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  • 7:10 is my HM pace image

    Well done on sub 90, Barry.

    And a great time on tired legs, Bro image

    My mizunos are purple too image

    12 miles this morning. Testing the waters image felt ok but I wouldn't have wanted to go much longer.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- 7.10 was my London pace,LiVerpool was a few seconds slower per mile. Sunday will be slower again. To add to my list of excuses is that Lisbon is pretty hilly too and also it is forecast to rain .....more excuses to follow . You don't hang about...12 miles already good going but be careful. What's your next test ? Like the colour but it is a bit common hereimage

  • Barry - great half. Back in the sub 90s again! 

    Bro - youre right in the heavy end of marathon training so smashing out a fast half is always gonna be tough. you did good. 

    Chick - 12 already???!! Rest girl!!

    2old - I'm feeling your pain! Keep the excuses coming! I have a list too!!

    so, after my knee behaving towards the end of last week it blew up again on Monday and was really painful. Strapped it up and I now haven't run since Saturday and it seems to be ok again. To run before Sunday or just go risk it??! think I might have a plod tomorrow. I'm going to set off for 3:30 pace and just try and hang on. I  know its  gonna be painful, but it always is hey. Going to take a bucket load of mental strength with me. But be sensible as I'm going on my own so for to get home on my own too!! Flying from Southampton Saturday and back home Sunday afternoon. There's tracking I think. My number is 3807. Crap number!!!

  • AA- a plod would probably make you feel better (mainly mentally). Will be tracking for sure! Glad the knee seems to be behaving again. You will smash 3.30 again, you know you will!image

    2Old- nice excuses. What's the target???image

    Chick- back with a vengeance I see!

    9m steady into work this morning and legs seem to be back to normal and ready for some intervals tomorrow.image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-Im sure your knee will be fine on Sunday. As Bro says a jog for a couple of miles should do the job. You have the fitness and the bloody mindedness to stick with that pace.Is there a pacer.Pity you are on your own ,though I bet you'll soon latch onto a lively group from GB when you're there.

    Bro-you soon recovered-nice 9....and intervals to come!!!..maybe you didnt try hard enough on SundayimageTarget(s)-1.stick with the 3.15 pacer.  2.sub3.20(GFA) 3.Enjoy the experience because my time doesnt matter and I've raised some cash for a deserving charity.

    5 miles done today escalating from 7.57 to 7.21, av 7.35.One more run before Sunday. Think I'm no 771.

  • Hope you're OK for the weekend, AA. I bet the race adrenaline will mask any pain. How you get home afterwards is another story but hey you are in Holland. Just buy a massive spliff at the next street corner and the pain will disappear image

    2old: I'd say 3 coz I did just that and it was way, way nicer than chasing a random PB and killing yourself in the process. But I bet you follow target 1image

    Enjoy those intervals, Bro image

    Well, zero running here today. I needed a lie in this morning and now it's bucketing with rain. Glad I have the choice at the mo and don't have to feel guilty about missing a workout.

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    Chick- I may need one of those pain relief things for my back. You're probably right about the option .

    Any advice how best to run a marathon in heavy showers which are forecast ?This will be a first
  • Smoking dope is excellent pain reliefimage

    I've never run a wet marathon ... At VLM 2010 we were rained on at the start but then the rain stopped. Hope the forecast changes by the weekend ... You're in Portugal ffs - it's supposed to be sunny there image
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    Chick- didn't see you at VLM 2010!-how did I miss you?The nearest for me was Chicago 2007-so hot,I poured water over my head every drink stop....resulted in wet feet and blisters...and the race was stopped after 4 hours as the water ran out image. Trouble with that suggested pain relief is that you should never try anything new at a marathon .

  • Hi Barry, Well done on the HM, no didn't fancy the Skyline run at all!

    Hi Bro, Very annoying when a course isn't measured properly. I suppose the main focus is the marathon, very jealous...Mizuno clothing for me at the moment, so comfortable, although I am sticking to the Saucony Type A6's at the moment.image

    Hi AA, Fingers crossed on the knee.

