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  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've got a xc on Saturday.  North East Harrier League and its the first time I've been.  I'm representing my second claim club and feeling very nervous.


  • Minni- why are you nervous? I don't find xc too stressfull, at least there's no time pressure! But then I hardly ever score, there are too many speedsters in my club...
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Minni - Bro- yes deffo looks like you guys mean business ....again. How do you keep it going? My own experience suggests that 40 pw should do for sub 3.30 , 50 pw for sub3.15 and 55 -60 pw for sub 3.10 with some swims tri work thrown in too. I dont race more than once a month .Now to get near 3 I would have to raise my game / mileage a lot. Might have to cut down the vino too and lose a bit more weight ans its Xmas !!!!
  • hey simon hope im not in trouble with your OH!

    2Old hmm, im not sure, took me a week to work the facebook thing out. I did try with photoshop initially but it seemed impossible to her the photos smaller than 250kb.

    Thanks Barry if I dont get through to the last 5 in this ASICS comp I might ask Minni to mentor me, she really does sound like she knows what she is on about image

    Spoons I have got an iphone. How did you feel after your run, hangover free?

    Congratulations old4scrooge image

  • Well done getting your run finished after falling over a bollard Simon, and well done not ripping any running gear (there's nothing worse!)

    80 miles Chick?! Hope your six in the snow went well.  Good call not bothering, hard enough running in the snow without trying to race it. The baking sounds lovely image

    Sarah everyone has already said it but the slowing down on the easier runs really does work.  For me it means my legs aren't tired from a midweek 12 miler and I can really go for it in my speedwork the following night.  Recovery runs are done at an easy, conversational pace.  Good idea to recruit a running friend for these if you can, I have a weekly catch up with one of my friends, get my recovery run done and it's cheaper than going to the pub image

    DD you're definitely getting faster, 7:20s in the lunchtime heat with a hangover image

    O4S you are definitely slightly bonkers running a HM after the week you've had, well done 1:47 is a very respectable time.

    Hope your head is OK Becs!

    I'm no expert but personally I think for anyone who has been running marathons for a good number of years, 50mpw just isn't enough if we want to perform to the very best we can over 26.2 miles.  More like good mileage for HM training?  Unfortunately the majority of us have work, family, studies and social lives to juggle with running, and lets face it - running is only a hobby.  I'm not criticising anyone (as a die-hard 50mpw girl) - just my thoughts image  Wonder what Moz thinks?

  • I just did 7 miles at 7:24 min/mls today and learnt a good lesson, always run before a Sunday diner (especially a mammoth one) and not afterwards. Despite waiting 5 hours to let it settle, it wasn't the most pleasant of run!
  • Thanks MC, I think I will have no problems with the slow long runs when I go back to shef and run with maltby, its just when I'm up in Newcastle or in york that I might struggle, but a friend i work with has just said if I do get into Paris, he will enter and train with me. If I don't get into Paris then I might send an email round to everyone in knavesmires to see if anyone fancies any slow long weekend run.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Oh oh oh Barry! Nuf said.image

    Sarah - if you don't get any further with Asics then you must pitch on the Forum Six.

    Carrot - I'm not sure what Moz thinks about the high mileage. I guess the elites run 100 + pw but then it's their job. We need someone to test it out. Brolish?
  • Sarah - on the iPhone, if you download atomic web browser, go into settings "identify browser as safari desktop", then you can do quotes, emoticons, bold etc. image image image

    This was posted on my iPhone to prove it! image 

    And the hangovers gone now thanks!

  • Sarah...I've just seen your dinner on your forum page. That is mammoth. 

    I think this is my first post in this forum. Hi everybody. I would love to run a sub 3hr 30min marathon next Spring. I'm not an expert on how to do this, so apologies if I ask any silly questions in the next few months. I think it's a possibility as my current PB is 3:44.

    Enetering a forum with 24,000 messages though is slightly daunting image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Hello Shady. You'll be allowed in when you've read all 24,000 posts!! Don't worry about asking silly questions - everything and anything is asked here.image

    Spoons - how exactly do I do that? Have I already got that atomic thingy?
  • Hello - I occasionally pop in here to see how much certain people are drinking!

    With regards to mileage I’d say the more the better.  However, that only holds true if you have sufficient recovery – so most people (in any particular year) will be limited by their ability to physically absorb that mileage successfully and limited by their ‘life’ (sleep / stress / alcohol will impact the ability to recover).  

    You can maintain mileage over the long term and improve but that’s more likely to run into diminishing returns.  Particularly because, if you’re getting quicker, you will be running for less time at the same mileage so maintaining mileage actually means reducing training load.  That’s also worth bearing in mind when comparing mileage – 50 per week is a lot more work for a club runner than 50 per week is for a pro.

    I think running a successful marathon means you have to do certain things.  Just running 3 times a week focusing solely on key workouts (two long quality and a long) means you end up with about 40 a week at times as a minimum, so that’s the floor level.  You can / should add around that as much as you can handle.

    In an ideal world an experienced runner would look to add about 5 – 10 miles per week on average on an annual basis.  If you run a marathon twice a year doing an average of 5 miles per week extra for each one is a solid strategy.  But as always the most important thing is ensuring adequate recovery.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Chick - I missed your mega mileage - nice week!

