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  • Barry - hope you're starting to recover. Fingers crossed I see you Sunday. 

    2old - nice week training then. I like doing a 50m week! Not often enough though!

    bro - perfect marathon training if you ask me! Good luck Saturday. 

    My legs have taken too much time to recover from sunday. 5m easy Tuesday and 9m yesterday. Decided to hit the spiky ball for painful rolling to ease the hammys. And today did my first swim since the pond closed in September. 60 lengths in 33 minutes all front crawl. Shoulders will pay later! I hate half terms too but all the kids are still in bed when I went at 7:30!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA- the idea of getting in a pool before midday horrifies me. Can't beat a bit of DOMS. Enjoy the muscle tenderising. It will be a sort of taper for your HM then... Perfect and good luck . Keep the 50s coming

    Mini tri yesterday -50 mins spinning,5k TM run ,500m swim for a bit of variety .

    Did my LR today 20m at 8.01mm. Struggled a bit ..think it is the accumulated training over the last 10days since returning from my hols and the cold windy conditions sucking the energy out of me . Bit of a strain down the inside of my lower right leg...hopefully temporary. Hip now constantly niggling me.

    Good running and racing this weekend all
  • 2old - great long run. And so quick! Hope the aches and pains go soon. My arms are still aching from my swim!image

    wokingham half tomorrow and it's 40 mile/hour winds. Which is a nightmare as the course is so exposed in parts. Not expecting much at all. Hopefully a sub 1:40. Will aim for @1:35. And not dying @9 miles in....!

  • 2old - well done on the continued excellent training.  Marathon training is about accumulated effort so that's a good run.

    AA - Good luck for today and "enjoy" the challenging conditions.

    No training for me since Monday, and although feeling better still nowhere near 50% let alone 100 so would be a stupid idea racing today, so now trying to find a HM in March.

  • Bazza - sorry you weren't there and I hope you get better soon.

    wokinghan half - I was shocking. 1:37:50. slow fat and old is how I felt. 7 mins off last year. However, the course is unforgiving if fast in places but it was so windy and hard today and I ran well for @9 miles then gave up! Wind won!

    anyway I've decided to run my 25th marathon in London in fancy dress! Anyone remember when I did the great south run as Snow White? May well make a re appearence!!

  • Look on the bright side AA: you only feel old, fat and slow I actually AM old, fat and slow image

  • O4S!!! Love you - where have you been???? Are you both ok?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry-hope you are back in the game next week. Keeping the training consistent and constant is not easy for oldies with injuries and niggles unless you're O4S????.Still some way to go so no worries

    AA- excellent HM. That wind was a killer and anyway it's too soon to use a HM as a London indicator ...keep building the mileage . I'm not joining you in a fancy dress

    O4S- hello -how's tricks ?.

    8m today fighting or using the wind so the last 6 around 7.30mm and the last one near 7mm.Very tough .Total for week 61.
  • I really am out of the game now.  After trying all sorts of strengthening exercises for the osteoarthritis I got back to a few short races which went quite well. But then in January the knee got a lot worse again and I paid for an MRI as the NHS list was so long. Apparently I have (in no particular order) anseurine bursitis, a Bakers Cyst, water on the knee, swelling of the bone marrow, a tear in the meniscus and general wear and tear. Seeing a knee surgeon next week, but no great hope of a magic bullet. Meanwhile no running, walking 50-60 miles per week and cycling about 100 miles. Will reassess after the consultation, but am resigned to the fact that my running might be overimage

    it is the time of year when I keep thinking I should be doing the Bramley 20 or some other event, whereas instead I am cancelling my VLM accommodation.  Did a 30 mile event last weekend and basically walked most of it, but still hoping to get round the 100 mile event, albeit taking hours longer than usual.

    i pop in and out to see how every one is getting on with their training but trying not to torture myself too much. BA has effectively given up running due to his knee, but since he did the same races as me over Christmas I suspect he just doesn't have the motivation if I'm not doing it.

