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    Travelled home today. Suffering mega DOMS in my legs but don't really care. It's miserable and cold here but again I don't care as I don't intend to train for a while. .

    Free- it was always going to be tough for you with that injury so don't feel too  bad about it.  It's another medal and marathon experience and you know you have a fast one in you.  You've done it and will do it again.  

    AA- I did see you rushing about and called to you in the Green start area but as you say you were distracted.  Don't worry about the outcome dressed up ,met celebs,got on tv and raised money for charity.  That's what it's all about. You did the running thing last year x2. 

    Barry- what happened? I know you will pick yourself up and move on.

    Bro- sorry I missed you but I was digging very deep at that stage and only wanted to think about reaching Parliament and turning right 

    Nell- hope you got home safely .Great pb btw.  Were you a bit disappointend with it? No reason to as far as I can see. Pity I missed you in the start area but it was chaotic this year unlike last year.  I think they got an overload of gfa-ers and some were transferred from fgfa to Green start . There is a rumour the gfa standards are going to be toughened up. 

    Chick-thanks  - I've put the suffering of the Boston run well behind me now  

    Enjoyed watching my lad run along the embankment to the finish and watching the fancy dressers pass including a bare footed Jesus carrying a cross!

    Not gathered my thoughts for my report yet so it will have to wait if you don't mind. Going to get some sun for a few days.  

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    Looking forward to the report, 2old.

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad race, Freemers.

    Well, I had my appointment today and Doc confirmed it's a stress fracture image

    That's me done with marathons then ... 12 weeks of rest, maybe more. Not sure my body will cope with another build-up. I'm not getting any younger either. Not good.
    Guess it's time to dust off the bike and finally learn how to swim properly image

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    Chick-that's not good..any idea when it went? Amazing you did what you did in that state. You are one tough guy. Swimming isn't so bad either

    Enjoyed a beer by the beach and now chilling.
  • Chick ((())). Ouch ouch ouch. Do not lose hope though, stress fractures do heal! I know you must be gutted right now but it's by no means hopeless. Cycling and swimming sounds like a sound plan in a meantime to stay sane... and who knows you might get converted!image

    2Old- well deserved rest in the sun. Looking forward to your report. How did your lad do? Did he 'enjoy' the experience?

    Free- sounds like a tough day... they tend to be when things don't go to plan early on. Good plan with switching to shorter stuff for a while. Rest up and I'm sure you'll be back to your best in no time.

    AA- if that's what you call a 'good cry' you clearly haven't seen me yet raging post a bad race.image Glad we found you and hope you're feeling miles better by now.

    Progressive run for me today- 2m easy/ 2 steady/ 3@ MP/ 3@ HMP. Tough but somehow managed-phew! Hackney Half next Sunday.

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    London Marathon 2016. Part 1

    Ten years ago I ran my first London Marathon . My training had gone pretty well for this one having averaged 60 miles a week since early February ,run 11 long runs between 18and 22 miles ,done one HM in a pleasing 87 mins and run 5 park runs all around 20 mins 35secs. I had a few niggles: a nagging hip problem,tender Achilles in growing toenails and a sore back but I seemed to keep going through these. However this was to be my 13th marathon so if anything was going to go wrong this would be the one.

    I did all the expo stuff with my son G on the Friday so I could rest all day Saturday. Pity I was to be dragged around Harrods by my OH. Despite the noise of drunks fighting and vomiting outside the flat overnight I had a pretty good sleep. One of the best for days in fact...must have been all the carbs. Beetroot shot ,porridge,bagel and energy drink for breakfast then off to Cannon Street with G to get the train to the start area. G got off at Greenwich for Red Start and I got off with the few remaining on the train at Maiz Hill ? for the Green Start. Chatted to a guy from Newport on the way. Felt pretty relaxed and upbeat.  Reached Green Start did the usual toilet stop and then went to watch the celebs. Saw Chris Evans , the guy from EggHeads and some others including a Welsh rugby hero Shane Williams .I saw AA dash to the fancy dress group called out her name but she was preoccupied and disappeared.   The announcer advised that the baggage trucks was leaving in 5 mins and I hadn't changed. I managed to find a small space in the tent and got ready making the fatal mistake of putting deep heat gel where I should have put Vaseline. Ouch,that woke me up.  Bag loaded I saw the huge toilet queues and made do with the urinal...big mistake I was to discover later . The 1st and 2nd pens were combined at Green start so I stood about twenty feet from the start line. It was pretty congested unlike last year...some runners had been transferred from fgfa there.The celebs were in front of us. No sign of Nell ...pity as I knew he'd disappear into the distance ahead of me. Still felt relaxed but also excited. Temperature was perfect though I worried the sun was getting warm and the wind was picking up.Looked for AA but no sign of her.


