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  • 2Old - I have been unsuccessful in the ballot entry every year since 2009, guess I have just been unlucky, maybe 2017 will have better luck.

    Broilsh - Thank you, fingers crossed, still looking at Yorkshire, Robin Hood or Loch Ness in September, just not sure which one at the moment.

    Neil Blue - I'm also certain which shoe I will go for just searching for the right shop, will be buying 2 pairs at least.

    In the past I had the old Forerunner 205 from Garmin, but had lost thiis, or should I say temporally misplaced, so now looking at something new, what are people running with on this part of the forum, and why pick the one that you have, I'm currently using Runtastic Pro on a iPhone 6 Plus and those that may have one of these phone are big.


  • Geoff -  I use a 910xt and love it but it is a mutli sports watch so suits me, there are some very good new running specific watches with built in HR monitors. I must be lucky i've been successful 2 out of 3 times in the ballot.

    Carrot - welcome back, hopefully you'll be back to your best soon.

    Brol - Good luck for tomorrow, hopefully not too hot.  I was thinking of San Sebastion, direct by BA seems best option into Bilbao,  are transfers easy enough? any recommendations for San Sebastion?

    Nell - also tempted by amsterdam but the later date of san sebastion is better for me.

    2old - welcome back and thanks for bringing the sunshine.

    Training is continuing well:

    Tues -  27 bike in morning, 3 mile test run in new shoes pm
    Wed -  am 8 mile run easy , pm 21 mile bike inc 10 hill repeats
    Thurs -  in the lake 1.2k swim, nothing pm life got in wayimage
    Fri -  2k lake swim, pm nothing tired off nights and life again.
    Today - 54 mile bike and swim club  this evening.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Bro-good luck in your HM. Smash your pb.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Geoff-920xt for me. Another multi sports watch ,the best ever imo . Where are you based---there's the R&R Liverpool marathon at the end of this of my favourites. 

    Bro-bit hot today wasn't it 

    Barry- another cracking week there .The HIM won't trouble you .Very quick recovery from London too.

    Nell /Barry-Amsterdam is an option...have friends there who'd put me up. AA did it so please AA  give us your  opinion 


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Had problems with last post

    Carrot -welcome back. Do some tris. Great for filling the gap while you rebuild your running and they are fun. 

    Nell- doing Edinburgh again?

    Nothing last week apart from sun wine beer and rest.Busier this week. 39 miles this including 12hot miles today and my fourth fastest ever 5 k yesterday 20.06. Pity as I did under 20 this time last year.  Also some swims and a 15m bike ride. Managed to fit in watching Liverpool beat Villa Real and Chester Races....and some more beer. Looking at how to get to Basel for the Europa final now. 

  • Barry- some nice lake swims... makes me jealous. For San Seb Bilbao is the easiest, from there is an hour on a bus with buses every 30min. Very easy! What recommendations are you after? Hotels? Eating?

    2Old- sounds like a lot of beer!image Great YKW and not miles away from sub 20 so I'm sure you could run it on another day.

    So Hackney Half didn't quite happen. This one was all about a PB and I knew I had no chance of running my best in 27 degrees. I mean I don't think most people could but I seem to excel in being rubbish in the heat. Spoke with Moz the night before and we decided there is no point running a couple of minutes outside of my PB and then losing a week of training on recovery. So the plan was to do a progressive run with 3m easy/ 6m @ MP and the rest at HMP.

    Got to the start a bit late and remembered why I hate those massive commercial races. 15000 people is way too much for my liking. No chance of getting to the toilets and only managed to squeeze into the back pen with 2:30 pacers... ouch! Wasn't too bothered as knew was going to start easy so just assumed would need to do a bit of overtaking in the first few miles. The start got delayed by almost 30min (at least that's when I crossed the line) and by then it was getting very warm indeed.

    So the first few miles was an exercise in not getting frustrated, it was simply impossible to run. Too many people, some very narrow sections and too many runners busy taking selfies instead of moving forward. I had myself to blame for starting at the back but even after six miles I had to run on the pavements and around parked cars just to dodge people. Never experienced anything like this. Tried to speed up to MP but to be honest it just felt too hard, I was boiling hot and decided to just run steady and get through it. Averaged just over 8mm and even at that pace it was by no means a walk in the park.

    Anyway... One thing I've proved to myself beyond doubt is that I can't race in the heat. There is simply no point even trying. So the plan is to do another half in the summer and hope for better luck. I'm looking at Fleetwood at the end of August.  After that it will be the Swiss Half Mara in Lucerne at the end of October an for now will just concentrate on getting some good training in and knocking out a few fast parkruns over the summer.image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    I'm with you on being shite in the heat, Bro. Sounds like a race to avoid then.

    Yay, carrot is back image Sorry hear about the piriformis injury image Being injured really sucks.

