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  • Hi Guys, Happy new Year!

    Hi o4s, That's great that you finished faster than last year. A big positive to take out of that! I will pass on the Pink Fizz, don't even like the proper stuff..image

    Hi Chick, Time to get off the sofa, Christmas is over image

    Hi Barry, Fingers crossed for London then!

    Hi 2old, The ITB usually originates from poor Bio-Mechanics. That being poor glute and hip strength. I work on strength and conditioning on the legs, glutes and hips. It is a fine balance as you don't want to build up the larger muscle groups too much so you overpower the smaller glute and hip muscle groups. It gets a bit tedious, but it has been working for the last 3 years. But I suppose skiing on ice could really mess the hip up?

    Hi Bro, I think over the Christmas period as long as you tick over you are doing wellimage

    New Years day run was good. Not a lot of wind and dry. Met up with a few guys from the club Wed sessions and had a decent run. I was obviously not at my best after the Christmas period, but came in on 25:14, 32 seconds faster than last year! 8.5 miler on Saturday at 7:04mm average, S&C Sunday and 6 miles at 7:20mm average this morning (legs a bit heavy after S&C yesterday)... A month of Base training and then into a 12 week schedule for London!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-very decent start to the year there. I guess you have up to the day before VLM to change your mindimage

    Nell-pretty fast stuff . Do you ever run under 7.30mm? My glutes have shrunk over the years so maybe (definitely)they need some attention . I suppose I've started my London schedule though it's pretty much do what fits in at the moment. And yes the hammering from icy surfaces will have inflamed my hip .

    7.5 mile fartleck session tonight  , bit of a first for me as I've decided to mix things up a bit. 7.29mm average .


  • Nell - Nice racing.

    2old - Good pace on your return to running after the xmas break.

    New pool was busy yesterday, went into the only lane and had to keep giving way to the tumble turn speedsters but 2.5k pull buoy done and all good.

    1 hour easy bike this morning followed by 7 miles at 7:30 avg, lots of miserable faces on the run made me smile.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-you're building a very solid base now-nice double today

    7m recovery(why do I hate these so much?) run this am and a swim this lunchtime.Have to say I am enjoying running at this time of the year in my shorts rather than tights as its so unusually warm.

  • Hi 2old, yes the hips and glutes are the key to most peoples troubles I guess. I also am enjoying the lack of running tights at the moment, long may it continue image I ran a recovery run at about 7:30mm the other dayimage

    HI Barry, Nice mix up, yes there are a few miserable faces on the roads at the moment. They'll be away in a month or so image

    Joined the Running session tonight, not really in the mood for it, but once we got going it was ok. 8 miles in all with 2.75 miles at 6:34,6:34,5:08. and 2.5 miles at 6:22, 6:25, 3:09. Meant to keep it at the same pace as the first block but felt like letting go a bit on the way back image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell- 7.30mm recovery run..ha ha. Sounds like Mo's training regime. More super fast splits ... That's the challenge for you...even pacing... Nail that and you'll knock chunks off your marathon pb... If you don't blow up . The more I look at it the more I'm sure it's my ITB that's causing me grief so now to work out a rehab plan

    12.7om the TM earlier today and a swim at my Seimclub tonight working on breast and back stroke ...bit of a shock that
  • Hi guys

    10m for me last night post a killer gym session.. ouch. Monster DOMS today but also a rest day so all well planned! Surrey County xc champs on Sunday, it is shaping up to be a muddy affair.image


  • Good to see the thread a bit busier than of late image and see the boys still knock out everything at breakneck speed image

    Rubbish week for me in terms of running caused by a sudden onslaught of winter here. It's better today and I got a 13 miler in. Very slippery still so pace was atrocious but glad to be able to do something.