    Look forward to seeing you out as Snow White AA. image

  • O4S- sorry to hear that, hope the surgeon can come up with something next week. Still covering ridiculous mileage!

    AA- well done, sounds grim. Halves are tough without the extras like stupid wind.image Definitely not old and fat and I will make sure to take some pics of the Snow White outfit!

    2Old- great running and nice mileage for last week.

    Barry- hope you're feeling better. Which half are you thinking?

    I did 21:21 on YKW at the weekend- very happy with that. It's only 4s off my pb but what's more important done off very little quality so hopefully there's more to come in the next few weeks when things start picking up in training.

    Followed it with 12m easy yesterday and 3m recovery plod today. XC nationals coming up this Saturday and catching up with Minni afterwards so should be fun.image

  • O4S: fingers crossed, missed you at Blackmore Vale half!

    AA: old and fat I think not, still a a very decent hqlf on a windy day. Damn sure i cant get under 1-40 any more

    2Old: good long run there.

    Bro: good ykw, you're going to smash that PB.

    Barry: hope your soon back on track

    I had a genuine cut back week this week, 45 miles running, 2 swimming and no cycling..... Too bloody wet! Still stuggling with dodgy ankle, can run it off as long as run is further than 10 miles! Had a good quality session with club on Thursday, was running with people who I normally only see the back of, so inspired I did ykw on Sat, 22-01, need to take a minute off that. Then 21.5 in 3-02 yesterday which was quite a bit quicker pace than I expected but felt easy enough so some level of fitness clearly returning.
  • DD - that's a very good couple of runs over the weekend.

    2old - Great weekly mileage.
    AA - Tough conditions on the day were worth a few minutes and you're getting older I guess but not as old as some of us and fat I doubt it very much, come and join me on 20 March (see below).

    Brol - Nice YKW, be interesting to see what your new training brings speed wise.

    O4S -  Fingers crossed  you''ll be back running.

    Think I'm over the lurgy, 5 miles steady Monday, 2K swim yesterday and 10 miles steady today.  Found a HM Heyford Park Airbase 20 March, should be pretty flat as an old US Air force base.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-what Barry said and everything else crossed

    DD-looking good-you are getting back into good form- rediscovering all those years of training you've laid a good wine.Fast ykw too

    Bro-nice ykw and solid training...pb next time.You can only get faster.Good luck at the Nationals

    Barry-relieved to see you back.Looks like the rest has done you some good too.Thats a good date for a HM,mine is a week earlier and a bit soon in my view.

    Nell/Chick-where are you?

    Busy week so far-Monday-steady 14m,Tues -2.5k swim and 13k TM session (5k mp and 6k hmp), Weds-2k swim and 10m at 7.13mm av, Today-recovery day-2k swim and maybe pilates tonight.

    Niggles list-tingling left knee, twinges in right achilles,sore right hip, left big toe nail falling off.All good then.


  • Here, I'm here image   Sorry, been a bit AWOL - lots to do at work and in general.

    Good to see you pop in O4S even though your news is a bit disheartening image  can't believe the amount of walking you still manage though!

    Gawd, we are a right old sorry bunch, aren't we? So many aches, pains, niggles and general fatigue amongst us. Count me in with some bizarre groin pain (probably more adductor pain) that flares up when running but doesn't really bother me otherwise so I chose to ignore it.

    Nice ykw'ing DD and Bro image

    AA: I'd be dead chuffed to do a 1:37 half these days. I have lost the ability to do anything faster than 8mm image Right now I'm thinking I'll get through these two marathons in the spring and that'll be it. Great idea to run in fancy dress and enjoy VLM.

    On the upside: I managed a decent MP run last Sunday. Despite rain and wind I felt really good.

  • O4S - poor you sounds a nightmare. You must spend all day walking! Missed you at Bramley. 

    DD - good running. Coming back to fine form. 

    Barry - glad the lurgy has almost gone. That half sounds good. Don't think I can do another one now after last week My confidence has been knocked a bit. 

