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  • Hi Chick, Well done on braving the weather Wed night. We moved into the streets which was a bit safer image

    Hi 2old, Fingers crossed on the results. Are you just taking it easy until then?

    Hi Freemers, Hoping the wind calms down for Sunday..

    Hi Bro, Hoping the taper is going ok. Hopefully Northern Spain will be a bit cooler than Barry's Valencia?

    Hi Barry, Yes the weather sounds like it certainly put the boot in. That is a hell of a temperature to be running on the latter part of a marathon!

    Wednesday night joined the session that was hill running, didn't fancy 1 mile intervals in the rain and wind. Got soaked and battered by the wind, but perversely glad I did it. 6 miles in all...Rest yesterday and 5 miles today at 7:04mm average. Hoped to run a Parkrun tomorrow, but have got to go in for some scheduled work tomorrow morning image

  • 11 miles yesterday. 9 miles ran at 3hr MP or just under. That gave me a bit of a boost!image Lovely morning for a run...

    Gym this morning for some S&C....legs will feel it later, no doubt.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-putting together some nice runs there . For the last ten days I have been vegetating and drinking beer.

    Barry- yes the heat takes its toll(Boston, Chicago).Enough LRs there and you did a fast MLR most weeks.The only thing missing  from a traditional schedule is extra volume made up of slowish and steady stuff. I found that only when I ran more than 50 miles pw regularly I cracked 3.15 but then I suffered more frequent injury.For London I stayed around 50 pw and added 3-4 swimming .

    Wont see GP until Dec and as the back/hip isnt improving decided to see physio later this week and do a few miles.

  • Barry- fair enough with making up for the first mile... I just saw all those speedy miles in the middle! Agree with 2Old that the only other thing I can think of is the overall volume.

    Free- how did it go yesterday?

    Nell- some very speedy running there. Woosh!image San Seb definitely much cooler than Valencia, at the moment around 10 degrees and possibly rain but that I can deal with. Does get windy sometimes though so that's something I'm currently obsessing about!

    10m steady for me yesterday during which managed to run into a bike gate and bruise my leg... ouch... taper stupidity or what? 3m plod planned for after work. Getting nervous!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-not the best idea crashing into gates at this time.  Try and get through the rest of the week in one piece. 

    Saying that ,I'm back to self destruct mode....fell of the TM and shredded my elbows and banged my hip and back. Oh well that's a different way to do an easy 5 and a bit run. 

  • 2old - been there and done that with falling off the TM.  Hurts! 

    Bro - taper week is taking its toll if you're running into gates....cotton wool time for you!

    The Norwich HM was pretty uneventful once we'd started, but we all got a freezing cold soaking beforehand as it was barely above freezing and pouring with rain.  It did stop but I was pretty cold throughout.  Plus they had changed the course and found a few extra hills.  I ended up with 1.35.48 which isn't too bad a time for this stage in the year - I've done a lot worse at this race in the past so have to be happy overall.

  • 2Old- oh no! That sounds a lot more painful that my encounter with a gate. image

    Free- that's a good time at this stage especially on a hilly course.

    TM for me tonight for just a few short intervals. Need to keep those legs turning!

  • brol -  Go steady no more accidents, see you're keeping quiet about the speedy mileimage(just got to love strava).

    brol/2old -  yeah that is the big concern with my 3 runs a week, lack of volume, anyway I used to break down regularly running 6 times a week and with my new "love" of tri I have got any spare time to do more than 3.

    Freemers - Well done on the half in naff conditions.

    Nell - Good solid training from you, are you sticking with Hanson for VLM.

    Had a lazy week last week, but gently back on it this, swim Monday, 1 hour indoor bike yesterday and 121 swim lesson today, will run tomorrow.

  • Barry- yes... well wish it was true! I think it's since I moved to Suunto when runs get transferred form their app (equivalent to garmin connect) to strava strange things happen and mile splits come out a bit different from what my watch is showing. I had auto lap off and averaged just under 7mm for 25min so no way I was running at 6.22! Stupid technology!image

    Last round of intervals done last night- 2x 5min @ 6.50mm followed by 2x 3min @ 6.30mm. It didn't feel easy! 3m plod at lunch today and only 1 run left tomorrow. Eeeek!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free-nice HM time...didn't know there are hills in Norwich. Next time wear a big bin bag while you wait for the start...always keeps me warm 

    Bro- looks like you're going to keep running every day until your marathon.Some fast miles there. Your watch sounds complicated  . Ok so what is your race plan? 