    Not a bad 5k time, 2old, especially so soon after a big marathon PB image

    We went away for a long weekend (Thursday was a Bank Holiday here) to take my mind off things. Went shopping on Saturday and what did I buy? Running gear! I didn't fancy anything else image 

    Trying to stay sane with lots of s&c. Am also cycling to work at the moment even though it's a bit awkward as I can only pedal with my heel.

  • Carrot - whoop welcome back.

    Bro - thought of you yesterday. Didn't pity that run at all. Sounds like a sensible option. 

    2old - back in form already!! That's loads of miles. 

    Barry - great to see you back in full on IM training  

    chick - keep up the cross training . It will keep you sane! Are you due to go back for another exray?

    Barry/Nell - I had a bad run at Amsterdam but no doubt it's flat and fast. Slow start in the stadium. A bit out and back in that the first and last miles are repeated, and I got a bit bored on the 4 miles one way down the amstel cross over and 4 miles coming back. 

    I'm lookin at Bournemouth marathon for the Autumn. If my hammy recovers ok. Really taking the recovery seriously!!! Ran 3 miles last week. But doing strength and conditioning work. will run twice this week if I can. Lots of stretches. And might even get the road bike out and dust it off. Wetsuit can wait a few more weeks! 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-not as much beer as it sounds,I'm not in beer pb shape happily.Pity about the heat on Sunday but maybe it was for the best as the crowds would have done the damage to your attempt anyway.I suppose thats why I avoid HMs with more than 5k runners.That Swiss race looks good and Fleetwood could be flat and fast.I did a tri there along the front but you need to pray for a light breeze-the wind off the sea can be gale force and running  into a wall isn't fun.

    Chick-Good to see you keeping sane and finding a way to work up a sweat without running.Still to get a wet suit though?The door will open to so much more shopping when you get one.When is your next medical review?Good luck recovering

    AA-I recall you not enjoying Amsterdam...I need to give it further thought. I could cope with the canal run as I did something close last night for 5 miles.Glad your returning gently and now the water is warming up I can see you soon getting back into that pond. Bournemouth could be warm then.I don't like running races in the heat.Last weeks mileage seemed ok apart from yesterdays mlr in the heat.

    25k worth of spinning this lunch time creating my own pond under me.



  • Brol - that HM sounds a nightmare, have you  thought about Maidenhead or Chippenham for a September HM,  I like Maidenhead but not run well at Chippenham even though lots of others do well there. I'll message you.

    aa - Getting warmer by the day in the lake.

    2old - well done on the 5k, smash sub 20 next time.

    Chick -  Not in the pool/lake yet?image

    Sunday - 28 miles on bike followed by 8 mile run and  a little warm
    Monday - 2k lake swim, OK apart from being harassed by the swans.
    Today - 10 miles easy at 8:13 avg(look I can run slowerimage)

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry -impressed to see you have found a lower gear. If what I read recently is correct that is the way forward---lots of low heart rate miles over time results in the ability to run near the lactic threshold for longer....but who knows. Like the idea of you swimming away fast from angry swans-good practice for the chaos of the  OW swim start. Maybe sub 20m 5k on Saturday for me, maybe not.

    Followed up the lunchtime spin session with my first visit to my swim club for months .I was still the fastest in the slow lane fwiw and happy with some fast(for me) intervals in the 2150m session.Enjoyed the intensity too but not my allergic reaction to chlorine afterwards.

  • Chick- well done for doing your best to stay sane. I'm with you on the shopping front... it always ends up being running related...image

    AA- sounds like you're doing all the right things. Fingers crossed hammy gets sorted soon.

    2Old- some good spinning sessions there. Good luck with the YKW this Saturday. I think sub 20min for sure... no pressure!image I'm aware that Fleetwood can be windy but will just have to wait and see. I should get lucky with the weather on at least one of them surely!

    Barry- nice EASY running! Woohoo!image

    I popped out to the track at lunch which unfortunately was closed for some sort of a school event so had to do my reps around the park. 4m easy to MP followed by strides and 10x 200m in a pouring rain. Was gone for almost 2 hours... oops.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-very annoying when kids upset training plans-I hate being kicked out of my swim lane when school lessons start.Still you managed a good session there. Whats your next target?Knowing your luck Fleetwood will have a hurricane.I much prefer the rain to the heat like on Sunday.

    First LR since London last night-20m at 7.49mm av in the wind and rain....tough.Hats off to you AA doing those 2 marathons last year so close, no wonder you have found it hard since.They probably took more out of you than you think

    All being well race plan for the next few weeks is - Saturday, YKW, 22nd May Southport Sprint tri (British Team Age Group Qualifier race so should be embarrassing for me ), 29th May R&R Liverpool HM (may upgrade to marathon if there's space and I feel ok and weather onside), more YKWs, 30th June Warrington 10k.


