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    London GFA entry applications is now open.
  • 2old - oh no is it!! It might be my last London I I don't get a gfa next year!!!

    trendy 5 done on tired legs and a tired body This morning. 

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    AA-you'll renew your GFA in October no probs. Know what you mean about aching body and I had the weekend off

    Gutted, just  found out I am home when Liverpool Tri takes place but its full image.I have sent off my GFA application so hope I got it right

    Did a watt bike session and a 6 mile run yesterday.Might swim or run tonight.

  • 2old - thanks for the GFA reminder, think I just about qualify for age 60 image.  OK after bike just a little washed out and certainly not as bad as a 20 mile run.  If you fancy a tri how about Cotswold Classic Half in August very flat bike course. Good varied training from you.

    AA - get those bike miles in, you're a great swimmer and runner already.  You've done a half IM already?

    Garmin stopped ulploading on Monday, but fixed today hooray:

    Week so far for me
    Monday -  run , 10 miles slow - warm.Tuesday - Got brave at the lake and did the 1500m course twice, so 3K done longest ever swimimage
    Wed -  Short 18 mile on bike into 5 mile run
    Today -  2k swim at the pool.

  • 2old - I must remember to enter gfa

    barry - great training. Guilty - just looked at cotswold but think the bike and run will kill me. Haven't gor long enough to train. Are you doing it? 

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    Barry- pretty good going there after your HIM. If I can get a GFA next year that will take me to 60 which is a frightening thought. You've just started in comparison. I'm not around much August so would struggle with getting to the Cotswalds

    AA-get that application in

    Got my GFA acceptance today

    Swam and ran a short way yesterday . In danger of my CNBA winning today
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    Quiet here

    Done some swimming and watt biking and 2 runs whilst in London. Difficult weaving in and out of the crowds and stopping and starting crossing roads. Still enjoyed taking in the sights and running along the river and around some parks. 17miles done over 2 days. 

    Paid for my gfa place. Done yours AA?

  • 2old -  Thanks for the compliment, 50 this year and 15 marathons done,  plenty of years left, using you and O4S as inspiration.

    AA - May do the Classic, it was my first HIM(last aug)and loved it, but will wait until after the big one until parting with my cash.

    Sorry been absent, training lots and night shift the time goes so quick

    Last Friday:  15 mile run at 7:56, right hip a little niggly towards the end
    Saturday -  Day trip to Blackpool -  kinda rest day
    Sunday -  90 mile bike most of it in the wet but longest ever done.
    Monday - 1 hour easy indoor bike
    Tuesday -  1.5k lake swim followed by 4 mile run around lakes was meant to be longer but right hip troubling me.
    Wednesday - 2 hours easy indoor bike
    Thursday -  3k lake swim, 2 hours easy indoor bike
    Today -  1.6k lake swim

    Hip is OK but am being very cautious as same area that ruled me out of VLM last year. Will bike long tomorrow

  • barry - look after that hip. Loads of good training there. 

    2old - all your long runs..... Whens your next marathon??? I keep trying to pay for my gfa but it's not accepting my visa and now won't let me pay. I need to get through on the phone. Keep reminding me!! 

    Im not doing too much this week. Been busy with work and was at Ascot yesterday and back there again today!! Oh well!!! Hammy still bothering me but improving slowly. Still total lack of pace though. 

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    Barry- what you say makes feel very old now...gulp. Any ideas what's causing the hip problem? My hip is an ongoing problem and seems to flare up when I use a bike or spin. I have some stretches that help a bit . Only another couple of weeks to your taper. Looking good

    AA- sort out that entry! The pace will some ykws. Any wins at Ascot?No plans for a marathon but want to keep my endurance ticking over so doing a few LRs . In a bit of a race wasteland at the moment . You don't look like your slacking to me

    20 on Friday - was tough and a ykw on Saturday. Faster than last week even with the LR in my legs. 14th overall and 1st in age group again. 42 miles last week after 46 the week before. Busy this week so may struggle to train much
  • 2old - remember you've just run a marathon and your body will need to recover. Enjoy the race wasteland for a bit! London entry done..! image Had a couple of wins on Friday and 3 on Saturday. Happy days. Now just waiting for England to win imageimage. Wales doing you proud atm!

    Barry - great swimming today. Hope that boosts your confidence on that element. 


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    AA- the marathon was 3 weeks ago so I should be just about recovered ...maybe not. Good to see I'll have company next year in London - Bro? Barry?- and well done with the wins . England did enough and Wales exceeded expectations so Im very happy. 