    Off to Florida for 3 weeks on Monday. Hopefully I can get some decent training in. It's about time I started my spring campaign.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Bro - have fun in the mud. More DOMS to follow

    First LR yesterday , 20 miles av 8.04 mm. Felt comfortable . Going to be a lazy weekend

    Good running all
  • Best of luck at the xc, Bro image rather you than meimage
  • nell - One of the legends on the forums, Race Jase, does his recovery at that pace and think he's well under 2:30 now , great things await you. Nice quick stuff.

    Chick -  well done on the 13, enjoy.

    2old - First LR very well done and at a very good pace.

    Brol - I'm sure the conditions were perfect for the madness.

    This week was going well, 2k swim on Wednesday alternate 50m pull and full.  Thursday 8 miles at 7:56 am then 2 hour easy bike pm.  Thursday was a life changing date, not in a good way, so I had a bottle of red and watched Southpaw which is excellent very powerful film.  Swam Friday morning which helped cleared the head after the excess.  But been fighting cold all week and has finally taken hold so nothing today apart from 2 hours kip this afternoon.

  • Barry: hope your in a better place today

    Chick : enjoy your hols

    Bro: you look happy at the XC in the FB photos

    Nell: you seem to be running wel, do you need a base period?

    2Old: Swim club sounds painful, i can only swim free style! No kiing planned, no snow!

    Have been plodding along, though no swimming since before Xmas as pool hardly open over festivities, will get back there on Tuesday. Managed 40 miles running and 80 cycling this week though, including a good club speed session when I felt as if I was running well for the first time in ages (maybe my dry January will do some good!), 16 miles slow today and a killer hills ride on Friday.



  • Hi 2old, You are getting in some long runs early?

    Hi Bro, Hope you enjoyed the mud?

    Hi Chick, Should be a bit more of an acceptable temp in Florida for running image

    Hi Barry, I hope everything is ok? and hope you can shake that cold off...

    I am nowhere near 2:30 Barry and never will be.image

    Hi DD, Nice 16 after a killer bike ride? Ouch!

    I'm trying to keep ticking over DD, although I need to start getting serious, I can feel things slowing down and getting a bit harder.... or is that just the aftermath of Christmas?

    5 miles Friday at 7:25mm, 6.25 miles at 7:17mm average on Saturday and 8.75 miles yesterday at 7:13 mm average. Gym this morning and will probably feel that in my legs tomorrow night on the hill session which I think is planned image



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick -enjoy Florida with all the snow birds from Canada

    DD-good varied training though some skiing would round it off nicely.Sneaked in a cheeky LR there too.

    Barry-a couple of recovery days wont do any harm-you're due some after the recent tough period of sustained training you've done

    Nell-I need some LRs now as I'm away soon and cant be sure of what runs I will get in then.Looks like you need a easy week too though I cant see any slowing down on your part. Training and doing Xmas and New Year is hard.

    No running this weekend just celebrating another year of my life gone with a glass or too many. 10.5 miles this lunch time 7.44mm av.Nicely frosty for a change.

  • 2Old- nice 1st LR and happy belated birthday!image

    Chick- enjoy Florida- nice time to escape the cold and darkness.

    Nell- enjoy the hills today- ouch!

    Barry- hope you feel better this week. I'm sure it's a difficult time, hang in there.

    DD- good luck on the dry January... I'm approaching the end of a dry year.image

    XC was good, super hilly and muddy. Didn't go off too hard as knew the course and what awaited and think I managed to pace it quite well. There was no sudden death for sure and being overtaken on the 2nd lap. Surrey Ladies league coming up this Saturday. Other than that it's all just easy running and when I say easy I really mean EASY... Hardly ever going over 8.45mm. A bit unsettled with this lack of quality but happy to try something different. 10m planned for later today on the way home.

  • DD - Good training, what are your major events this year?

    Nell - never say never.

    2old -  yeah but I really do need to get some running done.

    Brol- Well done on the XC.