    Hi 2old, Ticking over nicely for Sunday...

    Hi Chick, Nice to se you are enjoying the flexible approach after the marathon.

    Hooked up with a group last night who run every Tuesday evening led by one of the Scottish Triathlon team. Hill Reps last night, 2 bus stops up and one stop recovery back down (6 miles in all). Good session, but I might leave out the S+C gym session in the morning next time they have that session! 5 miles easy recovery this morning. Change of location for my son's swimming club this evening. So found myself on the Promenade where one of the local clubs perform reps on a Wednesday evening, so think I have found my time filler for a Wednesday evening.image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- looks like you're going to get even faster mixing in that company. I used to fit runs in lIke that. Good time management .

    AA-looks a bit cooler in Amsterdam than Lusbon...lucky you .

    4.5 m today and that's it until Sunday-started carbo loading too. More excuses to add to my list...lots of cobbles and high humidity and my spy whose just back from Lisbon says it's hilly . More to follow. image

  • Boarding pass printed. List of gear made. Can't believe I'm running a marathon when I haven't run over double figures for over 4 weeks... Knee is still bruised...hammy is tight, calf is tight, weather looks wet and cold... Still finding excuses too!!! And average mileage is 34 miles a week image

    2old - safe journey. I will be thinking of you Sunday. What time do you start???

  • AA - Good luck and "enjoy".

    Nell - always helps to do speedy stuff with others.

    2old - wet weather marathon, plenty of anti chaff lube and look at the positive hydration on the move. Good luck.

    chick - good to have a unplanned rest day once in a while.

    5 miles on Wednesday, 1 to 1 swim lesson yesterday legs battered by a heavy kick set, 10 miles this morning and legs felt ok after 3 or so.

  • Hi 2old, last time I was in Lisbon was when I was backpacking over 25yrs ago now...I certainly remember climbing a couple of hills to get to sightsee. A few other colourful stories from that time I seem to remember image... Good luck whatever, rain or hills!

    Hi AA, Good luck Sunday, hope the knees are ok...

    Hi Barry, Your legs sound how mine felt last Sunday..funny how those first few miles seem to shake things off. Yes, that is the idea, use the other guys to give me a bit more drive...we will see how it goes, I am definitely a morning runner though.

    7 miles yesterday with 3 x 1 mile reps with 400M recoveries. 6:24, 6:12, 6:16. Been some lovely mornings this week and hardly any wind. Long may it continue!

  • Best of luck AA and 2old image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Morning all. Thanks for the good wishes. Warm but not too hot here. Tough night last night watching my back up team drinking lots of beer and wine. Feel like I'm about to give birth after all the carbs. Off to register soon then rest with a break to see if I can find a tv to watch Wales in the quarter finals of the RWC. Think you can track me on

    AA- have a great race. Try the Dutch pancakes ..,they are huge .
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    Oh dear forecast tomorrow thunder lightening heavy showers 90%humidity 20c. Definitely PB conditions ...not
  • Good luck 2old! Perfect conditions then....!!!

    im sat at Southampton airport thinking omg! Huge lump still on knee and I think my body has forgotten how to run long! Also feeling like a massive fat blob. Carb loading is horrid!!

  • Sympathies guys. Carb loading sucks...

    Hope the rain stays away.

    Bit of CNBA here. It's dark and miserable image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Got my numbet -saw lots of flooded roads and a few uprooted trees. Nice challenge it a Tough Mudder?I'm allocated to the 3.30 section -maybe a hint ?

    AA- ice that knee
  • Hi AA, Hope the knee eases.

    Hi 2old, Sounds like this marathon could have a couple of stories to bring back...

    Parkrun this morning. My second ever. Ran my first a few weeks ago and decided last night to go this morning as I will not have chance for another few weeks with work and other commitments. Didn't feel like it this morning, hummed and harred and then Mrs P kicked me out!  Nice morning and came in on 19:32. Felt a bit harder than it should and when I look at the equivalency chart I should be a minute faster to match my HM time? A little challenge for the winter... or is this equivalent time stuff nonsense?

