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  • Nell- still a good session and good call on giving yesterday's club session a miss.

    AA- hope the journey is going well, it's a pain so worth it!

    Chick- enjoy the carbs. So what's the target MP?

    2Old- good pacing strategy there.

    Barry- sometimes it just seems random how the same run can feel different on a different day for no apparent reason.

    800s for me on the track on Tuesday. Only 4 of them and with full recoveries but at quite a swift pace all done in under 3.05s. Ouch. Followed by gym and 10m easy yesterday which felt quite tough. Much needed rest day today.

    So what time do I meet you at the green start?image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Wow, that's superfast, Bro image

    MP will be a tad under 8mm - I'm still kidding myself this is doable without knackering me too much for Prague image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-trust your flight went well. We will spot you easily-Snow White with a tan

    Bro- eye ball bursting splits deserve a rest. Tapering for 24th I expect

    Chick- I suspect you'll be nearer 7.50 mm splits. You know you can do it. Tell us about the race- flat, fast linear out and back in the town in the country???? Done your dress rehearsal yet?

    Nell- it's clear that a well structured plan can make a big is for you anyway .Maybe next time I won't make it up as I go along.

    A swim earlier and 9 miles this evening 2 easy 3moderate 4 brisk 7.18mm AV overall. Pleasant conditions too...sunny but cool. Hope it's like that next Sunday
  • Bro - normal time! 8:30-9 but instead of the celeb enclosure we will meet by the Guiness world records enclosure image

    chick - how's the taper madness? Feeling strong?

    guys - all your training is making me feel worse! Well done!

    so after a stupid long day travelling yesterday I'm back and jet lagged. Woke at 3am for good! Got up, did the washing, walked the dogs and have just done 3 miles with 4x800s at 15kph. Why do I feel so crap? They hurt. My doubts are kicking in as to whether I can do 3:39 next week let alone 3:30!!

  • AA- of course they feel crap, you're tapering AND you're jetlagged. Those long haul flights take a lot out of you. I remember trying to do a fast workout before York straight after coming back from SA and my legs were just having none of it. You might think you feel fine but your body knows best. Chill!image

    2Old- yes, the taper in full swing here.image

    Chick- good plan, you can know you can do it!

    Ran into work this morning. Was supposed to do 3x (1m@ MP/ 1m@ HMP/ 1m@ 10k pace) with 1min recoveries but lost the will to live after the 2nd set. It just felt too hard today. It has been a long week so no dramas. Easy 5 tomorrow and 16 easy on Sunday.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    AA: Glad you made it back in one piece image. I usually suffer from rubber legs caused by long haul flights for about a week. Which is why I struggled so badly in Boston imageI've since realised that overseas marathons are a no-no for me.

    Wow, a Guinness World Record enclosure - exciting!! Will Nell be stalking you againimage ?

    Bro: That sounds like a really tough session first thing image. I find that anything tempo-ish works much better in the afternoon/evening.

    2old: If I wasn't doing Prague I would agree and deffo try to beat my old PB of 3:24 but with the two so close together I won't. It'd be nice to run a comfortable race for once. Having said that I find it sooo bloody hard to start conservatively and will probably run a 6:50 first mile image. The course is flat and fast. It goes out for 5k to the west to take in the posh suburbs, then back into town, past my workplace, up north to the airport and back into town centre. It's a really great race. Lots of enthusiastic folk lining the course and only 15000 odd runners so generally no congestion issues at all.

    Let the stalking begin:

    Race number: F1348

    Just picked up my race number and a handful of gels from the expo. Didn't take more than 10 mins image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- re feeling crap-what Chick said !  What's my excuse then? I haven't got jet lag. 

    Chick-very exciting. Still think you should go for a pb .... you've done the work and it looks like a perfect race for itand you have to grab every opportunity  that presents itself .Prague can be your lap of honour. You will be watched image

    Bro- intervals in the morning and whilst running to work? No wonder you struggled...much easier going home. Enjoy your weekend running. 

    Like AA I'm feeling pretty crap too,pain in  back ,left knee pain ,sore right hamstring , tingling right Achilles ,aching right arm,bloated. Nothing serious though.Did a 5m recovery run today and seemed to be running in glue. Still all will be different week Sunday. 

  • Bro - 16 is a bit heavy the week before London...?!!

    chick - 3 weeks between marathons is perfect recovery. Go for it and enjoy it. Excited for you. 

    2old - your words are like music to my ears!! I'm gonna aim for 4x2k @mp tomorrow and the thought of it scares me!!! I also have to make a video for the bbc of me running in my outfit, leaving the house,  buying milk in the local shop etc. Everyone thinks I'm nuts around here anyway - that's just gonna confirm it if they see me doing that!! 

  • aa - Welcome back superstar.

    2old -  I'm feeling pretty good for a change.Target will be 3:15 as ever, set off at a pace too quick and see what happens.image

    Chick - what time is kick off for you Sunday.  Good luck and enjoy.

    nell - your training would break me..

    Brol  -  Nice 800's and today's session looked tough, that change up to 10k pace would hurt.

