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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- very well done there and a great confidence builder for the future.  Pressure is on AA and I now

    AA- I know how you feel. I've been troubled with my back for he last week and wonder if running is a good idea except it's less painful when I do.  Trust the trainng. You'll be fine. Ice got to try and lose the weight I've accumulated the last 10days so I'm not expecting great things in Lisbon.  

    Oh no it's now thunder and raining in Venice -as if there's not already enough water here. 

    Managed just over 200 miles in September and about 41 slow miles this week. Just done 8miles on a half mile circuit around my hotel. Seem to have lost my speed so will be glad to try and sharpen up at home next week 

  • Thanks image I'll only see a cloud of dust if I ran with you guys.

    Quick summary of the day (dint think I can be arsed with a race report): I think I went thru half in about 1:43 today but as I got to 25k my HR got to 84% and I had to bottle it. Bit of a shame but it's what the cardiologist told me and I think I'd better listen. So a slower second half as I had expected but now I feel quite fresh image

    The beauty of not going flat out I guess.

    I'm so happy I can still run marathons at a reasonable pace without having to worry I might keel over.

    Official time on the website is 3:33:02 (which included a brief stop to hug Mr. Chick and pick up a water bottle from him). 3rd in age cat (W45) and 17th woman overall.

    Stuffed myself with a.burger and chips and had a couple of beers image
  • Chick: magic, really pleased for you.

  • Chick - bloody perfect well done! 

    2old - I have been in Venice since Thursday and left today!! It's not made for running at all so I'm mighty impressed that you've done 8 miles! I've not run at all since my fall on Wednesday, but by the time I left Venice today I could manage the steps up and down over all the bloody bridges...which was a massive improvement since thuraday. I'm tempted to try and run a mile or 2 tomo and see if I can..

  • chick - Very well done, great result.

  • Hi Chick, Great news on the marathon. You must be really pleased with that considering how things have went lately? image

    Hi AA, Not really liking the sound of your knee image

    Hi Barry, That sounds a good run on the back of a heavy swim session...

    Hi 2old, I am surprised you aren't dizzy after that run?

    Well Glasgow HM yesterday. I must admit I wasn't really expecting much as although I had been getting in runs during the week, my LR's had really suffered over the summer. So stamina was going to be tested. I guessed if I could try and keep under 6:40 as best I could I would be happy with that. With a bit of a misunderstanding where I should be, I suddenly discovered my wave was about to go, so had to hop over into the pen and work my way forward quickly. Anyway to cut a long story short I got through, I got to the last mile and had a look at my time and saw I wouldn't be too far off my PB time, but maybe just over. Happy with that I just ran from there and finished exactly on my PB time (well unofficially 2 seconds quicker) but the official time is 1:25:41 exactly the same as I ran in Alloa for my PB.....spooky or what?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Chick - fantastic result!  Very well done and you must be delighted?  Glad the ticker behaved!

    Thanks for the list Barry:

    AA-Amsterdam 18th October

    2Old- Lisbon 18th October

    Minni-Marine Corps ? 25th October

    Barry - Valencia 15 Nov

    Bro- San Sebastian- 29th November


    Quite international now!   Next up AA (AA I also have a gashed knee, maybe its out age...image) and 2old.  What's Lisbon like 2Old?  I imagine Amsterdam will be flat AA?!

    I've been mooching along with a low mileage and lots of racing, it seems.  Put together a list for our club awards night and realise I've done 15 races and one tri in the last 4 months!  All have been better than my expectations except the only one non runners are interested in - GNR.  It was a shocker!  Maybe it was down to it being the 4th race in three weeks, maybe it was this or that, or maybe it was just realistic of where I am at.  Anyway 1:41!  I've managed 5 long runs in the lead up to Marines and the final 20 at the weekend I clocked up an average of 8:29 and really enjoyed it.    My aim is to just sneak a GFA but we'll wait and see.  I've only been running between 30-40mpw.

    But, I have finally accepted that there's no reason for me not to start proper training again.  No matter what I've done over the summer I've not cause any distress to my old injuries. So, get this marathon out the way and take it from there.  Watch this space...!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-marathon training is going well I see.Interesting about your shoe crisis...wonder if you just couldnt get used to running slowly possibly engaging different muscles and found your mojo again at a fast pace.

    Chick-great placing on Sunday well done.This low HR training may be worth a try.Im looking forward to my post race meal already.

    AA-looks like the knee is on the mend so all should be good for you.Venice isnt the easiest of running cities hence the laps-wonder where the route of their marathon goes..thats in a few weeks. What is your running plan from now on?

    Nell-good to see you back and another quality HM there from you yesterday. Im sure youcould bang out a good marathon time tomorrow.Did you say that youll be at London next year...probably in the FGFA section.

    Minni-so pleased your return has gone well and you're confident to ramp it up after Marine Corps.Good solid training too and fingers crossed for that GFA.Patience will pay off. Ive never been to lisbon so am looking forward to it. The first 21k is pretty undulating with a series of hills from from a base of 1-5m upto 20-25m approx (I would call that hilly) and the rest is less so but with a proper hill towards the end. Im not expecting PBs and am doing this one for charity so it should be a fun(?) morning.

