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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-strange thing the seems to make you think that's it ..stop ,when really there's still a bit to go- especially if it's a four week one.Try and get that 16 done this week and another next and you won't regret it. You'll be fine once you're out on the road. My problem is that my other life is getting in the way of my runs for the next week or so. Think the TM is going to get a bit of use.
  • Agree with 2old, AA. A 16 miler won't hurt.

    Looks like life or more precisely work will be getting in my way too this week and next image so I won't really be getting to the start line well rested ... I think next time I'll be planning a holiday before my marathon.Lots of bugs going round there and half the team is off sick image
  • 2Old- storming HM from you. Very impressive.image

    Chick- people can be so inconsiderate getting sick when you're trying to taper... hate it! Hang in there, not long to go now.

    AA- get that 16m in!

    San Sebastian will be number 9 for me in five years of running.

    Things are looking up here, had a couple of 'holy shit' runs in the last couple of weeks so hoping for a good half on 11th October. Threshold intervals done yesterday and 5m easy planned for later today.

  • No holy shit run here image  I'm really scared of marathon day now... no idea what to expect. Guess I'll just stick to 7:58 mm and hang on for dear life to try and bag another sub 3:30. Taper nerves. Oh dear.

    Got my official registration pack today. Ordered my gels. Booked a haircut. Need to cut my toenails at the weekend and shave my legs image

  • 2old: PH is indeed a legend

    AA; taper madness be upon you

    Chick; fear not you have travelled this road before

    Bro: Holy shit is good.

    Ran club hill session last night, too soon after Mara for a hard session and screwed groin....... Grr
  • Haircut done. There was a bunch of kids in there full of cold image I think I have a sore throat now. Aargh.
  • Chick - are you a week to go?? Dose up in vitamin c!! and hand gel!

    i fell out my apple tree today picking apples. Hit my shin 3 times and have big lump on ankle now. Not boding too well for 10k title defence tomorrow but I'm gonna give it a go. icing like a good girl!!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    How long till marathon day AA, Chick?
  • AA - Hope the 10k went well even with the apple tree injury.

    Chick - Enjoy the taper madness.

    DD - Hope not too serious, think you were speed reading, Valencia will make 14 maras in 7 years for me.

    2old - impressive WAVA.

    Minni - just for you here's the list:

    DD - Bath Tunnels 20th Sept

    Chick -Bremen 4th October

    AA-Amsterdam 18th October

    2Old- Lisbon 18th October

    Minni-Marine Corps ? 25th October

    Barry - Valencia 15 Nov

    Bro- San Sebastian- 29th November

    Good run on Thursday just over 10  3 x(1slow, 1MP, 1HMP) 1 wd.  Swam on Friday and yesterday rest  due to day trip to Blackpool to see Dad. 

    I've had some trouble with new Brooks Ghost, seam on upper was rubbing and causing bad blister on big toe.  Took them back for exchange Friday due to manufacturing fault but left  me struggling fro shoes for the 20 this morning.  Decided on my worn Ghost but felt crap from the start, right hip started niggling  from 5 miles and headed home after 10 then saw my Mizuno Wave riders which I sometimes use for shorter quicker stuff, decided to give them ago and wow much better as can be seen by splits:
    8:02,7:42,7:36, 7:26.7:25,7:36,7:32.7:37,7:29,7:18

    Just messaged so I can swap new ghost for some new Wave Riders.

  • Hi guys,

    can't get on the forum from my phone any more, but trying to keep up with your races on facebook where I can!


    DD - hope your groin injury isn't too serious - nice marathon last week on little training. I certainly couldn't do that!

    Saw Carrot was at Berlin today, still on my bucketlist of to dos.

    Chick - get that first defence down you, dirty children and their germs!

    AA - you fell off an apple tree?! How was your 10km?

    Hello to all, will pop in from time to time to keep up with your autumn marathon performances, really admire all of your hard training and progress you are making with your running - something to aspire to!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Brief pop in. Away. Limited internet. Hope all going well for marathons coming. Only 28miles last week and managing on TM this. Too much of the wrong nutrition too.
  • Kiwi: nice to see you

    AA: hope the 10K title defence went well.

    Barry: stick to the wave riders!

    I see Carrot had a good mara in Berlin

    Groin not great but OK for cycling, so 50 miles Sat, 40 Sun, 46, Mon, run tonite 

  • Barry - nice running again. 

    2old - enjoy your trip - your week last week sounded the same as mine!!

    DD - wish I had your love for the bike!

    chick - any taper dreams yet? Feeling good this week??

    kiwi - nice to see you popping in. 

    How did carrot get on?

    lost the title. To some youngster!! I came 3rd in 42:33. Found it hard. It was hot and 6-9k are all uphill ! Excuses in...! 5 miles recovery yesterday. 9 today. 16 planned for tomorrow then taper madness can kick in!

