AA - You're running well, PB under threat?

    Valencia will be number 14 for me that's 2 a year since I started this fun.  My usual Tuesday morning blast today, very wet 5 miles with middle 3 quick(6:42,6:34,6:20)

  • AA: no to Bramley I'm afraid - I see it is on 14th Feb and I am already booked for an ultra that day, running with some friends.  While you are storming round Amsterdam I'll be squelching through the mud in Rotherham for 50 milesimage

    if by some miracle BA can make it to the start line in London I'll shuffle round with him but as it is only 6 days before my 100 mile event I certainly won't be racing!

    Having managed 21 miles over the weekend yesterday I did my usual 15 mile interval session in spinning and led a 6 mile run at the club, somehow agreeing to run in the British Masters XC relays and the Drogo 10, an off road race that takes you up the side of a gorge image.  

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    O4S-that listof runs is hell of a way to' have fallen out of love with running'....I'm now beginning to hate it tooimage

    Barry-another quick 5 mile session.Lisbon will ony be no 12 for me and Ive been going around 10 years.Better get my act together.

    AA-nice tally of marathons there.You'll  smash that 10k

    Just noticed my HM time gives me a WAVA of first ever in the 80simage....probably the last too.

  • 2Old: I think I have just fallen out of love with the grind of structured training for a marathon - shorter distances (at least up to HM) don't really require any special training. After over 40 years working I am enjoying being able to decide what I want / feel like doing every day.  The great thing about ultras is that with the ones I do (mainly LDWA type) walking chunks is seen as perfectly normal and there is cake!! imageimage  I have just baked 200 pieces of shortbread, 200 of flapjack and 200 of bread pudding for our group's off-road marathon on Saturday - I am sweeper so can just saunter round at the back and sample the goodies image

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    O4S- guess your right marathons do demand structured training which can be a pain and get in the way of life. Those cakes sound tasty. I'd be tempted to run that race just for them 

    just a 2k swim today. Still cream crackered after Sunday 

  • Well of course if you do marathons for fun you don't actually need to train, the last 4 I have done have been done off virtually no long runs, but still average somewhere around 35 mile weeks.

    Thirty miles on the bike this morning and then a two mile trot tonight with youngest son.  Survived mara unscathed, no aches, soreness etc

    AA; Enjoy the taper and the 10k,

    2old; nice wava grading, have not got near the 80's myself for a couple of years now.

    O4S: i know exactly where your coming from, no structure is good!

    Barry: 14 is a lot in two years, you cant be racing them all at your peak.

    On Sunday i was talking to Plodding Hippo once of these forums who started 13 years ago pretty well when I did, she was on Mara 391!


  • 391!!!  Does she have a life?image

    Those cake-fuelled ultras sound great. I don't think they do such a thing in Germany though... the 100 Marathon Club in Hamburg always have cakes at their events though. You pay 8 Euros (bargain!!), run around a lake for umpteen laps and pass the feed station umpteen times. They have a marathon every month and in June they even do a day with a triple marathon - one in the morning, one at noon and one in the afternoon.

    I love structured training - it's the only way I get my ass in gear and get my calorie consumption in line with my calorie intake. Cue I'd be a massive fat lass if I didn't run image

    80% WAVA sounds great. I've never bettered 74% I think.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    DD- plodding hippo....a legend..,.and allegedly refuels on gin

    Chick- any taper madness ?

    Didn't get up in time for planned LR so lunchtime alternative was a bit shorter - 16.1 miles on the TM first 10 around 8mm last 10k at MP
  • I just wasn't feeling the love for my planned 16 yesterday. Started night school on Tuesday night (I'm learning sign language!) and was shattered yesterday. Knew I had to work. And I'm driving down to Exeter to see my boy at uni today so looks like it's gone by the wayside. Just have to have confidence I've done enough long ones. I might try and do 15/16 next Wednesday....any thoughts??

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