    Chick - good to see you back. 2 marathons back to back is an ask. Take them both steady. Still doing some good running. 

    Bro - your speed is there. Well done on a great YKW. Enjoy the cross country nationals. 

    Another 20 for me today in 2:52. Felt quite good. Decided to go back to the intervals and bin off a tempo each week. Managed 7x800s yesterday on the tready. I have decided to definitely run as Snow White and just to put extra pressure on myself have entered the Guinness book of records attempt as "fastest marathon as a  character from a book (female)" which currently stands at 3:39! Gonna be a bit of an ask!!!

  • Hear, hear AA. That's a great idea! Surely you can smash 3:39? I ran 3:38 in 2010 off a 1:38 half marathon image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭'ll beat 3.30. Still plenty of time. i wouldn't worry about tempo/intervals etc. as long as you do some pacy stuff once a week . I'd also just try to do one 13k on or off a TM a week in an hour so that by April that pace is comfortable and embedded. I'm sure Snow White won't be under the same  scrutiny as the guy I saw in a green mankinI last year (sub 3.10pace!!) at VLM .

    chick- I am having doubts too...wondering why I'm not on the piste instead of pounding the streets. Once we are well into March all will feel different....I hope. Good to see your MP run went well. 

    Went to Pilates last say I have zero flexibility is an understatement though the instructor did think I'd done it before. Maybe will do it next week too .

    Up at 6 today for my LR  .Struggled like last week but glad to get it done . 21m at AV of 7.59mm  . Big weekend of sport and trip to Wembley awaits .


  • 2old - 13k at MP in my fancy dress image thats the struggle! Have to do that on the treadmill or will get all sorts of funny looks from the villagers!!

  • AA: no pressure then! 3-39 should be a walk in the park even as Snow White!

    Chick: yeah i too feel like retiring from time to time but then stuborness takes over

    Barry: good to see you back

    2Old: impressive weeks training

    Lots of cycling and swimming this week as ankle is sore, ran 6 x 800 with club on Thursday and stunned myself by doing them all in around 3-10. fitter than I thought. Off working on a work barge off Blackpool for 7 - 10 days, so missed 10 mile race today and probably nect weeks 20 mile race, but I suspect my ankle might benefit from 7 days or so of complete rest, it's been getting worse by the week.
  • DD - sounds like a rest will do you good. And fitness is there too so won't lose much. 

    7x800s again yesterday for me and 6 recovery today taking me to 50m for the week. image

  • Nice 800s DD and AA.

    22 miles plodded here. Asthma was bugging me a bit image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    DD- I can see Blackpool from a hill near us so I will give you a wave. Looks like another one has a few niggles. Rest and recover. Good going to date though

    AA-well done with that 50. I assume your TM isn't in a public gym if your on it in your dress. You seem at home with intervals

    Chick- great Long plod

    64 miles last week including a ykw on Saturday 20.30 , 18th out of 200+and 1st for age.13.2 today . 207 miles in Feb. Not sure I can face the challenges of March .
  • Hi Guys, My apologies. I have been AWOL big time... combination of work, home life and training I guess!

    Anyway glad to see everyone is still going good.

    Apart from you o4s, really sorry to hear you are not going to make London. I do hope you can have a bit to cheer about soon..

    Hi AA, Looking forward to the fancy dress at London. I think there is a record to be broken there. Last year a guy past me on the 25th mile going for a record with 25 or 35 kg on his back. I know I should remember but it was the 25th mile, I know one thing, he was twice the size of me and very Royal Marine looking!

    Hi DD, Nice training going on a good 800's

    Hi Chick, Nice to see you knocking out the miles. You have a marathon planned?

    Hi Barry, That sounds a fast HM on an Airbase! Hope you get back to some consistency in your training. Seems as though you have had a couple of curve balls lately?

    Hi 2old, Seems as though you are going well. Congratulations on the ykw last Saturday. how are the niggles?

    Hi Bro, Hope the XC went ok and sounds as though a PB in our 5k is around the corner.

