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  • washwoodwashwood ✭✭✭

    Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome. I will be running Manchester and then VLM 2 weeks later (as long as not injured). I wont be aiming for a sub 3.30 tthis year but wondered maybe with these under my belt ..... next tyear ...

    All my current PBs came as a result of last years marathon training ( I ran 3.59.25 at VLM having gotten stuck at the back of the 4hr 30 pen ...)

    5k : 21.02  4m : 27.34  5m 35.15 10k 43.35 (think I can knock time off this on a flat course)  HM 1.36.29  

    I think its a bit over ambitious to think I can run a sub 3.30 marathon but you know if I aim high I will hopefully get the best time off the training I can image


    Anyway always good to see what others are up too !!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Bad news on the hip, have you been performing any strengthening excersises to improve the hip?

    Hi Washwood, Personally I would run the 20 as your LR...

    Hi Chick, Cold run, but if it is nice and bright it makes it so much the fact that you didn't die on your arse as well image

    Hi Barry, As AA says, sounds like you are still getting back to strength after being ill. Why not go for the 15 and start off easy and then build up through the run from 5 10 to last 5?

    Hi AA, Nice intervals, were they performed in costume?image

    Group session tonight. 2.4 mile warm up, cool down and 1 x 1K, then 4 x 400M...3 sets. Splits (pace in brackets):

    Set1- 4:03 (6:26) 1:30 (5:52), 1:36 (6:13), 1:28 (5:39) 1:34 (6:03) Set 2 – 3:59 (6:20), 1:31 (6:08), 1:35 (6:18), 1:28 (5:47), 1:41 (6:20) Set 3 – 4:08 (6:37), 1:32 (5:59), 1:35 (6:12), 1:36 (6:13), 1:37 (6:16)  Happy with the consistency as the second and fourth 400's into the wind. Felt this session though.. 10 miles in all and earned my slice of cake with my cuppa tonight! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-good icy tempo there

    AA-you are now more at home on the TM than me.Nice interval session. So my team surrenders at Wembley and wins easily last night against the same team..whats that all about?

    Barry-go for time on your feet-an easy LR of 18 and maybe 1-2 more if you feel good but finish thinking you could have done more.You are nearly back to normal but dont rush it

    Nell-you are in great form-that was a tough 10 mile session. Im doing some strengthening and stretches for my hip and have returned to regular massages so am hoping they do the trick. Any suggestions?

    Washwood-your times suggest that you are able to go sub 3.30 now assuming you follow the right schedule and get in enough LRs. What schedule are you using? Sub 3.30 in 2 marathons less than a week apart can be done-ask AA about it.

    13 miles monday, 2.5k swim and 15k TM session( including 6.5k mp and 6.5 k hmp) Tuesday, 10 miles yesterday( far too windy for my liking), recovery day today. Not liking the weather forcast for the weekend

  • washwoodwashwood ✭✭✭

    2Old Im following a sub 3.30 programme off here to give me best chance of doing as well as I can, what I need to over come is the voice in my head ....   Im not sure what my plan for London is yet, Manchester is the A race and London is to be enjpoyed and played by ear image

  • nell - great training and a brutal 10 miler there! Are you on green start this year or fgfa on red?

    2old - nice week so far! Are you running long tomorrow? I do love a lazy treadmill run I have to be honest!

    washwood - def can do a sub3:30 on those times. Mental training is what you have to do as well as a load of long ones! 

    my 3rd 20 miler today. Wasn't fun. Found it pretty hard on a tired body. Ave pace was @8:45 and last few miles were the death stumble! Hey ho. Just over 3 more hard weeks to go.....

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-looks line you and I are both addicted to the TM. The plan is/was to run long tomorrow but I'm not liking the look of the snow in the forecast. Have to try as I have a busy weekend and won't fit it in otherwise .I suppose I could defer it to Monday . Which marathon are you counting down to ? I have 4 more hard weeks and two taper after this week....I prefer your count down .If Nell is at red or fgfa and Free is at champs start we are going to be a very depleted team on 24 th April

    Washwood.- follow and trust the schedule -they usually work though I like?? (Feel the need )to add a few more miles especially long runs .

    Got the time for Pilates wrong so did 3 easy miles to warm up though I don't know how anyone can warm up in this wind and rain .
  • 2old - hope the snow hasn't affected your run today too much. I'm going a 3 week taper for London as I'm off to maldives on 7th April for a week to celebrate my silver wedding anniversary (child bride!!). Will try and do some speed work out there but no long runs. 

