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  • 2old - well done on the tri especially the 5k . that's flying after the bike, just bin the YKW and do sprint tris.

    Brol -  are you not joining Mr B in the triathlon?

    AA - Hope the hammy is feeling better, does n't cycling tighten the hamstring or is that the ITB.

    Carrot - No niggles just tired and hungry all the time. image 3 x 2m is a very good session.

    It goes on image:

    Thurs - 2k pool swim
    Friday - Bike 15 x hill repeats
    Saturday - 15 mile slow run.Sunday -  "rest" but long day at work.
    Today -  2k lake swim followed by 51 mile bike.

    Oh Garmin Express is crap it's doing my head in.

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    Barry- I was having the same thought about Garmin Express. You are right about binning ykws though I can't help thinking the result is wrong. It can't be as this was an important race with red hot marshalling and rule enforcement .I will just have to take it. No wonder your hungry all the time. Some big training there.Are you upping your swim distance soon?Be careful to fuel correctly and don't forget that you may need iron supplements and extra protein. Are you tapering for the HIM or will it be part of your training schedule.

    An easy recovery swim today for me
  • Evening all. 

    2old - well done on the tri and what a great little 5k knocked out there after a nice long warm up!!! Well done. 

    Barry - you're skin and bone anyway!! like 2old says, plenty of protein. Are you taking recovery shakes?

    hammy is behaving a bit better. Still not right. Managed a 7 mile run on Saturday. Still run/walk and not exactly a trendy 10 yet. Then managed 30 miles on the bike. Bit hilly. And actually took me all bloody day to recover from!!!! 

    Ive got a new toy today - a garmin 920XT. Gonna mess around with it. But tried to link into garmin connect and strava. Don't know if it's working though as haven't used it yet! The steps thing is funny. Thought thats what fat people need - not really required on a sports watch! But hey if anyone knows how they properly work I Need help!!! Especially with the indoor running one...!

  • AA- good news on the hammy front. Can't help with the watch, I'm useless.

    2Old- very well done on the tri and a 5k pb- check you out!image

    Barry- going strong. No, not tempted with a tri just yet, I'm sure I'll do it one day. Still happy just concentrating on running. Mr Brol's appetite has sky rocketed as well, it's insane, I'm not keeping up! He eats his and whatever's left of my dinner and then proceeds to topping it up with cereal and protein shakes. The food bill is going to go up significantly no doubt but hey ho, it's all for a good cause.

    We both did the Windsor Trail Run on Sunday- half for me and 10k for Mr Brol. I only did it as a long run for a change of scenery with a couple of miles added beforehand. Mr B was also supposed to take it easy but he's incapable of not racing when put in racing conditions. Ended up clocking up 38:24 (admittedly it was 300-400m short) off hardly any training- grrrrrrr not jealous at all!image 

    11m into work this morning with 6m@ MP including 12x 200m sprints. It looked innocent enough on paper but it felt tough! No time really to recover from 200m pick ups when trying to keep average at MP.

    Easy now until the YKW on Saturday.


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    AA-Excellent watch choice-now you can follow Barry and I on Garmin Connect too.image.I like the step counter ..they can produce big numbers on city marathon days.I just switch indoor run on when on the TM then edit the title to say how far I went.I think a foot pod may make it more accurate.Same applies for the indoor bike though again I expect there are ways of getting an accurate measurement with another fitting for the pedal of some sort.Did you get the heart rate reader?Im thinking of getting one to do some heart rate training.Its a pity run fitness doesn't transfer neatly into cycling, I'm like you-out for the count after a full on bike session.Is cycling ideal for a dodgy hammy?Good sessions there

    Bro-what are you feeding MrB?Sub 40 10k so easilyimage,I'm not jealous either! That was a tough run today for you on top of all the other runs recently.It is time for a rest... are you tapering for a pb attempt on Saturday?