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    London 2016-part2


      Then we were off. The plan was to aim for a pace of 7.10 -7.15 and see what I had left in the last 5-6 miles. It was a slow start until the celebs were passed and the first mile was  soon done 7mm. It felt very easy and comfortable. The pace picked up from then on ,I was obviously being pulled along by the faster runners around me but after a while I had settled into a 6.40-6.50 pace.This frightened me -first 5k in 21.40-I thought it would all end in tears but the devil in my head said 'wtf stick with it and see where it gets you.,.I looked for Barry after the starts joined up but it was too congested .The blue start sub3mm pacer appeared so I followed him with the crowd behind him. We passed Cutty Sark and then Shoreditch soon arrived. The crowds were huge noisy and very supportive.  The first 10k over in 42-43 mins.  This was my HM pace. I lost the blue pacer but soon picked up the red start sub 3 pacer and kept him in view to about HM stage. Loved crossing Tower Bridge...amazing crowds .Looked for my family but no sign of them.Reached HM stage and gobsmacked to see 1.30xx on my watch. Thought that was the end of my run as I always struggle in the 13-20 mile section but this went well at first  The crowds spurred me on and the odd hilly bit helped relieve the ache developing in my hip. I saw the green start pacer next and followed him around Canary Wharf until about mile 19 when my stomach started to complain. I made a strategic decision to execute a toilet stop .Mile 20 was my slowest -7.53. A minute lost! Still it had to be done.
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    London 2016-part3


    A quick mental calc told me I would get a pb if I averaged 7.20 mm from then on. It seemed a long way and the Embankment didn't want to come to me. I dug deep. It was hurting now....a lot!The tunnel to the Embankment seemed to go on and on. I saw Colin Jackson the other end and waved to him. At this Tate I became aware of runners limping ,vomiting and lying down.Next up was the 40k sign...only 2k to go but my legs were shot at. I pushed them but not too hard ,my calves were tightening frighteningly. Past Parliament ...keep going...800m...keep steady...600m...steady ...400m....ok push it. I saw the official finish time and realised sub 3.04 was possible. Dug deep and crossed the line 3.03.59 on the clock,3.03.54 chip time. I was elated. A pb by 4mins . I never dreamt I had that time in me.  By coincidence after crossing the line I bumped into a Liverpool runner Vickie who I ran with for a while in The Liverpool Marathon 2012 and at VMLM finish last year...3.00.30 for her and she did Manchester a few weeks ago and has Comrades to do in another few weeks. Incredible.   Loved every minute of the day ,the pleasure of which was more than enhanced by son G finishing his marathon experience in 5.50 and raising a shed load of charity money.  I always wondered how close to 3 hours could get I wonder if I can go under it. No pressure .Looking at my splits keep asking where that came from.Im just pleased I decided to take the risk. Here the splits- 7.00,6.52,6.42,6.42,6.51,6.53,6.50,6.49,6.49,6.48,6.45,6.48,6.46,6.43,6.48,6.53,6.48,6.54,6.52,7.53,7.08,7.15,7.13,7.26,7.21,7.13,6.38. 6.58mm average,2343overall,31st for age.  Now I can hardly walk let alone run. 

    Marathon no13? Glad I'm not superstitious .

  • 2Old- great report and well done to 2Old Junior as well. Sub 3 is definitely calling!image

  • 2old - Great report and mighty impressive running.  You must still be smiling and very well deserved too.  Those splits make great reading and that is a huge PB, sub 3 next then. image  Yeah looked for you at the 1 mile joining point but I guess you were long gone, and I was surprised the red sub 3 pacer passed me just after the  3 mile point.

    Chick - not good news but at least you know what the concern is.  Yeah mixing cycling/swimming will help injury prevention but will not help with marathon running (see below). Maybe you're right about running slower but again see below.

    Brol - Thanks for the honesty , and I'm not being defeatist but I truly think 3:15 isn't going to happen for me.

    AA - well done for toughing it out and I'm not surprised the emotions were running high.

    Freemers -  Tough day for you , looked out for you as I must have passed you at some point.  it becomes a  long day when the walking starts, glad you are not too beaten up by it.