    Recovery 3 mile run for me today image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Have you used the resistance band? I follow these exercises to help the hip/ITB You still seem to be knocking the miles out ok...image

    Hi AA, Those type of LR's make you stronger.  I am not sure what colour I am, they have changed my GFA number to 28819.

    Maldives sounds nice image

    Not really much of a taper on Hansons..

    Wednesday night, ditched the Club session and did 6 easy miles at 7:38mm average. Then Thursday morning ran strength session warm up and cool down and 3 x 2 Miles at MP -10 secs with 800M recoveries. 10.5 miles session in all. But think I suffered from the 6 miles the night before so never hit intended 6:30. Splits: 6:35,6:26 - 6:41,6:35 - 6:39, 6:40 and a slow 2 miles jog home image Gym this morning for some S&C...

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    AA: how come you get a week in the Maldives for 25 years and I only get a (cancelled) weekend in Devon for 40 years?????!!!!! image

    Saw the knee consultant on Monday - they are aspirating the knee and injecting with hydrocortisone next week. He thinks I should be able to get back to running short distances if I take it slowly.

  • Nell - that sounds like a green start number. image another nice 10 miler there. 

    O4S - my honeymoon was 3 days in Cornwall! Great news about your knee. Hope the cortisone injection helps. 

    Currently recovering in Exeter after a night out with my boy and his student housemates!! Bit hangy!!

  • AA - Out with the youngsters - fair play to you.  Well done for grinding out the long one, lets hope our race day is better than our training campaign.

    O4S - Great news about your Knee, can't see you lounging on a sunbed in the Maldives, don't think there's many hills out there for you to run or cycle up.image

    nell - Good running and 6:40 MP target impressive.

    washwood - Your times indictate sub 3:30 and better but the marathon is different race and I firmly believe some runners are more suited to the longer distances.  How long have you been running/racing,  and you're right to race Manchester and enjoy VLM.

    2old- good consistent training from you, guess I'll be "billy no mates" on Blue start.

    30 x 50m swim for me on Wednesday avg 1:07 if only I could do that over distance.  10 miles steady at 7:22 avg on Thursday.  And I actually finished the long run this morning, just over 20 at 7:52 avg, didn't feel as easy as it should but happy to have completed it.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Well done on the  respective 20s AA and Bazza.

    Maldives wow, how lovely. Enjoy.

    Washwood: those times should get you a sub 3:30. Back in the days when us lot here tried to break the magic number general consensus was that you needed a 1:36 half, so you're bang on target image

    Good luck with the knee procedure, o4s. Sounds positive image

    Super fast training as usual, Nell

    2old: did you manage your long run? Funny you guys have snow now. Usually it's  us lot that get the crap winter weatherimage

    18 with 12 @ MP done in the rain. Tomorrow it's going to be windy so I wanted it out of the way. I'm so not in PB shape image

  • washwoodwashwood ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry B : Been running a few years and racing for around 5 but improved alot last year when determination and mental side began to kick in .  Know what you mean about some being better at distance, ill see what happens at Manchester and if I dont improve m uch on my last time ill give up the time hunt and just enjoy my next  ones and concentrate on shorter distances image

    Chiksta nice training, similar to what I am going to aim to do at tomorrows event, will give me a good indication of what I can aim for at Manchester image

  • washwoodwashwood ✭✭✭

    Boom ! MK20 2.44.52 on watch ... 8.15 ave which is my MP aim !!    I ran first 10m around 8.30ish and intention was to run secons half at 8.15 but realised I was under selling self and around the 8 average over the last 10 was not feeling like I was going crazy (infact reigned it in) Its looking good for a sub 3.45 on M day image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Wash-nice 20 there. No excuse for not pushing for sub 3.30 after that

    AA- well done grinding out that 20 ..,.and so early in the week. Guess you saw that hangover coming. Like your taper plans. Lots of sun to recover.We went to Vegas for our 25th.,,don't they do quicky divorces there? (Not needed).

    O4S-glad to see the medics have found a way to get you back running. Hope all goes well

    Nell- I'm struggling to reach the requisite pace too but it's a long way off yours. Very fast. Thanks for the link..I'm doing a few of those exercises at Pilates funnily enough. Looks like you weren't fast enough for fgfa so will have to put up with our company.

    Barry- pleased to see you get your 20 done at a very respectable pace. Now you are ready to reinforce it with more of the same . Shame youre on your own at the start .. I'd planned that you'd pace me .