    Wondering what to sign up for after Sunday.I fancy a go at an Olympic Distance Tri but am not sure I can blag my cycling for that distance-there's a couple in June-Deva Chester Tri and Conwy Tri. Need to swim and cycle more too which is a problem while I am tapering

  • Bro - I read some dodgy organising about windsor trail. And not jealous at all of mr brols sub 40 10k! You really are putting in some tough sessions. Do you ever have an easier week??

    2old - go Olympic!! I'm gonna do the reading one if I can. i accepted you on garmin connect I think but still have a sit next to it!! I only did 3 miles this morning on the treadmill but it says 3.7!! Thanks image 

    Not sure about cycling with my hammy but it's slowly improving and I don't want to lose too much endurance or fitness. Plus for my sins I've entered  Newbury sportive in July. The short one...44 miles! And hilly. The option is 44, 82 or 126! No choice really. Keeps me focussed for a bit ...

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    AA-yep connected. Thinking of Chester Oly.  Keep pedalling 

  • AA- yes, it was very dodgy indeed. Queued for half an hour to pick up the numbers on the morning. Mr Brol came 3rd and is not in the results. He emailed the organisers and sent them their own photo of himself running with a number which was never picked up and they didn't even bother to get back to him. Shambles. If it wasn't for the photo I would strongly suspect he just dosed off in the sun and imagined that sub 39min finish!image Glad to hear the hammy is improving. 44m hilly sounds tough!

    2Old- I'm sure you can have a good crack at the Olympic distance. When is your next mara?

    7 easy for me into work this morning with a few strides and YKW tomorrow.image PB is 21:12 so anything faster would be a bonus!image


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    Bro- maybe Sunday-I've got until 1pm to decide .if I do it the Oly won't happen.  You don't have much luck with big events., not since NY anyway. Smash that pb tomorrow. 

    7.5 on Weds -AV 7.12 pace.  Golf day yesterday and I won a prize for a nearest the pin competition- maybe it's time to change sports. 

    Now to make a decision. 

  • 2old - Made your mind up yet?  Yeah swimming will get longer from next week. Daily supplements are fish oil, zinc and a wellman sport. (other tablets are available) I used to play a lot of golf but got to a level where I was n't getting any better so got frustrated with it, long day as well depending.

    Brol - Well done to you both on the racing, impressive time by Mr Brol, pain about the organisation and results.

    AA - Ooooh new gear, heard very good things about the 920 especially the upload by mobile,  I'm eating plenty bit still "skin and bone"

    Bit of a taper for me this week, couple of runs 5 and 6 miles, 2k lake swim (which was naff to start but got better towards end) and I'll take the bike  out this afternoon for last check.

  • 2old - just go out and enjoy it, take it easy and no pressure. You don't want to get to 18 miles in and hobble the rest! 

    Bro - you are well ready for a sub 21 now!

    i did 5 this morning, hammy still royally p1ssing me off now. Still not right. Hey ho. Enjoying playing with my new watch. Bike and swimming I reckon this weekend. 

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    Barry-you'll be rattling with all those pills . The golf clubs can wait for you in the garage. Have a great HIM.

    AA-Once you work out how to get the most out of your watch give me a crash course please. Shame about the hammy but at least you can try your watch in open water...see how straight you swim.

    Ok so decided to do 26.2 and immediately after it went to 22c.Maybe not the best idea. Probably do it as a fun run and appreciate all the sights and music on the way
  • Barry - missed your post! Sorry. Good luck with the HIM this weekend. 

    2old - good for you. Totally doable, you've done some good long runs since London. Keep focussed and don't try and be too cleverimage

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    AA-'clever' is my middle name and they put me in pen1!!!

    Looks like it's going to be a hot one today. I'm no 1427.
  • 2old - good luck today. cabt wait to hear about it. 