    Barry- yes staying uninjured is the big problem . All the IM I know put runs on the back burner and do lots and lots of biking and swimming  . How are you planning to structure your training prior to London ? More emphasis on running then up the riding after it? Nothing wrong with a lazy week....or two 

    10k on the TM yesterday and 5and a bit 7.17 AV tonight  



  • 2Old- my last run is today, just 10min @ MP with a short warm up... and that's that! The race plan is to go off at around 7.25 pace or just under and try not to slow down!image

    Last day at work today, working from home tomorrow morning and flying to Bilbao at 4pm. Hope the weather gods are with me this time and there will be no unscheduled landing in France like the last time...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-safe flight and good luck on Sunday, you are well prepared.Glad Im not travelling this weekend bearing in mind your travel record.

    Physio today.Hip still sore but back not as much of a problem, possibly because now Im back at work Im sat down more?

  • Brol  -  Have a great weekend away and more importantly have great race , you have put the training in and in very good shape.

    2old - VLM will be priority but will stick with my 3 runs a week, while maybe trying to up the volume of the runs, maybe do my quick miles as part of a 10 miler  As a newbie to tri I'll look at  a few training plans and try and modify, need to get some bike miles in as Outlaw half is end of May then full in July but hopefully these miles will help with overall fitness, and swimming will still need lots of work. Good news on the back.

    5 miles run this morning, first one since Valencia and all good.

  • Hi Bro, All the best of luck for San Serbastian. You sound like you are in a good place after training, just have to go out and smash it now! image

    Hi Freemers, Well done on the Norwich HM. Horrible running when wet and cold image

    Hi Barry, Easing back in nicely? Yes, I will stick with the Hansons plan again this spring. After hopefully getting a good bit of base training in over the winter.

    Hi 2old, Is it easier running on the TM at the moment? Hopefully you can get your problems sorted over the winter period?

    Busy week, but managed to get some decent sessions in.

    Gym Monday and Tuesday morning (glutes suffered!) Tues night session 10 Miles  2.5 Miles warmup/cool down
    3 x 1K 4:05, 4:05, 3:58 (6:15, 6:21, 6:14 pace)
    3 x 800 3:03, 3:00, 3:02 (6:12, 6:15, 6:12 pace)
    3 x 400 1:31, 1:32, 1:28 (6:00, 6:04, 5:54 pace)
    3 x 200 – 0:38, 0:37, 0:38 (5:34, 5:38, 5:17 pace)
    Wed night Tempo session, legs were like lead! -
    1 mile warm up
    2.75 miles – 6:20, 6:26, 4;57 (6:20, 6:26, 6:29 pace)
    1.25 recovery
    2.5 Miles – 6:31, 6:28, 3:09 (6:31, 6:28, 6:19 pace)
    1 miles cool down (think I ended up running faster than tempo session, as late to pick son up!)
    Thursday - rest
    Friday - 5 Miles average 7:20mm
    Saturday - 4 miles average 7:24mm
    The Tuesday and Wednesday sessions leave my legs in pieces at the moment after the S+C at the beginning of the week, but hoping I get conditioned to it soon.image

  • Bit of a hardcore week, Nell. Nice tempo stuff in there.

    Well done at.Norwich, Freemers. A 1:35 at this stage in a spring marathon build up is brilliant.

    Glad your back is improving, 2old. Mine is deteriorating the longer I sit image this week was pretty rubbish due to shitloads of work. Can't feel my left leg properly. It happens occasionally. My QoP will hopefully sort it.

    Still did 19 miles today. Felt good for about 16. The last 3 felt like forever. A marathon is a bloody long way to go!!

    Best of luck Bro. Hope your travels went without the usual disasterimage
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Bro- best of luck tomorrow...last of the team

    Barry- normal service resumed I see. Glad London is No 1 priority and don't even think you aren't meant to do a sub3.15 , you'll shell them like peas with your speed

    Nell- not sure if the TM is good or bad but doing nothing is driving me insane. Busy week for you - looks like you'll have a great base for your marathon campaign

    YKW today after rest yesterday - couldn't totally commit as the curry and beer from last night were affecting my digestion as I ran , so ok with 20.49 and 6th overall , 1st in age group (think the fast guys were racing at a cross country championship in Liverpool today.)

    Saw Physio on Thursday who was shocked at my lack of flexibility especially around my hip/ pelvis which is cussing the pain there and around my lower back ,so that's what he plans to work on over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed .

    Should be an interesting week running next week with that big storm on its way .
  • Apologies for going awol. Will catch up with everyone later. Just wanted to pop in and wish Bro all the very best. Will be thinking of you today image

    quick hi to freezers - great to see you back here. 

    Baz - well done on your Marathon and i feel your pain. 

    2old - still struggling? Hope they can find a reason for you. 

    Nell - still as fast as ever! Great stuff. 