    Thanks all, will all be good in time. Nearly recovered from lurgy still coughing up some "stuff" when out running but getting better.  Good week so far for me:

    Mon : 2 hour easy indoor bike
    Tues : 2k swim, 5 mile run easy Wed : 2 hour easy indoor bike
    Today :  8 mile run steady

    Bit of drama of tuesday, youngest was cooking tea and called me in kitchen as washing machine was smoking, no problem in the end but I was a little bit worried at one point as I was trying to disconnect it and smoke was getting worse.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Bro-great XC there -sounds lots of fun -just what running is about

    Barry-looks like you're training in smelly unwashed kit for a while. Thought you'd given uprunning so good to see you making a comeback. Solid IM progress .

    2.1k swim and 7.5m TM on Tuesday. Nothing yesterday. 9.4 today av7.24,8at MP. Very cold. Both hips playing up a bit now.
  • Barry; focus is a "few" marathons and Outlaw 1/2 IM

    Bro; enjoy the easy running, sometimes its good to remove the pressure.

    2Old; hope you got your long runs in this week

    Another week of steady training for me, 70 miles on the bike, 30 miles run, 2.5 miles swum. 17 miles today at four hour mara pace, its taken me three hours to warm up!



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD -that's a big week well done. Yes got the LR instead of watching Liverpool. ...a good decision. 

    7.5m TM yesterday and 20 cold miles at 8.06mm average today. 54 miles this week . 

  • 2Old- nice pace on that LSR and good weekly mileage.

    DD- yes, this easy running can be tough sometimes! I always end up running too fast when it's freezing just to stay warm.

    Barry- hope you can do your washing again!

    Surrey Ladies League xc on Saturday was a lot less muddy with the cold weather. I think I went off a lot faster than the previous week and in general pushed harder and as a result it hurt a lot more! All good fun. 7m this morning with some 100m sprints on the track thrown in mid way. Definitely speed inducing weather brrr...

  • DD - Will I be seeing you in Nottingham or are you doing the new one? great training I know the feeling about warming up.

    2old - Your running well regardless of your niggles are you getting regular physio?

    Brol - well done on the XC.

    Yeah no probs with washing machine, bought new one same day but rushed installing it and kinked feed hose, Nice flashing "H2O" alarm on display - all good now.

    Training is going well:

    Saturday - 2.5 hours indoor bike am, swim club pm.
    Sunday:  10 miles -  first double figure run for a while.
    Monday - 2k swim 100m x 20 alternate pull and full stroke. PM 1 hour indoor bike.
    Tues -  5 miles with middle 3 quick, very cold.  First quick miles for a while.
    wed - 2k swim. 100,200,300,400,400 and back down 15 sec rest. Physio,  PM 1 hour indoor bike.
    Today - 10 mile run, PM 1 hour indoor bike.

    I'm on nights this week and even though tiring it is very good for getting doubles in.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- great XC ,I'm enjoying following your slipping and sliding in the mud. 

    Barry- looks like you're IM training is progressing welL. When are you getting your bike out on the roads? Do you plan a test cycle around the hills where IM will take place and the lake they use too for that matter ? They aren't too far from me. Not been to physio for a while but I need to or maybe I need to see a hip specialist. 

    Away for a while and have managed an 8 and 7 mile run and lots of walking. Bit worried about the hip and  struggling with the heat. Just hoping to tick over for the time being. 

  • 2old - No road bike for a while, weather needs to get better and lighter mornings as need to train early.  If your referring to Bolton, I'm not doing it, could n't justify cost with so much going on this year so doing the Cotswold 226 in July(think it is same day as IMUK) so pretty local to get practice on the course. 

    Training still going well 2 hour indoor bike Friday (15 mins easy 15 not so easy) x 4, 15 mile run Saturday morning then swim club Saturday evening, rest day yesterday long day at work and probably needed it.  Gentle start to week with 1 hour easy bike this morning.

  • Hi folks - been AWOL from the forums for a bit with a hefty case of the CNBAs if I am honest....running sort of ticking over before Christmas but seems to be getting back on track. 

    I managed the first 20 of the VLM campaign on Sunday - actually turned in a 21 as I took a wrong turn on a new route.  Felt surprisingly OK though.  I'm trying to do fewer 20s this time around, alternating them so this weekend will be something like 15 or 16. 