  • Well you all know the eternal underachiever strikes again, oh and not being funny Geoff, but normal thread etiquette is not to announce results.

    Arrived on Friday and expo done, easy 3 miles along the Thames Saturday morning even if I was diverted due to Obama visiting the Globe. Carb loaded very well.

    No excuses, conditions were perfect if a little cold at the start and support amazing as ever.   I managed a solid 8 hours sleep Saturday night,  even got  some porridge down first thing.

    Set off at a steadyish pace and felt incredibly confident it was going to be my day see splits in 5 mile chunks.(sips of water every other mile or so)
    7:36,7:17,6:59,7:00,7:11 -  yup a couple a little too quick
    7:11,7:13,7:16,7:19,7:21 -  Gel at 6 and 10 and very happy with pace
    7:21,7:24,7:23,7:24,7:27 -  Through half in 1:36 gel at 14
    7:37,7:40,7:45,7:51,7:42 -  Gel at 18, was getting concerned by drop in pace but was thinking keep it under 8's and won't be too far off then oh dear
    8:32,9:09,9:28,8;33,8:29.8:23(last bit)  gel at 22 ,crowd support was amazing and only positive was no stopping/walking. Plenty of high fiving St John's Ambulance staff for the last few miles.  Bit emotional at the tough miles and end.  Charity reception was very good and very long massage as one of first to be there.

    So 3:25:43 and nowhere near target and I think my worry has proved right.   Only running three times a week can keep me at pace or better at HM or below but not for marathon. Just not getting the miles in my legs and all of my runs are on fresh legs, yeah maybe tired from swimming/cycling but its not the same.  So I may have to put my 3:15 dream/fantasy away until if/when I commit to running full time again.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- thanks but I reckon age is against me. Didn't see you at Green start-very disappointed image What's next for you?

    Barry- if anyone has sub 3.15 in them it's you. You bang out 19m 5ks and sub 40 10ks  in training.Your HMs are awesome. Some how you need to be able to get more run miles done without injuring yourself .More LRs and more MLRs.AsChick says slower and gradual build up then , in my view add a sustained period of volume easy running. Forget speed it's there for you anyway. I don't do intervals , my training was generally all at 50-60 seconds under my actual MP until the last 5 weeks when I did a lot around 7-15 to 7.30pace .My only speed work was park runs and a HM race apart from one track session where I felt I was close to injury again. Vary the runs too. Knock out 10ks in 45mins so you can do 4 at that pace in a race. Do 13ks in an hour so you can knock out 3 at that pace in a race.  Add extra stuff swimming. I averaged 2 miles per  week until the taper. Careful with cycling ...I wonder if it shortens hamstrings etc and contributes to injury.  I did almost no spinning this time round and no calf cramps unlike Boston and Lisbon. I will shut up now , just do us a favour be positive ,you will do it. Sorry probably the last thing you want at the moment .  Thanks for your kind comments too 


  • Chick - I'm so sorry to hear about your stress fracture. keep your fitness up with new challenges if you can. 

    2old - a fantastic report. Really feel your joy. And yep - sub 3 is next now .... We are always moving goalposts!!

    barry - I know how you feel. You've trained so consistently this time round. i hope your mental strength comes back soon. And remember your big goal in the summer. Keep focussing on that and do a marathon off the back of that fitness and you'll smash 3:15. If anyone can you can. And I agree with you - no announcement of results until we can get our excuses in please!!

    im mentally feeling a bit better today, if still a bit shocked about how crap I actually was. Looking forward to getting my bike out and getting in the lake. Never thought I would say that! I knew my legs weren't right for weeks. My hammys were so much tighter than normal. Recovery time  And then I might plan something!!!


  • 7.35 miles in just over an hour, having a rest day tomorrow.

    Chick - Hope that you feel better after your stress fracture.

    2old - Fantastic on a sub 3, what's next for you sub 2:50 or sub 2:45.

    barry - Never ever give up like AA has said stay focused for sure.

    AA - Glad that your felling better, nice long recovery, then maybe plan another marathon late this summer.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry, It is hard when you are training in the triathlon mode. I was chatting with a guy from Yorkshire on the way to the Green start on Sunday who was a Triathlete and he did say that he wasn't going to get his best time and that he had to accept that he was unable to train how he would like for a marathon. That is the restriction I guess, and running off 3 sessions you are not going to get such a good result as dedicating more running time. But what you have achieved off the training you have had, you should be more than happy.image

    Hi Bro, Nice progressive session and sorry I missed you Sundayimage

    Hi Chick, Sorry to hear about the stress fracture. The good news is you know what the problem is and can deal with it. As Bro says, these things heal and it doesn't mean the end of marathons.