    Chick - 16 good and a hard 3 seems to be the story of my training too! Well done. 

    after my mini depression after Amsterdam I've picked myself back up and am back training again. Managed a painful 18 last week. I'm off through the muck and bullets this morning for a tough cross country 10 miler. Better than doing nothing!! Just gonna take it easy and still not ready to push anything yet. 

  • Hi Chick, Sorry to hear you are still suffering, I thought you were over your problems. Still a nice LR though image

    Hi 2old, Never a good idea having beer and curry the night before a parkrunimage Sounds as though you have a bit of work to do on the flexibility over the winter. Hopefully the physio can give you some good stretching and exercises to remedy this?

    Hi AA, Glad to hear you are back into it, hope the XC went ok today...not the day for it image

    I went out for a 10 miler today, and after having been beaten about and soaked, at one point passed another runner and all we could do was laugh at the absurdity of us being out in what was ridiculous weather. I cut the run down to 6 miles. Of course the rain eased off when I stopped, damage was done by then round in 7:25mm average which surprised me! 

  • Great to see you AA 10 miles of xc is loads!!

    Nell: I'm mostly alright. It's when I'm stressed at work and sit on my ass for too long that my back plays up. So in a way it's self inflicted image

    I got soaked too on my 6 miler today. My pace was nowhere near 7:25mm though!! I was quite happy with 8:40 image
  • There are days when I just love my running but yesterday wasn't one of them. 17 miles in the wind and rain, could feel myself getting slower and slower! Miles in the bag though....

    AA - hope you survived the XC image

    2old - nice ykw.

    Chick / Nell - sounds like we all had the same weather !
  • Hi all, been having a few login problems

    2Old: hope your sorted soon.

    AA: hope the XC was fun

    Nell / Chick well done with braving the weather.

    Barry: try the Pirate way, run alot, cycle even more and swim a bit.

    Bro: has posted on FB, at least she got there in one go this time!

    I seem to have entered the second Outlaw ½ IM in July, guess i better do some Olympics before hand as well. Given that Im still partly crocked it seems a big ask.

    But crocked or not, tempo run Tuesday, swam 2.5K pyramid session Weds, ran club speed session Thursday, cycled 30 miles Friday, ran 10 miles Saturday ( first double digit run for two months), ran 5 yesterday and chickened out from the wind today and swam 20 x 100M set off 30 sec recoveries, not much slower than when I was last seriously competing in Tri so technique has held up!

  • Hi everyone. Sorry for the late check but most of you of course know from facebook that San Seb did not go to plan at all. Struggled from very early on and 7:25-7:30 pace felt too hard almost from the start. From half way knew it was going to pot and had to use all my willpower to keep going, in the end clocking up 3:32. It's such a long way to go when things don't go to plan!

    The course was brilliant, the weather perfect and nothing wrong with me on the day. I can only deduct that I overcooked it this time and left too much in training. Clearly very disappointed but will bounce back and give it another go but not until I get more speed on shorter stuff so that I have a slightly larger error margin! Not planning to even contemplate another mara until my half is down to 90min so if I do start changing my mind, please give me a slap!image 

    I'm off on holiday to the Maldives (I know lucky me) later today so planning on getting some proper recovery in and clearing my head and I'm sure by the time I'm back I'll be all good as right now I'm feeling just a bit broken.image

  • brol -  Gutted for you, not the best set of autumn maras for the thread, and I really thought you were going have a good one, enjoy your recovery,

    DD - Excellent training from you, I would love to train the pirate way unfortunately my swimming is nowhere near good enough.

    AA - positive from you and hope you enjoyed the mud.

    nell - Good speedy running from you, but what do you class as base trainingimage

    2old -  Hope the physio helps.

    Chick - well done on the long run and battling the elements.

    I ran 6 on Saturday and right achilles/ankle were sore for a couple of days so no running for me this week, just concentrating on cycling and swimming . 

    It's official I hate swimming, Last time I did a 400m time trial was april/may and I managed 9:20 ish, now bear in mind I've been doing lots of swimming since and therefore should be quicker, today I swam 4 x 400m with 1 min rest, first one 9:48 (fair enough for a warm up) second 10:00 (wtf must try harder) third 10:00(right will definately try harder) fourth 10:08(rubbish). Back in the pool thursday for more tormentimage

  • Hi Chick, Yes, I think I am with you on the self infliction. I can sit at the desk all day when working at home, just venturing downstairs for a coffee every now and then.

    Hi Freemers, 17 miles in that weather last weekend would have been soul destroying.

    Hi DD, Nothing like a target to aim for to keep you training. No room for injury now!

    Hi Bro, So sorry to hear things didn't go to plan. You sounded like you were really going to do well there. Never mind, sometimes these things happen. Enjoy your holiday and come back nice and refreshed.image

    Hi Barry, Maybe the body was just a bit tired the other day. Why not try the time trial again in a few weeks. You may surprise yourself (hopefully with a better time, not worse!). I am hoping the group sessions can help me get a bit stronger over the winter. That is if they don't kill me first!