    Barry- storming swim today. Very strong. 

    Recovery day yesterday in the country in Cheshire. Swim at lunch time today-struggling a bit with a pull in my right shoulder. Nice 12 mile run tonight some of which  along the local canal. 7.27 mm average including 2 warm up miles. 

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    Hi guys - just popping in to say hello image

    I'm over my initial depression now and keep myself busy with cycling and strength work. I've even signed up for front crawl technique lessons in August ... gulp image. Repeat ad nauseam image

    Well done Bazza on Outlaw. It just sounds too hard core for me.

    Have my next check-up in 3 weeks. Hope it has healed properly. It still doesn't feel right at all but that may well be in my head.

  • Chick - great to see you back. Get yourself into tris!! Will stop with depression! Glad you're ok though. 

    Some great training going on on strava by you guys. 

    I managed a 12 mile run this morning which for the first time I didn't feel my hamstring. My only problem this week is a massively inflamed elbow! Thought it might be bursitis from my job and the pressure put through the elbow, but now it's all hot and swollen and tender. Always bloody something hey! Anyway a mixed bag of training. 41 mile bike, 2.3k swim, but of circuit training and a couple of runs!

  • 2old -  Maybe all this slow running has f***** my hip up image.  Seriously I'm not sure, hip flexor is tight at front and feels like piriformus again at back. I'm in the london ballot for next year but can't be lucky 3 times out of 4 can I?

    Chick - welcome to the dark side and frustration of swimmingimage.  Hope all good with your ongoing recovery. What's the feeling in Germany after the shock result on Thursday?

    AA - Good news on the hamstring, does elbow issue effect swimming?

    Good training, apart from running:

    Last Saturday - Checked out with one loop of the 226 course with a 113 loop added on making 77 bike miles.Sunday - Rest, well it was Fathers day, so much spare time when no trainingimage
    Monday - Lake swim 3.6k (longest ever)
    Tuesday - 90 mins easy indoor bike
    Wednesday - Lake swim 2k
    Thursday - Indoor bike 60 mins ( 5 mins easy 5 mins steady repeat)
    Friday -  Lake swim 2k followed by 2 mile test run, hip still not right
    Saturday - Swim club
    Today - 101 miles bike,longest ever and  first time over 100. 

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    Barry-I'm sure you'll find a way to join the fun in London. Yes, seriously, maybe you do need to speed up some-not a lot- miles and open the hip a bit -I feel better after a few faster miles until the hip tightens again overnight. That was an epic week no wonder you felt some twinges , your taper cant be long off.

    AA-Great mixed bag of training this week and pleased to see that your hammy is beginning to behave. Any races planned?Don't suppose swimming caused the elbow problem.I have a shoulder issue but it was caused throwing a ball for our dog....he needs to go.

    Chick-fingers crossed for your check up-we need you back here.You would love tris .Give them a go.

    43 miles run last week making 140 for the month at an  av. 7.33mm. No long run as work and life got in the way.Did the ykw on Saturday-20.14 , 2nd in age group, 11th overall. Gutted-will have to miss the 10k race planned for Thursday as  I have a meeting with teachers then.


  • 2old - looks like it's a bacterial infection. So painful. Had it ex rayed too and it's not broken. But the antibiotics are strong and have wiped me out. So so far no training and I can't even work. Can't be doing with sitting around its just not me! 

  • 15 miles done today and my hammy was ok once warmed up. Liked the feeling of doing a longer run even though it wasnt too quick (8:51). Tonight is a moonlight swim at the lake. 1500m at 10pm. Bricking it but it's supposed to be fun!! Jaws music blaring out and we all have balloons attached to our wetsuits and glow sticks round us!! hopefully will be ok!!!!image

  • AA - Hope you're fully recovered from the elbow injury, very well done on the night swim (not for me thanks) and the 15 miles.

    Training ticking over last week if a little reduced in volume, still no running, hip feels better but still not 100%,  but will try later this week.

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    AA-night swim is fun in a pool by the Med but in a pond near Reading ? Not for me though I have done it in Windermere . Good Strava stuff this weekend

    Barry - hope the hip fixes , you don't need that nagging you in the back of your mind. Think you're more than ticking over but I guess you need that decent run

    Training took a back seat for me due to school meetings , motorway frustration and anniversary. Still managed some decent walks in the Lakes to compensate for the overindulgence and then 10 miles this evening at 7.35mm AV. ,37 miles for the week. I'm looking for a race for next weekend
  • 2old nice quick 10 miler. What distance are you looking to race next weekend?

    barry - hope you're not panicking too much about the hip. Some great cycling going on. 