  • Nightmare. Fell over at 9.5 miles into my 16 miler today. Gashed my knee badly and had to get a lift home. Can't bend it at all. Cut to the bone. that was my last chance to do a long one. Here's hoping I've done enough. Not having a great week hey!!!

  • AA: ouch, hope it heals quickly.

    Another 40miles on the bike, hill reps last night not kind to groin

  • Ouch, AA imageimage and well done on making the podium in your 10k image any prizes for 3rd?

    Must stalk carrot's result image  only I can't remember her married name image

    Managed to run every day in September image a bit like my March challenge.

    I'm SERIOUSLY panicking about Sunday though. It's my first marathon since being diagnosed with a leaky heart valve so it'll be interesting to see if I can last the distance. Should be OK as long as I listen to my body and don't do anything stupid. But I usually end up doing something VERY stupid in miles 1-3 image

  • AA- ouch ouch ouch. Rest now and don't worry about any more long runs, the training is done. Well done on the 10k, great time on a hilly course (in my books anyway)image

    Chick- when are you off? Are there any internet stalking options? I'm sure you'll be fine. Watch those first few miles though!

    Feels like thing are going very well at the moment, seem to be picking up the speed on all runs and especially my 20 milers have been quite swift and strong but I guess the GER next Sunday will tell if it really is going well or if I'm just being optimistic. Anyway... confidence levels are up which can't be a bad thing.

  • Hi Bro image the event is too small for internet stalking - only 5000 runners most of which are doing the half marathon (slackers ...) image

    But I'll post as soon as I get access to my phone image

    Glad your running is going so well.

    I'm carb loading image  I think I managed about half the carb intake I'm supposed to and I feel bleurgh. Not sure I can cope with much more. Guess I'll force a plate of pasta and some juice down tonight but not looking forward.

  • Chick - Yeah first few miles seem soooo easy.  Well done on the daily running.

    AA - Ouch you have been in the wars, well done on the podium. You've done enough.

    Brol - Feeling the positive vibes, GER flat?

    Kiwi - Good to hear from you.

    Tough run in the sunshiiiiine yesterday, 10 miles with 3 x(1steady 2 HMP) 1 WD. Got my bumblebee magazine today, but never in doubt due to deferral this year.



  • Chick - thinking of you! I hate carb loading. 

    bro - excellent sounds positive. Good luck at the GER. 

    im in Venice with mr AA this weekend. I can hardly walk. My knee has blown up like a balloon but at least the wound is healing. Icing as and when I can. Can't get up and down all the bloody steps over the bridges. Killer. Trying not to think that I've only got 2 weeks left ....

  • Hi Guys, Apologies I have been completely AWOL. Work has been manic all throughout the summer which has involved lots of work over the weekends. This has given the boot to my long runs.

    Been getting in the runs but not the quality I would like to run a Autumn no marathon on the horizon until London, magazine through yesterday...

    See Chick is running Bremen this weekend...good luck image


    Running Glasgow HM this weekend, but not expecting a PB...


    Sorry to hear about the knee AA image

  • AA: two weeks is a long time, you will be fine

     Chick; go well, dont be shit

    Bro; good that your confident

    Blue; have a good 1/2

    Mile reos with club yesterday did groin no favours, 30 on bike today with lots and lots of steep climbs

  • Thanks guys image

    AA: knee sounds horrible. Hope you can still enjoy Venice a bit.

    Nerves kicking in image just jogged a mile to calm down a bit.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-snap I'm in the same place today.

    Chick- smash it tomorrow. Good luck

    Bye for now
  • nell - good to hear from you and good luck for tomorrow.

    Chick -  Have a good one tomorrow and "enjoy".

    5 miles with middle 3 quick yesterday and swim club last night.  Very pleasant walk around the Forest of Dean with youngest and dog today, swim club soon.

  • Chick - thinking of you. Good luck tomorrow, relax and think of Seb's wise words!!!

  • Hi DD, Ouch that doesn't sound fun on the hill reps...

    HI Barry,  If the weather was like up here, the Forest of Dean would have been lovely today !

  • Hope Nell and Chick are racing well.

    20 miles for me this morning, avg 7:48 but last few were a real grind, maybe yesterday afternoon's kick heavy swim session was still in legs.

  • 3:33 ish forgot to stop Garmin.... Felt strong all the way but had to pay attention to HR and slowed down after 25k to keep it in check.glad I survived my first marathon with a dodgy heart image
  • Ah chick that's absolutely brilliant image well done. And very sensible listening to your body and doing the right thing. Well done..

    barry - another good run  well done  

    nell - hope you got on ok  

    my knee now has a big lump on it. Might try a gentle run tomorrow to see if i can. 

    2old - we are next. I'm questionable at the moment. but thinking positively. How are you feeling?

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