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  • Chick- you're allowed some downtime- rest woman!image

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    So Lisbon Marathon

    The forecast storm and heavy rain exhausted themselves before I arrived at the start. Thank goodness for small mercies.That was good but it was still going to be about 20c and humid. Not ideal but I've run in worse

    I hadn't had much sleep as my wife was ill that night and I was then up at 5am.

    The 6.30am train took me to the start ,a pretty holiday /fishing village about 20 miles away to the west.

    The start of the race was very congested so it was difficult to get up to pace but I stuck with the 3.15 pacer that being my target. The next mile was too quick 6.47 so I let the pacer go but kept him in view. All was going well until the 7th mile when I needed my usual ibuprofen stop-8.04. Still on target.

    The route followed the coast road winding alongside the beaches and palm trees. Picturesque yes but it seemed to go on and on. Eventually in the distance ,I saw the big bridge marking the entry into the city but it took forever to get to. By now the humidity was taking its toll and I poured water over my head frequently.

    Half way in 1.36 so still all good.

    Slowed a bit for the next 5 miles but still plenty in reserve. The first half was undulating but I seemed to prefer the variety. From then on apart from a section into the city it was all flat and dull dock road factories and warehouses . Crowd support was sporadic.

    At 13 k from the end I knew I had an hour left and was still on target . Soon after that though,I felt a twinge in my right calf then a pull ,then a knot and I could no longer run . I tried walking it off without success so then did a stretch lying on the floor which helped. I hobbled along debating quitting when the route passed my hotel. That 19th mile destroyed my target-9.29.

    Into the historic city ,lots of support,lots of cobbles, hugged Mrs 2O and decided to tough out the next 5-6 miles. My target was now revised to sub 3.20. London GFA .

    The last stretch was back on the dull dock road going east to the exhibition centre and the finish . The calf was hurting and I was a bit put off by the HM front runners speeding past at this stage. I employed a run walk strategy and struggled

    I saw my youngest daughter the other side of the road in a pack in the HM. This lifted my spirits as did runners passing me.

    I began to worry the3.20 target was at risk but at long last the finish neared and it was over . I even managed a sprint for that bit-7.02 pace.

    Nice big medal and decent shirt and a reasonable time in the circumstances-3.18.56. 7th in my age group too.

    Over distance too according to my watch-26.38miles . It felt even longer to me.

    My daughter finished the HM soon after in 2.19. Very proud as I had now run with both my daughters in big races this year. she is only 16 and stepped in for someone the day before who was ill and had never ran further than 5 miles before

    Never done 3 marathons in a year-3.07, 3.10 and 3.18. Not likely again .All GFA London times. Still can't help feeling disappointed by the last one and the prospect of more treatment to fix my calf .....and back.

    Splits to follow
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    Lisbon splits-

    1-7.25, 2-6.44, 3-7.09, 4-7.06, 5-7.09, 6-7.06, 7-8.01, 8-7.16, 9-7.13, 10-7.20, 11-7.11, 12-7.17, 13-7.25, 14-7.21, 15-7.17, 16-7.24, 17-7.17, 18-7.18, 19-9.27, 20-7.33, 21-7.32, 22-7.44, 23-8.11, 24-7.25, 25-8.15, 26-7.52 , 27-2.39

    Average pace 7.33
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    Nell- nice ykw though I expect you to knock a minute off next time

    Barry -recovered well from your HM for that LR. Keep them coming.

    Bro- oh to be 100% for a marathon. Can't remember when that was! You'll do really well with all those miles in your legs and your extraordinary mental toughness

    Chick- just do a few short runs and normal service will resume . It was my left calf in Boston. This time my right one , the same one as went in a 10k in July. Probably the same damaged tissue.

    DD- maybe that marathon has a lot to answer for. Hope you mend soon.

    Whose next ? Minni?

    Don't my care what anyone says marathons are never easy.
  • Great report and well done to your daughter! Blimey, that was brave of her!!

    If marathons were easy everybody would do them image

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    Chick- I thought everyone does marathons now. ????
  • 2Old: nice marathon, well toughed out

    AA: great result in the circumstances.

    Barry / Bro: you two are ready

    Chick: take a break

    lots of cycling (30 to 40 miles most days) but no running yet, getting there though..... Soooooon! 

  • Hi Barry, Fair enough if you wanted to pass the time away image

    Hi Bro, Thank you for the reassurance there on the shorter runs. Another one running 24 miles...must be something in the air.