    Bit shocked yesterday to see I had put 8lb on in 10days so now on a starvation diet for a week. Did a test 10k last night around my usual route-splits:7.36,7.12,7.22,7.11,7.10,7.13,1.23. Didnt feel easy and was a minute slower than 3 weeks ago . Need to get one more LR in this week I think.


  • Great to see you Minni image and brilliant you're running again. Best of luck for Marine Corps. When are you travelling over?

    I just realised it's the Miami marathon when we're in Florida next year in January. Our schedule has us in Orlando that weekend but I'm toying with the idea of moving things. Don't tell Mr. Chick image

    Hope you can shift those pounds, 2old. 8lbs sounds a bit much. You sure your scales aren't broken??

    Shite weather here. Feeling pretty smug that I don't have to go out there at the mo image

  • Nell - great running when you weren't feeling too confident about times before hand!!

    chick - how's the recovery?

    minni - i only ever run that amount in marathin training!! You'll be faster than you think in marine corps. 

    2old - not sure. Think I'm doing a reverse type taper. I don't feel very fast, cant afford to push anything. I ran 7 miles this morning and even though my knee felt sore, think my hammy was worse by the end!! Rest tomorrow and thinking about 9 miles Thursday on the lanes and an interval session Friday. as I fell last week it will make my last run of 21 miles 4.5 weeks before the marathon which seems too long but I've run out of time now!! How did I ever do 2 in 6 days???

  • Hi 2old, I'm sure back to a normal diet and a couple of runs will bring you back down to normal weight. What is it they say 'You can't fatten a thoroughbred?'

    Yep, I will be back to London on GFA next year. Guy who I was meant to run with this year will be running and wants us to pace each other...

    Hi Chick, Good luck with the planning image

    Hi AA, Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Remember ice is our big friend! image

    Easy 5 miles yesterday and today, first run in the rain for ages today. Don't want to make it a habit again though!


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- the scales are brand new...but are they accurate? Don't gloat too much there's a few of us here with a bit to do yet image

    AA-yes remember you did 2 in 6 days. This one will be easy. it's amazing how much we underestimate our experience and the miles already in our legs.Be confident. Think I'm doing a reverse taper too.

    Nell- well done  getting out in the rain particularly as there was no need. I waited for the rain to stop. 

    9 miles tonight av7.29. Felt a bit easier than last night. 

  • 3 miles jogged this morning. Felt a bit weird and my left hammy is playing up but I'll give that a good going over with the spiky ball tonight image
    I'm sure you'll be absolutely find 2old and AA. You can draw on experience and lots of accumulated miles in those legs.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- no need to rush back,maybe rest a bit more....not that I wouldimageIts not experience I need's a good few less years 

    succumbed to my insecurity so did a longish run 16miles 7.38mm av . this evening. Not sure what I learnt from it except that the extra 10miles seems along way. Curiously my back problem has moved up to just under the ribs ,right side ,from just above the pelvis....what's that all about?

    anyway proper taper from now on image


  • nell - well done that's a great result for the HM.

    aa - hope your recovery is going well, and no more mishaps/injuries please.

    2old - couple of nice steady runs from you.

    Bit of a naff week from me, not feeling the love, maybe over trained, so no running until yesterday, 3 miles, and 5 miles today trying to break in new shoes for Swindon HM on Sunday. Been swimming and S&C so not slacking completely.image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-won't hurt to taper for the HM and have a rest too. It took me a bit to recover from my HM after a week of heavy training. 

    Swam a bit yesterday ...doesnt take long to lose swimming conditioning . Easy run today and not sure about the weekend though I have a 10/12 miler scheduled to fit in around a trip to Twickenham tomorrow. 

    Feeling the taper aches pains and flu type symptoms now.....or is the DTs

  • Chick- awesome effort from you. Very well done and so glad everything worked as it should. You should be very pleased.imageimageimage

    AA- hope the knee is recovered in time- ouch. Must be getting excited. Amsterdam is great, I would love to do it again sometime. What are you aiming for dare I ask?

    2Old- Tapir madness I see... Nice cheeky 16 miler there- tut tut!

    Barry- good luck on Sunday!

    Hi Nell! Welcome back.

    Minni- look forward to tuning in for THE COMEBACK!

    All going ok here. GER on Sunday will be a good indication of where I'm at. Excited and scared!


  • Hi Bro, Good luck Sunday, that's a good feeling. Looking forward to hear how you get on.image

    Hi 2old, Unfortunately the way work is at the moment, I just have to take my chance to run when I can.Hope the back is feeling better. Cheeky little 16 there eh? I would go for 10.

    Hi Barry, Nothing wrong with easing off a bit to rekindle things!

    Hi Chick, Spiky ball, my eyes are watering thinking about it image

    6 miles yesterday and S+C today. No real quality sessions this week, just easy to moderate runs. Working again this weekend, hoping to get a run in Sunday if I can and have the energy....

  • Good luck bro and Barry today. 