    So stop that nonsense talk. Bones grow back stronger.image

    Hi Freemers, Hoping you are feeling ok?

    Hi 2old, Nice report. Good news on your son. Hope you are feeling ok? and yes sorry to have missed you.

    Hi AA, Sorry I didn't see you at the Green start, but saw you on your interview and I think I saw you on the coverage at the Cutty Sark. You are a legend in our household image

    Hi Geoff, Nice 7..

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys, Here is a brief report on my race day, although pretty uneventful.

    Travelled down on the 11:15 flight from Edinburgh on the Saturday. This meant I arrived at Gatwick at approx 24:45 and from then it was over to the Expo, very brief visit as it was packed. After someone had revived me after I had a look at the official Marathon gear and saw the prices (ridiculous!) I was off heading back to my hotel in Croydon. Got to the hotel just before 1700, rang my sister and she got the troops together and headed over for tea. Bella Pasta had no spaces, so we headed to Pizza Express. I had a nice starter of olives and Anti Pasti and then had the hottest dish of Pasta Arrabbiata I have ever had, it was plagued with chillies. I sifted through and retrieved the chicken and Pasta and prayed that I would be ok next morning. Sat chat, had a coffee and then off back to the hotel for an early night. I never stay at my sisters as I just want a good night sleep, so Hot Chocolate , ear plugs in and lights out just after 2130.

    I got up in the morning and went down for the 7:57 train to London Bridge which should take 30 mins. There was the problem, all the trains were screwed so I ended up getting a slow train at 0814 with another guy, getting into London Bridge at 0855. So by the time I got to the Green start I had to drop my bag off, join the queue for a pee, which seemed a lot bigger than last year, as you mention 2old probably down to the glut of GFA and by the time I had done that I had about 5 mins to spare. So hopped over the barrier into Pen 1. Sorry I missed you all guys, was looking forward to saying hello.. On getting into the pen, I thought it felt pretty mild with the sun out. I mentioned this to the guy next to me who disagreed and said it was freezing. I suppose it must be the Edinburgh training that I am conditioned to!

    I had a quick chat to this 60 year old guy who was hoping for 3:10 and then we were off. Got past the celebrities and after the first mile things started smoothing out. At mile 3 I saw someone catch the back of someone and the poor guy went flying. That was a bit of an eye opener for me and kept an eye out from there. The real eye opener was a woman who needed a relief break. I have never seen anything like it. Very well rehearsed, I won't go into detail, but she was up on to the pavement, not hanging around and done in a few seconds. All done without breaking stride hardly! First 5 miles were on the fast side, but that is an easy 5 and things just fly by. Splits 1-5: 6:32, 6:19, 6:08, 6:15, 6:21

    After the first 5 the idea was to settle down and aim for around 6:30-35, just under 2:55 pace as I knew I would end up running more than 26.2. everything seemed to go as plan. I saw a few other Scottish club runners, we said hello and then one of the Carnegie boys told me one of my club members was coming up. He came up alongside me shortly, he was after 2:50. This was about mile 12 and he gradually pulled away. I continued running in this manner up until mile 18 Splits 6 -17: 6:27, 6:23, 6:28, 6:26, 6:27, 6:27, 6:20, 6:33, 6:29, 6:28, 6:28, 6:36

    When I got to Mile 18 I wouldn't say I found any discomfort or pain, I could just feel my pace slowing slightly. Before the marathon I had been chatting to my wife and a couple of folk about things and felt that I hadn't done enough S&C. I was worried that this may catch up on me in the latter stages. This is when I realised that it might. I didn't panic though and just kept trying to keep the correct posture and cadence. This seemed to be ok and although I did slow down I wasn't it any pain, just working slightly harder. Splits 18 - 21: 6:53, 6:44, 6:44, 6:43


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Part 2

    Miles 22 -24 started to feel harder and I knew I was getting to that stage where I would be gritting my teeth, still continuing to stay focussed. It helps that you pass quite a few places where there are a lot of people making a lot of noise. This helped take the mind off things. pace slowing down slightly though still. Slits 22 - 24: 6:58, 7:00, 7:08 at Mile 24 I lost signal going through one of the tunnels, which surprised me as it wasn't as long as the tunnel you go under just after Tower Bridge where the drummers were..this kind of threw me a bit. But at this stage I was feeling it now and just tried to concentrate on getting through and trying to keep pace as best I could. Getting to mile 25 I was just focussing on the end. Then before I knew it we had got to the 800M countdown. I really, really love the sight of those countdown signs! Then it was over the line, a slight stagger (well nearly fell over!) and a nice kiss from one of the lovely Marshall ladies! Splits 24 - 26.2: 8:23, 6:08, 7:33, 3:36 (24 & 25 screwed from signal loss) I ended up running 26.5. I met up with a pal yesterday and he informed me that I finished 4 seconds in front of him and somehow we managed to miss each other...