    Hi 2old, Great report and all turned out ok in the end. Need to get that calf looked at now and have a rest for God's sake. Good on your daughter for stepping in for the HM.....

    Hi DD, Best not rush it...

    Hhi Chick, How you feeling?

    Joined a session tonight. Ran down by the Metro line. 5,10,15,20,25,30 lamposts running 5,10,15,20,25 recovery back. Then 20 and 10. Splits: 133M – 0:25 (5:12), 300M – 1:01 (5:32), 440M – 1:30 (5:31), 590M – 2:01 5:33), 720M – 2:34 (5:46), 960M – 3:26 (5:45), 600M – 3:44 (5:39), 300M – 1:01 (5:24). Not a bad sesion in all with 7.25 miles with session incl warm up, cool down. Certainly pushed me a bit more running with others..

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    Nell-rest? At my age I can't afford to. image those intervals were stormingly fast....gulp...were you racing the train?

    DD- keep those wheels turning. Soon be running again too 

    I have a theory that my calf prob is caused or aggravated by mineral deficiency from dehydration and/or just drinking too much water.The days before a marathon I drink lots of water and I suspect it flushes out the salts and minerals.Isotonic drinks during the race are too little too late .When  I train I have a weakness for crisps which provides some salts which may be why I don't have the problem then. Alcohol can also exacerbate the problem as can flying.  Any thoughts?


  • Sounds plausible, 2old. Someone said a packet of salt 'n vinegar crisps a day during the week leading up to the marathon sorted their cramp problems. Worth a go? As you like crisps anyway this should go down a treat image

    Nell: Your workout is doing me head in image

    Hope you're on the mend soon DD

    I went to bed at 9:30pm last night and didn't wake up until 8 this morning image  must have needed the zzz image

  • 2old - great report, well done on 7th age group, impressive and  well done to your daughter, my eldest daughter did her first HM on Sunday(Bimingham) managed a 1:59 so she was very happy.  When I hydrate in the days before a marathon  I use an electrolyte tablet(nuun in a bottle of water once a day), I also wear calf guards since my calf nightmare a couple of years ago

    DD - I'm missing the cycling as concentrating on swimming and running up toValencia but with next year's plans will have to get back on it in the spring.

    Nell - Your post confused me until I concentrated, very speedy stuff and the pace you were going you were probably half way to the next lamppost before you hit recovery pace.

    Chick - Excellent sleeping.

    Brol - looking good for San Sebastian, what's your current PB?

    2k pull buoy swim yesterday.  Another new pair of shoes to break in today, lovely lime/black wave riders so progressive 5 at 7:14 avg

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    Chick- I thought everyone does marathons now. ????
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    How did that repost happen?

    Barry- think I'm on the right track about electrolytes then. Stocked up on some today. Do you wear the compression all the time ?any issues with them?

    Fighting the urge to get back into action and continuing to rest. The days seem very long
  • Chick - sometimes it takes ages to recover from a marathon hey! 

    2old - that does make sense. I'm guilty for drinking a lot of water in the run up. 

    Barry/bro - both looking strong. 

    Nell - very fast reps. 

    DD - my bike has hardly been out this year!!

    so - recovery has been bad. Extremely tired and still a bit achey. My knee still has a golf ball size lump on it so went and had an X-ray yesterday. Think it's time to give my body a chance to mend so will lay off running for a bit and do some strength and core work. been a bit low the last few days as disappointed with my run. 

  • Hi 2old, You may have something there with the theory. I don't really change much to the diet coming up to a marathon. I just up the carbs a bit 2 or 3 days before, by slipping in an energy bar here and there and a carb drink here and there.

    Hi Chick, Great sleep. I would just love to sleep through the night. Always been a terrible light sleeper...image

    Hi Barry, Nice workouts there...more new shoes image

    Hi AA, I think you deserve a rest. Dust off that bike.

    Sorry guys if the post was confusing. We basically ran 5 lampposts then back 5. Then ran 10 and back 10, up to 30. Then 20 and then 10. The guys who lead the sessions are from the Scottish Triathlon team who I doubt were breaking sweat!