    2old - deffo cheeky 16! How's the back? How you feeling now?

    the knee seems to be recovered ok now. Managed 2x9 milers, 7 miles and a little interval session this week. Too little too late probably. Can't believe it's a week to go!! Couple of 4/5 milers this week and that's it thenimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-yes 10 is probably a better idea. Hope you get your run in

    Barry/Bro- good luck today ...probably half way there by now.You should both  get fast times 

    AA- glad to see knee is ok and you put in some decent runs this week. You'll do good next Sunday 

    easy 5.5 on Friday , sprint from Twickenham to station yesterdayimage ,and will do 10 today then pretty much as per AA the rest of the week

    back still an issue. Will address this after Lisbon  

  • Taper time has come round quickly for you AA and 2old. Glad to hear the knee is better. And hope your back holds, 2old.

    Nell: the spiky ball has saved my running on numerous occasionsimage it's a love/hate relationship image

    Hope bro and Barry race well today. It's turned incredibly cold and windy here. Ground frost last night .... Shiver!!

    Glad it wasn't like that last Sunday and hope it's better where you guys are.
  • Hi Chick, lol! Yes, I totally agree the spiky ball has been a saviour for me on occasions. Painful, but very effective image


    Hi AA, Glad you could get some miles in. Not too late if it gives you that bit of confidence image

    Hi 2old, Maybe the warmth in Lisbon will be good for the back!image

    10 miles this morning for me. First few miles the legs were objecting. Not sure the S+C Friday and standing up in a computer hall all day yesterday were much help. Passed the people heading up to the Pentland Skyline 16 mile race with a 6200 feet climb and left them to it heading out on the country roads. Felt ok after the first few miles and settled in coming home on an average 7:10mm, but the legs are a bit aching now .... lovely mild morning with no wind though, yes in Edinburgh!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Wonder how it went for Bro and Barry today 

    Chick - maybe I need the spiky ball - see below 

    Nell- nice 10 there in what sounds spectacular countryside . Yes I hope the heat helps 

    11 this morning av 7.30mm the first 3 being gradual warm up. 48 for the week. Back definitely a problem but at least I have a week for some improvement. 

  • AA - Good news on the knee, taper well and stay away from the lurgy.

    2old - Good strong run.

    Nell - did n't fancy the skyline run?

    Good day at Swindon HM, great conditions if a little cold to start. Lumpy course splits of 6:37,6:31,6:40,6:41,7:09,7:19, 6:42,6:45,6:35,6:44,6:44,7:01,6:37, 5:17 so very happy with 1:29:21,  paced/encouraged a young runner from 12 miles and crossed line together bit miffed he pipped me by one placeimage, 29th position and 4th in age group.image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- Cold is good -excellent HM and back sub 90 where you belong. Lumpy? looked like a big mountain in the middle! Well on track for your marathon 

  • Barry- excellent running from you yesterday. Very well done!image

    GER not quite as successful for me. 1:34:12 so 20s outside my PB. Very disappointed to start with as really felt PB was on the cards based on my recent training but after giving it some thought can see it's not a complete disaster. Not far off my best with a solid 5 week training block still ahead before the taper. Can't ignore that I've been knocking out fast 20m runs every weekend so legs probably not as fresh as they could be. Also garmin was completely out from the first mile and measured 13.3m. Would normally ignore it and blame on technology but looking on strava and reading comments many clocked up similar so inclined to believe that the course was a bit long. Still a great race, flat as a pancake and perfect day for it. Will definitely do it again.

  • 2old - Yeah miles 4 and 5 are the hardest, steady uphill then steep down at 8.

    Brol - Good racing from you and maybe an unofficial PB. 

    Just stretching/rolling yesterday and 1k in the pool this morning mainly left breathing practice -   aaaarrrgghh. Love the wave riders so much ordered another pair this morning, currently got red/black so had to go different and went for flouro yellow/black - no missing me.image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-excellent HM there...wonder what its like to do a HM without marathon training inthe legs?Thinking about it that when I got my HM pb many years(2007) ago. Looks like you're well on track for your next marathon.Will this be your first marathon this year 'raced'?

    Barry-swimming is so technical and Im too lazy to bother so you'll be making all the progress with those sessions. Bright shoes as per usual for you  though they may not beat my tangerine orange Brooks shoes (bought as they were a bargain not for the colour though I quite like them )

    6 miles today av 7.10mm just faster than my ideal mp though I cant see me lasting anywhere near that pace with my back/hip pain ,extra kilos and general feeling of lethargy

  • 2Old- yes, first mara raced this year for me. 7.10mm... very swift MP indeed!image When are you off?

    AA- hope tapir is behaving!

    Barry- I'm currently wearing in my purple wave enigmas for San seb... I'm such a mizuno junkyimage!

    4m recovery plod done yesterday and gym/ 7 easy home planned for after work.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-I'm off on Friday. Looking forward to it. Not sure I'm in the right condition to maintain that pace this time and not sure I want the stress of trying either. Purple?hmm we are a rainbow thread 

    AA- staying sane ?

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