  • 2Old- can't believe you're back knocking out 20 milers and considering another mara so soon- machine!image Some exciting race plans there. I'm sure you'll nail the Sprint tri. I don't really have any major targets until Fleetwood, will probably try to do some YKWs in the coming weeks but it's all up to the boss.

    9 easy home planned later today and rest tomorrow.

  • 2old - OMG! 20 miles!! Well done. 

    I had a massage on hammy yesterday. Going to try 5 miles easy this morning to test it.  Entered Bournemouth marathon on October 2nd. Don't tell mr AA!!! 

  • I was thinking of you on Sunday morning at your half marathon Bro, it was hot enough at 10am where I live! Somtimes the racing Gods conspire to make everything as difficult as possible - at least you'd gone into the race with the pressure already off so it wasn't a disappointment. I can't race in the heat either. Fleetwood is a very flat course - I might look into that one myself as I've done it a few times image

    Chick I not only rarely buy any other clothes than running kit, outside of work I end up wearing it when I'm not running image Way comfier than normal clothes! Take care of yourself cycling to work.

    That didn't take long to decide to enter Bournemouth marathon AA! Hope the hamstring was ok on the trendy 5M.

    You've not taken long to get back into the swing of things since London 2old! 20 miles and 20 minute 5K, nice numbers. Amsterdam is a good one as long as it's not windy, which I guess is the case for any marathon. I've had two out of three good ones and I think the bad one would have been better if it wasn't a last minute decision to do it.

    Well done on the EASY run Barry image

    I'm off out for an easy 10M now too.


  • AA- haha Bournemouth you're saying... it didn't take long!image Hope the trendy 5 miler went well.

    Carrot- Fleetwood- you know you want to!image I've been told it can be windy and since I'm running we're guaranteed a hurricane but hey ho!

    10m into work this morning with 36min of (4min @ MP/ 4min @ HMP) which went rather well! 7m easy tomorrow and 15m easy planned for Sunday.

  • Bro - trendy 5 was painful. Don't know what up with my hammys. Will try again tomorrow. 

    2old - do the marathon. Haha 

    carrot - good to see you back in the swing. Have you any line up races planned?

    DD - when's your marathon?? Tomorrow??

    25 miles on the bike for me today. Not cycled since last autumn. Felt it when I'd finished!! I'm now considering a 40 mile sporive in July, an oly distance tri in september and the marathon on October. And....ironman next year.....!!!!

  • AA - Liking your race plans, especially next year.

    2old - you are a machine, thought you'd be going for a PB at the HM.

    Brol - You are running very well.

    Another good few days training for me:

    Wed -  hour and a bit indoor bike
    Thurs -  121 swim session, but didn't really gain a lot so going to bin them until after IM.
    Fri - 2.4k lake swim, longest so far, a bit choppy so good practice
    Sat -  63 mile bike followed by 5 mile run, think I messed up on nutrition as run was tough.
    Today - 15 mile run easy at 8:17 avg


  • Barry - good training. How long until your IM now?

    i did another trendy 5 today and my hammy is still so tight. Followed it with another cycle to another country pub this afternoon. That's 2 in 2 days! Might be my new way to train image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot/Bro-is 10m the new trendy run?

    Carrot-you are right all those months preparing for a marathon and then its spoilt by the weather-very annoying.Most of mine have been in perfect weather though a few bordered on getting too hot and one was just stupidly hot(-Chicago 2007 90f 80% humidity, race stopped for safety reasons on 4 hours).

    Barry-If I'm a machine you are a turbo charged machine.That was a big weekend for you.Its strange how much easier it is to hit the wall on a bike-it is for me anyway.Better you learnt then than in the race.Maybe try some more solid food than gels?Not sure about the R&R races-I'm still weighing up the option of trying for that pb or doing the marathon-I will decide on the Thursday before.

    AA-IM!!!!-you are crazy but its not unexpected from you and it has to be ticked off.Cant be bad being able to jump on a bike and do that long trek on Saturday.Good nutrition idea on Sunday though not sure Barry will be able to stop at a pub in his coming IM races

    Bro-you are covering a lot of miles these weeks.

    Didn't feel to good  latter part of week so gave theYKW a miss on Saturday and limited the weekend to 9 on Friday and 7 last night all under 7.30 mm pace, 42 for the week plus some swims and spinning.


  • Barry- massive weekend- very impressive indeed.

    AA- I like your new training methods and your new modest targets including the IM. Yay to that!image

    2Old- good call to ditch the YKW if not feeling 100%. There is always next Saturday! Still good week of training ticked. Yes, the mileage is going up slightly from this week.

    Did 7m easy on Saturday with super DOMS from the gym on Friday (lifted a bit more than what I'm used to- ouch) and 16 easy on Sunday around Richmond Park.