    Dropped my son off at swimming and headed down to Portobello last night and joined in on a session down there with the club. 3 x 2 miles with 2 minute rests. Splits: 6:48, 6:49. 6:40, 6:53. and 6:45, 6:21. Not sure whether this evening running agrees with my legs. Had the DOMS  each night! image

  • Hi Barry, Sorry well done for your daughter too on the HM. image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-your daughter did well in her HM.Are you a bit like me where I gently encourage knowing if I overdo it my kids will be put off completely? How long do your shoes last?IMine last about 400 miles though I have another pair in action by 250. There were a lot of bright shoes in Lisbon-you would have felt at home

    Nell-at the speeds you are doing you desrve every DOM you getimageDo you find that you run faster because you have to fit in the session around the childrens activity?

    AA-what exactly is the lump and where? Is it fluid? I assume icing isnt helping? Any ideas whats going on? Dont fret too much about the marathon time-you did really well regardless of the circumstances.Deep down I feel the same and think if I pulled myself together I would have gone under 3.15 but its not easy those last 5 miles when not  feeling 100% and neither of us were.Maybe I shouldnt have given myself  option 2 of sub 3.20 !.

    Still not recovered-back and hip sore, calf very tight- from the race so wont run today,maybe an easy swim, maybe not.


  • 2old - Yeah gentle encouragement but she has asked for advice on training runs etc, she is a very good swimmer so next phase is the bike muhahaha. My old shoes, Brooks Ghost, only lasted about 350 which is naff, the soles became worn so hoping to get further out of the wave riders.  Please rest for  the week. Yes I wear the calf guards on every run and no issues.

    nell - Nice quick miles from you, are you going to smash the Parkrun tomorrow? Can never have too many shoes. Decision time though, red or flouro green/yellow for the mara?

    AA -  I can sort of understand your frustration with your race compared to previous, hindsight and what ifs etc,  but you had lots of issues in recent weeks so I think it was a great result in that time.  You' re right chill for a few weeks.

    minni - Good luck and enjoy.

    Tough swim session last night got moved up a lane or 2, no more swimming at the front, just struggling to hang on at the back, tough but enjoyable when finished. 10 miles today at 7:05 avg



  • If anyone wants to track Minni, starts about 1 our time and number is 8348, target time 4 hours.

    Think swimming coach has a new game, I get in a lane and he bumps me up, tough session friday night and another yesterday afternoon. 

    Tough run this morning 21 miles at 7:33 avg made up of 7 x (1 slow 2 x MP) gels at 6,10,14,18.

  • Cruel coach, Bazza image and a great long run image

    Hope Minni has a good one.

    12.5 miles for me today. Nice weather, albeit windy, but I enjoyed being out there image

  • Hi guys, popping in to see how Minni is getting on, hopefully all going well!

    AA and 2old - don't be too harsh on yourselves, still great races all considering, I hope your recovery goes well and you are both back to 100% soon.

    Chick, Barry and Nell - all training hard.

    Hi to everyone else image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- last outstanding LR by you? and taper from now on? Looking good so take care from now on. 

    Kiwi- I'm over it are you getting on?

    Chick- mojo back in style I see 

    minni- hope all went well 

    first week this year with no runs done....just a swim. Back/ hip worse so will seek advice. 


  • Hi 2old, yes I guess I deserve those DOMS image. Tine to go and get yourself sorted out methinks?

    Hi Barry, Nice couple of runs from you  this week. Good tempo here. yes, it seems your coach at swimming has a sense of humour image

    Hi Chick, Nice twelve miles...

    Hi Kiwi, How are things with you?

    No Parkrun yesterday. I took my daughter over to Glasgow for the Women's World Gymnastic qualifiers. Nice day had in all and some stunning performances. Missed GB, they were on the Friday. Miss N ate her way through the day and is a similar build to those girls on the floor...don't know how she does it image 

    Twelve miles this morning. Bit windy, but still a mild 11or 12 degrees. Average pace 7:07mm and got 4 or 5 miles in the middle at 3 hr MP. Felt like I could go on for more but used my sensible head.

  • AA: Take a break, you clearly need it

    Barry: Glad I don't do masters swimming anymore, well remember those hanging on for dear life sessions. Well done for being brave enough to move up the lanes

    2Old: Welcome to the injury bench

    Chick: your a very consistent runner, wish I still had your drive

    I see that Minni enjoyed her marathon and is now ishing she had done a double header with NYC being this Sunday.

