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  • 2old - thanks I will check that out and see if I can improve my 20 minute pb!! Watt bikes sound hard!

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    AA-you have lots of time to knock off that pb! A wattbike is just a very expensive exercise bike the way I use it.

    10k on tired legs last night finishing, after a warm up mile, at an av of 7.23mm.


  • aa -  yeah I use Gatorskins. Heard the same they were the best but never had problems with other brands.

    2old - Love my indoor bike in the winter, heard very good things about the watt bike.

    Only a 3k swim for me this week, resting stretching and some core work to fill the remainder of the week.  Well its 2 years since my first swimming lessons when my coach told me not to bother with triathlons til 2015(yeah I was that bad), the pledge at the time was Ironman before I'm 50, it's come round pretty quick, registered and ready(i think) for the 226, no nerves as yet they''ll probably kick in at stupid o clock tomorrow.

  • Barry I hope it's all going well. Didn't realise it was today thought it was next week. cant wait to hear all about it. I said to my friend today that I will do one with her next year. Looking at Majorca! September. Gives me the year to save, sunmer to get the swkm and bike sorted. Might need to consider a turbo for xmas!! 

    I havent done too much this week. 9 mile run, swim this morning and a 62 mile bike ride over 2 days with friends. Time to up it this week. It's 12 weeks until Bournemouth....

  • Job done I am now an "Ironman" image.   Early start and at the Lake by 4, only 130 taking part in the full IM and some just doing the sportive bike ride.

    Swim - No dramas, a few bumps at the start but kept it steady, when I climbed out I was in shock when my watch read 1:26 ( target was 1:30 to 1:40) and the announcer confirmed it over the tannoy I was smiling so much

    T1  - bit of faffing as per, put my short sleeve cycling top on 5 mins.

    Cycle - 2 rolling loops of 56 miles , bit of an annoying wind for the first half of the loop, first loop in 3:10(very happy), ditched the cycling top at half way but then started having belly issues, finding aero position very uncomfortable, stopped taking the gels and relied on energy bottles.  Difficult miles from 60 to 85, but then hit the pace again, second loop in 3:24, so total time 6:34 so all good.

    T2 -  soon as I got off the bike saw my supporters but felt the heat at the same time,  was about half one so getting warm. 

    Run -  Knew from the the start is was going to be tough, not the normal legs after bike feeling, just hard to run and struggling for energy. It was going to be a long one when I started walking after the first mile, was a a pretty low point.  run is 5 loops of 5.2 miles you collect a band every loop but it is quite cruel as you run/walk down finish chute nearly get there and do a u turn back out, so when I saw my daughters after the first loop they saw the state I was in and gave me a massive lift.  Ran/walked the next 3 loops and power walked the last(it was quicker than running and hip was hurting when I ran), aid stns were a godsend water over the head and flat coke never tasted so good.  Run done in 5:19 and I have never been so happy to cross the finish line.

    Finished in 13:28:44 and I am so happy.  Feel very washed out/sore today, lost 4kg during the race.image

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    Barry- amazing. You deserve that IM title, all that hard work paid off nicely. Next one will be easier and faster ! Sorry I didn't wish you good luck as for some reason I thought it was next week.

    Enjoying a bit of sun and sangria - first run for a week today . 7m on the beach. Golf next.
  • Barry - absolutely amazing. Well done. Can feel your pain on your run and Sunday afternoon was pretty warm hey. Great achievement. I love the flat coke too. Really looked forward to it at each stop image

    2old - do you get away with your marathons by having a mini break with Mrs 2old after each one???!!

    18.1 miles this morning at a very sedate 8:58 pace. By god it was hot. I even started my run at 7am too. Longest run since London. I know I'm not running enough but I'm training each day. Gonna do the oly distance tri at reading in September. Still hoping that 3:45 is doable in bournemouth in October...

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    AA-good to see you back in LR territory- dont you think its harder psychologically to go back there than stay ticking over with them every couple of weeks?A few more LRs and you'll be back in marathon shape.The trip in April was planned that way and also to force me to rest.This one was part of our Summer hols.

    Barry-my cycling friends swear by flat coke-do you use diet or regular?Any post race blues? Looking forward to hearing more about your race day experiences. Is that your slowest/toughest marathon? Next goal?