    Chick- you're running well. That's a hard LR .Looks like it's our turn to complain about the weather instead of you .

    Up at 6 on Friday for my LR but wimped out due to snow /rain /wind. Very annoyed with myself so repeated the process yesterday and ground out 20.5 inserting a YKW (20.32,10th overall and 1st oldie)after 13.A recovery 5.4 today finished a 61 mile week. Constantly tired now. Bit less next week.
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi o4s, Fingers crossed on the knee image

    Hi Barry, Nice training for the week

    Hi Chick Nice 18 with the 12 MP miles. I think you cope with the snow better than us though image

    Hi Washwood, Very wise to have Manchester as the A Race..Well done on the MK20, sounds as though you are on plan,,

    Hi 2old, There are a few hip excersises in RW this month..Nice running and inserting a cheeky 5k in there. I am with you on the tiredness. I am not sleeping well at the moment, so that is making things a bit harder. You are a ,ile more than me this week.

    Hi AA, Hope you have recovered  image

    8 miles yesterday to be ran at easy to moderate pace, ran 7:19mm average. 16 miles this morning majority to be ran at moderate pace, ran 7:12mm average. Lovely morning... Then down to Easter Rd to watch Hibs draw in the Scottish Cup with Inverness. I do not think they will have much joy when they go up the road for the replay... image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- I know all about the frustrations of football teams. Smiling at the idea of 7.19 / 7.12 being moderate pace.... I wish. 

    Busy few days - swopped this weeks LR around to Monday-18miles ,yesterday 2k swim ,today 2k swim lunchtime and just under 13 miles tonight 7.32 mm AV pace with a couple at HMP and a couple at MP .

    A business awards night in Blackpool tomorrow ...might see DD there 

  • 2old - Good training,  mmmmm you're too modest surely moderate pace is steady. Must be a week for Blackpool I'm off there this weekend to see my Dad, are you in line to win?

    Nell -  Quality running by you as ever.

    washwood - well done on the 20 methinks you may surprise yourself at Manchester.

    Chick -  Well done on the MP miles , not easy when doing a full training week.

    Good week's training so far for me.

    Mon - 121 swim lesson
    Tues - 5 miles with middle 3 quick , splits for quick 6:49,6:35, 6:17 so some pace coming back.
    Wed -  2k swim 20 x 100m alternate full and pull
    Today - 10 miles 1 WU then 9 on the quick side of steady(moderateimage), avg 7:13 for the run and steady miles inbetween 7:01 and 7:14. image

  • Chick - that's a great run with MP miles in there. 

    Looks like you guys are all smashing it on pace. Barry - bloody quick 3 miles in the middle there. 2old - nice 18 for a Monday!! Nell - sub 3 on the cards??!

    i recovered from my drinking with students on Friday night and managed to do my intervals Saturday afternoon and a recovery run Sunday making 50 for the week. Been incredibly tired this week and so busy with work seeing marathon runners so much so that I actually talked myself out of my long run today and rested. Hammy is tight, my glands were up and I had a banging headache. First rest day in 18 days. Might just call this a cut down week now! Oh, and off to twickenham on Saturday for the first time ever!!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Seems to be a week for feeling rubbish image I felt like I'd been run over by a train this morning and so couldn't be bothered to run. Asthma is playing up too. Intervals were planned for today ... if I can get out early enough I may do them tonight but not really feeling the love right now.

    Hope you feel better soon, AA.

    That's a brilliant 10 miler, Barry

    Enjoy Blackpool, 2old.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-don't know about being modest...that seems quick when my legs feel like lead. Cracking 10 miler .Hell will freeze over before we win But only the best go to Blackpool so who cares. You're back to pre lurgy pace so alls looking good. Any races planned as part of your marathon prep?

    AA- you've earnt a cut back after all those 50mile weeks. 48 will be about right and a day off can only do you good.I got tickets for at Twickers  too today but can't go so my kids are going to benefit yet again. Not sure my heart is up to watching anyway especially after Liverpool tonight . By the way it's a good training running to the train to return to the city after the game  ....lots of weaving like  the start of VLM 

    Chick- you're doing P&D aren't you? Very tough schedule especially as I expect you'll be going the 70 mile version. How long to the taper for you? You'll do the intervals I'm sure .