    Good run for me yesterday just under 11 at 7:11 avg and swim this morning 4 x 400m pull with 1 min rest and even though they were pull quickest ever over that distance.

    Well 2 big events for me this year are VLM and my Ironman in July, I'll be competing in aid of St John Ambulance a very worthy cause and pretty relevant to us,  if you would like to sponsor me link here.



  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Bro, Seems you enjoyed your 800's more than me.... Looking at your later post I think it is the time in the plan not too get hung up on a bad session and concentrate on recovery before the big one..16 miles Bro?!

    Hi Chick, Belief, it is doable... I didn't realise I was a stalker?

    Hi 2old, Nice mix up on the run. Glad to see the weather is good down by you. It is looking like 2 degrees when I will go out for my run tomorrow morning!

    Problem is now you are in taper, you have too much time to think about your aches and pains

    Hi AA, Have to look out for that video... You will be fine, everyone will be cheering for you...

    Thursday ran a 1.5 mile warm up and cool down and then 2 miles +45 secs MP, 2 miles +30 secs MP and 2 miles +15 secs MP. Nice run and kept the splits pretty much bang on or a few secs under. So was happy with that. Rest day today and did some S&C.

    Hampden again tomorrow for the Semi Final, Hibs v Dundee Utd. trying not to think about it too much, so up early for run as match is 12:15...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry- your comment on your race plan made me smile. This has to be your year to do it. At least you're in a good place in your taper

    Nell- yes too much time. I've already packed my case. Think the aches and pains are from all my jumping up and down watching Liverpools extraordinary game last night. Try not to do the same at Hampden

    Schedule says 12/13 on Sunday but I'm going to Birmingham then so will do it tomorrow.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nell as in Nell McAndrew image she used to show up on the celeb start to stalk minni and AA for two years in a rowimage

    Guys, I'm a nearly 48 old woman with a heart problem. No more PB antics. But anything below the 3:30 mark is a bonus and will make me happy image

    Race start is 9am, so 8 for you guys. Forecast is a bit miserable what with the wind but at least it's not hot. I can cope with wind and rain - it's a daily occurrence in winter trainingimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- good luck tomorrow. Have a great race. 

    Just over 12 today with a Ykw after 5 miles -20.31-10th overall ,1st in age group. About the same time as this time last year though my legs felt very heavy before and after. 

  • washwoodwashwood ✭✭✭

    Hi just popped in to say thanks for thoughts on a sub 3.30 for me. Went into manchester with no time target legs didnt feel as fresh as Id hoped and the wheels fell off a little at mile 19 but came in at 3.45 so a 14 min PB image   Ill keep chipping away although Im thinking London may be a fair bit slower :/

  • Washwood - well done on your pb. 

    Chick has started..... Go girl. sub 3:30 all the way!!

    did my 6 miles with 4x2k at MP Yesterday in fancy dress. It's hot! starting my obsession with marathon weather now !image

  • My results for chick seem to have stuck after half way image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Sorry guys, DNF image

    I started this marathon injured and the miracle I was hoping for didn't happen. Pulled out shortly before the 25k mark and blubbed a bit on Mr. chick's shoulder who was bag-carrying for me. So, instead of running 2 marathons in 3 weeks it looks like I'm running none image. Need to get this injury fixed before making new plans.

    I'm a little sad but deep down I was prepared to stop so it didn't really come as a surprise.

  • ((( Chick))) image oh no. what happened? Really brave decision to pull out. I hope you recover soon. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- gutted for you put so much into it . It took guts to stop but was right to do .Definitely take a break and fix that injury.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA- just seen the Countryfile forecast which gave a return of the cold spell for next weekend. Congrats getting that MP session out of the way unscathed .

    Wash-a big pb there. Well done. Would you recommend Manchester marathon?Hope your legs recover for next Sunday

    Rest day today if you call 4 hours of driving a rest . Feeling a bit feverish too which is a worry.
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    HI Chick, Sorry to hear about the DNF, but that is a brave and wise decision. Well done for making the right one. image Hope all goes well with the recovery from here.

    Oh, I remember developing a complex before when you mentioned Nell McAndrew image


    Hi 2old, Well Hibs made it through. But what a game image The shining light was the new keeper brought in to the end of the season. What a revelation. My son said he has never seen a wider football player. But he won the game for them. Well done on the 5k, great time!

    Hi AA, Well done on the MP run. I am resisting the weather watch for the moment...

    6 miles yesterday morning at 7:24mm average and then over to Hampden, managing to fit in a full breakfast (I was ready for it) before the game. Then 14 miles today at 7:15mm average. Enjoyed todays run. Best run for a while...

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys.

    AA. I had this random foot pain brought on after the final interval sesh. Physio thinks it's caused by a bone spur irritating soft tissue. I thought the taper would fix it but it didn't. Found that out the hard way image

    And I took it deliberately easy, going out relaxed as it was really congested at the start. I stuck with the 3:30 pacers till about 15k when I had to slow down and hobble a little. Tried to speed up again but realised it wasn't going to go away. Gritted my teeth and hobbled on to the 25 k point where Mr chick was waiting for me. Bugger.