    Night swim was scary to start with. i wore tinted goggles. Big mistake, like wearing sunglasses at 10pm. But I was in the lake by the time I realised so had to go with it. First lap had a bit of a panic about the dark but second lap I knew I was going to be able to finish ok. 15 miles run @8:51 slow and steady but that's ok for now. 31 miles bike Sunday. Getting quicker on the hills. Still undecided about Cotswold half iron classic at the moment. Elbow is feeling bettwr still not right and over loaded with work this week in catch up. Doing 7 sports massages a day for 3 days image

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    AA- good on you pulling yourself together and completing that swim - it's easy to let the panics get the better of you. Glad the elbow is ok as you are going to have your hands full. Impressed you are thinking of another HIM. I think an Olly is a step too far though the Salford tri at the end of the month is tempting. As far as this weekend is concerned I'm undecided -HM or 10k both on a trail. My right ankle is a bit sore so it may be academic anyway.

    Swam 2.5k slowly yesterday and ran 7.5 today av 7.15mm -6.5 between 7mm and 7.18mm. Now worrying about my ankle .
  • aa - braver than me on the night swim. The Classic is a very good race, very flat bike  only one short hill  and flat run( if some of it on lakeside tracks)

    2old - Did you race?

    My training, swimming and cycle, has continued OK, Tried to run Thursday but felt the hip straightaway not painful but can't risk it.  If it was a stand alone marathon next weekend I would n't be taking part, but as it is I'll start and do the swim/bike and then see how it goes on the run, not sure my logic makes sense.

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    Barry- probably the best call to save the run to the race. I bet you'll be able to run through the hip issue though it might be ugly after missing so many runs. You will do it. And yes I did do a race though I didn't race it as such.

    Did the Lions Bridge Trail Marathon in Tyldsley near Manchestertoday. It was around parkland and trails on a recovered coal mine comprising 6 undulating laps of just over 4 .4 miles each.The paths were potholed and muddy and full of water from the days of rain in the area. Anyway started off well but after going round the half in about 1.40 the heat and surface took its toll. Then in the 15th mile I missed a sign and detoured up a hill for a mile or so there and back. After that I relaxed and enjoyed the experience chatting to other runners and splashing in the mud and pools of water . I noted doing 26.2 in 3.28 which was fine but I had more to do and finished the race running 27.6 miles in 3.40. Very friendly event , low key, well supported ,relatively close to home and inexpensive .I will have to do more of these . My longest run ever too!
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    Results out-7th overall. Would have been 4th with my 26.2 time. Can't complain about today's work
  • 2old - so Amazing. getting lost must have been annoying. But now you're an ultra runner!!! Well done !! image

    barry - I get your logic. Hopefully the bike will loosen the hip up for you. Taper time now image

    i did the Magnificat sportive in Newbury. We wanted to go for sub 3:02 wiggle gold! But I got a puncture and fell off and my friend struggled a bit on the hills and it was team work! Good news - I was great in the hills!! And we finished in 2:58 with autostop. Bad news - they count chip time so 3:28 is official time! We decides to have fun and fill up on flapjacks too at the feed station. Great event. Brilliant route. May even be tempted for the middle distance of 85 miles next year!!

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    AA-annoying and was the 4th of 6 laps! I was too busy concentrating on the pools of water .Looks like you had your stupid moment too falling off.Never had a puncture and wouldnt know what to do if I did.Will the 85 miles be laps or one long course which would be much better?

    2k swim and a jog with the dog yesterday-feeling DOMS today

  • 2old - Impressive racing and congrats on the position, unlucky on taking wrong turn.

    aa - Well done on the sportive, never had a mechanical yet when racing but been using some of my spare time this week practising changing inner tubes.

  • 2old - the 85 and the 128 mile routes are all one bigger lap too. Great. 

    Baz - my puncture was back wheel which was faffing around with gears too. Still it took me 20 minutes to sort out. Would like to get it quicker!!! Like transition time! Have you changed your tyres to continental gatorskin? I've heard they are the best ones around but a bit harder to get on and off image

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    Barry/AA-is there a good YouTube video that shows how to change tyre quickly? I don't even take a pump with me on the rare occasions I go out-but I do take a phone so I can be rescuedimage

    AA-gatorskin?You'll have animal rights after you.Not sure if 85 or 128 sounds 'great' to me but after my 'ultra' on Sunday I am open to anything now.

    Talking of riding-did just over an hour on the wattbike today creating a pond of sweat around me.

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