    O4S - nice racing!

    (Simon - don't tell anyone, but f***** is already ordered - thought I'd need some help with the speedwork)

    Shady - welcome. There's more here to be daunted by than just the number of postsimage
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Shady - welcome. Just staying with us guarantees sub 3.30

    Mora- succinctly put.

    Spoons- too IT complicated for me sorry. Like your assertive call for a minimum 50 plus a lot more too.

    Sarah- running full of food has to happen sometimes when your busy. I'm waiting for the first to do it after a Vindaloo and six pints of lager.
  • Shady - Welcome, if I'm not mistaken your on the asics 26.2 shortlist with Sarah. It's going to be a nervous week for the 2 of you.

    Kfc - Yes plenty of speedwork in the book for you. I'd skip the chapter about running into street furniture as part of the x-training.
  • Minni, don't you worry, my application will be in on Friday if I don't get through.

    Spoons-cheers- think I'm going to pass the task on to my OH, he's far better at technical stuff than me (I'm pretty useless and not computer or phone literate)!

    Hi Shady, good to see you on here. I've only been on here for a week and have settled in well, their a good friendly bunch and give plenty of good quality running tips and advice.

    2old, I could possibly try with the vindaloo (although I haven't tried one before) but I would fail on the lager, I've never acquired the taste!
  • Simon, I don't have any nails left and I'm driving everyone mad!
  • Minni - Half pb is 87.34, mara is 3.27.52.


  • Oompa - They're excellent times. There's quite a few on here with similar times, unfortunately not me.

    Sarah - Didnt make it to the gym, so OH happyish.

    If you make it, you've got the trip to the asics store next w/end to get kitted out, nice chrimbo prezzie!
  • Morning

    Moz has pretty well said it already but truly high mileage for mere mortals who work is counterproductive as we don't have time to recover, pros can handle the mileage because they get to rest. In the dim and distant past I used to regularly run 80MPW but my ultra times actually improved when I dropped back down to nearer 60MPW. Its the key sessions that really matter, i.e LSR, Speedwork and tempo, a MLR midweek is handy as well. The other point worth mentioning is that more than a few of us on here are not exactly in the first flush of youth and therefore cross training is a better way of reducing the battering our bodies take whilst maintaining aerobic fitness, its certainly worth noting that ALL of my PB's in this running life have come since I started Tri training. IMHO 60MPW is plenty for a club marathon runner of our level, though I prefer to train by hours than distance as it allows your average speed to increase without reducing your training load as happend when you set a mileage target. Usually I train 10 -13 hours a week which would correlate to a running total of about 70 -90MPW, so the training load hasn't decreased its just been shifted around and results have improved. Moral... X - Train.

    O4S Nice see you back on form and put us all to shame, love the somewhere in Wiltshire comment. that will be me next yearimage

    Spoons: Hangover runs are so much fun.

    Cycled pre dawn, could tell I haven't done much cycling of late, club run tonight.

  • Thanks very much for all the welcomes.

    I was going to wait until I'd followed Minni's words of reading all 24,000 posts, but I think next Spring will have come and gone by then! image

    Simon - yes you are correct........a very nervous, sleep deprived week.......whatever the result, I'm feeling more than confident now to reach my goals, now I'm feeling more comfortable reaching out for advice.

    One thing I struggle with eating the right amount at the right time (I'm not saying I'm a glutunous pig.......just maybe eating my big meal in the evenings isn't the best). Does anyone eat 5 small meals a day instead of 3 like some running articles suggest? 

  • Hi Simon glad you kept mrs Simon happy (ish)

    Simon, my OH asked me what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday and I said I want to get through to the final 5. I'm not sure if he was happy (because it will be a cheap present for him) or unhappy (because its out of his hands and impossible for him to get it me).

    Morning spoons, thankyou for the link, just tried to do it now but I need to add new card details to my account and I haven't got the time as should be getting ready for work. Will try again this pm. Thankyou.

    Busy one at work this week unfortunately, was hoping netball tonight was going to be cancelled so I could go for a run instead but it hasn't been!
  • Moraghan wrote (see)

    Hello - I occasionally pop in here to see how much certain people are drinking!

    imageYou can run, but you can't hide...image

    Minni- Let's see... 100+mpw... tempting! With my speed however I would have to completely give up on sleep and all other non running activities.image

  • aaargh - what have I done image??

    I meant 50 - that's FIFTY miles, not 80. Fat fingers ...   The 8 sits right above the 5 on the keypad image. But DD is right - 50 miles is 80k image

    Sorry to disappoint, but I really only ran 50 miles, well 50.4 to be precise image.

    O4S: I can't believe you raced a half and raced it so well. You must be on the mend image

    Nice to see Moz pop in.

    KfC: good to see you making plans.

    Welcome Shady Ady

  • Chick- I am so so disappointed in you!image

  • Bro: sorreeee image I bet you really did 80 image

  • Chick- lol... no, not for a very long time.


    im not really into "your mom" humour - but this certainly made me chuckle...

    i think is the two contrasting expressions that make it image

  • no running to report from unfortunately - had a vicious headache all weekend- pretty sure it's not related to knock on the noggin but thought it best to be careful image 

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