    I'm still bu,,,,red, tried a couple of runs last week, second one wasn't too painful, then rode my bike 70 miles on Saturday with the club, the last 30 of which turned into a solo time trial home as I dropped the group as I had promised to take DD1 out and needed to get a move on. Sunday leg was sore, Monday tried a 3 mile hobble! Was about to go out on my bike but the rain has arrived, now thinking of going to the pool.... which would be the first time in 18 months

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-back to easy runs at 7.07mm pace I seeimageMaybe I had the DOMS coming after all done this year

    DD-yes injured but not totally you.Dont rush the running return...I'm not and with this back Im not spinning or cycling-yet!. I thought cycling etiquette dictates you stay with the peleton until the sprint in the last 200m...but what do I know.Cant blame you for shooting off though. Typical of Minni wanting to do both-better to do NY on its own in my view fwiw but dont mention that marathon to Broimage

    Couple of swims so far this week and enjoying other things-watched Spectre last night, LiverpoolvSouthampton Sunday with the Rugby World Cup Final on TV to come.Would have liked a crack at the Lancaster HM on Sunday but probably best not to.


  • DD: I'm forever hoping I might perhaps be restored to former glory and have a go at a sub 3:15. Guess I'm just completely deluded but right now it keeps me going and makes me put those miles in image

    That's crazy, Minni image

    Healing vibes to those injured.


  • 2old - Hope you're feeling recovered.  Been to see physio? Yeah cotton wool time for me as this was the time I broke down before London, thought I was n't in the same sort of form until this morning.

    kiwi -  feeling confident for the weekend?

    Chick - Join me in my eternal struggle to achieve sub 3:15. image

    Nell - Good running from you, Always good to see a sport live as very impressive seeing it rather than through the TV.  Any mara plans for next year?

    DD - Good cycling miles, if you fancy a long sportive next year, the same day as the Cotswold 226  they are having a sportive at the same time with tri rules - 17 Jul.  You can fly past me.

    My training this week:

    Mon  - S&C
    Tues - 2050m pull buoy swim(was meant to be 2k but lost count, yeah should have checked Garmin)
    Wed  - 5 mile at 7:09 avg
    Thurs -  S&C am, swim club PM, lots of speedsters turned up so back in my comfort lane.
    Today - 15 miles at 7:10 avg, very happy as off nights and unfuelled.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- looks like you are ready now so they are going to be long two weeks. Are you going to maintain your swims or cut back on them too? Haven't been to the Physio though I think I probably  need a scan to see what is going on. Keep on being cautious 

    chick- what speed and tempo  work are you planning to achieve that target. You aren't short of endurance. No reason why you can't do it ,heart condition permitting. 

    A week of swims until yesterday when I threw in some spinning aswell and today my first run 6.3 miles av 7.10mm. Maybe a YKW tomorrow. . In theory base training for London starts in November image 

  • Hi DD, Hope the leg feels better soon, At least you are still getting out on the bike

    Hi 2old, Hopefully the swims and easing off have helped. Nice 6 there...

    Never give up hope Chick image

    Hi Barry, Good week of training there and great 15. If I run in the morning it is always unfuelled. I am in for London on a GFA and have applied for Berlin next year. Missed out on a GFA for Berlin by 2 mins!

    You deferred for London Barry? Who else is running London next year?

    Had a hill rep session Tuesday and Wednesday went into the group that were to perform some drills and strides and then a 2 minute time trial. First mile I was accompanied along the promenade by 3 young lads on bikes asking all sorts of questions?? Couldn't tell them to sod off or they probably would have just started to annoy me more.. 12:06 time for the trial. Really want to try and work and improve on these shorter distance times over the winter period. 6 miles Friday @ average 6:57mm and 4 miles this morning @ average 7:09mm. Edinburgh Mens 10K tomorrow. I must admit since I have sarted running the Tues/Wed evening sessions I am suffering from DOMS overnight. Maybe need to stretch more or take on more fluid after the sessions? Any ideas anyone?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- should be interesting seeing how you get on tomorrow with all those recent fast miles in your legs. Think you'll be pleasantly surprised. At least those kids weren't sitting at home on a computer and maybe you inspired them. Didn't need a GFA for Berlin when I did it-what do you need? Re the DOMS ...maybe they'll stop as your ligaments muscles etc will eventually become conditioned to the extra  stress put on them by the sessions.

    6.7 today steady av7.40 mm. Didn't do the YKW. Hip still a problem. 

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