    First dip in the pond for me today. Think it was warmer in the lake than out! @1500m done in 32:46

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    3.21.50. Started well but then the sun took its revenge.Beer time
  • 2old - amazing. Enjoy your beer. I'm having one for youimage

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    Thanks AA. Nice splash and pedal by the way

    To put the race in context I came 3rd in my age group and 133rd out of 2500. Beer drunk now to chase the ponies into their stable for the farrier tomorrow. Pity my legs are wrecked

    Hope all went well Barry.
  • 2old -  very well done on another marathon, not fun in the heat, I'm sure the beer went down well.

    aa -  please send me some of your swimming skill.

    Outlaw half ironman triathlon for me yesterday and it went well,  stayed in Nottingham overnight but still a 03:45 wake up to get sorted as transition opened at 05:00. Still a bit of a rush as very busy on the roads and there were one or two still arriving as transition closed. Weather was cold and overcast with an annoying wind.

    Swim -  start/finish had been changed due to some dodgy blue/green algae in one corner of lake  only difference meant a short run after swim finish to T1.  Long out and back with 4 waves 10 mins apart.  I was in wave 3. Lake was a bit choppy and even though I thought I started near the back a little bit of bumping and barging over first 50 metres or so.  My swimming is what it is and out in 50 minutes needless to say i was overtaken by a few from the last wave(speedy swimmers don't you just hate themimage)

    T1 - my normal faffing, put my long sleeve bike top on over my tri suit and glad I did I was still cold on the bike and some just going tri suit option looked freezing on the bike.

    Bike - Someone said course was flat, bollox, yeah only one hill you could call testing but plenty of rolling roads. Overtook plenty on the bike. Very happy with bike time of 3:05 especially with the wind.

    T2 - no issues apart from not turning number from back to front but marshal let me know

    Run -  flat route and all good,  done in 1:44.

    Good event, hot meal available afterwards and good feed stations.

    So final time of 5:51 and very happy with that, nice medal and  so need to up my swim and bike distance from now on while keeping the running ticking over.  Don't feel too bad today just a bit washed out.

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    Barry- very well done especially as you aren't feeling any after affects.Cantbelieve it was cold. You are right it's not worth worrying about the swim as you'll more than make up for it on the bike and enjoy picking people off on the run. Whilst in pain yesterday I did think about how daft it is running a marathon after a long swim and epic bike ride... Any thoughts about a target time now?

    Rest day for me p
  • 2old - well done. A very gutsy run on what sounded like a hot day. did you get any bling?? 3rd in your age group is great. I managed that in a marathon once. Got beaten by minni and freemers!!! Town moor 2012! 

    barry - great stuff. Don't worry about the swimming - you can swim. It's the saddle you're in for most of the time. And gaining 5 extra mins on the swim won't make any difference as its the bike that counts. And you're a strong runner so have that sown up. Great overall time. 

  • Barry- very well done and a great report. What's next for you?

    2Old- hot mara is not on my list of favourite things to do for sure... well done on 3rd in your age group.

    AA- nice splashing sessions from you, hope the hammy is all sorted.

    I had a great YKW last weekend. 20:55- PB and 1st time under 21min so very very happy indeed! Confidence levels are definitely on the up and I'm actually beginning to believe that I CAN get faster.image

    Tempo run yesterday alternating MP/ HMP went very well as well- faster and more in control than a similar session three weeks ago. 10m easy planned for later today and rest tomorrow.

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    AA-The disgrace of being beaten into third by those characters must have been overwhelming.You're having a lot of fun with your new watch. The race on Sunday was a stark and brutal reminder that a marathon can really test what you're made of.

    Bro-very pleased to see you PB that 5k, it was only a matter of time. You will get faster.Your training is a great advert for the theory that lots of easy running over time gets you faster. 10k next?. Know of any 10ks in London next Tues when I'm there?Did I see you mention an Autumn marathon?image

    Barry-The beer was much appreciated especially the free one after the race-in the Sunshine listening to Cast -all part of the RnR experience. Didn't want much though.How many weeks to the big one? 

    2k swim yesterday-4x500m-felt tired and 20m on the new Watt bike in the gym today.Might have a jog tomorrow.Feel a bit lost as nothing booked apart from a 10k at the end of the month.


