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  • 2old - where are you?!! Hope your hip is ok. 

    Im having a recovery week. So tired. Second rest day of the week today! Was gonna do an hour easy but opted to stay in bed. CNBA fairy strikes again!!

    hope everyone is getting on well. 

  • Hi guys, remember me?? image  Long time, no see.

    Had a brilliant, brilliant time in sunny Florida but spent more time eating, drinking and enjoying life rather than running image. Oops. I really need to get down to proper training now or else my spring marathon will be way too painful.

    I managed about 50 miles on average but it was far less quality than my usual January, tbh. I just wanted to enjoy the sights. C'mon - when do you have a chance to run in Key West or South Beach again? And I did quite a bit of running with Mr. Chick who's considerably slower.

    Some pics are attached image

    Funny sticker in Key West





    Great murals along the Seminole-Wekiva Trail in Northern Orlando





    So I went out and punished myself with a 13 mile MLR this morning image it hurt after only 2 short runs on hotel treadmills Monday/Tuesday and no running at all Wednesday. I'm also horribly jet-lagged image

    Right now I'm cursing myself for signing up to two marathons this spring. It seemed such a good idea at the time but I'm nowhere near usual January fitness so this campaign will be interesting ...

    Hope everyone (me included!!) finds their mojo back.


  • Chick: sounds as if you had a great holiday, dont stress about your marathons, there is plenty of time and you know what its all about, you might just surprise yourself by not having trained so hard.

    AA: hope you have kicked the CNBA fairy into touch, hard to motivate yourself on a day like today though!

    Ticking along here, actually I guess a bit more than ticking, this week has seen 100 miles of cycling, 3 miles of swimming and 30 miles of running, but there has not been much quality in there bar Thursday club fartlek session. Tomorrow is Blackmore Vale 1/2M. Its a horrible course hated equally by myself and O4S, anything under 1-50 will be a triumph given the total lack of quality in my training.

  • Hey chick looks like a great holiday. And how you can call "50 mile weeks" anything other than great is funny! Hope your mojo comes back soon. When's your first Marathon?

    DD - good week there from you. Entered any ironmans this year?

    rexovery week for me. 40 miles. 2 tempo runs, few junk miles and a 15 mile slow long one. Next week is Bramley 20. My first of the campaign. Not sure on plan of attack yet...!

    anyone enter the ride London 100? Results this week!

  • Hi Chick- welcome back! sounds like you had a fab time. image

    Hi AA- yay she's back! I think doing a couple of tempos per week will more than make up for lack of intervals...

    DD- how did the half go?

    2Old- hope the hip is behaving and you're back running.

    Barry- nice first 20 miler of the campaign yesterday!

    My training is at last picking up. Mileage back to around 50 with a couple of quality sessions a week. Track tomorrow and Surrey ladies xc on Saturday. Looking forward to getting some speed back in the next few weeks.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    DD- if you're ticking over , my ticking over is in slow motion

    AA-40mile recovery week is going some at this stage . Can't see any lack of motivation on your part. Sadly my hip continues to trouble me. I think it's my ITB as I also get twinges outside my knee. Just had 3 weeks travelling in Australia -Perth, Adelaide , Great Ocean Road , Melbourne and finishing in Singapore. A trip of a lifetime. Just wish I could have run a lot more

    Chick- sounds like another great trip. Ah Boston Strong takes me back to 2014 . Well done on 50m pw btw. Is it humid there?

    Three weeks averaging 20m pw is poor and not helped by excessive consumption. Time to get back on track. Not sure I'll cope with the weather. Need to see someone about my hip too
  • 2old - Amazing trip for you, sorry to hear your injury/wiggle woes. When you are running you are hitting a good pace and you have had a good couple of long runs in the past few weeks so you've still got the fitness. Have you considered backing off to 3 runs a week with lots of cycling/swimming ?