    On reflection, I am really happy with the PB of 36 seconds. truly am, especially being a year older. But I know the S&C could have helped me stay a bit stronger on those last miles. But as my wife said, there is not time for everything, when juggling work, training and family life. And as ever, she is correct!

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭


    Just passing through to say congratulations to those who took part in VLM. A great achievement, well done.

    AA I saw you on TV - Twice! Once on a programme on the Saturday about Marathon running & then on TV during the race.

    Training is a mixed bag for me at the moment as my mojo has gone. I am trying to build it back up but at my own pace which suits me. Managed to strengthen my muscles during the winter in the gym but now it is back outside to get some miles on the bike & running.

  • 2Old- I was there on the green start, you clearly were not paying attention!image Hackney half for me next on 8th May. I'm not so sure about the age thing, you're clearly still getting better!

    Barry- I would agree with what the others say. Speed is clearly not the issue here so getting your mileage up and slowing down (can't add loads of miles and do them all fast) could do the trick but then that's not in line with your tri ambitions so I guess it's deciding what's more important.

    AA- glad you're feeling better and I like your non running plans. Refocus will do you good and you'll come back stronger.

    Geoff- enjoy your rest day.

    Nell- great report and congrats again on the pb. What's next for you?

    HI Pinklady- hope you get your mojo back soon.

    5 super easy for me today post yesterday's progressive10m. Gym tonight and rest tomorrow.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    2old: That was your day. Loved the report and the fact that the little devil voice was right. You got a well deserved mahoosive PB image

    AA: glad you're feeling better Lake swimming is something that I have fancied for years as I live only 2 miles from a beautiful lake with very clean water. I've started looking at swimming classes as I can't do any front crawl but want to learn it. Picturing myself ploughing gracefully through the waves ... as if .... uncoordinated idiot that I am it'll take a while to do proper front crawl rather than doggy paddle image

    Barry: very honest report. Made me a bid sad though because you clearly have the talent. I hope it'll come together for you one day.

    Nell: Amazing speed. But I guess you set off just a teensy bit too fast and that bit you in the end. Anyway, a PB is a PB.

    Enjoy your rest day, Bro.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell -enjoyed your report. Not the ideal prep for it and the chaotic Green start won't have helped. Well done holding on until the end for that pb. Back next year? Bet you will be and you'll smash that time. Funny some thought it cold .,, it was perfect for me. I chucked my gloves by the second mile and enjoyed the cooling effect of the wind whenever it blew through the buildings.

    Pink-nice to hear from you. Just enjoy the exercise. Who needs the stress of times etc

    Thanks for the good wishes. Great for my ego.

    Done nothing since Sunday apart from enjoy some wine beer Gand T etc and sun.Likely to continue like this for a bit longer.Legs feeling better though . Now to find a bar to watch Liverpool
  • Nell - Very well done and congrats on the PB, those splits make great reading.

    2old - Enjoy your R&R,  and thanks for the pep talk, same here gloves ditched after 2 miles.  My training is similar to you(apart from the extra runs), no intervals and probably more swimming, have n't got much choice regarding the cycling with the HIM in 4 weeks and the big one in July.

    Chick - Sorry I made you sadimage, just being a realist rather than defeatist.

    Brol - tri ambitions until July then looking at an autumn mara, may need your advice.

    AA - Finally got to see you on TV yesterday.  Good plan,  go smash some triathlons.

    Well I'm feeling a little better about last Sunday and thank you for all the comments.  I've looked back through my training log and my max weekly mileage was 35, which is clearly not enough. And obviously a masochist as looking for an autumn marathon.



  • Neil Blue - Very nice write of your post Marathon race.

    Only 6 miles for me this morning at 9 min/mile pace, think it's time I change my trainers, currently using Saucony Hurricane 14s.

    Good luck to everyone who will apply for a ballot entry for 23 April 2017.