  • 2Old- I do a couple of hard quality sessions every week so it's not all easy but yes, running easy on easy days and not overdoing the quality is definitely the way forward for me. I've tried it both ways now! Don't know of any 10ks on Tuesday but there is one in Hyde Park next Wednesday if you're still in London. I plan to do it but only as a tempo session. Not ready to face my nemesis again just yet.image The plan is to do another couple of YKWs in June/ July and then have a proper go at a 10k at the end of July. Definitely no marathon on the cards this year I can assure you.image

  • Bro - well done!!! You deserve that. Your easy runs are hard for me. Your hard runs are impossible!!! You'll be at Bournemouth won't youimage

    2old - the marathon is a total bitch when it kicks in painfully. You surely need a few easier days for a few weeks?! Yeah having loads of fun with my new toy! Quite motivating. Desperate to get my hammy better. Had a deep painful massage on it tonight. 

  • Morning guys hope you're all doing ok. 

    Managed 31 miles on the bike Thursday morning and a pond swim Thursday night. Today was my first run in double figures since London. 12 miles @8:40 pace. Not the easiest run. Legs still complaining. Bloody hammy taking forever to mend...

  • 2old -  the IM is 6 weeks today, main target is to finish, swim is going to be around 1:40 and bike hopefully sub 7 hours see below for today's ride, the run is the unknown after the bike. I hear lots of good things about the watt bike.

    brol -  Very well done on the 5k. Next for me is Cotswold 226 IM.

    AA - You're doing well on the bike. Any tri's booked?

    Eased back into training this week:

    Mon - Rest
    Tues - 45 mins easy indoor bike get the legs moving.
    Wed - 10 Mile run , 5 out easy 5 back steady
    Thurs - 2k lake swim bit choppy so good experience, but get this 100m further but 2 mins faster than Outlaw swim wtf.
    Fri -  28 miles bike inc 14 hill repeats
    Sat - Rest apart from stupid long day at work
    Today -  80 mile bike in 4:48, longest ever ride.

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    AA-with a bit of luck you'll run that hammy problem out of your leg but take care.Nice bike ride and splash.

    Barry-re the swim...maybe you peaked for Outlaw a few days too earlyimage or was it that you had to run part of the latter?Great tri training especially that epic bike ride-how did you feel after?

    A swim and 10k run Thursday, 26 mile bike ride Friday nothing this weekend apart from 2 six hour marathons-if you can call  drives???(crawl more like) to Exeter and back visiting the Uni there....did have some nice walks along the Devon coast too

  • 2old - my boy has just finished his second year at Exeter. He bloody loves it there! Nice bit of training after Liverpool. No resting then!! I'm really considering the Reading oly distance in September , done it a few times  

    Barry - my swim the same night went well. I think choppy can help blow you along when you're not against it. Fantastic long bike by the way! It's the bike I'm dreading if I did an IM! 6 weeks and counting For you then!

    i tried a fast couple of miles today and I was rubbish  really need to improve my speed but it's gonna take a while. I'm hoping that Bournemouth might still be on. 16 weeks to go...


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    AA-my daughter loved what she saw of Exeter and its just like her to go for a Uni 250 miles away. As you will have seen I'm resting my running legsimage. Hmm that tri is 4th Sept so could fit in...pity its so far away.Your bike riding looks pretty good to me.Even the run in an IM seems too much after my Liverpool experience.Only 16 weeks to October? Where has the year gone?

    Barry/Chick-maybe the choppy water keeps your body higher in the water to reduce the resistance a bit too?

    Barry-yes 6 weeks left, so that's 3 weeks to taper . Looks like the next 3 will be tough for you. Spoke to a girl doing IM Bolton who is expecting to walk a lot of the marathon.

    An hour on the Watt bike, 3 mile run to swim club and then swim club yesterday. Think I lost most of the weight I put on this weekend.


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