    Chick - Another amazing trip, very jealous, and 50 miles a week sounds good to me.

    Brol - I think you have some speed already( those 400's) and more to come.

    AA - 10 easy and 10 MP at Bramley? Need to save yourself for Wokingham to drag me around sub 1:30.

    DD - Very nice ticking over.

    Training going well still, 10 steady miles last Thursday, couple of rest days Friday and Saturday with life getting in the way of training.   First 20 of the campaign Sunday, wet windy and cold, last 2 miles were quickest just wanted to get home as feeling the wet/cold.  Swim and bike yesterday.  And today my usual Tuesday of 5 miles with middle 3 quick, speed is definately coming back. Will bike this afternoon.

  • 2Old- nothing like a bit of downtime to get your motivation going.

    Barry- good consistent training, nothing wrong with a couple of days off. Have a good one today.

    I'm off to the track after work to do 2 sets of 4x 200m with 5m @MP in the middle. Sounds fun!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry - very impressive mix of training. Your 5m is so fast now - why not up it to 10k every so often on the basis you need to do 4 fast ones and blast the last bit in a marathon ? Seriously 4x45 min 10ks is the trick to sub 3.15. Not sure about limiting myself to 3 runs as I like the comfort of averaging 45-55m pw for about 6-8 weeks. I may have no choice though .I will try and swim 3-4 times a week if I can fit them in .

    Bro- yes , I am motivated now. You are a running machine at the moment. I see some MP miles in your plan so it looks like you may be lining up with us in April after all ????. When is your next mud fest ?

    Chick- when are you home? My plane stopped off in Munich and to say it was freezing there is no exaggeration.

    Back home by 9am today so used the jet lag to get out for 12m at just under 7.55mm av.Interesting running in zero temperature,gale force wind, rain, hail and sunshine in one session .As Barry said my fitness is still there or thereabouts.
  • I came home on 2nd Feb image  Key West and Everglades City were hot and humid, the rest was pleasant to freezing cold (Gulf coast - we were there when the heavy winter storms hit the rest of the States and while we didn't get any snow night temperatures were down to single digits and the wind chill was something else). But when you are away for a little more than 3 weeks you're bound to get some bad weather. Mostly it was really nice - low 20s with a light breeze.

    Sorry to hear about hip pain, 2old. Hope it's fixable. Keep on plodding image

    Bro: Enjoy the xc. Glad to hear your training is coming together.

    Great training, Bazza.

    AA: I'm pretty confident that tempo runs are more relevant to marathon running than intervals so I like the sound of your tweaking the training plan image

  • 2Old- nice pace on 12m, fitness definitely hasn't gone anywhere. For me MP only in the sense of a training pace, I will most definitely not be joining you in April! Haven't changed my mind about not doing another mara this year, there really is no point for me unless I can speed up.

    Last night was a track session after work. Did 4x 200m, 5m @ 7.30is followed by another 4x 200m. It started hailing at one point.image Jumped on the bus after that in my soaked clothes and by the time got home was frozen to death. Eeek...

    8m this morning very easy into work and I could definitely feel yesterday's session in the legs. Quick gym planned after work and rest tomorrow.

    Another mud fest scheduled for Saturday- Surrey Ladies League in Richmond Park.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- looks like you had a great break. Only been to Florida once and it rained for me too.It rained a bit in Oz and Singapore. The Australians we spoke to couldn't hide their smiles having had little rain for a few years. One area we went to was evacuated at Xmas due to forest fires. Very frightening for them. Back to more mundane things-which marathons have you signed up for?

    Bro- I can see the speed coming already. You'll regret it in April ????. Doesn't sound fun sitting on a bus freezing. Respect to you for enduring that.

    Barry-are you following any particular diet ? Your regime looks very demanding ..I'd be eating constantly

    First swim today for nearly 3 weeks and happy with the way it went.
  • Bro: marathons are grossly overrated , stick to the short stuff for 12 months and your speed will come.