  • Think its probably only you and me need to enter the ballot Geoff.image Yeah I know let it go.

    Back in the training groove.
    Wed - 1 hour easy indoor bike
    Thurs -  1.6k swim
    Fri -  90 mins easy indoor bike
    Sat - Swim club
    Sun - 27 mile bike then 5 mile run
    Today - First OW swim of the year, 1200m, not too bad in the water but b freezing when I got out. Meant to be getting much warmer by the weekend.

  • Barry B - Ballot entry for London 2017 Done.

  • 2Old- sounds like you're enjoying some quality downtime.

    Geoff- good luck with the ballot.

    Barry- back in the game!image For an autumn mara I can definitely recommend San Sebastian and Amsterdam. Frankfurt is another one on my list.

    Bit of a taper week for me before the Hackney half this Sunday. It's heating up nicely... 23 degrees on Sunday- typical!image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry-yes maybe 35 miles creates a bit of achallenge. Looks like you're cramming in a lot ready for the half IM time to feel sorry for yourself with the IM on the horizon. Impressed you have an open water swim in the bag already .Which Autumn marathon ? I've sown the seeds of an idea of Dublin and in default of that maybe Leicester, with the idea that I stay at a reasonable level for London next year.

    AA-I looking forward to watching you at the marathon on I player

    Geoff-hope your ballot entry pays off. Good running too

    Bro- exciting ..another race to follow. You're tapering too so we will expect a pb(no pressure);)

    Back from Spain and a lazy week. Two short swims (1800m total)a few long walks ,game of golf and a slow 10k on the beach .Normal service to resume now if I can shake off this CNBA'd attitude
  • Hi all, been AWOL for far too long! Lost my mojo a bit over the summer last year, then my confidence, then picked up a piriformis injury which has plagued me since Berlin Marathon in September. Finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with it - just a bit frustrated with how much it seems to have set me back.

    Good to see the same thread regulars as well as some new faces. I don't have any marathons planned this year, London 2017 will be my next one.

    Hope everyone is recovering well from their Spring marathons? Some very quick results posted - really enjoyed reading the reports, we all know too well how marathons can go either way and it sounds like London was no different.

    So sorry to hear you've developed a stress fracture, Chick - hope the cross training helps to keep you both fit and sane!
  • Hi Carrot- good to have you back. Sorry to hear things haven't been great, but the main thing is that you're on the mend. I'm sure it won't take you long to get back to where you were. A year off maras for both of us then!image

    2Old- no more CNBA fairy for you judging by strava. Yes, no pressure with the half. My half PB hasn't budged since January 2014 so it would be very welcome...

    A bit of quality for me yesterday- 3m w/u, 1k @ 10k pace, 3m @ MP followed by 800m @ 5k pace with 90s recoveries. All easy now until Sunday.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Bro, Nice little session from you there. Nice mix up. Yes, looks like it could be warm Sunday.... For me, next up is Edinburgh HM at the end of the month.

    Hi Chick, Yes, I took off a bit sharp. I do think the S&C or lack of, came back to bite. Hope you are getting on ok?

    Hi Pink, Time to get out running in the sunshine..image

    Hi 2old, Time to get back into the swing of things, summer running is coming our way now! Dublin gets good reports, and flights are relatively cheap...not heard much about the Leicester marathon.

    Hi Geoff, Good luck with the running shoe search...there's a lot out there!

    Hi Carrot, Nice to hear from you. Hopefully you can get back into things.

    Hi Barry, I think the positive view for you is the time you achieved off 35 miles a week is pretty good really.

    Last week pretty quiet for me, and just started to get back into things this week. Easy 4 miles Saturday, Sunday I went along to one of the Chi Running free session for some drills and coffee and cake. Monday easy 5, Tuesday some S&C and Wednesday I went along to the club. Intended on the easy 5 or 6 mile run, only for that to be canned and ended up running the hill reps and getting stuck in the fast group. That was my massage earlier on in the day out the window. Light S&C today. Legs have some funny aching feeling this week, where I think the glute muscles are kicking back in...image

    Looking at the Amsterdam Marathon in October.....

  • Yikes, sounds hot for the Hackney Half on Sunday Bro! I wonder if we both end up sticking to the 'no marathons' plan this year image

    The worst part of post-marathon is trying to take it easy Nell image  At least you managed a few easy days.... Amsterdam is a good one, I might be doing the 8K there the same day.

    Easy run early doors for me this morning, Pilates tonight.

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