    12k on the TM in an hour today...supposed to be easy but didn't feel like it. Another couple of days easy running to come. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    As expected we didn't win. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    sorry you didn't win 2old image

    I'm doing my own version of P&D ... skip the VO2 max reps which I'm no longer allowed to do and do longer but slower reps instead. And you're right. I did them last night image

    4 by 2k @ roughly HM pace - came out as 8:55, 8:52, 8:52 and 8:41. Quite pleased with the outcome coz I felt like death when I did the warm-up and wasn't expecting anything. My HMP is somewhere around 7/7:10 pace so that was pretty much bang on.

    I never find treadmill running easy ...

  • 2old - Never mind at least you got a night out in Blackpool, hope you enjoyed the rugby yesterdayimage.  Yeah I've got a HM next Sunday.

    Chick - well done on the long repeats.

    Been trying to get out on my road bike but had to bin it Friday due to fog so indoor bike.  And today again fog so another indoor bike session.  Went to Blackpool Friday evening and long run done yesterday, a bit dull but no wind(strange)  20 miles done at 7:47 avg with gels at 5,10,15

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- it's surprising how the speed comes after lots of plodding. Good run there

    Barry- another quality 20 done setting you up nicely for London. Don't mention the rugby grrrr..,.,and Blackpool???thats another story. Will you taper for your HM?

    Liverpool HM today. Not the best prep yesterday - hip very sore and out until midnight. So it went very well -87.39- faster than last year and perfect conditions. More later
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Wow, brilliant result 2old. Hope the hip settles.

    Nice pace on your long run, Barry. I ran about a minute a mile slower on my 22 today image and everything hurt. I'm falling apart image but the last 4 were at MP. Very cold and windy out there.

    Where's spring??

  • Back from Liverpool bay

    2old: very impressive half, Blackpool is not very inspiring and thats beng polite.

    Wash; welcome, your times show that sub 3-30 is on

    Chick: spring is here in Wiltshire, nice long run.

    04S: positive new re knee, you would hate the Maldives most islands are too small to run around.

    AA: see above! Great place though. i've been married more an 25 years just not to the same person!

    Nell; your moderate pace is impressive.

    Barry; good steady training.

    Was offshore Blackpool for 10 days, did damn all and gave ankle a rest. Got back Tuesday night, ran 5 on weds, nothing hurt. cycled 35 miles with 1000M of climbing Thurs, ran 5 on friday and ankle hurt a bit. Cycled 40 on Sat, and today was Larmer Tree 20 an offroad spectacular which was 21 miles with very nearly 3,000 feet of ascent, nearly quit at 5 miles, came even closer at 10 miles, the cider at 15 helped, the cramp at 17 was agony (have never had cramp running before) but got going again to lurch home in 3-50 ish. Living proof that 20 very hard offroad miles is faintly stupid when you have hardly run for three weeks and probably overcooked it over the previous 4 days, but cider cures all ills.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- you aren't falling apart it's just a bit of old fashioned fatigue....not surprising in view of the miles you do. I'm yet to do my 22 miler so nice one there . Spring is here ...well it was today .

    DD- I'm not going to get into a debate about Blackpool but I will admit it's not my first choice for a night out. I loved it when I was a kid though.  I suppose if you have to do a 20 mile race you have to do a tough off-roader. Looks like you're taking up O4S's extreme cycling and running. Good going. Cider does dull the pain. 

    My official HM time today was 87.40 , 190th overall ,6th for age, my second fastest HM and a WAVA of over 81 so I'm very happy. After a two mile warm up I felt pretty good so decided to try for a race pace of just under 6.50. After the first 5 miles doing that I felt I was going to struggle but generally managed to dig in and so finished with a 6.42mm average. Weather was perfect . Splits from my garmin-6.44;6.52;6.38;6;49;6.48;6.40;6.56;6.49;6.57;6.44;6.42;6.44;6.36 .  I like this HM. 

    Just under 60 miles this week.  

  • 2old - that's fantastic. Well done. Consistent splits too. You're right to be happy. And to do that after a 60 miles week????! Strong. 

    Chick - a 22 miler and the last 4 @mp is great going. You're always gonna be tired after that. Is that your 2nd 22? How many will you do?

    DD - that sounded like a brutal run. 

    Barry - another good 20. 

    Well after bunking off my 20 on Thursday, I did 9 friday, 10x800s Saturday and then tried  do 13 yesterda But quit and did 8.5. So only a 37 MiLe week. My right hammy is so tight and I now have strained a tendon on my foot. 3 more hard weeks to hang on for if i can. Getting a bit panicky. planning on a dress rehearsal in costume for a few miles today - on the treadmill!!! 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
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