    Very easy 6-7m planned for later today on the way home and track nice and early tomorrow.



  • Barry B, 2Old - Will take a look at both 910XT and 920XT and see what they have to offer.

    AA - Hope your hamstring is feeling better.

    10.08 miles today at a slow pace.

  • Geoff - There is a new Garmin on the market with in build HRM.

    2old - I think we all know which race you will do, yeah will try out different options on the bike.

    AA - 17 Jul for IM which I think is 8 weeks Sunday(gulp), Outlaw Half week on Sunday.

    training continues:

    Mon - Rest
    Tues - 1.6k lake swim followed by 25 mile bike at quickest ever avg
    Today -  10 mile run at 7:51 avg in the rain.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry- jury still out for next week. Yesterday's LR made me ask if I want to do another marathon so soon.Decide next week. More solid training by you there. Improvements starting to show too as is deserved.

    Geoff- there's also a new Garmin multi sport watch that looks very good. Nice 10

    Some spinning swimming and a 5k TM on Monday followed by 18.4m yesterday 7.48mm AV. A rest ??? day today travelling to Basel to watch Liverpool meekly surrender in the second half of the Europa Cup. Now suffering flight delay home,adding insult to injury.
  • Bro - Fleetwood is often windy, last year was 25mph winds with 25C sunshine to add to the fun! Your training plan sounds good, quality plus miles. 

    AA I have a low key 5K at the end of this month, Blaydon Race next month (5.7M ish) - then nothing else planned until GNR. That's some year you've got planned image

    2Old 10M could indeed be the new trendy distance! I've got 10M planned tomorrow.  Your shortened weekend was still speedy! Shame about Liverpool, hope the delayed travel home didn't hamper any training plans!

    Trendy 10M Barry image You're getting some decent sessions in for the IM, hope you're niggle free.

    Did 5 x 1000m last night on the local industrial estate. I'm not a fan of mid-distance reps! 10 x 200m, happy days. 3 x 2M, bring it on. 5 x 1000 = image  REST day today, apart from Pilates class tonight. 

  • Carrot - that sounds a nasty session!

    2old - are you tapering again now then?!! Sorry about Liverpool. I watched it in the walkabout in Reading. Packed!

    barry - nice training. Not long now. Stay injury free!

    i would love to be able to do a trendy 10. Still knocking out run/walk old trendy 5s until the hammy mends properly. It's starting to improve. I hope!! 

  • Carrot- I'm with you- hate mile reps. Fleetwood sounds perfect then! Lol... I will have to reassess closer to the time.

    AA- good new on the hammy improving.

    2Old- hope you got home ok!

    Barry- solid training, it's not long now!

    Track session for me this morning before work. 16x 400 alternating 10k pace (around 6:55) with steady ( 7:55-8:00mm) followed by 2min jog followed by 2m @ MP. Enjoyed this one!

    6 easy planned for tomorrow and 15 on Sunday done at the Windsor River Half with a bit added before. Felt like a change of scenery but it will definitely be done easy.

    I've roped Mr Brol into doing his first Tri. I decided he needs a hobby and also it means he's off my back and not complaining so much about me running too much as he's too tired most of the time. Result! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Carrot- interesting place to do alternative to a track? I'm still avoiding intervals as I have a phobia to them ...well , to the risk of injury anyway. Keep the 10s coming

    AA-you'll soon be knocking out 10s. No probs. Wish I stayed home to watch that game grrr .Look after your hammy. Not sure if you can say I'm tapering.

    Bro- not only upping the miles but speedy stuff too. Looking forward to seeing it come together . Hopefully at Windsor.Good idea about Mr B. Tried it with Mrs 2O but got a very succinct response.

    Finally returned home at 5am yesterday so decided training not a good idea.Just done 13miles at 7.21mm AV. Still bit jet lagged. Anyway may do ykw tomorrow but not expecting much and Southport Tri Sunday.Seen the start list ---full of semi pros from Loughborough and Leeds and other uni's . I'm there to

    make up numbers . Wine tasting night tonight...not the best way to carb load.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hope everyone had a successful weekend of running,riding and swimming

    Didn't do the YKW, still tired from travelling. Sundays Southport Sprint Tri was an enjoyable event.Another early start but that seems normal these days.Overall time 1.22.13. 2 mins slower than last time I did it in 2014 but the highlight was a 5k PB of 19.23.No idea how that happened.I messed up my switches on my Garmin so that didnt help me though I found myself in a mini race with another guy all the way round the run course and luckily out sprinted him at the end.I finished the swim 42nd,after the bike 56th(oh dear!) and the run 40th out of 210 and 9th out of 40 Supervets which I am now one of.Fortunately all the Uni athletes were in their own race


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