    Speed wise I feel a bit slow but hopefully that will pick up.  My prblem though is motivation....I think because I achieved a time I never thought I could do I can't find it in me to think about getting any quicker. So not sure on VLM targets as yet - try and enjoy the champ start would be good image

    I have finally sorted out a leaving date with work - 6 April, then not starting the new job until 3 May so almost a month off.  Which will be a great taper for VLM and a holiday.

    Will read back and find out what everyone's been up to...

  • Hey guys! Been awol too. Nice to see you freemers. Great ironman training Barry, are you running London? 2old enjoy your holiday and your running.

    nothing much to report for a bit but head in the game now! Decided to stop doing the intervals in marathon training and have opted for 2 tempo runs of @ 5-8 miles instead and a long run. I'm my own experiment. funked it up for my 25th marathon! Got a few races in the run up planned starting with Bramley 20 in 2 weeks and Wokingham half the following. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry-an IM is an IM whatever it's called . Glad all is still going well. Safer to do the biking indoors at the mo

    Free-don't blame you suffering Cnba itis - I'm wondering why I bother too. Anyway enough thinking and more running. You'll get there in good shape

    AA-welcome back . I'm not one for intervals and think you'll see he rewards with your new routine Do the odd ykw and 10k for a bit of speed

    Still ticking over -25 miles this week. Enjoying running and looking at parrots wallabies etc and looking out for tiger snakes and spiders . Hip continues to trouble me
  • Freemers - sounds like a similar plan to me albeit not started the 20's yet.  will you run the 15 or 16 milers at a quicker pace than the 20s?

    AA - yeah I'll be at London, fingers crossed obviously, I have n't done any intervals for a long time,  see you at Wokingham for our annual get together.

    2old -  enjoying your strava travels. Yeah but won't be able to get the official m dot tattoo even though my eldest has threatened to buy me a tattoo for my 50th.

    Training going well though not as much volume this week,

    Wed - 121 swim lesson on Wednesday, the client after me was a 2:45 marathon runner who has just started swimming journey, coach got me to demo some stuff then I watched him and yeah that was me 2 years ago - struggling to swim a length.
    Thurs -  10 miles steady
    Fri - 2k swim
    Sat - Swim club , got bumped up a lane(and they were swimming wrong way) cause I got there a bit late and my lane chocker, all good though stayed at the back and relaxed, a year ago I would have freaked.
    Today - 18 miles done unfuelled , some tummy trouble in last 2 but otherwise all good.


  • Freemers: good to see you, its hard when you have achieved more than you ever imagined, have had the same problem since 2011! 

    AA: good to see you to, good luck with dropping intervals, personally I beleive in them but were all different.

    Barry: I know more than one who has a IM tattoo despite doing a non IM branded 226, its a personal call. 

    2Old: niggles are a fact of life when you get old. Keep ticking over the day will come when we cant.

    Ticking over myself, swimming going well, cycling when not too wet, Stonehenge Stomp today, 20 miles of ankle sucking mud, legs cooked now

  • Barry - get the tat!! It's still an IM! 

    DD - that sounds nasty today!

    53 miles for me this week and 50 last week. I'm only up to 18 on my long runs atm. Don't panic me about my lack of intervals DD!! Time will tell though whether I'm in 2olds camp or yours As to which works! I'm knackered already and it's not Feb yet!! Recovery week now thoughimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry- I'm not one for tats but would go for a i dot m though . Bit worried I may not get to London. Lots of toilets here so I have no worries running outside apart from animals that want to kill me

    DD- niggles are ok but it's when they progress into something worse I get worried. Like your idea of ticking over. No mud here though the locals can't help smiling at the unusual arrival of rain

    AA-good base building there keep them going and the LRs and stay uninjured

    Nothing for 3 days. Hip too sore so giving it a break but not for too long. Anyway still walking lots every day.
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