    I am into Week 5 of 12 on the schedule for London. The Long runs suffered on the first 3 weeks with work and the weather, but has been ok since. Saturday ran 8 miles (7:20mm average) Sunday 18 miles (7:12mm average) and 8 miles this morning (7:26mm average). The Sunday runs are mainly to be ran at majority moderate pace which is 7:17. The schedule this time around I feel is pushing me a bit more, as well as the introduction of 18 mile LR's (Hansons is not strictly 16 mile LR's) Legs feeling a bit tired this morning.

  • Thought Id take a sneak on here, have aspirations for one day joining the sub 3.30 club although I think this year is a bit premature with only my second and third marathons due and a first one I was really unhappy with ! Thought Id sneak a look at what sort of times you guys hit in other distances and see if Im being realistic for the future or not .... Nice to see a familiar name Nellimage

    Looks like a few locals here too ! Had a few friends racing Bramley and I looked at Heyford half as dowm the road but decided on Banbury 15 .... anyone doing MK20 on Sunday ?

  • Hi Washwood, Yes although I have been AWOL for a while image Nice to see you. Good luck with the 20 this weekend....

  • Thanks Nell, trying to decide a sensible game plan ....

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell- looks like your on track and welcome back by the way. My niggles remain particularly the hip but it usually relaxes with some stretching (some mid runs).

    Washwood- welcome on board. CAnt say I'm an expert on judging what others are capable of doing but if you give us an idea of your recent pb's and marathon times I'm sure you'll get some views. My first two marathons at 47 were sub 3.30 so it can be done. Are you doing the 20 or the 15 or both ?

    I'm thinking of having a dry March though that might be tougher than the running schedule...we'll see
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Welcome back, Nell image

    Good luck with going cold turkey, 2old image

    And great to have a new joiner here, washwood image I ran 4 marathons around the 4hr mark before getting down to 3:3x. PB is 3:24 but that was before a back injury and a virus that left me with a slightly dodgy heart valve. Nothing that would prevent me from running though. I ran another one last autumn in 3:33 and I'm hoping to break 3:30 again this spring. Stupidly I've signed up for 2 marathons 3 weeks apart image Hamburg and Prague. Prague is sponsored by work so it'd be rude not to image

    As for other distances my 5k PB is 21:02, 10k: 44:10 and HM 1:34. I'm generally shite at fast stuff.

    6 miles tempo run this morning. Was a bit tough on the lungs at -4 degrees but a beautiful still morning and for once I managed to actually speed up over the final mile rather than dying on my arse with 2 miles to go image

  • nell - Impressive running as ever, yeah life can get a bit hectic but welcome back and my curve balls have n't finished yet see below

    Washwood - welcome, which marathons are you racing this year? I'm OK at anything up to HM but have struggled to convert to a comparable marathon time.

    Chick - well done on the 22 and the tempo miles done and banked . 

    AA -  Good training and plenty of time left, that's what I keep telling myself The way I am going I may join you in fancy dress at London, one of your  dwarfs maybe

    2old - well done on the parkrun and getting close to Chick's monster mileage.

    DD - Enjoy the Irish Sea and give my home town a wave.

    Long day in work Saturday so "rest" day.  Sunday's log run was a shocker, meant to be 24 but nothing in legs from 12 so called it a day at just under 16.  Hope its the tail end of the lurgy even though I ran OK during the week.  2k swim yesterday am and hour easy bike PM. 5 miles with middle 3  "quick" this morning,  the quick were a little off normal pace though. 

    Advice please I was planning for 15 steady this weekend but after Sunday's debacle should I go long again this weekend?

  • Barry - sounds like you're still recovering. I had that at this time last year. Knocked me out for @3 weeks. You'll come back soon and better! And who runs 24 miles on training?!!

    2old - great mileage. sorry about Wembley. 

    chick - a22 already?? Boom. Well done. Sounds cold there too. 

    Washwood - welcome. 

    Dodgy calf yesterday. Felt ok today so did 5x1400s on tready. 

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