    Managed a few runs and exercise bike sessions whilst away but need to up the workrate a bit really.Swimming was tough as the pool is very small and the sea had some big waves and a strong undertow-surprising for the Med. As an example in an 800 m swim in one direction 400m took me just over 7 mins going back the other way nearly 12 mins!

    Just over 13.5 miles last night 7.28 mm av .Happy with that and nice to run in a cool climate and off sand.

    My friend called my bluff and now we are both signed up to do the Salford Tri Olly distance on Sunday. Nervous as never done that distance before and am expecting to struggle on the bike.


  • 2old - that's great. You've done plenty of cross training for that. I entered the reading oly tri in September. As normal it's the bike leg I dread. 

    Ive been struggling with my hammy so that's why I've not gone long for a while but I agree it's easier hanging around that distance all year than having to build back up again. Not totally written idea of Bournemouth off yet but the speed work does tend to injur me at the moment. And I don't feel very quick at all. 

  • 2old - Good to see you getting some warm weather training. You''ll be fine at the Oly.   Coke I presume was the full on version to give the much needed boost.  No post race blues just very happy and proud to have completed it.  Think the gel issue caused me to struggle for energy and not running for 5 weeks could n't have helped.  Toughest and slowest by a long way,  imagine the worst last 4 miles of a marathon but for 26 miles.  Not going to do an Autumn mara, my hip is still at me, so going to give my body a break and try and get stronger.  Probably a spring marathon and looking for another "Ironman" next summer.

    AA - Keep ticking over hopefully the hammy will recover soon. If you decide to to an IM next year, one tip - every time you cycle run off the bike, even if its just a mile or so.

    Felt washed out all last week , just a lot of walking including a trip up Pen Y Fan on the hottest day of the year, at least it was clear at the top so views were great.  Started my S&C this week and first time back in the pool (dull)

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    Barry-Think the cool weather training of home is preferable.My hip has got worse and it seems no coincidence that this has happened with the extra cycling/spinning etc I've been doing.Maybe cycling is just not for us? I'm just looking to get round the Oly though sub 3 would be nice. Another IM? Crazy-Outlaw or Bolton? Must be hard to motivate yourself back into the game..enjoy the rest and don't worry about losing fitness -you have bags to spare.

    AA-That hammy has been annoying you for a while- any theories as to what's going on?I wouldn't worry about speed work if you can ramp up the miles though your niggle might complicate things

    Winding down for Sunday-1500m pool swim and 21k bike on Tues-cycling on resurfaced gravel is not fun!-,Brick session yesterday 6.5k wattbike 3.25k TM at near HM pace twice.,1200m swim today. Weather looking good for Sunday.

  • 2old - maybe regarding the cycling, going to work on core strength which should help.  I'm enjoying the downtime, getting outstanding diy done and finally getting round to watching game of thrones series 5(only a year behind).  Neither but making plans but will let you know when entered.  Sub 3 and the rest if your recent sprint tri is anything to go by you'll be smashing your 10k PBimage

  • 2old - good luck for Sunday. They're always a bit of fun. 2 years since I did oly. Reading is a bit long and I did 2:52 and won age group. I'm way off that this year!

    baz - enjoy the down time for sure. It must take up so much time getting all the trainin done. 

    18 miles @8:55 pace today. Pretty hilly course. Not pushing anything. Hip flexor and hammy felt OK. Still hoping that Bournemouth is on. There's a 50 mile sportive locally the week before which I'm really tempted to do. what do you guys think? I always think I taper too much. Tomorrow is long lake swim and Sunday will be first brick session. 25/30 mile bike and a 3 mile run off it I think....!

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    Happy today with my first Oly tri at Salford . Swim 32.51 T1 3.04 Bike 1.20 T2 1.27

    Run 43.30 total 2.39.32 152nd and 9th in the 50+ category. Great fun. More to follow
  • Whoop. Well done 2old. I was thinking of you as I did my brick session today!! Decent times. 

  • AA - Nice long run from you, and no I would n't do the sportive too risky tumble/injury.

    2old - Very well done on the tri, good times.  So Half next year and then ? image

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    AA-nice bricks and swims.Do both the Sportive and marathon.Good prep for London next year.Another LR must be due?image

    Barry-bored with the boxed set yet?Cant see you chilling much longerimagePretty happy with my times.Need more bike work-I've only been on the road with my bike 4 times this year and that includes two tris.I mentioned a Half to my mate on Sunday but he didnt seem impressed-he took 32 mins longer than me.