    2old: that's a lot quicker than I run these days, x training is the way forward as we get older

    Barry: speedy stuff, it's Outlaw Hookham in July that I'm doing

    ?? M went pretty well as expected 1-47-17, I have lost a minute each year for the past 3 years! Horrible course with 850' feet of climbing, every year I say I won't do it again! TBH I'm happy enough with that as no longer train seriously.

    Ran 5 quickish yesterday and cycled 35 today with over 1000M of climbing, it was cold.
  • Decent time for a tough half, DD.  Class is permanent image

    Great sesh, Bro! 5miles @ 7:30 pace would have wiped me and that's without the fast 200s!!

    2old: Hamburg (17 April) and Prague (8 May) image 

    14 miles for me today but I was crap. Still windy and it felt way harder than I would have liked to.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- stop interfering....I'm trying to persuade Bro to turn up in's not as though she has to travel far. I'm sure there's some speed left in your old legs. Cross training is ok but Im hooked on running. That's a damn fine performance in those conditions. You seem at home in the hills. From what I've seen your non serious training is very impressive. 

    Chick- which is your A marathon or are you going to emulate Chicks double of last year? 14miles is pretty good however you feel and it's a run in the bank. 

    13k tonight in just under an hour with 7 miles at MP .... Not sure I could do 19.2 more though. Like the way I mix metric and imperial? 

  • DD- sounds tough! Well done. Hope you're right on the 12 months speed up plan!

    2Old- haha well I will be there to cheer you on for sure! Just not at the start. Nice MP run there, yes why the mix???image

    Chick- never easy getting back to it after a break, give yourself a couple of weeks and you'll be back to normal for sure.

    Rest day for me today and much needed.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- you earnt that rest. The mix? Maybe it's my age -( I remember decimalisation in the UK )or maybe my watch is set in miles but strava speaks in metric. 

    7.5m this evening. I need a rest too 

  • Bro - ignore DD - I'm with 2old. ... Get in the green Start. I bet you have a number????!!

    chick - you'll be back in no time. Great double too. 

    Barry - good plan for Bramley. Might aim for 10 @8:45 and 10 @7:45. I'll be eating your dust at Wokingham! 

  • 2old: you mean AA's double, right? No A race. Just trying to get both of them in as close to 3:30 as possible. I found Bremen last year really enjoyable - running and not racing it.

    Prague will be the harder of the two - I'll still have Hamburg in my legs and the course has more undulations plus lots of cobbles.

    Is Bramley this weekend? Good luck image

  • Brol - Maybe start calling them steady miles rather than MPimage

    DD - won't see you there then I'm at Nottingham.  Good effort on the hilly half. Not brave enough to go out in this weather on the bike, so indoor bike is getting some hammer.

    2old -  Nope just eating lots and trying to make it the good stuff, Good running as always from you even with the niggles.

    AA - You're funny , not in the form I was last year.  Good luck for tomorrow.

    Chick - You may surprise yourself I ran a 3:15 and a 3:18 5 weeks apart.  You'll soon be back on your monster miles.

    Bit of epiphany moment in the pool Wednesday 2.5K swim,  furthest ever 65 mins so not quick but very happy,  rest day Thursday as youngest had operation, off nights and 8 o clock at hospital but she did n't go in until 1 so a bit floaty but everything went well and slept very well Thursday night.  2 hours easy on indoor bike Friday.  22 miles this morning, cold wet and a little windy gels at 6,12 and 18

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick-yes I meant AA. You will do very well in those two. Don't like cobbles...there were a few in Lisbon

    Barry-a bag of tough training there and no complaints of tiredness orniggles which is most important . Is a cut back due? Any races coming up? Yes my running is going surprisingly well after my break though one week is a bit early to judge. Glad your young one is ok. Always tough balancing training hard and family life

    2k swim yesterday and 18 miles today AV sub 7.50mm due to a ykw sneaked into the middle. That went well 20.52 11th overall and 1st in age group . More importantly only a few seconds slower than my last in November.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Good luck this weekends racers. Looking forward to hearing all about them
  • Great running guys.