    Now sitting at the doctor's. Curious to hear what he thinks. I consulted Dr Google and it could also be a stress fracture image hope it's not. That would probably mark the end of marathon running for me. Trying to stay positive....


  • Chick- sorry to hear about the DNF but of course the right decision. Good luck with the doctor, hope it' nothing too serious.

    AA- well done on the MP run. It's meant to be cold on Sunday so I wouldn't fret too much. Even on the last few sunny days there's been chill in the air- perfect running weather!

    2Old- hope you're feeling better today.

    Washwood- well done, sub 3.30 next time!

    Nell- sounding positive.image

    17m easy for me yesterday around Richmond park, lovely day for it. 6 easy planned for lunch.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-looks like you are in a very good place for Sunday judging by that 14.I was a goal keeper in my team sport days so would have appreciated your guy's efforts. I'm going to the Liverpool derby on Wednesday so have to be careful not to injure myself there  jumping up and down too much or using up all my nervous energy.A fry up is the food of marathon champs-I stayed in the London Marathon HQ hotel for my first one in 2006 and queued up behind the African stars for breakfast-couldnt believe  they were piling  beans eggs sausages fried bread etc.on their plates.

    Bro-that LR sets you up nicely for 26.2 on you are tempted.What is your next race? Yes thanks Im feeling a lot better apart from the ever present sore  hip issues

    Chick- stay positive and get the problem properly diagnosed and treated.Maybe time to do some more swimming and cycling -join us on the darkside! Tris are the way forward when the body keeps protesting and they are fun.

    Cant believe it was 2 years ago to the day that Chick ,DD and I ran Boston..and a year ago for AA.

    Not that anyone is interested but my weather app predicts Sundays weather as cloud/sun , temp 6c (feeling like 2c) at 9am rising to 11c at 1pm with a NW wind of 19-21 km/h. That looks ok to me as long as the rain forecast for 2pm doesnt arrive early.

    Saw a road rage punch up at the side of the road during my run on Friday involving a male and female which caused a long traffic jam...the world has gone mad.

  • Chick  - Really sorry must have been horrible stopping but wise decision and speedy recovery.

    Washwood - Well done on the PB. How did you find Manchester I'm hearing both good and bad.

    2old - I think you've peaked at YKWimage.  Weather sounds good to me, would that be tail wind?

    nell - Very tidy running by you.

    Taper madness is hitting me, did 8 yesterday 4 easy and 4 steady and after 6  miles got this tingling feeling in ball of my left foot which happened last week on 10 miler.  Both runs  in new shoes, feels like a blister is forming, just a bit of hard skin there when checked, I've got 60 miles in shoes but getting me paranoid.  Good swim this morning 2k pull in 46 mins. image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry-yes definitely peeked at ykw. Might have to specifically target it in the summer to improve. Great swim today. I'm staying out of the pool this week. Might be worth wearing your old shoes if there's a risk the new ones will annoy you and upset your concentration . A few runs this week will provide the answer .
  • washwoodwashwood ✭✭✭

    Brolish, on a day when it all comes together like at MK half and MK 20 (yes Milton Keynes seems to bring out the best in me having run my fastest half 1.36 and 20 2,44 with more in the tank !) I have more to give... thinking abiut it maybe I should just do MK marathon next year ...... VLM on Sunday but I think that will be somewhat slower !!


    Barry B I had a great time at Manchester, but I didnt have to drive and I didnt usse baggage drop ..... if you can skip these bits (but Im sure they will be sorted for next year) I would definitely recommend it, that said its only my second marathon, last year I did VLM and felt totally underwhelmed, perhaps because I was so intent on a time, this year I am going to plod round and take it all in image Not sure Ill even get a sub 4 as Im not sure how my legs will react 2 weeks after manchester.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick, Finigers crossed for you image

    Hi Bro, Sounding good, sounds a nice run...

    Hi 2old, Wow, I would not have thought that on the breakfast front. Not sure how I would feel running a marathon on a full sounding good, yes unfortunately the world has gone mad

    Hi Barry, If in doubt back to the old shoes

    Hi Washwood, Well done again image

    6 miles easy today at 7:31mm average. It was supposed to be 8 but cut it down, trying to get the legs fully recovered this week. Massage this afternoon and nothing to report bad all looking good. Trying to stay positive. Scheduled work this week has gone crazy so I am forced to work Tues and Thurs night, not ideal image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell- forgot to say the breakfast I saw was on the Saturday. They didn't join us on the race day. Work always goes crazy this week...probably because we have a bit more time on our hands. 6 is enough anyway

    4.5m easy for me tonight...didn't feel 100%..hope I'm OK by the end of the week
  • Chick - how did you get on at docs?

    this week is always hard to know what to do for the best. I had my massage yesterday. Gonna run the stiffness out for easy 30 mins today. Expo tomorrow. Then I'm off to Yorkshire for 2 nights for mother in laws funeral which isn't ideal at all. Home Saturday. London Sunday... All about mental strength and positivity now. 

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