    To sum up the last few days-


    Saturday-YKW-20.55 not raced but 3rd for age and 13th overall

    Sun-Salford Tri

    Mon-10.5m on TM

    Tues-12m MLR

    My body says it needs a rest but after my tri and the mini taper for it I felt guilty that I'd neglected my running a bit so will try and get a few more miles in.

    Looking at a 5m trail race later this month as I need to stop avoiding hills.

  • 2old - nothing like taking an easy week. When's the next marathon?!!

    barry - how's the hip??

    im not gonna do a long run this week, instead gonna do 50 miles on bike tomorrow and see how I recover from that. really mixing up the training at the moment for the tri and trying to strengthen up the body. I'm thinking of doing both sportive and marathon at the moment but it's a way off yet. The only plan for Bournemouth is sub3:50 as a back up for good for age. Will try and get a couple of 20s in next week and week after. My hammy is still tight but not as restricting. 

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    AA-thinking of one in Sept/Oct but struggling to see how it will fit in with other things Iife has thrown in my way.I met some 100 marathon clubbers at the Trail Marathon I did in July and follow some of them on Strava-its unnerving to watch them knocking out 42k runs every week or so . Anyway the plan is to start training for London Oct/Nov.Looks like you are coping ok with the hammy niggle. I'm resigned to living with the tightness in my hip. Your plan for the next few months looks fun.

    Had decided to rest yesterday but couldn't resistimage a 5m recovery run -I hate them



  • 2old - had a good day then?!! You'll be in that club in no time!!!

    50 miler went well but by god it's hilly so I'm unsure if I should be doing this now the week before Bournemouth. We will see.... Legs are mashed!

    plan is recovery run tomorrow and a practise tri on Saturday with my mate....!

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    AA-great bike ride the legs will recover. Surely Boston and London in a week was tougher? No chance of a 100 -not enough brownie points with Mrs 2O.Enjoy the practice.

    If it's any consolation my legs are mashed too after my 20m LR -first for 4 weeks-last night . Rest today but already guilty about it
  • Belated well done to Barry on your Ironman! What an achievement, hope you're recovering well.  The marathon sounds like it was hell, massive kudos getting it done, especially with the laps. 

    AA keep that hamstring in check and you'll do just fine come October. I wouldn't worry too much about speedwork for it - tempo work for marathons, maybe a regular 10M run at target marathon pace, 3 x 2M is always a good session. 

    Sounds like you really enjoyed the Oly tri 2Old! You're still good at resting too image

    Had a bit of a piriformis flare up last week, got some ultrasound on it and had it taped up. I'd been going to a kettlebell class that might have caused the flare up so that's been knocked on the head. 

    2017 Spring marathon is now Barcelona for me! 

  • Carrot - Thanks, did say never again several times on the run but now making plans for next year.  Barcelona, happy memories image.  Hope your injury is not too bad,  think mine is a mixture of hip flexor and piriformis

    2old - you are a machine with your long runs.

    AA - well done on the 50.  Hip is still troubling me but getting better , not rushing back, will wait til I can't feel it at all before trying a run.

    Just S&C for me every other day with a swim every so often

  • Carrot - great to see you're running another marathon. Hope the piriformis pain has eased. Give done Barcelona before haven't you? How's parsnip getting on?

    barry - a nice few easy weeks will help recovery. 

    2old - still getting the long ones in I see!

    ive been tri training a lot and getting to grips with improving bike and swim speed. The Olympic is in 3 weeks. Managed to get a slow 20 mile in. Still aiming for Bournemouth but speed just isn't there. Hopefully after the tri I can get some more runs in. Training most days. And had a good 25 mile bike today and a 3 mile run off it. 

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    Carrot- hello stranger. Good marathon choice. Hope the flare up is just a niggle

    AA-impressive swims and rides. A couple of ykw s will sharpen up your speed on the back of those long rides and LRs.

    Barry- good idea fixing that hip . A rest won't hurt anyway.

    Only managed 30 miles last week after a trip away and other things. My bike swim bike session went pear shaped after the pedal on my 30 year old bike snapped off. Do you think I can get a refund? 16 miles Sunday mix of terrain and 6 progression run on the beach yesterday.