    22 for me too but no gels. They would have frozen solid. We had freezing fog and my asthma really plagued me. But hey, what doesn't kill you...

    Glad your little one is ok, Bazza.

  • Bazza - busy life. Glad all ok. Training goin well too. 

    2old - hope you're on your come back. Lease your doing lots of cross training. 

    Chick - sounds hard. How cold is it Over there?

    bro - how was the mudfest?

    Can't believe you guys are already over the 20 marker. Furthest I've gone is 18. Have Bramley tomorrow and it looks bloody cold. And then windy. Late start at 10:30 too when it's only 15 mins from home! 

  • Hope Bramley went well image

    It's not particularly cold here - just minus 1 but the windchill and the dampness made it feel really uncomfortable. You know the kind of cold that creeps right into your bones. A nice long hot bath sorted me out though image

    Easy 7 with Mr. Chick today. A Valentine's runimage

  • Barry: swimming tends to have epiphany moments, nice training

    2Old: looking good

    Chick: nice long run

    AA: hope Bramley went well.

    Alleged cut back week for me so two rest days, still put in 11 hours though, 25 miles run, 85 miles cycled, 2 miles swum, included 20 miles today not quick but felt pretty easy.... Fitness is coming.
  • DD - that's a great week!

    chick - I hate being cold. I know that feeling too well!

    i like Bramley. always chilled run as its nobodies end goal. 2 x 10 mile laps. The wind was cold. I ended up running and chatting quite happily to a group for @16 miles @8:15-8:30 pace. Decided to try and pick it up once out of the wind with 4 miles to go but didn't have a lot left. Ended up with 2:45 on the watch which was ok. Trying to save what I can for wokingham next sunday. 

  • DD - Similar training week to me 11.5 hours with 2 rest days.

    AA - Well done at Bramley first 20 done for you and plenty of time before London, may not be at Wokingham see below.

    Chick - Well done on the long run and very romantic.image

    2old - Great training from you and yeah enforced cutback week for meimage

    Felt a bit of a cold coming on Sunday so was First Defencing like mad.  Brick session Monday 1 hour bike and 4 mile easy run but did n't feel right and I am now fully lurgied up so no training since Monday and I feel like crap.


  • AA- nice 20 at Bramley, nothing like taking the pressure off at times. How are those tempos going? Are you racing Wokingham?

    Barry- boo to lurgy. Hope it buggers off soon.

    DD- it's nice to feel the fitness coming!

    Chick- minus 1 with wind chill sounds freezing to me. Nice valentine running.image

    2Old- nice YKW!

    Quality session for me yesterday- w/u, 4m @ 7.35 followed by 2x 1m reps at 7.10. Gym this morning and 10m easy home later. Rest tomorrow.

    XC went ok, much easier course than the last couple and not as muddy but the weather was miserable- needed half an hour in the shower to defrost. YKW this Saturday and the Nationals next weekend- the last xc of the season.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-very good 20 there and nicely setting you up for your HM.Think we are losing the battle with Broimage

    Chick-big mileage as always..think you are going to see the benefits in a few months.The cold never seems to bother you.

    DD-Thats another very good week.Nothing better than putting a run of several good weeks of training together

    Bro-nice speed work and XC again and good luck with this weekends challenges

    Barry-enforced rest? Think I will keep my mouth shut for you in future.Recover quickly

    Recovery 4.5m on Sunday,( A 50m week) ,13.1 Monday alternating miles at about 7.50mm with 7.25mm, yestrday 2.6k swim in an hour and later a 7m TM session. Didnt swim today as pool full of youngsters screaming and shouting-I hate Half. Terms. I've entered Liverpool HM on 13th March.

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