  • Good luck AA & 2Old.

    Nell: nice ykw

    me, injured but cycling. Ran 10k last week finished in 55-03 but was 45th out of 200 which tells you just how tough it was, did nothing for my groin, havent run since!

  • Home now. 3:35.18. Had a bit of a nightmare after 16 miles. I wasn't too well last night and this morning and think that affected me. But once the mental strength has gone it's game over hey!! The weather conditions were perfect - no drizzle and light rain. I was just tired. And gave up. Wanted to stop so many times. Even after 24 marathons you just forget how much it bloody hurts!

    overall - a great flat marathon, they need to sort runners baggage area to runners only as it got so busy before and after, took me 5 mins over the start but when you got going it's almost fine, total lack of toilets and paper- but that's normal, and a pretty rubbish cup of water and half a banana at the end!!! But starting and finishing in an Olympic stadium is so cool and gives goose bumps. 

  • Well done, AA image that's a great result after a less than ideal prep. How's the knee?

    Couldn't get the Lisbon results page to load. Hope 2 old got on ok.
  • AA -  very well done for toughing it out.  Good result with your injury woes.

    Nell - Nice parkrun but yeah you're right you should be quicker.image

    Same here can't get Lisbon results.

    Longest run of the campaign for me yesterday 24 miles in 3:07, did 3 x 8 mile loops so I could get some water every circuit.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Brief visit

    AA- well done grinding out that result. It's never easy and harder with an injury

    3.18.56 for me. Found it very tough and not helped with my calf knotting at 19 miles. Tempted to bail out when route went past my hotel.Decided that DNF was not an option. 7th in age group
  • Glad you survived ok, 2old. Still a sub 3:20 so not necessarily a bad thing. But that calf needs to be looked into ... was it the same lumpy thingy that happened in Boston?

    Great long run, Barry. When is your race?

    And another toughie from DD image

    Nell: what was the parkrun course like? I only ever did one when visiting in the UK and that course was mainly on grass and muddy in places, i. e. not fast. Or maybe you just had an off-day image

    I've lost my mojo image I felt great the week after the marathon but things went a bit downhill last week and today I just couldn't drag my butt out of bed before work to grind out some miles in the rain. Maybe I can kick myself out of the door this evening.

  • Hi DD, sorry to hear about the injury. At least you can get out on the bike and save going crazy...

    Hi AA, Very well done on the marathon. Considering where you have been over the last few months I think that was tremendous.

    Hi Barry, 24 miles, why? Good idea with the loops..

    Hi 2old, Well done on Lisbon. Two tough runs had last weekend. Time to get a good check up.

    Hi Chick, Hope you got out this evening. Have you anything lined up? I suppose it is a funny time of year after the Autumn marathon, everything seems to go quiter over the winter period. The Portobello parkrun is ok. It is 3 laps of the park, all footpath. Slight downhill at the start and slight rise at the end of the lap. It is not a bad course. I am hoping I was not at my best and will return to see if I can improve.


    11 miles for me yesterday at 7:10mm average  and 4 miles recovery this morning.

  • 2old-  Very well done, sounds a tough one.  GFA achieved.image

    Chick - 15 Nov for me. Bit of downtime is good. You'll soon get the mojo back.

    Nell - I had 3 hours to spare Sunday morning so I thought why not.image

  • AA- tough day in the office. I know what you mean by a head game. You don't want to go into a mara feeling anything less than perfect! Well done and another one in the bag! What's next???image

    2Old- great result considering the course and congrats on GFA!

    Nell- nice parkrunning. I think that equivalent stuff can be a bit of nonsense as it assumes you're equally gifted on all distances but also those are times you should be able to hit if you're training specifically for that distance. I'm always miles away from my predicted 5k time based on my half/ mara.image

    I joined Barry (virtually) on 24m on Sunday, we even run them at the same pace!image

    12m with some faster stuff thrown in planned for after work.

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