    Now suffering with pain and stiffness to the top of my right calf. I think it's a form of hamstring tendinitis. Don't really want to rest it but may have to.
  • Hi Guys,

    Sorry haven't been around. Never get chance at work at the moment to have a look and when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen!

    Hi Barry, Belated congratulations on the IronMan... very well done image

    Seems like you are all Tri Training at the moment, with AA throwing in 50 milers image That hip doesn't seem to be getting better 2old?

    Hope the injury is just something of nothing Carrot?

    How is Chick?

    I was away on holiday in the Languedoc area early July and met up with a lovely French guy and ended up running a 34km trail run at Mont du Carou. Which was a pretty tough course, but beautiful views image so have purchased some trail shoes!

    Into week 4 of training for Amsterdam Marathon in October, and have had to have a forced recovery week. ITB kicked in on the end of the  LR Sunday and Monday was a bit uncomfortable.

    I think I went a bit too hard last week with a couple of tough sessions midweek and then definitely ran the LR too fast, silly me!

    Cut down this week and been strengthening. Went out for an easy 6 miles this morning and it seemed ok. So will just have to keep up the strengthening and run easy this week....fingers crossed image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Hi Nell. Interesting you are moving into trail running. I did a trail marathon in June and enjoyed it especially as the time became irrelevant when I got lost. Lots of water and mud and comradeship . I've even bought trail shoes and am looking forward to trying them in a race. My recent trip to the south of France was a non running event. Too hilly hot and indulgent. Well done getting out there. Will we see you in London in April? Yes hip still an issue and now ITB playing up. I blame cycling for my tri recently. Amsterdam is on my list. Friends live there but not this year possibly next year

    AA- how's the taper for your Oly going?

    Barry- ready to run yet

    Bro- very impressive Strava stuff - next challenge?

    Reached the end of my stay in Spain. 35 miles of running in stupid temperatures , 25 of them on sand. Hoping this will toughen me up a bit . The bit of sea swimming I did must have as I was battered by big waves . Looking forward to the rain and wind of home and some Autumn challenges. First stop will be a sports massage to fix my right side
  • Hi 2old, It was hilly on the trail run I did in Languedoc, very hilly in fact. But good fun. I have bought a pair of North Face trail shoes which were nice and cheap and use them for my easy runs which I have started to try and run when possible on the trail by where I live. Try and give the limbs a bit of a rest when possible


    Yes would like to get into it a bit more, as you say there is a totally different atmosphere on the trail runs.

    I am signed up for London, still to decide. focussing on Amsterdam at the moment and trying to get to the start without an injury. This week has been better, managed an interval session yesterday and an easy run on the back of it yesterday. So that was a bonus. need to keep the strengthening and biomechanics on course. That is the key I think.


    No doubt there is a link with the hip and ITB 2old. Do you perform much strengthening exercises for the hip and glutes?


    I think that was my downfall. 3 weeks away and running with no strength exercise. Straight back into a schedule and hard third week and Bang!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell- London is too far off to worry about at the moment. Any target time for Amsterdam? Like you I'm looking to do more off road to protect my delicate joints and hopefully build a bit of power. I'm doing some s&c- mainly squats lunges press ups dips etc. My glutes are my weak spot

    Busy week , 47 miles including 20LR yesterday , YKW today -20.45-2ndin age group and a fell/hill race on Weds of 5.4 miles. Lots of club runners at the latter and came 83rd in a field of nearly 200. Found it tough but fun with some steep climbs on rocky or muddy and slippy paths, climbing stiles , crossing cattle grids cow fields etc. Looking forward to doing another.Rest tomorrow
  • Nell - nice to see you. Glad Amsterdam training is going well. I did that last year. Very fast course just bloody congested on the track at the start. Nice stadium finish too!

    2old - you're mad running in that heat!! Some great stuff going on. 

    so I was in France last week visiting  my son whose working on a campsite there. Managed to run most days but it was 37 each day so tried to get out early. Seemed to have found a bit of speed so I hope it lasts!! swam yesterday, brick today. Tomorrow is long run. The oly tri is a week away and I'm nervous. Done it twice before but I just don't feel as quick. 5 weeks until Bournemouth marathon now too and not done too much running at all. Hoping to get 2 more long runs in before taper. If 3:45 seems impossible I might not do it! Not worth the wear and tear! 

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