    Monday 5 miles average 7:17mm. Piece of advise, never go out on a hill rep session with a hill runner. Last night hill reps. 2 mile warm up cool down and then about 4.5miles of hill reps...phew!

  • Sorry to hear that, Bro. Like the others said - bit unfair coz you really put the work in and things were looking good. Just goes to show what a beast a marathon can be though. Enjoy the Maldives! I know that run-down feeling and can't wait for my 3-week break in Florida in January image

    Barry: your swimming sounds like my running image I seem to be getting slower all the time image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-sorry to hear you have back probs too...this getting old thing is not very pleasant,to say the least.Still you are clearly doing pretty well with your pain management getting those consistent runs done.If you apply WAVA to your runs you are getting quicker....where is 04S to tell us about that?I'm sure you'll hate training in that heat in Floridaimage

    Barry-one slight error/improvement in technique loses /gains so much time swimming, so dont worry- a couple more relaxed ones and youll be back on form.I find the harder I try to swim fast the slower I am.Anyway you'll smash the times from that time trial next time so thats  a positive.

    Nell- really building well I note jealously.Those hill runners are from another planet altogether.Wonder how long it takes to develop their strength?

    Bro-Congrats on completing the thread's Autumn marathon campaign and dont let the outcome get you down- its another one in the bank.I think we are all pleased to see this round out ofthe way. Enjoy your holiday and dont run at all -time to rest.

    DD-you are doing pretty well even with your injury .Will you be racing/pacing Barry at the Outlaw?(probably not as it is the 2nd one image)Wish I could do 20x100m any time in the pool-I die by 10.

    Free-putting in some good LRs there

    Only ran 76 miles in Nov-the second worst Nov in my 10 years of running.

    Sluggish 1800m swim on Monday , 10k on the TM easyish yesterday and 8.3 miles today7.35 mmm pace. Saw GP re MRI today and told I have age related spinal degeneration but nothing out of the ordinary and some disc bulging but not affecting my nerves though that doesnt explain why I am in pain so now I am off  for a hip XRay.I hate it when everything is inconclusive.Physio tomorrow. Very frustrated as I want to build ready for marathon training not just tick over.

  • Bro - gutted for you. I know how hard you trained and as Barry can agree sometimes things just don't go to plan on the day. Which is a bitch! We train so so hard for hundreds of hours for an event that only last a few. then we can't do it again for ages. But as 2old says, you've completed put marathon campaign and it's probably one most of us want to forget!! Enjoy your holiday. 

    Barry - I think I hate cycling more than swimming!! Least you keep at it. I haven't had my bike out most of the year!

    2old and chick - good luck with back management. 

    Freemers/Nell - still training well. 

    Well I loved my 10 miler on Sunday. first ever time of running. One of the hills was 25%. Loads of mud where I thought I would lose my trainers. Enjoyed running without trying to place or pb. 1:23 on my watch. Legs are still a bit mashed. Been trying to run faster the last few weeks. 2 X 5 miles @7:30 pace. 9 miles @7:57 pace today. 

  • AA: thats a pretty good time for somone run ing for "fun".

    2Old: i understand your frustration, its hard when all you can do is tick over

    Nell; hill runners are a different breed

    Barry: all runners hate swimming, if you happy with your technique the  you need to do lots of speed work, 50's, 100's & 150's off very short recoveries

    Chick: i doubt your really slow

    Bro; shit happens

    so 20 miles mountain bike in the mud followed by club run on Tues, rest yesterday, 2K swim today ( 5 x400  withh 100M pull buoy recoveries) all around the 8-50 mark, 5 mile internal club race in the rain tonight.


  • Tim Peake will be the first UK astronaut to be launched from Kazakhstan to the ISS International Space Station on 15 December, he will also be the first to run a marathon in space and will be doing this at exactly the same time as the London Marathon 2016 in April next year. Will be interesting to see what training that he has done and also his recovery while on the ISS, he will be runnig the marathon while traveling at 28800 km/h or 8 km/sec at 400 km above the earth.

  • AA - well done on the XC,  the hills and mud certainly give the legs a pounding,

    DD - Excellent mixed training, injury/niggle any better? Must have read your mind I did 20 x 100m on Thursday rest was 20 seconds , too long rest?

    2old - Not great news regarding your injury but I guess one cause taken off list. You're still putting the miles in so not losing fitness.

    Nell - All good training especially when it hurts, great sense of achievement when tough hill reps completed.

    Swimming/cycling week for me, no running until this morning - 4 miles to test right achilles/ankle. OK during the run but not 100% after, will run again Tuesday and have physio Wednesday

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